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Board of Directors 2012/2013 Honorary President David H. Thorne U.S. Ambassador to Italy and to the Republic of San Marino Honorary Vice President David J. Lane Ambassador of the United States to the UN Agencies in Rome Officers President: Debra Biagini Vice President: Franco Spicciariello Treasurer: Carol Markino Secretary: Kathy Araco Board Members Will Beeson Giacomo Filippo Catalano L. Chris Curry Loretta Dusini Marco Elser Elizabeth Marmol Di Capua Scotti Rhodes Mirella Rugolotto AICR Legal Advisor Argia Bignami

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All articles are based on the information obtained at the time of their writing. Please contact us if you would like to add anything from your experience with AICR.

editor’s letter It’s summertime! Time to relax and have some fun. So lay back and read up, for our 60th Anniversary commemorative issues continue and boy this edition really sizzles…featuring the exclusive story about how women were allowed membership to our Club for the first time. Written by me but told by Patricia Luzzato, the remarkable woman who put all this in motion back in the late ‘70s and whose story has inspired me to dedicate this issue to the Club’s women members. Hence expect un’edizione tutta in rosa, which pays tribute in particular to three very special women: Patricia Luzzato, highlight of the Club History Special, Susan Kaesz featured in the Member’s Profile and Patrizia Cedrini who answers our Proust. Thus continue reading to get to know these wonderful women better. So thank-you longstanding member Vivian Weaver for marvelously interviewing longtime member Susan Kaesz, and wonderful Jennifer Hawkins Micocci, who’s back with an amazing list of what’s hot now. As for me, I wrote the Club History Article, Travel Tips and, in a commemorative spirit, the 1953 Classic category of the Short List, which immediately get’s you into the swing of Summer with the film Roman Holidays from which our cover takes its queue. A special thanks goes to yet another extraordinary woman, our President Debra Biagini. It’s been a great year and I’ll be looking forward to spending the next 12 month together with all of you, so be sure to renew your membership. In the meantime safe travels, take care and Buone Ferie!

Kathy Araco AICR News Editor

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upcoming events Past Events

Upcoming Events

AICR Annual American Independence Day Celebration was a wonderful, fun picnic this year! Thanks to all our sponsors, raffle donors and volunteers who helped make the event such a success. Pictures are now online and on our Facebook page www.facebook. com/aicrome Check us out!

AICR First Friday August Happy Hour Yes, we are meeting in August! Friday, August 2nd 6:30 to 8:30 p.m Hotel Boscolo Palace, Via Veneto 70 Outside in the Gazeboos! Per drink: 10euro members with card, 12euro guests. Includes buffet. No reservations necessary, everyone is welcome to attend. Please note it is not possible to renew your dues with credit card at this Happy Hour. AICR First Friday September Happy Hour September 6th, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Hotel Boscolo Palace, Via Veneto 70 Per drink: 10euro members with card, 12euro guests. Includes buffet. No reservations necessary, everyone is welcome to attend.

club news Annual Meeting of the Members During our annual meeting of the members, the 2013/2014 AICR budget was approved, we had a year in review, a look ahead at the upcoming year as well as discussed event and ideas for the Club. If you were not able to attend, and would like to have a copy of these documents, please contact the office. AICR Business Memberships AICR has introduced new Business Membership Packages to give more exposure via social media and email to our Business Members. Our programs are a sure way to achieve heightened recognition and credibility in the local international community. Contact the office to review our new packages if interested in becoming a Business Member. AICR Summer Office Hours The AICR office will reopen on August 22nd. AICR wishes all its members a wonderful summer break! DUES Renewal Dues are now being solicited for the 2013/2014 AICR Club year, which runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. Dues amount for the 2013/2014 year is 80 euros for new members, 70 euros for returning members, 60 euros for retirees (ages 65 and over) and 40 euros for students and second family members. The 2012/2013 AICR year ended on June 30th; if you have not renewed by that date you will no longer receive the weekly digest emails. To be included in the 2013/2014 AICR Annual Directory, dues must be received by October 4th, 2013. All those nonUS Citizens who have not renewed by this same deadline will be removed from the AICR membership lists and will need to reapply and go on the waiting list. Dues payments can be made as follows during the summer months of July and August: **Send a wire transfer: To: Credito Emiliano Bank, Agenzia (A) Account N: 010000041798 Intestato a/For: The American International Club of Rome ABI: 03032, CAB: 03201, CIN: R International IBAN: IT96R0303203201010000041798 SWIFT CODE: bacrit22rom Please indicate your name/company name and “DUES 13/14� on the wire transfer request.

