Annual report 2019-2020

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The “Aici pentru Tine” Association Annual Report February 2019 – February 2020


The �Aici pentru Tine� Association was founded in 2015, with the purpose of supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds or vulnerable, such as: children and teens who are at the limit of poverty, with educational problems, marginalized families and in social exclusion risk, people with emotional imbalances, victims of domestic violence. The Association is licensed to provide social services in the community addressed to adults between 35-65 years old. Besides other services given to the beneficiaries, we mention: social assistance, the elaboration of an assistance and treatment plan, emotional support, integration therapies, professional orientation, legal counseling.

Our activity in 2019 2019 turned out to be a beneficial year, both to the Association’s development organizationally plan and also to creating bonds between us and strengthening them through the variety of the projects conducted this year.

Our activity in 2019 The 3rd edition of the “Aici pentru Tine� Gala was a big success, an event in which we have registered a considerable growth in the number of guests, in relation to the previous years. The 350 guests have paid close attention to these two ill boys, Florin and Bogdan, helping us to gather over 10.000 Euros for the surgeries they really needed.

Our activity in 2019 We also continue this year with the good deeds, with the Psycho-educational program, supported by Kaufland and the Brasov’s County library, which has as purpose to help the children and the youngsters to exceed their condition, to recover their lives, to become mature and responsible men. We thank the psychologist, Mr. Zamfir Ion, who is besides the children, physically and mentally, which through this training and life abilities development workshop, he helps them to integrate in society and to lead a more balanced life.

Parteners Our family has gotten bigger with new sponsors. Those from Mega Image, Kaufland and Reinert are contributing to a new chapter in hundreds of people’s lives. Therewith, D.O. Security have been besides us this year and helped us to build some beautiful memories of some unprivileged children, making them surprises they didn’t even dreamt about.

Together on holidays Everyone should spend their holidays in harmony and joy. The “Aici pentru Tine� Association has brought the light and the Christmas spirit into the hearts of hundreds of people, especially unprivileged children, by offering packages full of toys, food and clothes, given with a lot of love We thank all people who had a good thought and shared it further.

Kamelia Community Center

As the “Aici pentru Tine� family has gotten bigger, our responsibility for the people around us has increased too, but also the need to carry out our activities in harmony. If so far our abilities development courses - modelling, swimming lessons, karate, English lessons and financial education - had exceptional results, the first Modern Community Centre in Romania is planning to gather all these activities into one single place, which will bring a beneficial result in terms of people’s development.

ERASMUS The adventure has only begun, but this year we managed to learn so much! The “Aici pentru Tine” team has participated to different personal development courses, but also to trainings within these projects. After almost one year of creative ideas and preparation, our dream came true: we did our first Erasmus project “Step Back from The Edge”. The project has taken place in Brasov, bringing people from 4 different countries - Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Lithuania- face to face with a serious problem, but hardly discussed at all, the consumption of harmful substances.

Volunteers Since the beginning of the year, the number of volunteers has grown significantly. They didn’t only offered a part of their free time, but also put their souls in every activity they have taken part of. They are the foundation of the “Aici pentru Tine” family. Join a good cause and become a volunteer!