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September 2013


September 2013

Dr. G. John

As Jesus Did………So also AICUF did! AICUF Constitution Sec.7 in Preamble states that “As members of a Christian movement, we draw our inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, in our attempt to build, in solidarity with men and women of various faiths, a new society and university in tune with the needs and aspiration of oppressed masses”. Have we lived up to this statement of purpose written some twenty five years ago? ‘Yes’ was the call when I tried to capsule the activities of AICUF as presented by the States during the 25th National Council. Mt 12.33 ‘To have a good fruit you must have a healthy tree; if you have a poor tree, you will have a bad fruit. A tree is known by the kind of fruit it bears’. The following are the fruits AICUF bore through the length and breadth of this country in a nutshell. What Jesus did….

What AICUF did……

Mt 3.15

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding through

Wisdom is more valuable than jewels: nothing you Lectures / meeting / discussions. could want can compare with it.

The topics and activities covered were, among other

Mt 5.5-7

things: Love, Integrity, Heroism, science exhibitions,

Get wisdom and insight! Do not forget or ignore what Yoga, meditation, international symposiums, I say. Do not abandon wisdom, and she will protect seminars, Orientation for Jesuit candidates. you; love her, and she will keep you safe. Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do. Prayer related/ religions/

Mt 11.28

Mass and prayer service, YES camps, Feast of

Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying

St.Ignatius and St.Francis, X’Mas, Yesu Mahatsav,

heavy loads, and I will give you rest.. for the yoke I will give you is easy, and the load I will put on you is light.

Use of latest ICT

Mt 3.15

Face books, CDs, blood donation camps, Twitter,

Jesus said ‘Let it be so for now”

GJYM Blog -FB,

Jesus was a good Head Hunter, trainer and task Training and Development master:

Orientation programme, Leadership Seminars, Street

He assesses man power requirement, and play, leadership trainings, accordingly selects and recruits personnel for his Self awareness, Integrity, Communication Skills, mission

Indian law and constitution, IGNITORS, career guidance, NT and SFT training,



September 2013

Mt 13.33

Larger impacts / Making a difference

“The kingdom of heaven is like this. A woman takes

What was started by a small group of students at

some yeast and mixes it with forty liters of flour until


the whole batch of dough rises’.

State Conventions - Tamilnadu and Bihar,

Luke 19.11-24

Human Resources for the betterment of people

Parable of gold coin

Public speaking, group dynamics, Role conflicts,

Jesus was very particular about using one’s talents

Team building, Workshop on media awareness,

to produce more results and outcomes.

Journal designing, photography, collage making, creative writing, T-Shirt painting, on stage and off stage programmes, Talent appraisal programme, Dance and music, 40-seconds to fame, photography, debates, cultural dance competitions, quizzes, Nukad Natak, Paraiyattam, cultural teams, media analysis, folk arts, management skills, goal setting, journalism,

MK 9.40

Networking with like minded people/institutions/

For whoever is not against us is for us.

NGOs and other organization NAPM, Vimochana, SMANE, JIGSA, Chief guests, SCMI, KCC, OLAM, OASIS-NGO,

He went to away from mainland – inlands, forests,

AICUF also went inlands – Places of less

rem ote hills, seashore, lakes, deserts, ie


Gethsemane, Mount of Olives,

National camps and other state camps

with his disciples, and people

To know, explore, to learn, to understand the real and crux of the issues; Village exposures, live-in-life exposure, Puja camps, AYCM camps, Camp at Vatlagundu, Cultural programmes in villages

Mark 2.25

Target Group related

Jesus identified himself with women suffering server

IMCS study session on Migration,

bleeding for 12 years

Gender Assertion, One Billion Rising, Kerala Tribal

He preferred to eat, speak, move, stay with

Forum March, Violence against women,

Samaritans (untouchables) CSW, tax collectors

World Indigenous day, Adivasi Diwas, Ghostamat

women, outcastes

project, Forest rights and adivasis,

Mark 16.9

Children’s day, Adivasi Asmita,

First appeared to Mary Magdalene (had seven

Reservation for Dalits and Adivasis, inter-caste

demons), Mary(mother of James), and Salome

marriages among tribals, Dalits and Women’s commissions meetings, Transgender,



September 2013

Luke 8.16

We wrote and disseminated our thoughts, ideas,

“No one lights the lamp and covers it with a bowl or

and ideologies by our writing and speaking for the

puts it under a bed. Instead…… so that people will

whole world to know.

see the light…..”


Rally, The AICUFer, The Phoenix, Jivan,

‘Yuvapragati’, JYOT, Luke 12.29

‘Be political and act political’ was the call of 5th

“I came to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it

National convention and We have been political

were already kindled…. Do you think that I came to

throughout the year

bring peace to the world? No, not peace, but division”.

Globalisation, Indian economy, Hike in petrol prices,

Jesus was often political.

Nuclear war, impact of FDI, Economic Reforms, GM foods: poisoning of Economy and Health, ‘Women: Get up and speak out’, Human Rights Green Community and Silent spring, EndosalphanStrikes, Include the Kurukh language as one of the official languages

Luke 12.54

Responding to the signs of the times

“When you see a cloud coming up in the west, at

KKNP – Protests,

once you say that it is going to rain- and it does……

Jashpur Bachao – land grab and acquisitions, Child

you can look at the earth and the sky and predict the

marriage, programme for street children,

weather; why, then, don’t you know the meaning of

Female infanticide, dowry, alcoholism, child labour,

this present time?

Displacement, hydro power plant, migration,

Mat 8.23-27

Jesus was the Lord of the environment

Everyone was amazed. “What kind of man is this”?

Sustainable Solutions to Energy Crisis

they said. “Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

Conservation, deforestation, Ecological Consciousness – Summer camp Damn!! Displacement!! –Summer camp ‘Saw the age old trees’ Youth for Environment and Justice,

To conclude :

Pinches and Punches

Luke 12.34

Commissions – are they alive?

Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness?

Reports for Rally – periodic?

The Lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son (Luke 15)

Accountability of states to send participants? Magis – can we aim for ‘more and more’? Issues of Dalits and Adivasis and convictions?

Summing Up…………. Activities of AICUF (2012-13) as presented by the States

Are we taking Orientation (History, constitution, and Ideology) seriously? Are we reacting or responding?

(25th National Council – Aug 22-25, 2013) Rally

Are we creating think tanks? 3

September 2013

Distinguished teachers, distinguished faculty members, my dear

mine by the ties with the

friends, and the most respectable Reverend and the spirit behind

humanity, then I am million years

the AICUF movement! I would like to offer my humble respect and

old and he said that he was

warm greetings to all of you as I stand before you to deliver this

completely rooted in the history.

keynote address. I was bit nervous when the NFT asked me to

W e can’t afford to uproot

deliver the Key Note Address! I was very happy to come, stand

ourselves from the past and

before you to talk, sit and reflect along with you on several social

history connects you to the past.

concerns. I always cherish the notion of coming and spending

The history of the world is the

time with young leaders like you. It is with this spirit I have come

history of humanity not as that

today. Coming to AICUF is always a learning experience for me!

of the history of India, history of

This is one of the most important reasons about my relationship

Pakistan, history of Sri lanka, or

with the AICUF and secondly regarding the keynote address, I

history of another continent or

would still be very happy to come as one of the panel members.

another country. So, when you

May be you still have to find the better person to deliver a keynote

have this kind of perspective

address and still needed to find a better person than me. There

about the past then we become

are many who are doing important work and deeply connected

more responsible.

with the issues, working in the grassroots, working with realities.




So this was the only difference about the delivering the keynote

responsible and start looking at

address and not about coming to speak here.

history both creatively, positively

In the keynote address, I have to connect the past with the

and critically. By critically I mean

future at the present context! When I was a student, people often

critically we need to understand

asked us ‘why are you studying history?’ We were then not able to

the history and we have to look

give a convincing answer. Past is something that has no relevance

at the enormity or magnitude of

for most of us, which has no meaning but if you talk about the


past, it is about relationship. That is the very beautiful answer I

achieve. We find in our own

received while visiting a place where indigenous people were living

history how people were

- Indigenous communities in the North America. A person asked

exploited by vested interest,

‘how old are you’ to a very elderly man. This man said “if you want

how people were made to suffer




to know my biological age, it is 78. If you want to know the age of Rally


September 2013

due reasons like caste, class, religion, race and colour.

which connected with the past

The present is constructed by our understanding of our past.

you have to work with the

But the future is developed by our actions of our present but this

present. You have to work with

seem like I have faith in the wrong side of the karma theory. In a

the present then you can bring

country like India, when a person is born disabled or with the certain

about the change. That is the

kind of thing and it was very easy for people to say that it due to

relationship between the past,


present and future. The past,

People were discriminated on several basis. One such basis

present and future is very deeply

was colour. It was rampant in the western world. For instance, no

connected. You find the clock in

one would have imagined a Black President for the United States.

this room.

But it has happened. History tells us how this happened. History

Look at the clock in the

tells the success story of people’s movement in the annihilation of

room. It goes on ticking and

divisive forces like colour, race and caste. Rights movements have

ticking. To know the time, the

played a bigger role in this regard.

present, you need to refer back

Understanding the past, understand how you are living and






understanding the land you live in, understanding the cultures,

otherwise, you can’t tell the

customs. This is an important part of our learning, and you have

current time. If the time is 11.30,

to recognize the fact. There is an element of lack of creativity and

what does it indicate? It is

lack of social responsibility in understanding of our past. A society


that does not read its past keeps repeating the mistakes of the

meaning full only when the

past. In a sense one of the biggest attribution is that once who


read history reads and planned future well, that is the very important

conjunction with the previous

key component to the social systems. One who understands and

time. Likewise, we need to read

develops in fact is considered to be wiser. Therefore I would advice


I would always ask you and appeal to you never undermine the

understand the how injustice

past. This has both the good and the bad. How do you indentify

was caused and how the same

the bad, for instance? History will tell you exactly.


What are the hurdles and what are the constructive works that takes place in the society? When you are reading the past





time is read in







movements like AICUF and other revolutionaries.

September 2013

DAY 1 Report

present and future are inter related. The students have

21 August, 2013

no answer to why they study history, he even spoke


Almost all the participants arrived this evening. At

about the construction of history which is having a

around 7pm we started the registrations followed by

purpose. History is not history of the world, but it is the

dinner and then we had Chandan, Natalia, and

history of humanity, history is the passion of

Philomena to conduct icebreaker for the National

accomplishment of humanity. Everything is a wonder

Council members.

of the world. The present is constructed by action of past and future is made by discussion of present.

DAY 2 Report 22


August, 2013

Society accepts change but the government is the last

The 2nd day of the National Council began with

to accept change. We have to liberate the people to

wearing silver ribbons symbolizing the silver jubilee

liberate the state. The vision hasn’t failed, we have

of National Council. The state full timers were asked

failed the vision, everybody wants change but only a

to unveil the banner of the National Council. Then Fr.

few work hard for it.

Henry (National Advisor), Fr. Jose (Kerala State

The next session was a panel discussion. The

Advisor), and Franklin (National Convener) lit

panelists were: Mr.Sathish, Mr.Selvanathan,

the lamp. Welcome address was

Mr.Chandan), Dr. Bernard D’Sami,

given by AlbinT homas (NT Kerala).


Prof. Julia and Fr. Henry, who


had come with various topics

presented by Franklin. This

for the panel discussion. All

was followed by a key note



10mins to talk. Mr.Sathish



Dr.Manivannam. He spoke


spoke on external influence

about his learning experience

or ambience that influences

through various activities of

the society. Mr.Selvanathan

AICUF. He said that all issues in past Rally


spoke about Dalits and the role of 6

September 2013

AICUF, Chandan spoke about the tribals, Dr.Bernard

comprised of by Rev.Fr.Vijay D’souza, Jitu, Viji, Ashwin

D’Sami spoke about how far AICUF had reached in

and Vasanta. Because of some unavoidable reasons

past 25 years, Prof. Julia spoke about Women

the team of West Bengal could not present in the

Commission and Fr Henry spoke about the different

National Council. Their report was read by the NWC

types of advisors in AICUF & challenges faced by

co-convener Pearl D’Souza. Then the session


proceeded by the report of the state of Madhya

The chart presentation of the history of AICUF was

Pradesh. Chandan, Ashish and Amrose read the report

done by Franklin which gave the AICUFers a general

in which they mentioned the challenges they are facing

idea about the history of AICUF. This was followed by

in their state and how 7 MP units fell to 1 unit, which is

a detailed explanation of history and constitution by

in Jabalpur.

Franklin, Pearl and Albin supported by Dr.G.John –

It was then the turn of Kerala state to present their

National Animator. The Council members got the basic

report. Team consisting of Rev.Fr.Jose SJ – the State

idea on what constitution and history of AICUF is. It

Advisor, Albin, Rose, Ragin, Arun and Rince presented

was followed by an inspirational session by Dr.G John

their activites of past one year. The Karnataka team

describing the ideology of AICUF. He said that “WE”

consisting Rev.Fr.Brian Pereira SJ- the State Advisor,

as AICUFers affirm mainly the student centrality,

Natalia, Sahail, Navya, Vishal and Steven presented

DRAW (Dalits, Refugees, Adivasis and Women)-

their report which was followed by the report of Tamil


marginalised. A movie

Nadu. The Tamil Nadu state team comprised of

“Chakkravyuh” was screened after supper which was

Rev.Fr.Igni - the State Advisor, Ruban, Angela, Nikhil,

followed by analysis moderated by Fr. Shylendra - AP

Fehmi, Shridhar, Robin and Prof.Vimal- State

State Advisor.






Rose, Sahail, Chandan and Natalia

After a short break, Andhra Pradesh team

DAY 3 Report

comprising of Rev.Fr.Shailendra SJ- the State Advisor, Sandeep, Sandhya, Nandini and Vinod presented their

August 2013

We began the day with Eucharistic celebration by

state report. This was followed by Maharashtra with

Rev. Fr.Vijay D’Souza – State Advisor of Gujrat. This

the state advisor Rev.Fr.Roy SJ, Pearl, Franklin and

day was meant to present the reports of various states.

Conrad presenting the state report. This was followed

The session first was moderated by Rev.Fr. The team

by presentation of reports by Commissions viz. NDC,

from Bihar consisting of Fr.Sabu Davis - State Advisor,

NWC and AYCM. NWC report was presented by

Riya, Anjana, and Dipika and Innocent Ekka. This was

Sr.Roselin, Pearl and Natalia. Rev.Fr.Sabu Davis SJ,

was followed by Chhattisgarh. In the absence of the

Prof.Vimal and Sridhar presented the NDC report.