AICR News - Summer 2013


aicr new members Please join us in welcoming the following new members: Verena Adler

Antonio Colella

Independent Consultant


Carla Francini

Gerrie Jakobs Stela Taneva

Ornella Francini Patricia Hill


Michael Tobin

Vice Consul U.S. Embassy, Rome

Director American Express

Patrizia Romanelli

Owner and General Manager Prinz Membran Gomma Srl Unipersonale Free lance Conference Interpreter

Giuseppe Cane Giorgio Cazzaniga

Jewellery Designer Avvocato Cazzaniga Roma

Patrizia Cincotta Fabrizio Guazzo Manager

Olga Lefas

Director Ingenia Polymers

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Rebecca Roell

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 

  

                                                                                                    


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member profile Member Profile: Susan Kaesz by Vivian Weaver

As a long-standing AICR member, please tell us your first impressions.

I took on the role of Treasurer in 1996 when Greg Flood became President, served for several terms and also became Vice President for one year. I forged many of my still very close friendships when I served with: Jimmy McDivitt (contrary to popular belief, we are not married), Mary Handley, Yolanda Bernardini, Andy Donatelli, Eleanor Ferrar, Wendy Holloway and many others in Rome’s expat community. It was during the years you served, that the Club changed its name from American to American International. Why was that decision taken and how has the club changed because of this? It was around 2002, when Todd Dockum’s Board voted to change the name to The American International Club of Rome. The thought was to recognize and embrace members from the wider community of international expats, as well as Italians, who were all drawn to the organization.

Getting involved in The American Club of Rome, around 1993, was life changing for me. I had been living in Rome for about six years and really only had social contact with Italians.

It was a time of growth and change, and I applaud Todd for his many initiatives and the effort he invested to diversify club activities, as well as address the changes needed to further the club in a busy, global world.

With the Club, I discovered a whole community of people in Rome that I could be friends with who actually talked like me, thought and felt like me, to some degree, and definitely missed the same things from the U.S. starting with family and friends on down to less important things, that make everyday life comfortable and familiar: international food, American holidays, TV, movies, jokes that I find funny… driving a car without fear for life and actually finding a place to park it!

Jimmy and I were Committee Co-Chairs of the first AICR Special Recognition Awards Dinner that Todd had proposed. It was my last big event as a Board member, and I still have the files from the planning and occasionally go through them.... when I need a good cry... (I think current Board members and club volunteers will understand my sense of humor about this; their and Nina’s hard work for the club really shows!)

AICR News - Summer 2013


member profile What brought you to Rome? I studied abroad for one semester at the American University of Rome in 1986, met my Italian companion, Enzo, and then moved back here after graduating from UC Berkeley (with a B.A. in Italian Language and Literature) in the summer of 1987 to be with him and perfect my Italian. What were your thoughts and opinions about Italy then and now?

Are there any members or other events particularly memorable to you? I would take a moment to remember our dear, sweet Dr. Raymond Renzulli, who never, ever missed an event, a party or a chance to dance! You are quite involved in music. Tell us about the why of it. I first organized classical music events as a consequence, and opportunity really, stemming from The English Yellow Pages expanding its services to include event planning. We were long-time expats, with many contacts in the international community, and knew how to get things accomplished in often difficult, Rome. Because of this, we were hired in 2002, by the American violinist, Robert McDuffie, and his Italian entrepreneurial partner, to essentially create from zero and manage every aspect of the Rome Chamber Music Festival.


In a lot of ways, it was much more challenging then. Before advanced technology in communications, I felt very isolated from the rest of the world and very far from home. Now with email, smart phones, Skype and Facetime, worldwide connections are an easy click away. The only known place to find American and international food products was Castroni, and there were not many affordable options to get television or news in English at home. Now I find Italy to be so much more international and less provincial than it was (though not quite in every way). Maybe it was more charming before‌ but I do love having so many more options when it comes to food, shopping, entertainment and communications. Did you find Italy had as much to offer professionally as the USA, or did you find it necessary to be more creative and inventive? I moved here right after graduation, so I cannot really say. But I do know all of my friends from college, who lived in the States seemed to have an easier time finding

The American International Club of Rome

member profile gratifying work there than I did in Rome. Sure it’s necessary to be creative and inventive, still today as then, but I might also argue that years ago there was a larger window of opportunity to bring a new idea to Italy and make it work. How has that helped or hurt you? No doubt it helped me personally. I was lucky to find a job at EYP that offered so much room for being creative and inventive. We really had a niche market that, at that time, was a very good thing for the growth of our business. As technology advanced, that became less of an advantage and perhaps more of a challenge. Although we like to think that we were always thinking a little ahead of what was happening in Italy, which gave us an extra advantage in positioning ourselves a few steps forward in our business.

