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Workshop for suppliers to the Aeronautical Sector

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SUPPLIERS’ NETWORK Airbus 29-30.11.2016 Lisboa

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MCG – Mind For Metal






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AED Portugal


Optimal Structural Solutions




Pinto Brasil


Ricardo & Barbosa






Air Olesa










BMCS Portugal


Bollinghaus Steel


Cablotec – Cablagens e Sistemas








Controlar – Innovating Industry


Couro Azul




Edaetech – Engenharia e Tecnologia




Embraer Portugal




FMP – Fly Mecânica de Precisão


Frezite – Ferramentas de Corte


Gmvis Skysoft


HPS High Performance Structures




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AERONAUTICAL, SPACE AND DEFENCE We build airplanes We are experts in the aerospace industry. Some of our specialities include building aircrafts and drones, and developing software that allows to explore space. We build aero structures for Airbus, Embraer and Pilatus airplanes, moulds and pieces such as cabinets, cockpit consoles and fuel tanks. We develop elevators, fairing and components for wings. Airbus uses fibre optics sensors made in Portugal in its aircrafts. The Portuguese experience within the aviation industry also includes the maintenance of intricate airplanes or the development of new businesses, such as wet leasing. Within the defence area, we build aero structures for the innovative KC-390 and develop unmanned aircrafts which are critical for military and public safety operations for NATO, United Nations and European Union.

We provide safety for the space industry. NASA and ESA use Portuguese software to detect and correct flaws in their critical systems in order to avoid accidents. And do you know how they protect their aircrafts’ sensors from temperatures above 2000 ºC? They use Portuguese cork. We are at the forefront of aviation industry. The LIFE Project received the Crystal Cabin Award - the aircraft cabin “Oscars” - for creating the interior of an ecological sustainable airplane. We are one step ahead, making the flying experience more safe, comfortable and technologically advanced.

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aicep Portugal Global

Avenida 5 de Outubro, nº 101 1050-051 Lisboa – Portugal +351 217 909 500

Close to you to take you further aicep Portugal Global exists to support the internationalisation of Portuguese companies, to attract structural investment to Portugal and to enhance Portugal’s reputation abroad. We operate according to a philosophy of proximity to companies in order to take them further. Further in the development of their business in foreign markets; Further in the development of their investments in Portugal.

We work daily to ensure that Portugal gets more Global and its economy more competitive. A modern country, innovative, seductive and the cradle of leading companies which are received with open arms by the global market. And we’re rewarded for that. The European Commission has awarded AICEP for good practices in internationalisation processes and the World Bank ranks us in the Top 10 investment agencies that better respond to requests from investors. Daily we: · Facilitate the attraction of investment into Portugal. · Provide support for Portuguese companies by broadening their export basis. · Support internationalisation projects. · Divulge the Portuguese economy abroad · Promote the image of Portugal internationally. A team of professionals in Portugal and in our international offices is committed to your success and are close to you to take you further.

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Praça das Indústrias, Edifício CIP, Sala AED, 1º 1300-307 Lisboa – Portugal +351 214 218 781

AED Portugal is the National Federation of the three sectorial associations for Aeronautics (PEMAS), Space (PROESPAÇO) and Defence (DANOTEC). AED Portugal is a major hub and unique platform for the growth and competitive development of its members. AED Portugal gathers the main stakeholders from three paramount sectors, showing strong trans-sectorial synergies and high added value, constituting a national super-cluster. The main goal of AED Portugal is to raise awareness and promote the skills and capacities of the national Aeronautic, Space and Defence members both in the national and international market.

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Figures 1, 2 and 3 ¡ Relevant activities and R&D capability Figure 4 ¡ Portuguese main capabilities and core business

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Edifício OPEN, Zona Industrial, Rua da Bélgica, Lote 18, PO BOX 78 2431-901 Marinha Grande, Portugal +351 244 570 420

POOL-NET – Portuguese Tooling & Plastics Network, is the association that co-ordinates the Portuguese Engineering and Tooling Cluster which incorporates the Tooling and the Plastics Industries. In the last six years, the Portuguese Tooling Industry grew more than 80%, exporting 90% of its production to 82 countries. The cluster is focused on the Automotive

sector (that represents 78% of the total production), fostering the development of other strategic markets, such as Aeronautics and Aerospace and Medical Devices. Tooling industry is an enabling industry, considering it’s positioning within the critical path of products development and the circular economy goals. In this context, The Cluster is also involved with the integration and development of human resources for the industry needs, promoting the articulation between education and the jobs for industry. In this context, the aim of the Engineering and Tooling Cluster/ POOL-NET is to promote at the global level our collective brand ‘Engineering & Tooling from Portugal’, presenting the integrative valuechain of our Industry, from design to product to support global clients for products industrialization.