State Advisor-Fr.Jacob Kujur, Bro.Niranjan, Mangal,

It was followed by the House, Documentation

Reena, Johnson and Anjali presented the report. The

Centre & Publication reports which was moderated by

next state to present the report was Gujarat. The team

Rev.Fr.Louis SJ. The House team consisted of Rev.Fr.Louis, Mr.Edison, Mr.Nazres, Mr.Basker, Mrs.Sylvia, Mrs.Mary and Mr.Samson. The house report was presented by Mrs.Sylvia, the documentation center report was presented by Mr.Edison and the publication report was read out by Mr.BaskerManaging Editor of Rally. After the hectic day, to amuse us Albin and Prof. Vimal made us play some games. The next session was sharing of reports of National



Team and National Full Timer. This sharing was September 2013

moderated by Fr.Brian Pereira. Post supper, we entered the hall for the final session of the day which was the summation of the reports by Prof. G John. He summed up saying that ‘as we draw inspiration from Jesus, what AICUF is doing through the length and breadth of this country is exactly like what Jesus did some 2000 years before as accounted in the Bible.’ He matched each of AICUF activities, by quoting biblical verses, to what Jesus did. At the end he cautioned the AICUFers not to get lost in winds of

proper structure and also suggested that State

sweeping changes but to remain stoic, solid and firmly

Conveners of different Commissions could be allowed

rooted in AICUF Ideology and further stated that ‘Salt

to attend the National Council as observers as a

is good, but if it loses its saltiness What is the use?

measure to strengthen the State Commissions. It was



Viji, Reena, and Vinod

felt that it was against the provisions of constitution as

DAY 4 Report

to who can attend the National Council. Dr.G.John suggested that this can be allowed on a test basis for

August 2013

We started the day with the mass celebrated by Fr.

a year and a final decision can be taken after a year

Roy. The day was allotted for presenting milestones

which was endorsed by Fr.Henry and other council

of states and the commissions. Out of the 8 states

members. So, the upcoming conveners of the state

only 5 states presented their milestones. Tamil Nadu

commissions can be a part of the National Council

also presented their SPD (State Policy Document) for

during the next year.

ratification and approval that was presented by prof.

The appointments made were: Fr. Vijay as the State

Vimal. There was an urgent call for the meeting of the

Aadvisor of the Gujarat, and Fr. Roy as the State

3 commissions after which the National team had a

Advisor of the Maharashtra.

meeting with the. This was followed by the movement

There was a request from Sandeep that can AICUF

session. Following were the agenda of the movement

shall put pressure on the Jesuit colleges as they don’t


support the movements even at the unit levels to which


Role of NCs in the movement: Fr. Henry clarified

Fr.Shailendra also added that he also faced problems

about the role of the NC’s in the movement

regarding the same topic. Fr. Henry also said about the appointment of the


A structural design for commission team.


To change the NWC Coordinator and suggested

new National Advisor by the search committee, and

to find someone for replacement before the next

he further added that revival and revitalization of states


has to be done by executing more unit programmes.

.Andhra Pradesh – suggestions

With this the movement session ended. This was



Regular workshop for the NT’s and NC’s.

followed by a session by Fr.Henry to help the


Regular check on the programmes at the

participants understand the constitution. After this had

National level.

cultural night.


Shalini Riya and Nikhil

National Council to infuse activism in

DAY 5 Report

students. Î


Close follow up with the NT’s and NC’s


August 2013

After a very fun filled photo session we gathered in

back in the state.

the hall for our role-wise meeting. The old and new

Then the topic of the Dalit Commission came up for which Prof. Vimal put forth the suggestion of a Rally


September 2013

NTs stayed back in the seminar hall while the old NCs and new NCs gathered in the Refectory and the old and new SFTs outside the seminar hall. Fr.Henry came to address the new NTs and gave them a few instructions about their roles to be played in the National level. The old NTs shared their personal experiences with the new NTs and told them about the dos and don’t and how to go forth proceeding with their work. The NTs listened very attentively and the

throughout the upcoming year. Overall, it was a session

old NTs left the seminar hall and went to the G-Hall

which proved utmost importance to all the new NCs of

leaving the new NTs to themselves to discuss their

AICUF- (Navya)

work and elect their new convener. The meeting

“The old and new SFTs spoke about their

continued into the secretive elections. The new NTs

experience in AICUF and discussed on how important

introduced themselves to each other. The NTs spoke

it is to have a leadership and skills development

about their state problems. Then the election process

program for the new SFTs and NTs. They mentioned

took place in which we chose convenor and co-

that it would enhance their knowledge about AICUF.

convenor. The person with the highest votes was

They felt it was important for all the states to celebrate

appointed as the convener and the one with the second

an AICUF day all over India on one particular day,

highest votes was appointed the co-convener.

more like an “National AICUF Day”. – (Steven).

The old and new NCs of Gujarat, Bihar,

After the meeting, we assembled back in the hall

Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh,

to conclude with the valedictory mass. Throughout the

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka gathered to discuss

mass we had all the states singing songs in their state

the roles and duties of the members in the National

languages. At the end of the mass it was announced

AICUF and the states. The blurred image of our roles

that Nikhil the NT of Tamil Nadu will the convener for

was made clear by Dr. G. John after he explained the

the upcoming year and that Johnson the NT of

clear-cut character differentiation between the NTs and

Chhattisgarh will the co-convener. The old NTs handed

the NCs. We discussed the significance of “Rally”-the

over their responsibility to the new NT members of

mouth-piece of AICUF and in turn our importance in

the states, after which all the participants of the National

promoting the magazine and encouraging the

Council were given a memento. Thus, came to an end

subscriptions at regional, local and state levels. All the

the successful 25th National Council.

NCs promised to bring in articles and subscriptions




September 2013

Franklin Fernandes

The National Council according to

experiences and present issues

gives the movement a federal set

Article VI point 19-22 states that:

concerning their commission in

up; it makes it more democratic to


every council meeting.

function. The states function

It consists of two student

delegates and one full timer from



autonomously and at the end of the

each state elected from and by the

conventions/congresses, and

year during the council meeting

State Council, the State Adviser, the

appoints national level committees

state leaders along with the

Full-timers at the National Centre,

on specific issues as and when

accompaniment of advisers come

one student along with one adviser


to understand one another in the









It takes up any other matters




commission and the National

that might require attention within

involvement, activities and also

Adviser. In the National Council only

the framework of the Constitution.

challenges one another in their

student delegates have voting

It meets at least once a year

ideological clarity and experiments.

power. Only Catholics are eligible

preferably in August. Its term of

Every council emerged as a unique

to be members of the National

office is one year.

experience. All the 25 councils have

Council. However the Council

various reasons, issues, motives

should be competent to invite others

The year 2013 is the 25th year of

and orientations behind and with

to enlighten the council or specific

National Council of Before 1989,


issues or to share specific

CCM meetings were commenced

All the states come together to

experiences of various groups.

but later in the year 1989 after the 3rd National Convention when the

learn, share, understand and create

20a. It sums up the experiences

New Constitution was passed, the

the movement to grow stronger.

of different states, leading to

relevance of National council was

Council is like a platform that the

networks of solidarity at the national

also mentioned. Having a Council

National level coordination provides

level. It ensures on-going self-

network of strong united force for

so that the states come and make

evaluation and theological and

the proceedings possible. It

i reflection for the progress

is like when we light a spark

of the movement. It decides

the fire will automatically

the topics and themes of

burn to let the light spread.

national level programmes.

It is the united force of the

20b. The representatives of

states that makes the

each commission in the National Council Rally



movement strong. National is

and 10

not a parallel movement, it is a place September 2013

where the unifying force of the

With the members, we

could be brought about in . The

movement is stored and preserved

replace the conventional thought

Team, after a lot of discussion came

in form of documents, pictures,

process with a new one, traditions

up with an idea that the theme

reports and sharing.

with a new ones, conventional

should be related to the present

With the members we rejoice and

methods and practices with

scenario of both in the National and

register feelings and stories of the

innovation and creativity and the

states levels/ commissions. After

year that went by. We leave our

former National Team with the new

the successful completion of last

presence when we sign the

National Team during the council.

two meetings, the team came up

registration sheets. It gives a

With the members, we

with the theme “New challenges to

platform to each one to DEBATE

revisit and rebuild the past through

: Revisit the past, Rebuild the

and also argue with open mind and

the nourishment of the new

future”. This theme was chosen not

heart for the sake of the movement.

members with the historical

only keeping in mind the future of

It provides a better clarity in their

importance of

and the better

the student community but also the

state activities in the coming future.

understanding of the Constitution of

movement at large. We have come

With new members it is to

for its democratic growth in the state

to a stage when the burning fire

be renewed of new experiences,

and national levels. We build a

within us wants to question and find

ideas and creativity. Each year the

strong framework of through the

council sees new student members

NT members in their states who

a solution to the stagnant status of the movement. THE 24th National

who go back to their states with

form the pillar on which the National

council with the theme “Let’s

renewed mind-sets to challenge

is based. It rebuilds the networking

Change Our Attitudes and Break

themselves and stand against the

and collaborative spirit of the

Our Bondages to Rise & Lead” was

unjust society.


a start to our thinking process as to

With the members, we

When the national team

what could be done to drift back to

represent the oneness of all the

started the preparation for the

the age of student activism. Thus


council during the last two NT

to break our bondages we need to


meetings, the years’ experience

have the openness to freely revisit

members share, glorious history

was still fresh in our minds. It

the past strategies and rebuild the

and also it rejoices the student

nurtured the team members to be

future plans for the betterment of

centrality of the movement which is

open to the various changes that

the movement.





council that

the most important pillar of .



September 2013


February:  6th February, debate on Nuclear Energy was conducted at




prices, Renewable energy, GM foods etc. July:


at Ananda Jyothi, Nagarjuna Nagar. (14th – 15 th

Vijayawada. April: 

July). Fr. A.X.J Bosco, former provincial

One day workshop on the dangers

of Andhra, was the main resource person.

of Nuclear Energy for ten of our

Fr. Selvin Raj, then National Advisor


pictured AICUF at National level.

72-hour hunger strike by ten of our students (19th -21st Apr) at

Idinthikarai.Issued a press release

screened the film “The Mission” for the

On the eve of the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, on 30th , students

asking the government to meet demands of the people

catholic students of Andhra Loyola College.

of Koodankulam, Tamil Nadu. “Student Movement


Against Nuclear Energy” was started as it helped us to

witness and understand “leadership” and “peoples

On the anniversary of bombing of HiroshimaNagasaki (6th to 9th Aug), a Peace rally was


conducted to promote world peace in Vijayawada


Two days work shop (9th & 10th May) on Anti-

Nuclear Energy at Ananda Jyothi. th Two days Campaign(11 and 12 th May) against

of Nirmala School in Vijayawada.  On 7th Aug a campaign at Lenin center, Vijayawada on the dangers of Nuclear energy. 

Three-days workshop and campaign on Nuclear Energy at Hyderabad.

Five of our Students attended a seminar

‘Sustenance of Local Economy’


workshop on the dangers of Nuclear war for the students

Anti-Nuclear Energy at Lenin Center, Vijayawada. 

State Council of

Jyothi, Guntur. 


Workshop on Comprehension (Aug, 10-12) at Ananda As the people’s democracy is not respected at

Koodankulam and several other parts of India, we declared Aug 15th as a Black day. Two-days campaign (17th – 18 th Aug)

organized by NAPM (National Alliance

of Peoples Movement) at Hyderabad.

against Nuclear dangers at Sub-Collectorate


office and Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada to

Ten of our students had a one-week exposure (5 th – 10 th June) to Lokayat, an

bring awareness against Nuclear energy. September:

activist group in Pune on issues like

Globalisation, Indian Economy, Hiking of Petrol

Loyola College, views of lecturers and Students



On teachers’ day (5th Sep), in Andhra

September 2013


collected on “Can Smart education


replace human teaching”? And the views were

 One day hunger-strike, followed by four-

displayed on college notice board.  Three-day campaign (15 th -17th Sep),

day awareness campaign and exhibition in

against Nuclear energy was conducted at

capacity of 9000 MW at Kovvada, in North

Vijayawada, Eluru and Guntur.

coastal Andhra, about 80km

villages against


Nuclear park, with a north

Visakhapatnam. The project would evict six

Three days (16th -18th Nov) workshop on

fisher-folk villages, with a population of

leadership of women with the theme

about six thousand to accommodate the

“Women: Get up and Speak out” at Ananda Jyothi,

nuclear plant.

Nagarjuna Nagar. Three members of Abhivyakthi,


women wing of Lokayat Pune, were resource persons.

Four of our students participated in National level

Three-day lectures on topics; “Sustainable Solution to

Student gathering at Malapuram, and were part

Energy Crisis”, “Impact of FDI in Retail on Indian

of preparation for National Youth Manifesto.

Economy”, “Economic Reforms: Are they making India


a Super Power?” , “GM Foods: Poisoning Economy

and Health” at different colleges and Press Club in

(Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill),

Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Tenali were conducted.

on 8

In the wake of introduction of BRAI Bill th

of Aug, we conducted “QUIT BRAI, GMOs and

Mr. Neeraj Jain, founding member of


Lokayat was the resource person.

Vs VIMOCHANA Campus programs are conducted on


Two-days workshop (1st -2nd Dec) on

banner and off-campus programs are conducted on Vimochana and

Indian Economy at Ananda Jyothi. Seminar (3rd Dec) on “Sustainable Solution to Energy Crisis” at ALIET on 3rd of Dec. Students from ALC and

Nuclear Energy) for a wider participation

Stella College participated.


Utilizing the virtual space on Social Networking sites, especially on FB, through different Groups

students from various units had joined the

and a Community Page, we involve in advocacy (appvocay),


campaigning and bringing awareness on issues and strengthening the popular movements. In a way we are

Three days Campaign cum exhibition (4 th -6th)

changing the ‘face’ of Facebook.

was conducted at Vijayawada Annual National

Links on FB

Book Festival, against dowry and in

support of renewable energy.

and a better secular appeal.

close to Sullurpeta, from 27 Dec – 1sJan). Forty


SMANE(Student Movement Against

Annual work camp in VRO villages th


unit of ALC, initiated to Screen the film (Student Movement Against Nuclear Energy)

“The Motor Cycle Diaries” which depicts

the formative adventurous journey of


Che Guevara was organized in ALC at Devaiah Auditorium on 11th of Jan. Submitted by

Between 12 th- 16th of Jan, five of our


students participated in the Koodankulam, expressing their solidarity. Rally


September 2013


Introduction: AICUF Bihar, has brought in lots of renewal and empowerment among the youth through various state activities under the guidance of Fr. Sabu Davis, the Bihar State Advisor. 1.One Day Orientation Programme with Fatuha Youth. One day Orientation programme for the AICUFers of Catholic Church, Fatuha unit on 18th A ugust, 2012.