Tell us about your joining the English Yellow Pages. When I joined the EYP in 1990, it was a growing, private business that Tracy Roberts founded in 1986. When during the interview it came out that she and I had gone to the same elementary school and had similar family backgrounds, (her grandfather and my father were both UCLA professors), something convinced her to hire me on the spot. After three years of trying to find a steady job, while running around Rome every day from 7am to 8pm, giving English lessons and teaching aerobics, it was my huge break, for which I am forever grateful to Tracy. To this day, she and I share a very close and compatible working relationship.

member profile Tell us more about your years at the EYP. The first thing Tracy and I did together was to purchase a Mac for the business and learn how to do page layouts ourselves, in order to cut back on costs and increase our quality control of the work. In 1992, we decided to create the first international edition of English Yellow Pages, which included information from more than 26 European cities. Keep in mind that this was three years before the commercialization of the Internet and its subsequent revolutionary impact on doing business, so it was really quite an undertaking. At the same time the human element was also important so I started getting involved in the various expat organizations in Rome to establish more direct and personal contacts with both our advertisers and our readers. A very proud moment at EYP came in 2001, when Tracy, Margherita Tedone and I created an Srl company, as three partners. Was that a time of particular growth for EYP? There was never any one specific time of growth. From the day we started to when we decided to discontinue the publication of the directory in 2012, we were always focused on growing the business and trying new ideas.

them together by creating the EYP social and business networking events. And they are still going strong. We look forward to our next one in the Fall as international expats and Italians will always want to mix. Where are you directing your energies today? I’ve taken a break from my professional life to dedicate energy primarily to personal and family matters. 20+ years of dedicating the majority of my time to work and work-related extra-curricular activities was rewarding, but now I seek a lifestyle that allows me a balanced amount of freedom and time to do other things and be other places as well. Do you ever think about returning permanently to USA or is Italy home forever? This has always been a difficult question to answer. I have been very fortunate in Rome over the past 26 years, and without a doubt, I have put down roots. But I still define myself as an expat resident in Italy and an American “at home” in the United States. If I were to close my eyes, tap my heels together three times and think to myself “there’s no place like home”, I’m really not quite sure where I’d land. Maybe it would be at the next AICR event!!!

For instance, people are always looking for an opportunity to meet people face-to-face, for both business and social reasons. With EYP having so many direct, business and personal contacts within the international community in Rome, it made sense to put 10

The American International Club of Rome

club histor y The exclusive story of how women were allowed membership to the American Club of Rome by Kathy Araco

Unveiled by Patricia Luzzato, one of the Club’s first women members in 1979 and a loyal one ever since. Although today the women members of our Club enjoy the same benefits and rights as the male members, in the past this was not always the case. When the American Club of Rome (ACR) was first founded back in 1953 by Henry Luce, membership was open strictly to men only. Well, since way before the ‘50s, in the past there was an even more marked distinction in the roles played by men and women in society, the situation isn’t surprising. Shortly after ACR was established, The American Women’s Association of Rome (also known as AWAR) was founded in 1955 under the suggestion of Clare Boothe Luce, US Ambassador to Italy from 1953 to 1956 and Henry Luce’s wife. Like this, the American women living in Rome also had a place to meet and come together to share mutual interest. Both clubs alike represented the American community in Rome, but each one had a different focus. AWAR focused more on the social and cultural aspects of life, while The American Club of Rome was more business and work oriented for its members met regularly at the monthly luncheons to discuss politics, economics, finance and listen to prominent speakers. As mentioned above,