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Avenida Parque da Indústria Aeronáutica, Lote A-VI-E. 7005 Évora – Portugal +351 509 273 556 / +351 266 707 082

Air Olesa – Sistemas e Componentes Aeronáuticos, SA began activity in September 2015, as the first and the only Portuguese company installed in Parque Aeronáutico de Évora, and is now fully equipped with the latest technology in the market, in machining and special processes. This is the newest investment from a group of companies present in the market from over 20 years, in the sector of tooling with large experience and recognition in the automotive sector, and now aiming to have the same quality in products and services in the aeronautic sector. Air Olesa services contain: Expertize on Machinery parts up to 2 mts lengh; 5 Axis CNC Machining; Aluminum, Titanium and Steel Parts; 3D Computer Measuring Machine, Penetrant Inspection,Surface Treatments; Primer and topcoat applications.

José Leite Pinto CEO

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Figure 1 · DMG DMU 210 P 5 axis X1800,Y2100 (2400), Z1250 15.000RPM/52kW Focus on Aluminium Figure 2 · Dimensional Control (DEA MISTRAL 2200 x 1500 Controlled temperature and moisture) Figure 3 · Surface Treatments (Titanium and Aluminium)

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BBE BBE is a company dedicated to develop engineering solutions, based on recent tools and technologies, strongly dedicated to additive manufacturing production industry in metal and plastic applications. Rua da Indústria Metalurgica, nº 916 2430-528 Marinha Grande – Portugal +351 244 560 405

We develop and produce products for the moulds & plastics industry. Small series parts, prototype, cubing, fitting and shaping. Metal parts production, Al, Ti, Ni alloys for Industrial Machines, Automotive and Aeronautic. Human Resources as the main support, gifted to professionals who in some way are distinguished, acquiring the clients trust. It has a team of multidisciplinary professionals from different Engineering areas, such as Mechanical, Biomechanics, Industrial, Electrical and Computing, reflecting its performance in a flexible approach to the challenges posed by its customers.

Carlos Benquerença Marto General Manager

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Figure 1 · SLS – Selective Laser Sintering. Figure 2 · Robot Hands for special applications.

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Computer Applications in Science & Engineering

Rua Fonte dos Corvos 29. Casais da Serra 2665-305 Milharado – Portugal +351 963 440 984

Professional services in fluid flow, heat transfer, structural analysis, advanced materials and manufacturing. Track record in aerospace: · Aerodynamic analysis of UAS’s for Portuguese Air Force; · Composite simulations including Rosetta spacecraft structure static, stability and dynamic analyses; · Various ESA projects on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic and laminate materials and methods for joining sandwich plates (insert studies); · Design and analysis of modular structures for satellites; · FEM-modelling, static and dynamic (eigenfrequencies, frequency-, randomand shock-response analyses); For AIRBUS: · A380 Spoilers in Fatigue and Crack Propagation analyses for metallic fittings, MRB-analyses (non-conformance handling); · A400M fintip cover structure in Fatigue and Crack Propagation analyses.

Nelson Marques Director of Operations

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Figure 1 · Fluid-structure interaction on a power transformer. Figure 2 · Aerodynamics of general aviation aircraft.

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BMCS PORTUGAL Training, team expertise, innovation and a constant concern for customer service are the keys that have made Babcock MCS Portugal one of the main missioncritical services providers in Portugal.

Heliporto de Salemas, Lugar de Salemas 2670-769 – Portugal +351 219 759 200

Babcock MCS Portugal provides mission-critical helicopter support for a range of services including Emergency Medical (EMS), civil protection operations, firefighting and aerial work. The company has a team of 82 people, mostly pilots and maintenance technicians. Its headquarters is located in Salemas heliport, the first to be certified for 24-hour operation by Portuguese Civil Aviation.

Luis Miguel Alves de Brito Justino Part 147 Director

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Figure 1 · Babcock MCS Portugal is specialized in medical emergency and civil protection, operating since 2000 for the National Health Service (INEM). With a fleet of 13 aircraft, they operate in Portugal, four annual bases, four Agusta A109 Power, based at Salemas Heliport, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Beja/Loulé and Santa Comba Dão. Figure 2 · Since 2004, the company is certified as a Part-145 center to carry out maintenance services, where it recently strengthened its capabilities to perform full maintenance. Figure 3 · Babcock MCS Portugal has a training centre for aircraft maintenance technicians. Certified in 2012 as Part147 Centre by the Portuguese aviation authority, they have developed to date more than 50 training courses with more than 300 students.