2.N.T & S.F.T Training Programme. The N.T. member Mr. Innocent Ekka & Miss Sapna Kumari, State Full-Timer took part in the N.T. & S.F.T. Training programme conducted at Chennai from 28th September to 1st October 2012.

3. Office Bearer’s Meeting Office Bearers’ Meeting on 7th October, 2012. There were 24 participants from six regions. 4.One Day Orientation Programme One day orientation programme for 25 participants at Catholic Church, Jamalpur on November 11th, 2012. 5. National Women Commission (NWC) And Dalit Commission (NDC) 3 girls and 2 boys from Bihar State participated in this training cum workshop along with the State Advisor Fr. Sabu Davis. 6.Seminar on Migration Four AICUFers from Bihar took part in the seminar on Migration organized by the National AICUF at Chennai from 23rd to 25th November, 2013. 8.Seminar on Journalism A two day seminar on journalism was organized at Tarang Bharti, Ranchi and four AICUFers attended. 9. Core Team Meeting. One day Core Team meeting on 24th February, 2013 at Youth Centre, Chakaram. Mr. Ritesh Edgar- the state Full- Timer presented the report of the state activities of July to December, 2012. 10.West-Bengal Day:Mr. Innocent Ekka, the National Team Member along with state Full Timer Mr. Ritesh Edgar from took part in the West Bengal



September 2013

Day Celebration. 11. Core Committee Meeting One day core team meeting on 13th March, 2013 at Sneha Dhara Youth Office, Sewa Kendra, Patna and 11 participants from Patna units. 12.Yesu Mahotsav Meeting From Patna Region, 2 members participated in a oneday planning meeting of Yesu Mahotsav at Social Development Centre, Ranchi. 13. Core Committee Meeting One day Core Team meeting on 31st April, 2013 at Youth Centre, Chakaram. The theme for the Convention was “Challenge Students’Activism to rethink and redevelop.” 14. Gaya Deanery Level Orientation Camp At Catholic Church Masaurhi, a three day camp was organized for the A ICUFers of the Gaya Deanery from 27th to 29th A pril, 2013.

15. Bettiah Youth Convention The State Advisor Fr. Sabu Davis, Full Timer Miss Sapna and six AICUFers from Rally

Bihar State took part in the Bettiah Regional Youth Convention held on 3rd June, 2013 at Bettiah. 16. Core Committee Meeting One day Core Team meeting on 9th June, 2013 at Youth Centre, Chakaram. 17. Nalanda Deanery Level Orientation Camp A three day Deanery level orientation camp was organized for the AICUFers at Catholic Church, Barh from 31st May to 2nd June, 2013. 47 participants took part. 18. Magadh Deanery Level Orientation Camp 79 AICUFers from four different parishes participated in this deanery level youth programme organized by Patna. 19.Bihar State Convention 21st June 2013 A four day Bihar State Convention was held at Youth Centre, Chakaram on the theme “Challenge Student’s Activism to Rethink and to Redevelop”. The youth from six regions namely, Bettiah, Muzaffarpur, Buxar, Purnea, Bhagalpur and Patna took part. There were 130 participants. Fr. Sabu Davis, State Advisor handled the first session on “History” . 22nd June 2013 Inaugural Eucharistic Celebration was by Most Rev. Archbishop William D’Souza, S.J. He told about the essential five habits or five good things which a youth should posses. The Chief Guest was Rev. Fr. Joseph Raj, Education Director and the Guest of Honour was Fr. Anthony Panangatt, the pioneer of the youth movements in Patna. Mr. Innocent Ekka, National Team Member gave the Dynamics of the Convention. Fr. Peter Ignatius, S.J. gave the Key Note Address. The 2nd session on “Challenge University Students activities in Politics” was by Mr. Ajit Julius, senior AICUFer. He explained about the Christian participation in politics. He also made aware about the minority rights to the youth. Mr. Mukti Prakash, senior AICUFer handled a session on “Youth and Politics”. 3rd session was on “Global Political Analysis” by Dr. Louis Prakash, S.J. He stressed on the point that the time has come for the Christians to enter politics”. 4 th session was a panel discussion on the topic-”University Students’ Role in Active Politics”. This was facilitated by Mr. Mukti Prakash. 15

September 2013

23rd June 2013 The day started with Eucharistic Celebration with the Parishioners. Fr. Satya Prakash was the main celebrant. The 5th session “Challenge Students Activism in Religious Activities” was by Fr. Henry, S.J. The 6th session, “Challenge Social Life” was by Mr. Ajit Julius. Mr. Ajit told about the realities of the society which is still not known to the youth. The Exposure Programme, The participants were divided into nine groups of 12 each along with two LOC members and went to different places for the exposure.

20. Other activities:Orientation on Personality and Leadership to the students of ITI (Industrial Training Institute) from 3rd to 4th September at Loyola, Kurji, Patna. There were 63 participants. w Seminar on Personality Development and Career Guidance to the rural youth at Catholic Church, Gulni. Programme was conducted from 8th to 10th September, 2012. There were 59 participants. w 38 Catholic youths from Patna Archdiocese participated in the ICYM regional convention which was held from 21st to 30th October, Khunti, Jharkand. w Ten youth from Patna Archdiocese attended the Cultural exchange Programme organized by Jesus Youth at Kerala from 15th to 31st December,2012.

State Team Members – 2012-13 z z z z z z z z

National Team Member National Council Member State Dalit Convener State Women Convener State AYCM Convener State Refugee Commission

Mr. Innocent Ekka Miss Shalini Riya Mr. Rohan Kumar Miss Shashi Toppo Miss Jasmine Tigga Mr. Ritesh Edgar

State Full Timer State President

Miss. Deepika Kumari Mr. Manohar Kumar

Regional Advisors z z z z z z

Patna Muzaffarpur Buxar Bettiah Bhagalpur Purnea

Fr. Sabu Davis Fr. Joseph Mosses Fr. Jose Thannipara Fr. Henry Fernando / Fr. Dilip Fr. Sebastian Murmu Fr. Marianus Minj By Bihar State Team



September 2013


Secretariat Chennai from 29th September to 1st October 2012. Fr. Yacub attended the training program conducted for the advisors and animators at ISI Bangalore, from 14 to 18 September 2012. AIUCF National Women Commission arranged training cum workshop program at AICUF Ashram Bhopal from 16 to 18 November 2012, in which Shilawati, Manju, Ema and Vikesh participated. Fr. Praful Bara, Sonia, Dezi,(Kunkuri) Jyotishand Priti (Ambikapur) and Wilfred (Jashpur) participated in the ‘Magis’ program held at Bangalore from 1 to 5th November 2012. Sixteen AICUFers and two men from Jashpur Jan Sanghash Samiti represented Chhattisgarh State for the Annual Tribal Festival organized at Echome, Kerala from 7to 8 Dec. 2012. On November 8, 2012, Philomena, the national full-timer along with Br. Vincent visited Loyola College. On 16th December, 2012, a Leadership Training Programme was organized for the AICUFers of Loyola College Kunkuri in which representatives from Ambikapur and Jashpur also participated. There were more than 100 participants including two representatives from St. Joseph hostel, Holy Cross Hostel and Loyola Hostel Units of Ambiakpur respectively and one representative from Jashpur. On 27th January, 2013, 80 AICUFers of Loyola College Kunkuri, Jashpur went on a trip to the river bank of Ib. On 10th February, 2013 AICUFers collected Rs. 8, 234 through fun games and contributed towards the cause of suffering people. Fr. YacubKujur, S.J. State Advisor



September 2013



A.G.S.D.M Meeting was held on 14/10/2012. New N.T. & N.C.

11. On 12th

Members were welcomed.

orientation programme for students


Seven students participated in Magis program at Banglore.

who would


Three students went to Don Bosco School Chotaudepur to give career

participate in Summer camps and

guidance to 10th, 11th & 12th standard students. More than 150

33 students Participated.

students participated in the training.


JYOT is a mouth piece of AGSDM. Elected Pritesh Macwan as a

four summer camps and the last

new Editor of JYOT magazine and, Rahul Rathod Co-editor of

camp on Damn! Displacement was


at Valsad Gujarat. 7 students

Christmas celebration on 27th December 2012 AGSDM office

participated in Gender Assertion

Ashadeep. 25 students from different units participated in this

camp at Bangalore. 6 students


participated in politics of state

AGSDM-AYCM (Adivasi Yuva Chetna Manch) of Gujarat organized


one day seminar on “Adivasi Ashmita” at AShadeep. The seminar

marginalized people at Nalgonda.7

was Conducted by Mr. Anand Vasava (Co-editor of Adilok Magazine).

student at Ahmednagar and 19

30 students participated in this seminar.

students for Damn! Displacement

National Full Timer Philomena Gomes and Fr. Selvin Raj SJ visited

at Valsad, Gujarat. Around 39

Gujarat on 24/01/13.

students of AGSDM participated in


Discussoin on “Inter cast marriage” System in tribal areas.

all summer camps.


Fr. Vijay D’souza took charge of AGSDM as a new state advisor of

13. Gujarat state council on 23/06/





and the youth Co-ordinator of Gujarat on 1st of April 2013. 10


May 2013


Summer Camps: - Organized







personality development camp for Sabarkantha Adivasi students. he camp was conducted at Modasa from 3rd May to 6th May. AYCM core group members Jitu Lata, Naresh Dodiyr and Hetal Tabiyar conducted it successfully.



September 2013

Salient features. GJYM (Gujarat Jesuit Youth Ministry) started Blog and Face Book profile for youth to give them information regarding job placements, social awareness, programmes, camps, training, information and keep them in touch with AGSDM and our aim behind this to connect students to GJYM Blog as well as bring awareness that how one can use social networking positively.Journalism camp with Rista for AGSDM students. The first training programme on

leadership on

17th & 18th Aug with Oasis. There will be 6 trainings once in a month. We arranged a career guidance

18. AYCM celebrated Adivasi Din

programme for north Gujarat students from 28th to 30th June 2013.

on 4th July 2013 where 550

Three students took part. The

cam ps

leadership of State Convenor Mr.

were conducted in Mahesana and Bhiloda

Naresh Dodyar. The Chief Guest

at St.Xavier’s high schools.

was DSP of Anand Dt. Mr. Rajendra


Asari who himself is Adivasi and


Jyot Editorial board meeting

was held on 7/07/13 at AGSMD office Ashadeep. Editorial board decided that Jyot will be published on

students participated under the

addressed the students to be true to their Adivasi Identity. 19. AGSDM students participated

summer camp topics.

in “Leadership training

16. State Advisor of Gujarat Fr. Vijay

programme at Chanod near Dabhoi from 9th to 11th

along with three students

Aug 2013. The training

participated in Magis and world youth day at Reo-de-Janero, Brazil from 8th to 31th July 2013.

programme was organised by

17. State full timer Rahul Rathod with

international Society) an

Fr. Vijay arranged unit level visit during 14th to 25th June 2013.

NGO.33 students participated


OASIS (A Selfless

in this camp.


September 2013



2012- 2013

2013 - 2014

State Advisor

Fr. Brian Pereira SJ

Fr. Brian Pereira SJ

President (NC)

Mr. Ronson Menezes

Mr. Sahail Saldanha


Sch. P.V Joseph

Ms. Navya.A.Lawrence (NC)


Ms. Natalia (NT)

Ms. Smenita Pinto

Joint Secretary

Ms. Sowmya KP

Ms. Aquila Shafeeque

Executive Member

Ms. Celin Mary

Mr. Vishal D’Souza (NT)

Executive Member

Ms. Angelina

Mr. Manoj Baptist

Executive Member

Ms. Monica

Mr. Chelesta Margret

Executive Member

Ms. Miriam

Mr. Madhu. C

Executive Member

Ms. Diksha

Mr. Sharukh Khan

Executive Member

Ms. Sunu Simon

Ms. Steffy Marion K

Executive Member

Mr. Paul Clinton

Mr. Sandesh D’Souza

Executive Member

Mr. Amith D’Souza

Ms. Akshitha

Executive Member

Ms. Annie Jenifer.B

Mr. Ashwin Clod Mendonsa

Executive Member

Ms. Smithi Gilbert


Ms. Amrutha


Mr. Sandesh

State Full-timer

Mr. David Jacob

Mr. Cyril Prabhu & Mr. Steven Goveas

State Animator

Ms. Nisha Bosco

Mrs. Maria Furtado & Mr. Prashanth


Ms. Been Thomas

The State Advisor, Fr. Brian Pereira SJ along with Mr.

Natalia (NT) attended the 24th National Council in Chennai from 13th to 17th August, 2012. During the

David – the State full-timer, Mr. Steven –the former

National Council, the members approved and ratified

President, Ms. Lizzel – the National W omen’s

the State Policy Document of -Karnataka.

Commission Convener, Mr. Ronson (NC) and Ms. Rally


September 2013


Colleges across Karnataka participated in the State


Meet. Mr. Eric Ozario, a famous cultural-activist

The Youth Commission of Karnataka Regional Catholic

declared the event open after the Inaugural Mass. Fr.

Bishops’ Council in collaboration with , ICYM and other

Selvin Raj SJ, the National Advisor of gave the

youth movements organized a Regional Youth

keynote address. In the afternoon, Ms. Albertina, a

Convention – “Yuvajanotsava 2012” for nearly 5,000

former AICUFers from Goa, addressed the participants

youth leaders in Belthangady from 28th to 30th

on the topic: “Youth and Human Rights.” The day ended

September, 2012. The theme of the convention was,

with an inter-collegiate cultural competition on the

“Transformed by Faith – Transforming the World.” More

theme, ‘Unite to Ignite New Hope.”

than one hundred AICUFers from Karnataka actively

On the second day, the participants were sent to

participated in the convention and pledged to become

different places like, old age homes, orphanages,

“agents of social change and fight for the rights of

rehabilitation centers, etc, to experience the stark


reality of today’s society. In the evening, all the


participants were taken to a nearby beach to enjoy the

The AICUFers of Karnataka were

beauty of Coastal Karnataka. As part

instrumental in organizing MAGIS – 2012 in Bangalore from 1 st to 5 th

of “learn through fun” exercise, the

November, 2012. The threef old

invited to build sand castles on the

purpose of MAGIS program was, to

beach on relevant social themes and

deepen our faith in God; to become

share their reflections with others.

aware of the social realities of our

On the third day, Ms. Vidya Dinakaran,

times; and to dialogue with various

a renowned social activist addressed

cultures. On the first day, Fr. Frankie

the AICUFers on Human Rights

Serrao SJ, the Provincial of Karnataka

Issues. This was followed by an

Jesuit Province celebrated the

inspiring presentation by Ms.

inaugural Mass. This was followed by

Philomena, the National Full-timer on

participants of the State Meet were

a couple of sessions on Ignatian Spirituality and a

“Rally” magazine. The State Meet concluded with the

“Praise and Worship Service.” Then the participants

Human Rights Day celebration. To mark this occasion,

were divided into 18 subgroups and sent for “3-days

we organized a massive rally on the theme, “Youth

Mission Experience” to villages, cancer and HIV

for Human rights.” More than 1,000 youth – holding

hospitals, leprosy centers, and various other places.

placards and shouting slogans – marched through the

On the final day, we had a very meaningful sharing of

streets of Mangalore town to spread Human Rights

the “MAGIS Experiences” by 18 groups. Fr. Edward


Mudavaserry, the Provincial of South Asia, celebrated


the closing Mass of MAGIS-2012. More than 350

During the year 2012-13, the AICUFers of Karnataka

participants from different Provinces of South Asia

were pro-actively involved in the lives of struggling

(including 150 AICUFers from Karnataka) attended this

masses. On several occasions, when there were


Human Rights violations in the state -


AICUFers took to the streets to demand justice. In this

The Karnataka State Meet-2012 was organized in Mangalore from 8th to 10th December, 2012. The

report, we have highlighted a few occasions where we

theme of the State Meet was “Unite to Ignite New

through rallies and protests.