back then all its members were men, so it became known as the “Men’s Club”. This situation remained unchanged until the late ‘70s when, one day, a very special American lady came along and initiated a ripple effect, which in the end brought about an important change for our Club: women were finally allowed membership. The name of this remarkable woman who helped to bring about this change is Patricia Luzzato and she has shared the spotlight of first women members of our Club with yet another American woman whose name Ms Luzzato reveals to us herself below: According to my archives – black on white – there was no one first female member of the American Club of Rome, but two, and they were precisely Monica Kraczkiewicz, Banker, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. (recommended by Doug Denby), and myself (recommended by R. Blackburn of the American Embassy). And this in March 1979. As other American women living in Rome, Patricia Luzzato had joined AWAR in 1955 to continue to be part of the American community. However she was never a cookiecutter type of gal. With a progressive mindset and spirit, the adjectives that best describe her are assertive, confident, persistent and extrovert with a passion for politics and economics. These key elements revealed to be essential in determinating and shaping the outcome of the future events. Wonder how? Well you don’t have to take my word for it…below she recounts, in her own words, these memorable events and reveals the exclusive story of how women were allowed membership to the American Club of Rome: When, in 1978, I noted that, in the AWAR Statute, members of AWAR were cordially invited to attend [the] American Club conferences, Excerpts from Patricia Luzzato.


The American International Club of Rome

club histor y I made my reservation and went. I was welcomed with enthusiasm because “We are so happy to see that someone from AWAR is interested in one of our meetings”. I went the following month, but no enthusiasm – some even looked askance at me. Several were still very friendly. When I arrived the third month, there was an air of outright hostility! One of the officers came and asked me, “Why are you coming here all the time?”. I replied that I was not interested in gardening and knitting, but in politics and economics, and the statute permits me to come all year if I want, but, I pointed out, “You are the losers because I have the advantage of fine conferences, but do not pay dues.” He agreed. Result: The American Club of Rome applied to Washington for permission to admit women, and end of 1978 or beginning of 1979, permission [was] obtained. A friend I made at the Club, Dave Colin (Director of the American University of Rome) informed me that I had been approved as member on March 1st, but he did not add that another woman was also approved, so I was slightly disappointed when I arrived at the April luncheon to find that we were two – but she and I were glad all the same. So the mystery is unraveled…it was all about the dues! Just joking! However undeniable that money was most certainly one of

the major reasons, the fact that permission was granted confirms a change of mentality towards the way women were perceived in society. Nevertheless, isn’t it amazing what the power of determination can do? And how each action and endeavor, no matter how big or small, when guided by divine or inner intuition may bring about bliss and wonderful changes for ourselves and others. Thus setting us forth on the path of improving the world for all mankind one deed at the time. Ms Luzzato followed her intuition and thirtyfour years later the women of our Club are still benefiting from it today. Isn’t that amazing? So on behalf of all the past and current women members, I’d like to thank Ms. Luzzato because without her determination and wit, who knows if women were ever going to be permitted to join the Club or how many years later this would have happened without her intervention. Therefore next time you have an inspired intuition, be sure to follow it, for who knows how many people’s lives will be touched by it in the process. Moreover never underestimate the power and determination of a woman, for as Clare Boothe Luce once said “The strength of any community is gauged by the role women play in it” and she was right.

Patricia Luzzato led an adventurous life. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania. After attending High School, she continued her studies at the University of Pittsburgh and then she moved to Washington DC for work, where she met her husband Riccardo Luzzatto, there on a government mission. She followed him to Italy and in 1953 they married in Rome where she worked at FAO for two years. Afterwards they lived in the Saar, Paris and Brussels where their son, Enrico was born. In 1965 they returned to Rome where she initially worked briefly at FAO again and later for the Embassies of Nigeria and Vietnam (Saigon). With the approval of the US Embassy, she also volunteered at the Italia-Cina Association. During her first years at ACR, she was also active in Lions International and Masonic family (Eastern Star). Her interests in politics led her to become Co-Chairman of Republicans Abroad Italy from 1985 till 1987. However since 1990 she became a Democrat and has remained so ever since. Although her mother tongue is English, she speaks fluently Italian and French as well.

