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Typical Municipal Applications

Clarifier Scum Vaughan Pumps handle both primary and secondary clarifier scum without plugging or air binding. The optional Recirculator is available for both the Vertical Wet Well or Submersible pumps for large pits, or pits with long retention times, to allow pre-mixing of the stratified scum prior to pump-out. The oil bath bearing system allows complete pumpdown of the scum on each cycle. The Vaughan Vertical Recirculator Chopper Pump is the most popular for clarifier scum pits, allowing complete mixing of the pit to put floating solids back into suspension. For total automation, the Recirculator valve can be motor operated with timers, allowing the pump to recirculate the pit for a pre-set amount of time prior to pump-out. Digester Scum Blanket Anaerobic digesters are notorious for the formation of scum blankets due to grease, hair and other floatables. The Vaughan Scumbuster® virtually eliminates the effects of a scum blanket and prevents it from reforming by homogenizing and conditioning. This type of mixing allows digesters to regain their design capacity, extends the time between cleanouts and generates more methane gas. The Scumbuster with a 20 HP, 1750 RPM Explosion Proof motor will handle most digesters up to 80 feet in diameter. Larger diameter digesters, or heavy scum blankets, may require 2 pumps. The model 5300 will fit a 28” minimum diameter manhole, and the 4900R will fit a 24” diameter manhole. The Scumbuster consists of a Recirculator nozzle assembly with all gas-tight fittings through a custom deck plate to match the existing manhole, a heat treated impeller and cutter bar, tar based epoxy paint, a zinc anode for cathodic protection, an intrinsically safe oil monitor relay and a neoprene mounting gasket. Digester Mixing Vaughan Pumps effectively mix digester sludge, replacing gas, draft tube, submersible prop, or other pump mixing systems, while increasing digester efficiency by continuously chopping solids without the need for expensive pre-grinders or comminuters. Vaughan's 8"- 12" pumps produce volumes up to 8000 GPM.

Typical Municipal Applications

Digester Recirculation Vaughan Chopper Pumps effectively recirculate digester sludge through heat exchangers, increasing digester efficiency while eliminating clogging of the heat exchanger and the need for expensive pre-grinders or comminuters.

Lift Stations Raw incoming solids are chopped and pumped dependably with Vaughan Chopper pumps, replacing standard non-clog pumps and eliminating the need for expensive pregrinders or muncher in troublesome sewage applications - especially prisons, hospitals, restaurants and other institutional and public facilities.

Septage Raw concentrated solids from septic tanks create a severe pumping environment for standard sewage pumps. Rags and plastics can clog solids handling type pumps.

Sludge Transfer Vaughan Chopper Pumps handle up to 18% solids in municipal sludge. The chopping action eliminates roping caused by the wrapping of hair and rags due to pre-rotation of recessed impeller pump


Typical Municipal Applications The Vaughan Vertical Recirculator Chopper Pump is the most popular for clarifier scum pits, allowing complete...

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