Hope”. Three hundred and fifty AICUFers from various Rally

made positive interventions in the lives of people a. 21

The Exodus of the North Easterners: September 2013


Anti-Nuclear Rally in Bangalore

To mark the International Women’s Day celebration,


Protest against EWS Ejipura Land Grab


Protests and Candle Light March to

in some units of our state, the AICUFers put up cultural shows and exhibitions on the 8th of March. The purpose

Condemn Violence against Women

of these celebrations was to acknowledge the






achievements of women, promote gender equality and


women’s empowerment. We are happy to place on


record that women constitute more than half the

World AIDS Day

num ber of total AICUFers in

The AICUFers in several units of Karnataka observed the World AIDS Day on the 1st of December,


2012 by participating in rallies, staging

The AICUFers of our state frequently



visit places like Old Age Homes,

com mon

Leprosy Centers, Orphanages,

messages that echoed in all these

Central Jails, etc. as part of

celebrations are: “Let us stop HIV

outreach programs. In some of our



units AICUFers were involved in

stigmatization and discrimination

raising funds for the needy through

against HIV/AIDS victims.”

food fests & cultural shows. Recently


a few AICUFers of Bangalore Zone




and Two




Ignatian Week Celebration To celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola,

put up a musical “Lessons of Life” to support Bijapur

the AICUFers in some Jesuit Colleges observed


“Ignatian Week.” Quiz on the life of St. Ignatius of

Emulating the “College to Village” program pioneered

Loyola, collage, portrait painting, and elocution

by St. Xavier’s College, Kolkotta, we have initiated a

competition on “The Relevance of the Jesuit

similar program in Bangalore where the AICUFers offer

Education Today” were organized.

free tuitions for students studying in Government



Christmas Celebration: Christmas is a time of


sharing and caring. During this


time, the AICUFers of various

organized a Rural Exposure

colleges in Bangalore conducted Gospel themes like “Revelation”,

Cam p for the AICUFers in Neerude from 31st October to November 5th, 2012. This camp

“Good News”, and “El-Shaddai.”

helped the AICUFers to get out

The AICUFers invited some special

of their cosy ambience (of home

guests like, the m entally and

and college) and experience the

physically challenged children and

hardships poor people face in

senior citizens and entertained

their day-to-day lives because of

them through cultural shows. From


inter-collegiate competitions on the

the savings of their pocket money AICUFers in a couple



form s



discrimination and exploitation in our society.

of units bought gifts and shared them with their special guests. d. Rally

Women’s Day Celebration:

b.The Bangalore Zone organized a Rural Exposure Camp for the AICUFers in Raichur from 19th to 23rd 22

September 2013

October, 2012. Thirty AICUFers along with 8 faculty


members attended this camp held under the theme:

Ms. Natalia Fernandez was appointed the National

“Reach the Unreached”. The campers visited the

Team member from Karnataka for the academic year

villagers and had a firsthand

2012-13. During the year, she

experience of the problems like,

attended several National



Level meetings and served as

unemployment, illiteracy, caste

a liaison between National

discrimination, poor health and

and State unit. – Karnataka

hygiene. The AICUFers also got a

is grateful for her selfless

glimpse of the unique customs and

service and generosity.

traditions practiced by villagers in


North Karnataka during this camp.



Mr. Calvin, Ms. Rachelle and

Mr. Cyril Prabhu, full-timer and Ms.

Ms. Avisha from St. Aloysius

Lizzel Pinto, the former National


Women’s Convener along with Fr.

participated in the JHEASA



Brian Pereira SJ attended the MAGIS Program and World Youth Day celebration in Brazil from 12th to

National Level Seminar organized in Chennai on the theme, “Integrity towards Prosperity” from 13th to

28th July, 2013.


IGNITORS- COLLABORATION Every year, Karnataka Province Youth Commission

On April 2 and 3, 2013, the National full-timers, Ms.

conducts an “Integral Formation Program” called

Philomena and Bro. Vincent visited the – Karnataka

IGNITORS for thousands of college students. This

Secretariat in Bangalore to do a pilot study of the

year, the AICUFers played a major role in the success

National Summer Camp. We are grateful to them for

of this program. They looked after the logistics of

graciously involving us in the planning of the summer

IGNITORS program and assisted the facilitators of

camp held in ISI-Bangalore.

IGNITORS group to reach out to nearly 15,000 college


students in Bangalore and Mangalore.

Among the 4 National Summer camps held this year,


the AICUFers from Karnataka participated in the camps

We are happy to place on record that this year we

held in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

have launched two “ Bands” in Bangalore and

a.KARNATAKA:- Ms. Aquila, Mr. Seevanth and Mr.

Mangalore. The members of these

Shino Abraham along with Ms.

bands conducted Spirit-filled Praise


and Worship Service during the

represented Karnataka in the

IGNITORS retreats. In the month

National Level Summer Camp

of May, the Band released its first album of action songs (which will

held at Indian Social Institute (ISI) in Bangalore from 17th to

be useful for the retreat preachers

21st May 2013 on the theme,

and the trainers to make the retreats


or the training sessions interesting

AICUFers, who were attending

and participatory).

the camp in Bangalroe showed



m ember,



true spirit of generosity by Rally


September 2013

donating blood at a “Blood Donation

to Reignite”. More than 100

Camp” organized by Janadhare – a

AICUFers from 25 units attended

youth group associated with -

the State Council.


On the first day, after the


introductory session by Fr. Brian

Summer Camp in Andhra Pradesh

Pereira SJ, the former Full-timer,

was held at Don Bosco Academy in Nalgonda from 22nd to 25th May

Mr. Prashanth Kumar presented

2013 on the theme, ‘Ecological

Fr. Francis D’ Almeida SJ – the



former State Advisor, gave a talk

Environmental Sustainability’.

on the legacy of movement in

Mr. John Lucas and Mr. Kenneth

Karnataka. This was followed by

the “History of .” In the afternoon,

Anderson attended this camp from - Karnataka.

the presentation of the annual reports by different units.

c.GUJARAT:- Mr. Ronson, our State President and Mr.

On the second day, Fr. Brian Pereira addressed the

Heston attended the National Level Summer Camp

participants of the State Council. He invited them to

organized at Paraspada & Borpada in Gujarat on the theme ‘Damn!! Displacement’ from 1st to 5th June

become “Dream Engineers” and work to bring a


Council with the elections of the new office-bearers


for the State Ex-co.

The Karnataka Secretariat has set-up a well-furnished


documentation center consisting of books and

Apart from inaugurating a couple of new units in

documentaries related to various social issues.

colleges, this year we have started an unit in St. Pius


X Parish (Kammanahalli) in Bangalore. During the next

The State Council for the academic year 2013-14 was

academic year, we intend to establish 5 to 6 new units

held on July 6 to 7, 2013 at St. Joseph’s Arts and

in colleges and start units in Christ Church, Manipal

Science College, Bangalore on the theme “Regroup

(Udipi Diocese) and St. Anthony’s Church, T. C. Palya

positive change in the society. We concluded the State

(Bangalore Diocese).



September 2013


State Executive Meet

experience the indigenous life style of the tribal people and their burning

Training programme to the State

issues. 40 AICUFers from various zones of Kerala participated.

Executive members at Sameeksha

Mr. Sidharth, the Police Inspector of the village inaugurated the exposure

Kalady from 28 to 29 July 2012.

officially. Ms Bindhu the Panchayat President

It was guided by the eminent Kerala

presided over the inaugural meeting and

ex-advisors such as Frs. Henry

assured her wholehearted support and

Pattarumadathil, S.J., Sebastian

cooperation for the exposure. Frs. Thomas

Painadath, S.J., and Mr Joy

Vazhakala CMI Thrissur-Iringalakuda zonal


advisor and Jose Pulinthanath, S.J. inspired

State Leadership Camp

the participants with their felicitation

Organized a three-day State

messages. Mr. Mohanan, the son of the tribal

Leadership camp for 40 AICUFers

leader called Mooppan and Mr. Sreeni Tribal


promoter represented the village leadership. Fr. Augustine Vattoly and



from 31st August to 2


2012. Fr. Aneesh, S.J. Mr.

Mr. Martin gave input sessions on tribal and environmental issues.

Sebastian Britto and the animators

Joining Hands with the striking villagers at Kathikudam

of three units Srs. Mini Rose, Gracy

40 AICUFers joined hands with the striking villagers in Kathikudam, a

and Mr. Sabu handled various

village affected by the industrial pollution. NGIL (Nitta Gelatin Japanese


Company) -KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation)

State Exposure Camp Exposure began on 26th December

company pollutes the entire Kathikudam village and the Chalakkudi River.

2012 at Anapantham, a tribal village

of the government supported company.

in Thrissur. Anapantham tribal

Green Community and Silent Spring

village was chosen in order to

Green Community members were fully involved in the propagation and


The AICUFers sat with the villagers in protesting against the inhuman act


September 2013

people’s movement on “violence against women” on 2nd January 2013. Eve Ensler (Feminist, playwright, and dancer), Kamla Bhasin and Annie Raja participated in the interaction. The subject of the interaction was “why violence against women is on the increase?”. International Symposium AICUFers with unit advisor Sr.Cecilia participated in an international symposium on Religion, Culture and Society conducted by Loyola College of Social Sciences Sreekariyam on 12th January 2013. the spread of the ideas of the book

Youth for Environment and Justice On 1st to 5th May 2013 over three hundred participants from socially

Silent Spring throughout Kerala.

committed organization and movements gathered together to attend the

has been part of Green Community

program “Youth Dialogue” conducted by Youth for Environment and



“Nuclear Energy: Its Impacts and

Emerging Kerala

Prospectives”- One-day Seminar

A Table Talk was organized by NAPM (National Alliance of Peoples’

Students Christian Movements

Movement) to highlight the adverse impact and consequence of new

(SCM), Kerala Council of Churches (KCC) and organized a one-day

developmental paradigm of the present government called Emerging Kerala. It was inaugurated by BRP Bhaskar freelance writer on 5th

seminar on Nuclear Energy: Its

September 2012.

Im pacts

NAPM (National Alliance of Peoples’ Movement) National Biannual



( A s h a n k k a g a l u m Pratheekshakalum) on 15 th


December 2012. There were 50

NAPM (National Alliance of Peoples’ Movement) organized a National Bbiannual Convention on 17th to 19th November 2012 at Sal Sabeel



Green School Thrissur. The former Thrissur Zonal Advisor Fr Devasya

movements. After listening to the

Panthalukaran, State Advisor and AICUFers participated in the




f rom



documentary on the Adverse

OLAM (Old Leaders of Meet) Gathering and Book Release

Impact of Nuclear Energy the

OLAM members came together and organized a public gathering to

participants from different colleges

release a book on Fr Samuel Rayan, S.J. (Naaleyilekkoru Neelkazhcha)

took a vow to spread awareness

the former Kerala State Advisor. Cardinal Mar Alanchery released the

among the students about the

book and Prof. M.K. Sanu, the renowned Malayalam literary critic received

danger of nuclear energy.

the first copy of the book.

Kerala Tribal Forum March and

Three Day Seminar

Protest Kerala Tribal Forum members

AICUFers participated in a three day seminar conducted by Loyola College of Social Sciences, Sreekariyam on 22nd

conducted a one day march and

to 24th March 2013, with the theme “the

protest at Secretariat TVM to get

role of youth in peace, conflict and

the land ownership of the tribal

communal harmony in civil society”.

people of Idukki Perinchankkutty on 18 December 2012. One Billion Rising

Participation In National Programmes 24th National Council

AICUFers and the State advisor

The national council representatives Mr.

joined ‘One Billion Rising’ the

Albin (NT member), Ms. Roseena (NC 26


September 2013

Member), Ms. Rosemary (NWC),

from 18th to 21st May 2013 on the theme

and State Advisor participated in the 24th national council at National

“Gender Assertion”.

Secretariat Chennai on 13th to 16th


August 2012.

Seven AICUFers from Kerala participated in

Advisors’ and

Animators’ Training Programme,

National Summer Camp, Ahmednagar,

Fr Thomas Vazhakala, CMI

National Sum mer Camp held at Ahmednagar in Maharashtra from 26th to 29th May 2013 on the theme “Ecological

(Irinjalakuda-T hrissure

Consciousness towards Environmental

ISI, Bangalore







(Morning Star College, Angamali),

Special Programmes conducted by different zones

Sr. Mejo (Principal, Vimalalayam

Each zone had its own yearly planned programmes. These are some of

College, Kochi), Sr. Ceciliya (All

the Zonal level activities where the State team participated.

Saints College, TVM), Pro. Sabu

Zonal Fresher’s Camp

(Mary Matha College Wayanad)

Trivandrum Zonal fresher’s camp was held at centre TVM on 28th July

and State Advisor participated in the

2012. There were 30 students who participated in the camp. Frs. Ranjith,

national level training programme

S.J., Aneesh, S.J., Zonal Advisors of TVM conducted the camp.

for the advisors and animators. It was held on 15th to 18th September

Leadership Camp


Balaramapuram, TVM by the State Team. There were 50 students who




Trivandrum Leadership Camp was conducted at St. Joseph’s School actively participated in the camp. The sessions were led by Fr.Ranjith,

‘Migration’, Chennai

S.J. ( Trivandrum Zonal advisor), Fr.Aneesh, S.J. and State Advisor.