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travel Travel Tips

by Kathy Araco Undecided where to go this summer? Well, whether you’re planning a brief or a long vacation or merely a weekend out, below are some “hot” suggestions for you. Long Distance Travel features AUSTRALIA Tired of the heat already? In Australia it’s wintertime now, so depending on where you decide to go, the weather should be cooler. Since it’s a vast country, it has lots to offer. Here you can live an adventure, visit cultural and historical sites, amazing cities (such as Sydney and Melbourne) but also be among nature, trek in the rainforests and see the local wildlife like dingoes, kangaroos, koalas, kookaburra and platypus. Its beautiful landscape includes plains, mountains, dry desert areas and the coastline. Australia has the world’s largest coral reef called the Great Barrier Reef, which is situated just off the north-east coast. So go for a swim and admire all the multicolored fish and corals; just be sure to take the necessary precautions and watch out for the tiny deadly jellyfish…for they’re even more dangerous than the great white shark. Medium Distance Travel features IRELAND A perk about Europe is that, from Rome, the Emerald Isle is just a three hour plane ride away. So if you’re fond of nature and the environment, this summer immerge yourself in its beautiful green countryside, for they say there are more than 100 shades of green in Ireland. An example is the Wicklow County with Glendalough, a glacial valley formed during the last ice age 14

with a breathtaking landscape, two beautiful lakes and an early Medieval monastic settlement. Also worth seeing is Dunluce Castle and the Aran Islands with several Bronze and Iron Age forts. Dating back to 3000 B.C. is the site of Newgrange, a real must for archeology enthusiasts. Take a day trip to Howth if you want to see the seals, but be sure to stay at least a couple of days in Dublin, for it’s a fantastic city. Now, don’t leave Ireland without hanging out in one of their typical pubs & listening to the fiddlers play and sing, while enjoying an Irish coffee or drinking some of their excellent beers…so cheers!

Short Distance Travel features SARDINIA Only 1 hour away by plane or 5 to 8 hours by sea (if you’d rather take your car with you). This island is my favorite vacation spot, which will have you thinking you’re in the Caribbean for it has some of the most beautiful Italian beaches I’ve ever seen like Stintino, Costa Rei, Villasimius and those in the islands of the Maddalena and Caprera, just to name a few. If you can drag yourself away from them, its entroterra is also worth a visit to admire the landscape and the Giants’ grave in Dorgali, a megalithic gallery grave built during the Bronze Age by the Nuragic civilization. Many other ancient nuraghe structures (like Prisciona and Ruju), can easily be seen for they are scattered a little everywhere.

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travel This island is also famous for its typical cuisine, pecorino cheese, carasao bread (the thinnest you’ve ever seen!), mirto liquor and very good wine, not to mention of course both fresh fish and excellent meat like the famous porceddu. Their artisans are also very skilled in various crafts, so don’t come back empty-handed. Weekend Travel features SPERLONGA Built on a promontory overlooking the sea, is the historical center of this charming little old town with its small white houses hovering one on top of the other and endless flights of white colored steps going up and down to the sea level. You’ll get the impression of being in Greece, although it’s only a two hour drive from Rome. It attracts

many tourists for Sperlonga is a very wellknown seaside resort with lovely golden sandy beaches. Should you get tired of laying under the sun – however unlikely – I suggest visiting Tiber’s cave and the historical museum which houses some very nice ancient artifacts and statues. At dusk nothing is more romantic then watching the sunset from the beach con la tua dolce metà, so be sure not to miss it. All in all, this is a trip really worth taking.

proust questionnaire AICR Proust Questionnaire with Patrizia Cedrini Patrizia Cedrini was born in Tuscany and moved to Washington D.C. with her family at the age of 14. After returning to Europe where she met her husband, they moved to Germany briefly, until their love for Italy urged them back to Rome. She is an experienced cook and is currently running the Culinary Association “Cuochi per Casa”. She enjoys teaching traditional Italian cooking as well as American and Mexican dishes. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Living in a world without hatred for one another just because of skin color, religious believes or being a “foreigner”. What is your greatest fear? Being physically impaired. Which living person do you most admire? My mother, for her great courage and strength. Who are your favorite writers? Tony Hillerman, Oriana Fallaci, Agatha Christie. Which talent would you most like to have? To be a great painter. What is your most treasured possession? My kitchen tools.


The American International Club of Rome

proust questionnaire When and where were you happiest? At the Navajo Reservation, when I spent time among one of the peoples I admire the most: the Native American Nation. What is your most marked characteristic? Lively, extrovert. What do you consider your greatest achievement? To be still living. Who is your favorite hero of fiction? The duo Marple/Poirot. Painting by Patrizia Cedrini

short list Short List - What’s hot now!

