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Dr. Drum is the hottest new beat making software available. What's set it apart from most programs is you can use it even if you've never created a beat in your entire life. The Dr. Drum Software has a user-friendly interface that anyone can learn to use. And better yet, it can create studio-quality beats on a regular computer. Finally, the ability to make professional beats is in the hands of the average consumer. This changes everything! DJ's are rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of musical artists. Have you ever gone downtown and wondered how they make such amazing beats, the kind that make everyone want to dance? It used to be really complicated, but thanks to advancing technology, it's possible for you to make the same kind of beats on your own. Imagine laying down unique beats in a matter of minutes. Even if you've never set foot in a studio or used a mixing board, you'll still be able to sound like a pro DJ with this program. Unlike most programs out there (except the ones that go for several hundred dollars), Dr Drum is both easy to use and makes studio-quality beats. One of the problems with most programs is they use MP3 samples. These are popular, of course, but they're compressed which means they're very low quality. And when you create your own beat, the samples get compressed again to the point where even the best banger will sound like garbage. The other problem with most programs is they're far too difficult for the average user. They assume you already have experience as a DJ and that you'll understand all the technical terms. Not so with the Dr. Drum program. After just one recording session you'll have it down! And even if you do run into trouble, you don't have to worry because it comes with free video tutorials and customer support. Features:

Sixteen Track Sequencer - Copy bars, change sounds, edit tones and much more with just a few clicks. When you're done, it will automatically create a video that you can upload to Youtube. Twelve Pad Drum Machine - Comes with a massive amount of sounds to choose from, or you can easily import your own sounds. Change kits or move sounds around with just a couple of clicks. Four Octave Keyboard - Has all types of instruments, from standard guitars and pianos to things like violins and saxophones. It's all here!

Whether you like hip hop, urban, dubstep, techno, rap, soul or any other kind of music, you'll be able to make it if you buy Dr. Drum. Here are a few more features:

Exports to 44.1 Stereo.wav (this is what clubs use) Comes with video tutorials. You can import your own sounds. Multiple screens for editing. Works on a Mac or a PC. Huge library of samples and sounds. Complete sound control. Super low price!

There are several beat making software programs out there, so do your research and compare the benefits. Hopefully this article saved you some time.

To learn more, visit Dr Drum.

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==== ==== drdrum com Your #1 Source for The BEST Drum Beats Online - Get Instant Access Now ==== ====

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drdrum com Your #1 Source for The BEST Drum Beats Online - Get Instant Access Now