Six AICUFers with the State advisor

Trivandrum Zonal Social Awareness Camp

participated in an International

Trivandrum zone conducted a one-day program for 40 AICUFers on 28th

Seminar on ‘migration’ held at house Chennai from 22nd to 26th

of July 2012 with the theme “Encourage activities ,leadership and social

November 2012.

Zonal Fresher’s and Leadership Camp




awareness among AICUFers” Thrissur Irinjalakuda Zones organized zonal fresher’s and leadership camp on 10th to 12th August 2012. Fr. Jose Puninthanath, S.J. inaugurated the


camp and Fr Thomas Vazhakala, Advisor Thrissur Irinjalakuda Zone and

Six Kerala representatives along

Syam P.S. animator guided the camp. 40 students actively took part in

the State advisor participated in the

the camp.

National Summer Camp held at

Social Awareness Camp

Indian Social Institute, Bangalore

Thrissur Irinjalakuda Zones organized a social awareness camp on 12th to 14th October 2012. There were 40 participants. Fr. Jose Puninthanath, S.J. inaugurated the camp and Fr Thomas Vazhakala, Advisor Thrissur Irinjalakuda Zone and Syam P.S. animator led the camp. Kannur Zonal Leadership and Social Awareness Camp Kannur Zonal Leadership and Social Awareness Camp was held at IRC, Pariyaram on 3rd to 5th August 2012. The principal Fr. Clarance Paliath inaugurated the camp and inspired the participants with his thought provoking words. There were 50 participants.



September 2013


skills, workshops on media awareness and exposure camps.

The CSA- students organized a one day programme



The State Election Camp (SEC)

inaugurate the beginning of social involvements in the college on 9th

The SEC of the academic year 2013-14 was held at CENTRE Trivandrum from 26th to 28th July 2013. The Election camp was formally inaugurated

August 2012. They called the

by Fr. Martin Unit Advisor Nirmala Giri College, Kannur. Srs. Gracy and

programme as ANHADH (The

Akhila facilitated the students. Fr Joy James former State Advisor inspired

Voice from your innermost being/

the students with his sharing on ideology, Vision and Mission. Mr

conscience). It was inaugurated by

Sebastian Britto, Frs. Saji, S.J. and Joe Mathew, S.J. gave sessions on


group dynamics and team building. At the end of the election camp the





Pulinthanath, S.J. and Rev. Dr.

students elected the following members.

Jose Thekk an CMI gave the

The following are the new office bearers

presidential address.


: Nirmal Nicholas

Secretary : Ahil Anto

Ernakulam Zonal AICUers’ and


: Irine Johny


: Rince Raju

Senior AICUFers’ Gathering


: Rose Jose


: Oster Raimond

Ernakulam Zonal AICFers’ and


: Jerin Jose


: Maria Varghese

Senior AICUFers’ organized a


: Jinto


: Jomon

gathering to bid farewell to Fr Henry Pattarumadathil, S.J. the former

State Fresher’s Camp (SFC)

Ernakulam Zonal advisor and to

Kerala State Fresher’s Camp was held at Sameesha (Kalady) from August

welcome Fr. Toby, S.J. as the new

9 to August 11, 2013. 40 new AICUFers from different zones participated

Zonal Advisor. It was conducted on

in this camp. Fr.Sebastian Painadath, S.J. inaugurated the camp.

30 to 31 August 2012.

Frs.Jose Pulinthanath, S. J. and Saji, S. J. guided the camp. Frs.Toby,

Unit-level activities were

S.J. Joy James, S.J. Sebastian Painadath, S.J.

conducted according to the

and Mr.Sebastian Britto handled sessions on self

yearly planning of each unit like

awareness, self-esteem, effective communication


skills, : History, Vision and Ideology and



development, social awareness,

alternative spirituality for the youth today.

communication and leadership


Kerala State Team


September 2013



Rodrigues, Editor of ‘The AICUFers’- Renisha Mall,

The year began with the elections for the trinity. The trinity was elected in the 1st week of February. Shilpi

Cultural Coordinator- Yamini Kulkarni and of ‘The

Dey, Lorrain Ramos and Clinton Fernandes were

Interreligious prayer services for all the orientations

elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer

of St. Xavier’s College, as well as prepared the


liturgy and conducted the choir for the Inaugural


Phoenix’, ‘Jivan’- Ninoska D’soza.organized

The First Trinity meeting was held on 26th March, 2012. The concept of making ‘The AICUFer’ an e-

mass. }

magazine along with a few hard copies was

The First Extended Steering Committee meeting was held on 21st June, 2012. To go along with the

decided. It was decided that the Extended Steering Committee interviews were to be held on 28th

college theme, it was decided that the focus this

March, 2012. The Extended Steering Committee

conservation of justice, values, paper, water etc.

was appointed on April 9th, 2012. The following

It was decided to have regular SC meetings on

candidates were selected- social Outreach and

Friday. Bringing to life the “less than Perfect” street

Action-Pratiksha Tripathi, Publicity Coordinator-

play theater was discussed. ‘Unity in Diversity’ was

Carel Pereira, Prayer Coordinator- Cassandra

selected as the topic for the Phoenix.

year would be on ‘Conservation’. It relates to


The first General meeting for the Senior college was held on 4th July, 2012 for the senior College. It was also an orientation and the Motto, Thrust areas and ideology of was discussed.


The second general meeting was held on 17th July, 2012. Shilpi Dey and Pratiksha Tripathi conducted a discussion on ‘Conservation of the dignity of women’. Conservation’ was decided as the general theme for the year and themes for the AICUFer, Pheonix and Jeevan were decided as ‘Challenging Inhumanity’, ‘Unity in Diversity’ and ‘Human Rights’ respectively. also conducted the choir and liturgy



September 2013

for St Ignatius Feast Mass on 30 th July and

Events from February 2013 to June 2013

organised a cultural performance on ‘Patriotism’


for the same.



The year began with the elections for the trinity. The trinity was elected in the 1st week of

attended a rally on ‘Save the Girl Child’ on 1 st

March. Renisha Mall, Serah Koshy, Bhanvi Kumar

September organized by the Young Women’s Catholic

and Soham Patekar were elected as President,

Association. It was a brief session of about 1 hour that

Secretary and Treasures respectively. It was then

culminated at the Gateway of India.

decided that this year, the trinity would be called


A number of activities were conducted for the Girl Child week ‘Ujali’. On 4th September, the movie “Iron Jawed Angels” was screened that portrayed

the ‘Core Team’. The interviews for the extended steering committee was conducted on 26th March, 2013.

to fight for their rights. On the following day, Mr

NEW STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING On 6th May the steering committee met to decide the

Soham Pattekar, an enthusiastic AICUFer,

dates of office cleaning. Renisha, Crislin, Soham and

conducted a Defense Workshop for AICUFers. On the 8th, a Creative Workshop was organized by

Vivek visited Reay road, a slum area. It was then

Ms Carel Pereira. She taught the art of making quelling cards and various other creative activities.

a week to interact with the children there. The SC met on 20th May in order to plan activities as college starts

To sum up the whole event, a Cycle Rally on ‘Save

in June. It was decided that hence forth all Social

Girl child’ was organized by the Social outreach

outreach activities would be called ‘Parivarthan.’ The

and Action Coordinator, Praktiksha Tripathi.

orientation video was edited.

AICUFers went on Cycles from Marine lines to Colaba. Besides the banners and posters, face

The first SC meeting after college opened was held on 11th June. General Body meeting was decided to

and T-Shirt painting were the some methods used

be held on the 1st Tuesday of every month. A calendar

to convey the message.

would be made which would encompass Activities for

the various struggles women have to go through

decided that would conduct an outreach program twice


the year to come.

The Youth Encounter Session (YES) camp was conducted from 30th to 2nd November at St. Xavier’s


Villa, Khandala and 37 participants attended the camp.

year 2012-13 was held. On this occasion Adv. Sr. Julie

The theme for the camp was ‘Conservation’.

George and Prof. Edwin Rosario addressed the


students. Sr. Julie spoke enlightened the students for

On 12th July 2012 Inauguration of the for the academic

The second edition of the newsletters, ‘Jeevan’ and ‘Phoneix’ was released. The theme for ‘Jeevan’ was ‘Human Rights’ and Phoneix was ‘Unity in diversity’. A stall of a variety of cultural dishes were put in the canteen. DAY 2013 ?

To mark a successful ending, day was celebrated on 20th January 2013 and the state magazine ‘The AICUFer’ was released. We were privileged to have the National Advisor, Fr.Selvin Raj and National Full timer, Ms Philomena Gomes for the celebration.



September 2013

the need for women empowerment. She spoke on

Sept, 2012. Lokayat, a social activist group performed

various issues affecting women from the very birth.

the play, titled ‘Mulgi Zali Ho’. This play portrayed the

Prof. Rosario spoke on the need of student population

role of women in Indian society. At the end of the play

to take up issues affecting the society around them.

there was also a panel discussion on the same topic.

He also stressed need for proactive in every situations

Our chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Alka Joshi, the

the same day the executive committee of was elected.

director of the play.

The members who were elected were:



Ms. Leonora Mendis

Vice President:

MR. Akshay Satpute

WORKSHOP On 4th October 2012, St. Vincent College in association


Mrs. TasneemPhaltanwala

with Pune Jesuit Province and JIGSA organized an


Mr. Pravin Tribhuvan

international workshop on Heroic Leadership.


president Ms. Leonora Mendis (T.Y.B.Com), & Vice

ANDHRA PRADESH) 23th July 2012 The state Advisor of Andhra Pradesh

President Mr. Akshay Satpute (S.Y.B.Com), Franklin

visited Pune unit and spoke to the unit members. He

day workshop conducted by Dr. Chris Lowney the

spoke on the topic Socio-Economic Analysis.

author of the book Heroic Leadership for New Era”.

GUEST LECTURE ON FDI IN RETAIL BUSINESS. On 3rd August organized a guest lecture on the topic


Fernandes attended the workshop. This was a two

‘FDI in Retail Business’ for all the students in Pune

On 1st December the scholastics of de noblie organize Bal Mela every year. This year was the 25th Silver

unit. Mr. Neeraj Jain, who is one of the best known

jubilee. This was a fun fair for the under privileged

alternate economists in the country and also the

children. There were nearly about 2500 children. There

Founder of the Lokayat was the resource person of

were games, cultural programs conducted. Science

the evening. He highlighted the benefits and the

Exhibitions were put up by students from different

drawbacks of FDI.


LEADERSHIP SEMINAR AT JDV College On 12 August organized a leadership seminar for the

NATIONAL ADVISOR’S & NFT VISIT On 19th January National Advisor Fr. Selvin Raj &

members with the support of the brothers from De

National Full timer Ms. Philomena Gomes visited our

Nobili College. About 70 students actively participated


in the seminar. STREET PLAY – MULGI ZALI HO had organized a street play for Pune students with

NATIONAL COUNCIL 24th National Council Meeting of was held at house,

the help of the Brothers of De Nobili College on 15

Chennai from 12-17 Aug. Franklin Fernandes, Renisha Mall, Delfi Chinnappan, and Ms. Leonora Mendis participated in the National Council. Mr. Franklin Fernandes was elected as the National Team Member as well as the National Convener and Renisha Mall was elected as the National Council Member. This was a historic moment for Maharashtra State since this is the first time that Maharashtra gets this post of the National Convener. NWC, NDC & IMCS National W omen Commission & National Dalit Commission Training programme (NWC & NDC)


camps were held at Ashram Bhopal on 17 & 18 Nov, September 2013 31

2012 to elect the new convener for both the commissions. The participants: Pearl D’souza, Siddhant Sarpate, Neha Pawar, Franklin Fernandes, Ms. Leonora Mendis participated in the camp. Students from various states like Bihar, Chhattisghar, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu etc also participated. During the meeting Pearl Dsouza and Siddhant Sarpate were elected as the NWC and NDC co convenors. International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) in collaboration with the organized study secession on migration in House Chennai from 22-26 Nov, 2012. There were 9 international participants and 40 national participants. The secessions were held for three days. Mr. Franklin Fernandes, Renisha Mall, Pearl D’souza, Vivek D’souza attended the

IMCS-IC council

(International Movement of Catholic Students). NATIONAL CAMPS PARTICIPANTS Gender Assertion, Banglore- Pearl Dsouza, Imran premji Politics of the state, Nalgonda- Siddhant Sarpate, Lester Martis Ecological Consciousness, Ahmednagar- Siddhant Sarpate, Vivek Dsouza, Imran Premji, Franklin fernandes, Conrad Lestegoun, Leonora Mendis Damn Displacement, Valsad- Siddhant Sarpate, Imran Premji, Franklin Fernandes, lester Martis


NATIONAL TEAM MEETING AND EX ERS CONVENTION CORE TEAM MEETING During the last academic year the NT of Maharashtra Franklin Fernandes attended all the national team meetings that was held in the house Chennai during which he also participated in the Core committee meeting for the ex AICUFers convention. Activities like Flame of Truth signature campaign for the Tibetan refugee, Post card campaign for the Dalit Christian and Muslim rights, Tamil Eelam, training camps, sem inar organizing etc were conducted and participated as well.


September 2013


A. Orientations

JESCOM (Jesuits in Communication and

1.State Exco – an orientation was held for

Media) of Madhya Pradesh Jesuit province

the newly elected State Exco members on 22nd July 2012.


2.Jesuit Candidates – an orientation was

A devotional Song CD named “Yeshus Mekha

organized for the Jesuit candidates of the province on 1st November 2012.

Lagdas”, in promotion of regional language &

3.Orientations were held for the university

Commission. The CD contains the Christian

students of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish on 14th September 2012. XIM (Xavier Institute

devotional songs sung in kurukh language.

of Management) – Jabalpur, and Jabalpur unit on 4th November 2012. XISA (Xavier Institute of Social Action) Raipur, Chhattisgarh on 9 th December 2012. Holy





“Visthapan” Vikas ya Vinash.

culture is produced by State Adivasi

G. Inauguration of M.P Office: On 21st April 2013, Rev. Fr. Boniface Panna S.J, provincial of Madhya Pradesh Jesuits inaugurated the Office. This year was marked the 25th year of in Bhopal.

Cross Nursing College – Ambikapur,

H. Collaborations: -

Chhattisgarha on 12 -13 March 2013.


B. Seminar

collaboration with Kurukh Literary Society

1.A seminar was organized on “Jashpur Bachao “at Ashram on 2 nd December

of India will be organizing a Convention from 23rd – 24 th October 2013 for the

2012 the seminar was open to all. Our

Students & 26th – 28th October 2013 for

resource person was Fr. Virendra Xalxo

Intellectuals. The main agenda of the

S.J. C. Exposure

Convention is to include Kurukh language in the 8 th Schedule & promotion of

1.Barela Mission–An Exposure programme

Kurukh language.

was organized for the AICUFers at Barela Mission from 28th February – 2nd March 2012.