By Jennifer Hawkins Micocci and Kathy Araco Movie: The Bling Ring. Directed by the daughter of Hollywood film royalty (albeit she’s already made quite a name for herself), Sofia Coppola just presented with great success at Cannes. The Bling Ring follows the months from late 2008 to summer of 2009 when more than $3 million worth of cash and clothing was stolen from various Los Angeles homes of famous actresses, such as Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox. So who did it? A group of fame obsessed teenagers who used social media to keep watch on when celebs were out of town. A Hollywood crime perfect for, well, Hollywood. Album: Lisa Loeb’s Songs for Movin’ & Shakin’. So many of our AICR members are also parents with young children; this one’s for you! Singer Lisa Loeb (you remember her for the 1990s cult classic, Stay) will have kids movin’ and shakin’ with her dazzling second collection of songs and activities—plus a CD with five all-time children’s favorites and another five original tunes. When’s the last time you belted out with gusto Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes? Ha, you’ll definitely have a hoot with it and Loeb’s penned gem, Monster Stomp. It’s guaranteed to get you and your kidos off the couch this summer and dancing up a storm! Website: Some hot (Italian) topics? Fashion. Design. Food. Wine. Travel. Pretty much sum it up? This is an American website put together by those that love all things Italian for those that equally love all things italiano! There are men’s trends for 2013 from Trussardi as well as a list of the best wedding dresses from the likes of Atelier Aimee and Alberta Ferretti. In food and wine you can follow “The Great Prosciutto Debate” or catch up on the slow food movement, while perusing “Alto Adige Wine Renaissance.” And can I add that I’ve been a contributing writer on occasion? (Just saying.)


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short list DVD: The Impossible. Some films make you stop and take a deep look at how fragile life and love and family really are-- how easy it is to have everything one moment, and a second later, to have lost it all, or the things (the people) that mean the most. The Impossible is based on a true story, recounting the heart wrenching struggle of a young family on Christmas holiday in Thailand during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Breathtaking performances are delivered by Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and also the young child actor, Tom Holland as Lucas. Book: It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great. Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cook book is eye candy for the healthy belly. In a day and age where food allergies are quite the norm, there needs to be a way for us foodies (if you live in Italy, you are a bonafide foodie) to eat within our dietary parameters, yet in a delicious way. Whether gluten free, vegan or you just want to eat healthier, this is a great lesson in eating. Curated with beautiful photography, the pages are perfect for summer flipping, your Creamy Avocado Cacao smoothie in hand, until you are inspired by an idea for a late dinner... and even dessert too. 1953 Classic: Roman Holiday. It’s summertime and vacationing in Rome is a classic must, just like Roman Holiday is. Think it’s impossible to visit the eternal city in 24 hours? Well, the protagonists of this black & white William Wyler production do by scootering their way around on a vespa. Recognize them on this issue’s front cover? For sure! It’s Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck starring respectfully as Ann, a royal princess who runs away from responsibilities to be a normal person at least for 1 day, and Joe Bradley, an American reporter out to make some money on the scoop. They lie to each other to conceal their true identities creating some pretty funny scenes. However prepare some sweets, for the ending of this romantic comedy leaves a bitter taste.

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Take advantage of important discounts at many local businesses, thanks to your AICR Membership. 25% discount off Italian Cooking Experience A Casa di Rita. In our amazing estate in the Park of Veio: Full breakfast, Cooking Class, Lunch, Wine. Contact details: A Casa di Rita;; Via del prato della corte 275 Roma; Tel. +39 3929859620 Order personalized floral designs by DebraFlower for that special touch and have them delivered free (Rome and within 5 km. outside Raccordo). Weddings! Events! Parties!,,, 10% discount on Italian language courses at CIAO ITALIA, day -evening, small – groups –CILS Exams preparation on/off site. Guaranteed quick results. Friendly atmosphere. Tel. +39 06 4814084-Via delle Frasche 5, (Via Nazionale) Metro B-Stop Cavour Pilates health for your body! Your first ten Pilates Muse private sessions offered at 450.00 (200.00 savings). Experience the authentic pilates system on original apparatus. Tel. +39 06 92937400 cell.338 1096895 10% discount off services from TATA&TUTOR chilldcare services agency specialzed in American babysitters (from 0 to 12 years old) and tutors (1st to 12th grade) Tel. +39 339 2393614


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aicr business members AICR thanks our Business Members who provide benefits for AICR members and support the Club.


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