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Aid4families scores TKO Crown prosecutor abandons conviction then falls into same racist trap In case you're keeping score we're 2 for 2 on false charges being brought against us. Below you'll find the original securities case that started it all was thrown out a long time ago.

Now it's tortured abomination offspring has panted it's dying breath. In our appeal we charge the judge with presuming our guilt shifting the burden and relying on his own lies to act as evidence. In the crown prosecutor's response his answer is “yeah that's true....but. AUFKM( are you f**king kidding me!). The judge violated your rights and based your conviction on lies but um.... that doesn't mean you shouldn't have went to jail. Really? Find someone else that would go to jail with the evidence against us, find someone in Canadian history who would want to go to jail based on fabricated allegations by prosecutors and judges. Assuming we're guilty and clinging for dear life to incoherent narrative is why this case has been so screwed up from the first place. The police and securities regulator went after an anglicized name and interest rate. It took the prosecution 8 months to realize that was useless then they offered the deal of dropped charges and no jail time(we rejected that). So they wasted the trial trying to prove the clients joined because of the cipf, that was dismantled. Now this is where the judge is forced into operation, with the crowns case having been shown to be false (by the testimony of the securities regulator-their witness, that we called) the judge creeps into his lair and re-imagines the trial and adds his own thoughts as evidence and seals the conviction. We're whisked off the island, I'm never to see my family again, the crown and legal community praise it as the greatest conviction ever written. Now here we are less than a year later and the position is “yeah that conviction was fked up but..... We all no what but means. It means never in the history of western civilization has a court been faced with a black defendant and be able to see them as innocent first or admit that they have been wronged. There hasn't been a fleet of people running out to address the dangerous precedent that these rulings have because they believe that it's understood that it's only to be applied to certain segments of the society. There are huge ramifications from this single case. 1. Presumption of innocence in any case and specifically in civil/non violent cases. Contract law, that any organization that accepts funds /lines of credit private financial support will have to register as a brokerage because all contracts that

involve payment and repayment constitute the issuance of a security. It doesn't matter how ridiculous the points get, they're treated as valid and all of our points and response are view with hostility and dismissed. I don't care how many people scurry off into a corner and try to cut and paste disparate things to form a justification for presuming our guilt. Their all doomed to fail because that's the tragic flaw, the inability to entertain the possibility of our innocence. This is over as far as we are concerned because the conviction has been abandoned by the government. This browner prosecutor that they trot out for minority cases cannot handle the cover-up and I suggest that he think long and hard about putting his career on the line.

Everyone that has taken it upon themselves to assault us and our small children (whom they tried to make us lose under this false conviction) is fair game. This siege doesn't end at 5pm everyday for me nor do my efforts to return the favor to the lives of those who try to harm us. If these appellate judges make the mistake of trying to re-imagine our guilt the way the prosecutors and trial judge have...there's always next year. Who will be distancing themselves from the people who fetishize our guilt this year. I swear these people must make love to their spouses, not with deeper or harder but by screaming “aid4families was a scam� til they climax. Too many people have fought and died for me to put up with this mindless garbage and I'm not going to leave it around for it to molest the lives of my kids as they grow. This case proves once and for all there are 2 justice systems, racism IS rampant and a great determining factor for who is charged or found guilty. It finally disabuses the society of the notion that everyone has the same chance if they work hard. With no criminal record and decades of hard work I was imprisoned with no evidence because of the skin I'm in and it happens everyday to hundreds of people, this situation is emblematic of the disproportionate number of minorities in these modern day concentration camps. Mr. Khaladkar asked that minority defendants not receive special treatment but that is exactly what he is asking for in this case. Whatever he's smoking he needs to give to me on my way back to bad food and lifting weights because drugs are gold in prison. His crackhead argument is...despite the fact that the presumption of innocence is the foundation for a fair trial from which everything else flows, the fact that the judge did not adhere to that had no bearing on the proceedings, evidence or outcome....huh...what? The reason a fair and impartial tribunal is the standard is because it affects everything exactly. In this case the judge requested witnesses, granted motions, refused motions all based upon the outcome he wanted. Then this Rukus (from the Boondock series)jumps out of the bushes and says that we still received a fair trial and if they'd just let him cut and paste a few unrelated, disparate and incoherent things together, we can still be found guilty. If I hadn't already lost three years of my familys life over this BS I would want them to so I can take this to a national stage. This is the trap of racism. Too many people without exposure to enough secure articulate friends of different races or faiths come out with a warped view of reality that's not tempered by

someone who can defend or explain the actions of others. So people grow up listening to their dad in front of the evening news and repeating this to friends in homogenized exchanges in high school and college then come out into the world and try to make these fantasies true. All blacks are criminals because I go out and arrest them for things I don't arrest whites for in the same proportions. As a prosecutor with that upbringing the fact that you move forward disproportionately on minority cases proves they're more criminally proned. As a judge because you convict and incarcerate minorities at a higher rate is proof that they deserve it. Here in canada where over 20% of the people in prison are native when it is physically and numerically impossible for them to commit that share of the crimes, shows how over-enforcement for one segment and under-enforcement in another can be shown clearly in plain statistics. This hostile reluctance to the presumption of innocence when it comes to minority defendants. Asian countries lock asians, african nations lock up africans and white countries lock up asians, africans, natives, south americans, small farm animals, blacks and if they've done something really bad a white. Like jesus we had to be completely innocent in this, my past and present just to get this far. If I had any crime in my past or problems with authorities they would still be trying to play the conviction as sound and I'd be rotting away in some immigration detention center. That was the plan when they shot us off the island last year and I blasted my way back to justice. Thanks in part to people along the way who wanted no part of this, like prison officials. Inmates who saw that it was unjust and spent time trying to help me get out instead of themselves. Now if only court officials had the common decency of pedophiles and drug dealers then they could admit mistakes and be on the side of good sometimes but prosecutors don't seem to be able to muster that. Anyway this may be it for a while, since racism trumps truth and we might be spending time drafting the next case between basketball games in prison—again.

Aid4families scores TKO  

In our appeal we charge the judge with presuming our guilt shifting the burden and relying on his own lies to act as evidence. In the crown...