I. Programmes



NT & SFT Training – 2 participants from the state

1.Women’s day–International Women’s Day was organized by the State Women Commission on 10th


Magis – 4 participants from the state




Participation in National Level

3. NDC & NWC – 8 participants from the

March 2013, at Bhopal.


E. Media

4. IMCS – 2 participants from the state

M.P produced an orientation material. The

J. Status of the State: -

material contains an introduction, state

Previously M.P. had 7 units (Bhopal, Indore,

history & constitution of . These materials are

Gwalior, Jhabua, Jabalpur, Hosangabad,

being given to the unit advisors.

Itarsi) this yearit’s left with only one

As per the planning done at the”Jashpur



Bachao Seminar. M.P in collaboration with the JESA (Jesuits in Social Action) & Rally


September 2013



Mr.Vimal was an interactive session, all the

STREET CHILDREN On 21 st of July the Chennai Loyola

participants being leaders, had a very

college unit members along with some

The new state Ex-Co members

seniors came together (12 Members) to

were elected: R.Ruban as elected

give an awareness program for the street

President, J. Sridhar was elected Vice –

children in Green fields hotel, Chennai. 55

President, P.Paramaiya was elected

children and 5 staff members participated

Secretary, L.Arokia Angeline was elected

in the program. The awareness program

Joint Secretary, N.Anusuya was elected

was given on the theme of ‘The importance

Treasurer, L.Ruban was elected National

of Education, Cleanness, and De-

Team Member, Angela Teresa Kalloli was


made National Council Member.



informative time.

The Tamil Nadu State conducted the





state council on the topic “Let us rise again


as movement to save the youth and the society” for 2012-2013, from July 27th to

Students from St.Xavier ’s college unit went for the One year

29th. 75 students participated from 21 units

anniversary of Kudankulam Nuclear Power

in the council .

Plant protest along with the state advisor

Mr. Xavier Arokiasamy spoke on the way today’s youth think and act and their

Fr. Igni SJ and the state full timer Mr.Sathish on 16th August. 2000 people gathered and


Rev.Fr. Selvin Raj (National

participated in the progrmme Dr.Udhya

Advisor) spoke on ’s history and growth.

kumaran and Mr. Pushparayan who were

Rev .Stephen spoke on ‘the youth of Tamil

the organizing that protest gave us full

Nadu and Media’. The historical context of

support for us.

media, its present place and post as today’s trend and tomorrow’s challenge was very

Fi rst s tat e-ex ec u ti v e c o mm it te e meeting on 18th August 2012 at state

elaborately discussed. Talk on ‘Women

secretariat, Trichy. The following decisions had been taken

Empowerment’ was by Ms. Patricia. She explained the

at the meeting;

concept of women


empowerment she also made it clear why






documents about their activities.

has its target groups. ‘Leadership skills’ by


September 2013


There should be separate noticed

who suffered due to discrimination

board maintained in the unit.


against dalits and women Rev.Fr.

Organizing meetings at the unit

Joseph Igni, the state advisor,

level at least twice in a month.


elaborated on the need to have such

Units can try to form a cultural

commissions and meetings. professor

team in order to develop the cultural and

G. John, the national animator, spoke on

folk skills of the students.

the topic of leadership.


Workshops on social issues,

Rev.Fr. Jeeva Raj gave ‘the

leadership, personality development,

place of dalits and women in leadership

Traditional folk arts and Media education

and politics’, Rev. Fr. Bernad.D. Samy

can be conducted to the members at the

spoke on ‘the leadership of dalits and

state as well as unit level.


Units could adopt a nearby village


women in politics’. He elaborated on the women’s reservation bill and and gave many points to be pondered upon.there was a debate on the topic ‘Is the

As per the decision taken by the

cause for Tamil Nadu being in its present

state EXCO members the world blood

dark period- the politicians or the

donation was celebrated at all the unit levels on 25th September.

society?’ We then had a session by


NWC(National Women’s Commission

October 2012

),who explained about the growth of the

Rev.Sr.Roselin, the coordinator of the

The unit advisors of 17 colleges,

movement and the birth and timeline of

the state executive committee, the

the NWC.

Advisor, the animator and the state full

We had Mr .Sathish , the state

timer took part in it.

full timer give a detailed report of the


Dharmapuri massacre and vandalism.A

Unit presidents of 15 colleges, the state

of State Women’s Coordinator and

re-election was conducted for the post

executive committee, the Advisor, the

Diana from Auxilium college, Vellore was

animator and the state full timer were participants.

elected for the post.



Members of state executive committee including the


NT and NC, the Advisor, the animator and the state full

MEETon 10TH & 11TH January 2013

timer were present. It was decided that the Tamil Nadu


would hold a state level youth leadership

The Tamil Nadu state

meet. STATE


Jesuit youth commission conducted a state D ALIT



level youth leadership convention on the

December 2012

and lead as leaders’ to emphasize on the

theme ‘O youth , let us hold our heads high

Unit women and dalit coordinators of 17 colleges, The state executive

leadership of the youth in today’s situation. It was held on the 12th and 13th January

committee , the Advisor, the animator and

2013 in the Jubilee Building, St. Joseph’s

the state full timer.

College, Trichy.

The meeting commenced with the erection of a pillar in honour of all those Rally


September 2013


could play a catalytic role in building The convention commenced


with the inauguration ceremony. The

The participants undertook a rally from

chief guests were Rev. Fr. John Britto,

Holy Cross College, which was flagged

Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier, Rev. Fr. Arul Oli

off by the Principal, till the sathram bus

and the guest of honour Dr. Christhudas

stand. Finally all gathered for the closing

Gandhi –IAS. The welcome address was

ceremony, which was presided by Rev.

given by Rev. Fr. Joseph Ignaci, the state

Fr. John Britto S.J, Principal, St. Joseph’s

Adviser, who said that youth leadership

College Trichy, Mr. Srinivasan ,Asst.

is vital for the emancipation of society.

Commissioner of Police, Dr. Nandalala,

Mr. Christhudas Gandhi –IAS, elaborated

Mrs. Christy Subhadra, director of Kriya

on the uniqueness of youth and how the youth could become perfect and dynamic leaders.

Children Educational Trust, who spoke encouraging the youth and addressed the issues plaguing

We had a panel discussion on the topic “Tamil Nadu’s

society. Also on the dais were Rev. Fr. Joseph Igni, the

present situation- an analysis”, it was headed by Dr. Antony

state Adviser, Prof. Vimal Gerald, the state Animator, Mr.

Cruz. Mr. Paul Newman, gave the history of Sri Lanka

Sathish, the state Full Timer, The Members of the State

and the real issue, Mrs. BalaBharathi, an MLA, who spoke

Executive Council and the Local Organising Committee.

on the corruption prevailing in politics and on the quality

Cultural programs were put up by the AICUFers which

of education in the state and Mrs. Radha who expressed

featured the traditional dance forms: Oyilattam,

the violation of women’s rights in media. The audience

Kaliyalattam and Paraiattam. A mime on the havoc

then interacted with the panelists. We had the release of

wrecked by mobile phones and a street play on women

the book ‘Social Exclusion’ written by Mr. Kannupillai, which

issues were staged. The vote of thanks was delivered by

had been translated into Tamil by Dr.Antony Cruz.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Ignaci, the state Adviser.

Day -2 A special mass was celebrated, being pongal- the regional harvest festival, by Rev. Fr. Lazar, the Vice.


Principal, St. Joseph’s College, Trichy. An interactive discussion was held on the theme” The Contribution and

45 students from various units took part. The workshop

Participation of Youth in Today’s Situation”, which was

on media education was conducted by Dr. Salo who works

directed by Rev. Fr. Henry Jerome. The key speakers were

as a Media analyser in ‘Ideas’ Madurai and is an Ex full

Bro. Williams on corruption, Ms. Santhiya on the lack of

timer. SUMMER CAMP 2012- 2013 from May 29th to June 6th 2013 at State secretariat and

electricity prevailing in the state, Mr. Manikandan on the Sri Lankan issue, Mr. Robinson on the Violation of Human Rights and Mr.


Kanakaraj spoke about the issues of the

participated from 11 colleges.





The state executive committee

- The state advisor, Rev. Fr. Joseph Igni

presented social awareness programs,

, Mr. Fernandus Durai and Ms.Angela

gave the value of leadership and a power

Teresa Kalloli, were part of the Indian

point presentation on the same and

delegation to MAGIS 2013 in Brazil and

taught social awareness songs. We had

took part in the world youth day

a session by Dr. U. Sahayam IAS, an

celebrations. It was an invigorating

anti-corruption activist, who gave a very

experience and a life changing

motivational speech on how the youth




September 2013


On 19th February,2012, AICUF DAY was organised within


Guest of Honour- Fr. Virendra Xalxo (National AYCM

the premises of St. Xavier’s College(Autonomous), Kolkata. The magazine ‘yuvapragiti’ was also launched. The Panel


Co- Ordinator) Moderator for Debate- Mr. Joy Prafull Lakra (Ex AYCM

Discussion saw the presence of eminent personalities such as Fr. Rodney Borneo, Ms. Bridget Jones, Sr. Shainy


West Bengal Convenor) AYCM National Convener- Chandan Kujur as well as 2 other members from AYCM Madhya Pradesh attended the programme.

Joseph. On 1st April, 2012 the state council was held. It was presided over by the then Secretary Ms. Philomena Gomes and SWC Convenor Joanne D’Souza. Out- going State

There was an inter parish cultural dance competition in which 8 parishes from all over Kolkata participated. The

Team Members were asked to share their experiences and the difference that had made

cultural dance competition was followed by Bihu Dance by the members of AYCM WB. Prize was

in their lives. The newly elected State Team members were asked to share their

distributed to the winners of debate and cultural dance competition.

expectations from. Then in the presence of Fr. Dominic Savio, State Co-Advisor, the State

In October, West Bengal organized State Puja Camp. The State Puja Camp was held in

elections were held. Ms. Philomena, former State Full Timer of

Pandua, Hoogly district, West Bengal from the 20th to the 26th of October, 2012. We had 39

West Bengal was elected as the National Full Timer in August. After her, Stacey Xavier was

campers including 11 from the Sonada unit, 6 from the Loreto College Unit and 22 from the

appointed by Fr. John Felix Raj as the new Full Timer. On 31st July, 2012 West Bengal AICUFers took the initiative to

ST. Xavier’s College unit. The State Puja Camp 2012 was an exposure camp. The

organize the FEAST OF ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA at St .Xavier’s College Chapel. INDIGENOUS DAY was celebrated on 27 th August,

campers were divided into four groups, each groups was taken to santhal village that was being looked after and

2012 at St. Xavier’s College. AYCM West Bengal along with Hindi & Santali unit of West Bengal organised an exhibition and was inaugurated by the State Co- Advisor of West Bengal Rev. Fr. Dominic Savio SJ and the Dean of B.Com Morning Department Prof.

aided by Udayani. The SWC Camp was held in Kamarchowki from 19-24 October. AYCM State Puja Camp, was held in Pintu School, Siliguri. From 19th – 25 th October, 2012. The theme for the camp was “Hum AdivasiyokeJazzbatAurSapne”. 62

Swapan Banerjee. ADIVASI DIWAS, was celebrated on 7 th October, 2012,

campers attended the camp. The camp was inaugurated by Ms. Anupa moderator

at St. Xavier ’s Primary School. AYCM West Bengal organized Adivasi Diwas 2012 with the theme “Hum

of St. Peter’s School and Bro. Neeraj Toppo in charge of Pintu School. On 18 th November, 2012 Bengali Unit organized Children’s Day. On 3 rd December West Bengal AICUFers took the

AdivasiyokeJazzbatAurSapne”. More than 900 people from all over West Bengal attended the event. There was active participation of 9 parishes from West Bengal in the Cultural Dance and Debate. The invitees for the event were: V

initiative to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis Xavier.

Chief Guest- Mr. Thadeus Lakra (State President of Adivasi Mahasabha, West Bengal & retired RBI

Assistance Manager) Rally


September 2013


“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you

The main topics for the group

unless your back is bent.” Any change, even a change for the better, is

discussion were ‘ the 5th and 6th

always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.

schedule of Indian constitution says’


and ‘tribals and panchayati raj’. 25

Summer camp – Damn Displacement! Constructing a dam in

students participated.

a populated area causes more troubles to the people than advantages.


So to know more about the effects of displacements a summer camp

discussion on ‘inter-cast marriages’


was organized on the theme “damn displacement” from 1 June to 5


10 February 2013 – group

at Ashadeep human development

June 2013 at Borpada, (Valsad), Gujarat. There were 40 people

center. 35 students participated.

participants from three states i.e. Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

6. 4th August 2013 – celebrated

Release of an audio CD. An audio C.D. was released by the national

International Adivasi divas at

AYCM named “yeshumekhalagdas” it contains 9 songs which is in regional

university auditorium. The program

and tribal languages, recorded at satyabharti studio, Ranchi.

became grand as 550 students and

B. Reports from State Secratariats

50 other + govt. officials joined the


celebration. It was the joint efforts

1. 19th august 2012 – celebrated world indigenous day at M P Patel


auditorium hall. A One day program in which 300 students & govt. officers


participated. Program focused on celebrating adivasi culture and

West Bengal

awareness forest rights act.

1. 31st July 2012- celebrated the

2. 9th September 2012 – seminar on “adivasi asmita” at Ashadeep human


development center.

at St. Xavier’s college, Calcutta..

One day seminar, talks and discussion upon panchayat system in tribal

2. 27th August 2012 – celebrated

areas and adivasi culture. 30 students participated for the program.

indigenous day at St. Xavier ’s

3. 18thNovember 2012 – group discussion on ‘what is reservation’ at

college, Calcutta.

Ashadeep human development center.

3. 7th October 2012 - ADIVASI




DIWAS with the theme of “hum Rally


September 2013

adivasiyokejazzbataursapne” at St.Xavier’s primary school.

3. AYCM national meetings

4. 19 -15 August October 2012 - puja camp with recalling the theme of


ADIVASI DIWAS “hum adivasiyokejazzbataursapne” atpintu school,

National AYCM election 2013 –


2014 was held in ashram, Bhopal

5. 3rd march 2013 – DAY at St. Xavier’s college, Calcutta. The members

(M.P.) on 27 & 28th July 2013. The

of AYCM West Bengal actively participated in the successful organization

election was to form a national

of Day 2013.

