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For this year we have planned the following marketing activities for Gigabyte products:

 EVENTS Distribution Channel Event: Distribution Channel Event during SIMO trade show dates. Date: October 24th, 2012 During this event, we will update our channel distributors on new products and models, market focus, etc. and of course, we will strengthen our business relation with them.

Press Event Aicox Soluciones will organize a press event with all specialized media to show new Gigabyte product launch and explain its market positioning as well. Date: May 2012

 TRADE SHOWS Simo Network Trade Show: We are also planning to participate in Simo Network Trade Show 2012 which will take place from October 23rd to 25th. SIMO NETWORK is the International Trade Show of ICT Services and Solutions for companies. It announces the professional world and brings it close to the cutting edge of technology. A fair concept designed to meet the needs of supply and demand. An exclusively professional environment oriented to business and knowledge exchange which shows what information technology and

communications provide for the improvement of competitiveness. The customers’ profile is integrators, distributors and key account. The actions that Aicox carries out are the following: • • •

Press releases informing about our presence in Simo Network Trade Show in order to increase our distribution channel for Gigabyte. Delivery of invitations to our database. Banner publication in our web page, etc.

It’s also a good opportunity to generate brand awareness and to show the positioning of Aicox and Gigabyte in the market.

 COMMUNICATION Email Marketing: We developed an email marketing plan that includes a monthly newsletter sending that informs about Gigabyte products, its main features, and uses to both channel distributors and customers in general. Our database has more than 800 people from our different target markets: integrators, distributors and key account. We also use this tool to make some Gigabyte promotions, special offers and campaigns. After sending the newsletter, we get a report with the most significant results to be considered that helps us optimize future campaigns.

Distribution Channel Information Update: We keep our distribution channel informed about Gigabyte news by sending every month a Press Kit mailing with prices update, communication clippings, promotions and any other relevant information.

Distribution Channel Video Training: Aicox Soluciones is implementing an online application called Web TV which is TV online via internet. It is a useful tool that will help our staff to keep our channel distributors updated about Gigabyte new products, benefits and any other related information.

Product Testing: Some Gigabyte tablets have been tested by recognized magazines of IT sector. We manage this action by sending our best product to the media lab test in order to test it, taking into account its performance, features, model, popularity etc. Thanks to the positive results obtained, Gigabyte has a good acceptance in the different media both print and online.

Press Release: We constantly generate several online and offline press releases about Gigabyte products which have presence in many of the important media from IT sectors and also to announce our participation in Simo Trade Show. This is a good way to reach our customers and make known Gigabyte brand and we can also measure it by the number of impacts obtained.

Aicox Website: Aicox Soluciones updates constantly its web page with a simple design, clear contents and its corporate colors. The web offers a fast navigation by the site and an easy access to corporate pages as well as to the products and solutions. Likewise, it includes new functionalities, among which it’s worth highlighting the central slide for the promotion of the new Gigabyte products and others, promotion of trade shows and events, press room etc. We also design banners in order to promote and stress Gigabyte news as you can see below:

Press Clipping: Every month, we collect all press communications both online and offline from the different media and send them to our channel distributors. This clipping includes publications, press releases, product testing, articles, interviews, etc.

Communication Agency: Aicox Soluciones has a communication agency support which helps to promote and publicize Gigabyte in the Spanish market. It has a wide experience in IT sector and works with the main magazines and media. They manage articles publication, online communication, interviews and press conferences.

Quarterly Report to Gigabyte: Every four months, we send a detailed report informing about all communication actions we do such as press releases, newsletters, press conference, product testing, events and important data related to results such as statistics, leads and possible opportunities.

 GRAPHIC DESIGN & TRANSLATIONS Brochures adaptation, design and printing: We provide some Gigabyte material to our channel distributors so they can present products and services to customers. For this, we design, make some brochures adaptation, change formats etc., always working together with Gigabyte marketing team.

Translations: Before we provide the brochures and other material, we do translations of all Gigabyte products datasheet into Spanish and also of our web page to facilitate sales in the Spanish market.

Below you can find a chart with a brief summary of our planned marketing actions with Gigabyte products for year 2012. We have also estimated our total investment for all the activities including events, communication actions, marketing material, etc. In order to increase our opportunities of success we are asking for your economic support. We have estimated an amount according to the presence of Gigabyte products on each event and that there are many other activities that Aicox, as Gigabyte’s partner, will assume within its cost structure. We have figured out that Gigabyte contribution should be of 5.633€ and from Aicox we will contribute with 21.743€ in order to afford all marketing activities and exhibit display booth costs among other events. We believe that with your economic collaboration we can offer the most suitable environment to enlarge our business relationships.

Workshop for Distribution Channel Press Event

2.600 € 1.300 €

Gigabyte contribution proposal 867 € 433 €

SIMO Trade Show

8.500 €

2.833 €

Email Marketing Distribution Channel Information Update Distribution Channel Video Training Product Testing Press release Aicox Website Press Clipping Communication Agency Quarterly report to Gigabyte

1.200 € 600 € 600 € 300 € 600 € 300 € 3.600 € 6.000 € 400 €

400 € 300 € 200 € 150 € 300 € 150 € - € - € - €

GRAPHIC DESIGN & TRANSLATIONS Brochures adaptation, design and printing Translation (brochures, catalogs, product manual)

1.176 € 200 €



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Aicox Total Investment



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Marketing Plan  

Marketing Plan 2012 Gigabyte