AYCM core committee for the

6. 17th march 2013 – AYCM elections at St. Xavier’s college, Calcutta.

coming year. Four tribal states

Following were elected as AYCM office bearers for the year 2013- 14.

participated in the election i.e.



Anshula Medha Murmu

Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and

Co- Convenor


Atman Tete

Madhya Pradesh. The result of the




election are:

Joint Secretary



AYCM National Convener





Ms.VasantaVasava (Gujarat)

MADHYA PRADESH 5th August 2012 Bhopal(M.P.) celebrated world indigenous day at ashram,

AYCM National Co-Convener -

Bhopal. About 140 students and parents participated for the program.

Mr. Innocent Ekka (Bihar)

C. PROGRAMS ATTENDED OUTSIDE + NATIONAL AYCM MEETINGS 1. Fr. Virendraxalxo, Chandankujur attended the “world indigenous day”

AYCM National Secretary


Ms. AnjanaBakhla (Bihar)

on 5th August at ashram, Bhopal (M.P.) 2. Fr. Virendraxalxo, Chandankujur attended the “ADIVASI DIWAS” on 7th October at St. Xavier’s primary school, Calcutta.



September 2013


Every year the commission conducts two programmes. I) Leadership Training Programme II) Dalit Commission Summer Camp. This year the Leadership Training Programme was held in Bhobal on 17 and 18 November 2012 and the Summer camp was held in Nalgonda on the topic “Politics of State Division and its Impact on the marginalized people” on 22 May to 25 May 2013. 1. NATIONAL NDC AND NWC LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME Venue: Ashram Bhopal Date: 17th& 18thNovember 2012 17th November 2012 was the first day of our training programme that began with mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Robert Tigga SJ who is the treasurer of Campion school. Dynamic was delivered by Sr. Roseline the national coordinator of NWC. She talked about the agenda of this raining programme. Fr. Selvin, Prof.Vimal and Dr.G.John offered Felicitations. Fr. Alexander Jesudass the youth coordinator of Bhopal who delivered the key note address. He emphasized on tapping the inner power. The next session by Dr. ManjuToppo and was welcomed and introduced By Mr. Nischal. She presented her enriching word on tapping the physical power. Third session of the day by Rev. Sr. Savari, the provincial superior of the congregation of OSM. She delivered her session on tapping the spiritual power. In the evening Fr. Selvin enriched the gathering on the topic “tapping the political power.” Last session of the day which was breaking the emotional block within every one of us by Sr. Roseline. She used anger therapy to break the emotional blocks within the students. The 2nd day of the NWC, NDC leadership camp began with a relaxing yoga & meditation session conducted by Sr. Roseline & Br. Vincent. Siddhant and Ranjita read the report of the previous day. Madhuri translated it into hindi. Dr.G.John conducted the session on tapping your intellectual power. He told us how to use the intellectual power in the movement. He spoke mainly of two kinds of leadership – personal & societal leadership. The seven most important things for personal leadership are “know thy self, know your objective /aim, time management, integrating, ability to follow instructions, reading & listening & emotional intelligence”. He said that societal leadership comes only when there is personal leadership .The two important rules for societal leadership are public service before self & co-operative leadership i.e. leading the group from within & in unity with the group. All this was translated into Hindi by Fr. Virandra. Rally


September 2013

Fr. Sabu Davis & Prof. Vimal highlighted on the NDC. Fr. Sabu began with an energising action song & gave a brief history of castes in India & urged us to become contributors of change. Prof. Vimal gave us a history of the NDC. He told about the yearly camps i.e. the leadership camp & summer camp. He spoke about the Dalit identity & reality, how they are called untouchables & ‘Panchama’ i.e. Outcastes. He also lined the three fold oppression of race, religion & caste. We then discussed the social, cultural, political, labour & reservation issues with respect to Dalit’s. Fr. Selvin briefed us how is an evolving movement like Transgender, children’s rights, etc. He told us the relevance of today’s unjust world. He explained why ‘reservation’ only on merit is not going to bring equality in a society which is full of disparities and differences. Post- lunch we went in for commission wise meeting i.e. NWC and NDC. Elections were then held for the post of convenor and co-conveno. Sridhar (TN) and Siddhant (Maharashtra) were elected convenor and co-convenor respectively. We had the valedictory mass where Fr. Virendra was the main celebrant and Fr. Selvin and Fr. Sabu as the cocelebrants. Fr. Selvin began with a note on the diverse roles played by a woman. The melodious fusion of songs from various languages made the celebration more vibrant. For the sermon Fr. Selvin asked us to make a dramatic display of hell and heaven on earth. We were divided into groups for this purpose. Fr. Selvin then elaborated on this topic for his sermon. Before Holy Communion we had the oath taking ceremony in which the newly elected representatives took their oaths. Pearl (Maharashtra) gave the vote of thanks at the end of the Mass. We all sang “we shall overcome” in one voice and spirit after the Mass. Mr. Atul, the M.P president spoke a few words on behalf of the hosts and felicitated Fr. Selvin, Fr. Sabu, Dr.G.John, Sr. Roseline, Franklin and the newly elected representatives. 2.

Dalit Commision Summer Camp on Politics of State Division and its Impact on the Marginalized People

Venue: Don Bosco Academy, Nalgonda-22nd May to 25th May 2013 National Dalit annual camp was held at Don Bosco Academy, Nalgonda. It was on the theme “Politics of the State division and its impact on Marginalized People”. Challenges for the Commission The Commission has no proper structure (Membership) The Commission is limited to conduct meetings except to Leadership Programme and the summer Camp There are no proper decision making and execution by commission as we do not have proper membership The Commission is weak in few states. Few states do not represent the national Dalit Commission. The Leadership programme is attended by general AICUFers but not by the elected members or representatives of the state.



September 2013


“We are not things to be owned. We are human beings. This we’ll proclaim everywhere”. The inner voice of every woman AICUFer. Challenges in front of AICUIF NWC Violence against Women: culturally justified violence, discriminatory & domestic Violence, Violence against female children, sexual violence Declining sex ratio, trafficking, child marriage, HIV /AIDS, dowry, enslaving myths against women, Patriarchy and violence, globalization and violence, Poverty, Lack of Food Security, Water, safety, Sanitation, Health, ignorance, Gender Stereotypes, Search for Human Dignity, effects of global Warming, environment degradation, Participating in local body elections, fight for 33% reservation bill etc. NWC LEADERSHIP TRAINING CAMP 2012 •Theme : Tapping the inner power towards on Alternative Society •Venue : Ashram, Bhopal. •Date :

17.11.2012 & 18.11.2012

NWC Leaders for 2012- 13 Kanimozhi Tamil Nadu (Convener), Pearl- Maharashtra (Co- convener) NWC SUMMER CAMP 2013 •Theme : Gender Assertion •Venue : ISI Bangaloe •Date : 18. 5 .2013 – 20.5.13 Meetings attended by NWC members Full timer Ms. Philomena & Sr. Roseline attended the Gender Justice seminar at ECS Bangalore from 8th to 11th October 2012. Many of the women students participated in IMCS meet conducted at house Chennai In 2012 November. Some suggestions for the bright future of NWC Committed new women advisors should emerge in the National, State, Regional and unit level SWC is the foundation of NWC. If there is no SWC, there is no NWC. There should be a strong net work between NWC & SWC. State advisor has to work with feminine spirit and feminine heart for the growth of women students and SWC. NWC Commission leaders can be elected during the council time and they can join the NT meeting right from the beginning. Leadership camp can be organized for giving leadership training, to understand the commission, plan for summer camp, to discuss their role in NWC remember gratefully all the National advisors, State advisors, full timers and all AICUFers for their encouragement and co- operation. Rally


September 2013

The new national team had its start during the 24th national council in the year 2012. During the year the team had seven meetings including the 25th National Council itself. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Dates of NT Meeting 13th – 16th Aug. 2012


No.of Members

Programme Organised

House, Chennai


29th Sept. – 1st Oct. 2012 22nd – 25th Nov. 2012

House, Chennai


NT\SFT training

House, Chennai


IMCS study session

12th – 15th Jan. 2013 23rd – 25th March, 2013

House, Chennai


Jheasa Seminar

House, Chennai


26th – 29th June, 2013 21st – 25th Aug. 2013

House, Chennai


House, Chennai


25th National Council

Details of the meeting in brief: 1st NATIONAL TEAM MEETING 1st National team meeting was held during the 24th National Council at house, Chennai with 10 members being a part of it. 2ND NATIONAL TEAM MEETING (along with NT/SFT training programme) Agenda:  Rally theme 

NWC/NDC workshop

 Website updating

 Date of next NT meeting

 IMCS Study session and Council

 Sharing of states  25th Council

 DC & funds  Travel allowance

 Role clarification to NTs  Charts maintenance and new topics rd 3 National Team meeting (along with IMCS study session) On the days of the IMCS study session on migration the national team decided to have its meeting every day after dinner. The agenda for the meeting was as follows: ‡

Rally theme for the month February


Students registration in the movement


Fund raising and finance


JHEASA programme


Directory and monthly subscription


Communication among us


Summer programmes


Next meeting


Any other



September 2013

4TH NATIONAL TEAM MEETING (along with JHEASA seminar) Agenda 9

Website information updating: where, how, when??


Ex AICUFers convention in the year 2014


Rally theme : March & April


Social analysis workshop for SFTs at ISI Bangalore from 22nd April – 5th May, 2013


Journalism programme


Summer programme venues


Summer programme for animators at ISI Bangalore

9 Next NT meeting (EASTER HOLIDAY) TH 5 NATIONAL TEAM MEETING Agenda : Summer programme Objectives of each camp/ venue & in charges/ T.A & clarifications/ requirement of translators during camps Æ Rally themes for May/June/July/August

Æ Fund raising and finance for souvenir rally for council

Æ Next national team meeting in June end


Directory / SPD / Registered members numbers

Æ Core team report and information 6th NATIONAL TEAM MEETING


Any other matter

The agenda for the meeting were as follows: „ Preparation towards the next council „

Rally sub theme for July and new theme if required

„ „

Special issue to be brought out during the council How to celebrate 25th council


Essay competition proceedings so far


State revivals

„ Annual State reports and milestones in 25yrs in the states „ Revisiting summer programme Four National Summer Camps Summer camp 1:NWC Theme: Gender Assertion Venue: ISI Bangalore, Bangalore Summer camp 2: NDC Theme: Politics of state division and its impact on Marginalized people · Venue: Nalgonda, Secundrabad Summer camp 3: General Theme: Ecological consciousness towards environmental sustainability Venue: Ahednagar, Daund (Pune) Summer camp 4: AYCM Venue: Valsad (Paraspada) Gujarat Theme:Damn! Displacement 5. 25th National Council



September 2013

My interaction with the National started with the National Convention in the year 2010 during which I was a part of the incoming National team. Like most of the AICUFers who enter National and without even knowing the duties or relation which revolves around I too entered. Luckily I was not the only member who was not so aware, but my Convenor too was with me. We were told to organize the National Mid Council as a part of our first activity. Slowly my involvement started and so did my development. Next year I again attended the council as the SFT and outing NT. The year was a magical one I would say because of my one year as NT I learned a lot and could contribute too. Until I came to the council last year I was not aware of the fact that I will be the NFT the same year which I thought would be my last year. This is the 4th Council that I will attend as a student member and probably it’s my last one too. Thus I would like to share my work for the year in brief along with some observations and reflections about the movement. This whole year has been a bundle of experience and self-awareness for me. I did realize that learning will never come to an end so will the thirst for knowledge. Advisors and Animators programme (ISI, Bangalore) 24 Advisors and Animators of states were a part of the meeting. This programme is conducted to train the support team of states and equip them with the knowledge of ideology. †

History and constitution


Role clarification


Who are refugees


Leadership & goals


Thrust areas



NT/SFT training programme ( House, Chennai) Organized along with NT members 11 NT Members and 3 Full Timers were a part of this programme. It is conducted every year with the intention to train the NT members and making them fully aware of the movement and its surroundings. The theme was “Being Search” }

History and constitution


Role clarification


Who are refugees


Leadership & goals


Thrust areas



NDC/NWC leadership camp ( Ashram, Bhopal) 40 members were present from 5 states. Agenda of the meeting and workshop: ¾

Reminiscence of NDC & NWC history


Sharing of experience for women’s commission and Dalit commission in the states


Sharing of experience for women’s commission and Dalit commission in the states


Planning for women’s commission and dalit commission in the states


Election of convenors for NDC & NWC


Proposals for NWC & NDC related national level programmes


IMCS study session ( House, Chennai)


Organized along with NT members “Border and Boundaries: Students, Impacts and Reality” was the theme for the international

study session. 50 students were a part of the programme. The motive of the study session was to analyse and learn about the problems related to migration and the side effects. Members from IMCS were also a part of this study session. 

National and International migration

Issues related to migration

Domestic migration

Vulnerability of migration

Labour migration

Media and migration



September 2013

JHEASA seminar ( House, Chennai) Organized along with NT members 40 students from different states were a part of the seminar. The theme was “Integrity towards prosperity”. This programme is conducted to make the students of all Jesuit institution come together and be aware of various forms of communication. ˆ

Inter & intrapersonal Communication


Social communication


Communication with oneself and peers


Communication with nature


Friendship and love

??National Summer camps (detailed report is given in the Rally June 2013 issue) – 25th National Council ( House, Chennai) Organized along with NT members Is held from 21st – 25th August, 2013 with the theme: New challenges to : Re-Visit the past Re-Build the future –

National Team meetings

7 National team meetings including the 25th Council meet were conducted in Chennai –

Ex AICUFers Convention Core team meeting (March and April)

Last 5 years NFT and Convenor of last year were called for a meeting to think for the convention –

Rally editorial board meeting

Regular editorial board meetings were conducted and mails were sent after that to generate articles for Rally –

House Meetings

3 meetings were conducted so far

FIRST AICUF UNIT FORMED IN RAJASTHAN The First Rajasthan Unit of AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation) has been formed in St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur on 25th August, 2013. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Davis Lazurus to begin AICUF in Rajasthan. During his visit earlier this year, Fr. Selvin introduced to us about AICUF and its activities at the National level. We conducted an event under the theme “Frozen Thoughts” in which students came together in various groups and presented their presentations on various social issues taking place throughout the country. The first orientation Of AICUF was given on 25 th August, 2013 at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur in which a brief introduction to AICUF was presented by Shilpa Susann George and Pratigya Bhambhwani. Our Unit Animators Mr. Davis Lazarus and Mr. Stephen Heldt also guided us by sharing their knowledge about AICUF. Mr. Stephen Heldt, who himself was an AICUF member in St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, shared his experiences with us about the things he had done. Then the elections were conducted for the various office bearers and the following students were elected: President – Shilpa Susann George Vice President – Jerin John Mathew Secretary – Sushmita Aind Treasurer – Sheldon Dessa All other members were divided into four committees as per their choice that is: 1. Presentation, Guest Lectures and College Level Activities Committee 2. Sponsorship and Fund Raising Committee 3. RALLY Committee 4. Excursion and Outbound Activities Committee Finally, the AICUF Unit in Jaipur has been formed. Shilpa Susann George Rally


September 2013

NFT and National Advisor’s and Animator’s Visits: S.N.




ECC , Whitefield, Karnataka

National seminar on Gender issue


Manipur: DBC Maram (Nat. Adv & Nat Ani)

3 days unit orientation


West Bengal: Puja Camp & day

As a part of the organizing team for camp inaugural address for day on “Renewing mindsets & transforming lives”


Bihar: Patna,Danapur & Maner Parivartan camp

Unit visit


MP : Bhopal & Jabalpur (along with Br. Vincent)

Orientation to the brother about State members meet Bhopal unit visit: Cancelled by students Jabalpur unit meeting XIDAS unit orientation


Chhattisgarh: Kunkuri, Jaspur and Holy Cross Hostel (along with Br. Vincent)

Unit orientation in Loyola Students meet in Class Holy Cross girls orientation


IMCS International Council Participant

On behalf of and Asia Pacific- IMCS attended the council as a non-voting member.


Karnataka: Mangalore

State meet and session on by Nat. Adv. and Rally by NFT


Maharashtra: Pune & Mumbai

Unit orientation in Pune and Mumbai


Gujarat: Anand& Ahmedabad

Unit meeting in Anand Reviving process for Ahmedabad


North Bengal:Darjeeling, Sonada, Siliguri&Raigung (along with Br. Vincent and National Advisor)

First ever unit visit made to north Bengal along with orientation in each unit


ISI, Bangalore

Jesuit Secretaries meet for a session on along with National Advisor.


Bangalore: (along with Br. Vincent)

Pilot study for NWC camp on Gender Assertion


Nalgonda (Br. Vincent only)

Pilot study for NDC camp on Politics of state division and its impact on marginalised people


Rajasthan: Jaipur unit

Unit orientation to a newly started unit at St. Xaviers

My observations about different states and areas of : a)

The rich history that has and the Ideology which we follow is something to be cherished


Every state is unique with their issues and strategies to work with the students


Activities like Post Card Campaign for Dalit rights, Flame of truth campaign, black day etc were positively responded to by all the states and according to my calculations we have sent 2000 post cards in about 3 months. Kudos to all the states who made it successful


Some states have always willingly provided information as and when required


NTs have got a great exposure this year as they have been given the opportunity to organize various programmes and were also a part of the exposure trips. They overcame all barriers like language, distance, money, educational institutions, demotivation and mind frames to make the year a successful one for all of us. The change I could notice was beyond my thoughts.


All the member states have helped to improve the Rally subscription list as well as helped us to update the address list too.



September 2013


The quality and quantity of articles we received this year did not make us feel that we need to worry for Rally. The themes were thought after a lot of debate and reasoning


Students have been an active support system individually for making all attempts successful.


I have learned to stand up and answer for what is right and wrong. I deeply regret for all the mistakes that I left unnoticed.


Personally the amount of experience and knowledge I have gained will never be washed away from me.


There is no parallel movement or body called as Nationals but it is only the states and their initiative that makes the National strong. Every NT is a pillar and the structure that unifies them is the National Centre.


is a movement and not an organization. People from time to time did try to make it look like an organization for whatever intentions have failed in their attempts.


Our commissions need to be thought for again. We are just restricted to 2 meetings in a year. In that case may I question how are we catering to the needs of having such commission? Clashes, misunderstanding between students and coordinators leading to wrong choice should be avoided and fair chance should be given to all members regardless of any differentiation.


Why have we become so terrified to boldly stand and protest for some cause? Some areas dint even respond when an opportunity was created to react.


It would be nice if people who have exposure for at least a year should only be given a chance to be a part of the Nationals. As by the time people understand the movement half the year is almost over.


Some states are really facing serious issues between the advisor and student exco. Such issues should be taken care of immediately as and when it is noticed else like students of MP all states will get ready to revolt.


It does not take more than two years to shut down or kill a well-functioning movement in a state


Politics and ganging up is unavoidable at all circumstances and bodies. At the end I would like to thank each and every member in the house who have helped me build my

confidence and also made all my efforts successful. Truly “we are born into an unjust society� and abiding by it is the options AICUFers have taken for they are determined not to leave it as they have found it.



September 2013

The National Secretariate, consists of FOUR different units: 1. Office Unit: Fr. Selvinraj SJ, Fr. Wenisch SJ, Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Mary, Mr. Susaimanickam, Mr. Samson, Ms. Lalitha were part of the Office Unit. This Unit were responsible for the local and global communications, finance and accounting. 2. Training Unit: Fr. Selvinraj SJ, Dr.G.John, Ms. Philomena Gomes (National Full-timer), Bro. Vincent were part of the training unit last year. The unit was responsible for helping to organize the specialized national and international programmes and to sum up the history and the key programmes, experiences and the events of the movement. 3. Documentation Unit: Mr. Edison under the guidance of Fr.Selvin formed the Documentation Unit, which sustains and promotes the ideology of by disseminating documents and relevant educational materials, which build up documentation of , its history and evolution of ideology and socio-political day to day events. 4. Publication Unit: Mr. Nazares, Mr. Edison, Mr. Baskar with a team of students, were responsible for the publication of ‘Rally’, ‘the Student News’ and educational and training materials prepared by the documentation and educationtraining units. The day-to-day activities of these Units were guided and directed by the National Adviser, Fr. Selvinraj and the House Director Fr. Wenisch House Meetings: 1. In order to revitalize our commitment and deepen our team spirit to serve the movement effectively and efficiently, we held regular House Meetings. House is primarily at the service of students, Refugees and other marginalized students, youth movements and various NGOs. 2. The Sharing of the experiences of the Full Timers and Adviser, after their visits to the International, National, State and Local Centers during our meetings provided us, with the current information about their achievements and struggles for the progress of . 3. We feel the need of Systematic Approach to professionalize our work and functions, and so we meet regularly and discuss about Inter-department, inter unit collaborations. 4. Prior to each International and National Level gathering, we hold series of preparatory meetings for the better running of the programme, and evaluate afterwards. 5. Madurai Provincial Visited National Secretariate and had meeting with the staff. Solidarity and Networking: • The different movements/organizations, who share similar views and ideas about the society, conduct their programmes here in the House. • Students from France, who come to India for exposure Programmes stay here and conduct their deliberations. • The House provides accommodation facilities for various student bodies, in the absence of our programmes. Final Note:  We gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution of Fr. Selvinraj SJ and Fr. Wenisch SJ.  We thank Mr. Susaimanickam, who retired from his work after 33 years of his service to We congratulate him for his tireless service and wish him God’s Grace.  We appreciate the dynamic service of Ms. Philomena Gomes the outgoing National Full Timer and Br. Vincent. They resided here at House for the past one year. The Director and the Secretariate Team Rally


September 2013

Editor in Chief:

Fr. Henry Jerome, S.J. The National Adviser

Managing Editor: Mr. Baskar

Mr. Nazares Layout Artist

Student Editorial Board: M. V. Vasant


Jezvin G

Leo Joseph

Angela Teresa


Sharon Anu Mathai Roseena Xavier

Department of ‘Rally’ thanks Philomena Gomes, Bro. Vincent, Edison, Manickam, Mary and Sylvia for their efficient assistance for the better publication of ‘the Rally’. Regular Features of ‘Rally’ ~

Publication Department writes, repackages, and collects articles from reports.


‘Rally’ is posted either on 17th or 18th of every month.


The articles are collected from Students, Educators, Research Assistants, etc.


The reports received from the National Adviser, State Advisers, Full-timers, National


Team members and also from the States, Regions and Units are published.


The EB meeting is conducted every month in the 2nd or 3rd week.


Publishing books on the theme of is undertaken.

The theme that were brought out in 2012 – 2013 September 2012 24th National Council Reports October 2012


November 2012 FDI (Fooling Directly Indians) December 2012 :

Religious Harmony – Harm Many

January 2013

India Forced Under Development

February 2013

Panchayati Raj

March 2013


April – May 2013 The Church We Want June 2013

Summer Camp Reports

July 2013


August 2013 Equipment :

New Challenges to , Re-visit the Past, Re-build the Future The Publication Department has a computer, a laser printer, and a scanner. These enable us to do all

the publication work here itself. Only the final printing of the magazine is done at SIGA (a Salesian Press). Copies :

Copies Printed 2012-2013 : 2000

We look forward to: ”

All the states to contribute articles regularly


Do make it a point to insists the NT members and AICUFers to read ‘Rally’ and give feedbacks.


We are thankful to some of the students who are prompt and keep alive the Rally with their constant writing.


Poems, cartoons, letter to the editors, and critical comments are expected from allthe states.

No of Subscribers for RALLY: z

222 have subscribed for life z

11 have subscribed for five years. z

42 have subscribed for two years z

368 have subscribed for a year

Do encourage members to subscribe and keep Rally to march ahead Rally


September 2013

History National Documentation Centre was started in the year 1972 by Fr. Paul de la Guueriviere at the National Secretariat, Chennai with a view to documenting the communication and other processes relating to events. It slowly began to document socially relevant articles and other print media resources to provide an ambience for the students to engage in research and widen their understanding of the society. News about students and youth, lead articles on the thrust area for or critical are carefully chosen, clalsssified and filed. Since 1989, as a step of improvement, Journals, Magazines and Newsletters which stay on line with our thinking and alternative in nature that is differ from the mainstream ones are preserved in bound volumes. The Documentation Reprint Service (DRS) was launched from Documentation Centre in 1990 to extend support to our movement activists and thinkers to update the resources of current issue based information. Objectives The Prime objective of the Documentation Centre is to build a comprehensive collection of Documents and thus providing resources for supporting the movemental growth especially the thrust areas such as Women, Tribals, Dalits, Refugees, Youth and Students, Human Rights and current issues. Need and Purpose of DC | To build an effective collection of documents on the thrust areas of Movement | To maximize the use of the available resources | To increase the number of users into an alternative thinking and pro people perspective | To document the relevant files of and IMCS. Services ° Documentation Service ° Documentation Reprint Service (DRS) ° Reference Service ° Display Service ° Circulation Service of Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and Charts for the Solidarity groups only Technical Level Activities for the year 2012 – 2013 This activities include accession of various documents, books, ordering and subscription of Journals, Reports and Newspapers, process of classifying, cataloguing, bookbinding and documentation, maintenance, preservation, and etc. The DC team does the work of Documenting News Paper clippings and thus updates the Facts on Files. This serviice includes marking of important news, cutting, pasting, and classifying them into systematic order, indexing and filing in Facts on Files. 1. Newspapers We are receiving the following 6 News Papers from the different regions of our nationin inorder to provide a variety of news to the users of DC.  Deccan Herald (Bangalore)  The New Indian Express (Chennai)  The Hindu (Chennai)  Deccan Chronicle (Chennai)  The Statesman (Kolkata)  The Times of India (Mumbai) 2. Archives The DC has preserved all the publication of . The Rally from 1924 to the present day is in our DC. We have preserved some of our Rally issues from 1924 to 1960 in laminated as well in CD format and are planning to continue do the rest of the issues also. Files of all National Level programmes are preserved in our DC for further use of future programmes and activitises and reference of the users. 3. IMCS Documents We have the collection of International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) periodicals and publications in our DC. 4. Student News The publication of the Student News Magazine by the DC becomes a Supplement to “the Rally” since March 2001. The underlying philosophy of the Student News is to carry the pedagogy employed and the pedagogy to be derived to the Rally


September 2013

Student Community. Four issues of the Student News have been brought out comprising different themes for present the year 2012 – 203. Information taken from various JOURNALS, NEWS PAPERS, PERIODICALS and NEWSLETTERS are collected and collated and brought out through the pages of Student News. The pages, especially the centre spreads are used by students to initiate discussion among themselves, Non-Government Organisations to facilitate their training programmes on social issues. 5. Facts on Files The Facts on Files are a preservation of Pieces of Information on various social issues which have collected from internet. It is updated and the number of files has been increased to more than 850 in this current year of 2012 – 2013. 6. Photo Documentation DC archives the Photos of all the National Programmes and Summer Camps since 1989. The Photos of the National Programmes since 2012 – 2013 is also in cd format. 7. Audio and Video Documentation DC has an Audio and Video collection of Cassettes as well as CD and DVD of important programmes as well as on social issues. 8. Periodicals (List of Journals- See Annexure) The DC has a collection of various journals, magazines and newsletters which are received on Subscription basis/ Exchange basis/ Complementary/ Irregular basis. We keep the series of alternative journals in bound volumes. 9. Posters and Charts The DC has a vast collection of posters and charts prepared by the students on History, on Thrust areas Women, Tribals, Dalits, Refugees, Youth and Students, Human Rights and current issues. These posters are exhibited on the theme basis of our programmes when organised. We also extend these posters to other solidarity groups by lending. 10. Document Reprint Service (DRS) To enrich and update the information on current social themes or issues in support of this Extension Service is provided to the Advisors and his Training Team, National Team Members, National Council Members and Full Timers . In the academic year 2012 – 2013 Two such DRS has been sent to the State Advisors, National Team Members, National Council Members and Full Timers. The DRS has sent through E-mail 11. Users Our DC is mainly used by the following category of people, : Students : Research Scholars : Teachers and Professors : NGOs For the academic year 2012 – 2013 according to the recorded data the DC was maximum utilized by the students. 12. Insect Protection Pesticides were used in the DC to preserve the Documents. This has been done four times in a year. Movement Level Activities for the year 2012 – 2013 a) The National Documentation Centre has played a vital role in all our 5th National Convention held in year 2012 – 2013. ?Documenting the entire proceedings of the camp – in Audio, Video and Printed format along with Documentation Committee ?Conducted Chart Exhibition Future Plans A research desk need to be formed. News on Students and Youth are to be classified and sent to all the States monthly for disseminating the avilable resources of the DC. It is the need of the hour to digitalise our Documentation Centre. We need to establish a network among the city college students by screening Documentary films and discussion based on in our DC. Readers’ Statistical Profile for the year 2012 – 2013 Readers have visited our Documentation Centre during the academic year 2012 – 2013 are 560 out of which 170 females and 390 males. We earnestly appeal to the Members of the Council for your valuable suggestions, reflection for the development and growth of the Documentation Centre. Edison



September 2013


September 2013


September 2013

Sept 2013 rally  

Rally is the Mouth Piece of AICUF-IMCS_India

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