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BÖLLINGHAUS STEEL Böllinghaus is well recognized European Long Products Producer in stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium grades. We have more than 125 years experience producing special profiles in hot rolled and cold drawn condition. Tv da Industria, nº 6 2431-909 Vieira de Leiria – Portugal +351 244 698 120

At Böllinghaus works at Portugal, we have 250 persons working 7 days week, 24h to produce top quality products. We are distributing our products worldwide. We can produce dimensions in metric and inches sizes.

Hugo Cordeiro Commercial

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Figure 1 · Hexagons in stainless steel Figure 2 · Böllinghaus Steel unit in Vieira de Leiria Figure 3 · Cold Drawn Squares in Stainless Steel

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Zona Industrial da Abrunheira

Cablotec is a company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of connectivity solutions for electrical and electronic applications. In particular in the production of wiring, mechanical systems, tools and molds, and injection or over-molding compounds.

Quinta do Lavi, Edifício 3 2710-089 Sintra – Portugal +351 916 907 939

Cablotec has a flexible structure that can address a wide range of customer needs and requirements and ensure compliance with the most demanding national and international standards. We operate in various industrial sectors such as automation, Telecommunications, Electromedical, defense and railway industry, exporting about 80% of production for the European market, namely France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain.

Pedro Pinto Support Manager

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Figure 1 · Cablotec Facilities 2100 m2 Figure 2 · Wiring Harness Figure 3 · Electric Cabinets

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Av. Dom Afonso Henriques, 1825 4450-017 Matosinhos – Portugal +351 220 164 800

CEIIA is a Portuguese private Research Establishment working in cooperation with Technical Universities, R&D Centres, Public Agencies and Suppliers from aeronautical to automotive industries. CEIIA has a team of 230 Researchers and Engineers presently working for the Aerospace, Automotive, Mobility and Offshore Markets. Engineering activities at CEIIA cover both automotive and aeronautical engineering with integrated product and process development for the mobility industries, with full capabilities for product development including concept, design and engineering, prototyping and test.

João Pedro Mortágua Business Development Manager

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Lote 46 Industrial EN 18,1 Km 2,5 6300-230 Guarda – Portugal +351 271 205 090

Coficab as part of the Elloumi Group in Tunis (Tunisia) is a private driven business organization. Coficab is one of the biggest producer of wires for the automotive industry. Coficab is specialist to offer high quality products in a high efficient environment to our customers which are large-volume wiring harness manufacturer for the automotive industry.

Our comprehensive range of products go from standard wires with 80°C to high temperature products with 210°C. In this area we develop, produce and supply all actual demanded cross sections such as signal wires in 0,13 mm² or high current battery wires with 120 mm². With our large assortment of OEM approvals we offer our clients the advantage to use products out of one hand for almost all their projects. 11 production plants and 6 ACD

Rui Bráz Sales Manager

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Figure 1 · Shielded cable for special application Figure 2 · Building 1 Coficab Portugal

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Rua Circular Norte do Parque Industrial de

Compendiónauta, S.A. was born in April 2015, resulted of a partnership with a Brazilian company supplier of Embraer for thirty years, expected to start its activity in the second semester of 2017 and for that purpose, it will be located in the Aeronautical Industrial Park of Évora.

Évora, s/n, Évoratech-Incubadora de Empresas de Base Tec. 7005-841 Évora – Portugal +351 919 200 730

In terms of vision, established itself as a partner of the successful aeronautical groups, through a systems integrator strategy and supplier of machined components. For that purpose, Compendiónauta will be specialized in the machining and manufacture of structural, mechanical and hydraulic parts of several geometries, critical tolerances and non-traditional materials using high technologic equipment.

José Carlos Massucato CEO – Chief Executive Officer

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Figure 1 · Aircraft door opener lever Figure 2 · Structural part Figure 3 · Structural part

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Centro Empresarial de Alfena, Rua do Caulino 310-314 4445-259 Alfena – Portugal +351 225 898 410

Founded in 1995, CONTROLAR – Innovating Industry is focused in the development of hardware and software for the automotive industry. Applying the knowledge and experience acquired throughout the years with the developed projects, company rapidly expanded into other fields of the electronics industry, increasing the range of target markets for automation and testing.

CONTROLAR designs, specifies, develops hardware and software solutions for industry, particularly electrical components for automotive industry, robotics, industrial automation and test functional systems, in order to put into the market products with high level of technology and knowledge.

Fernando Leite CEO

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Figure 1 · Infotainment Functional Testers Figure 2 · Electronic Control Unit Assemble and Test Figure 3 · Plastics Vision and Testing

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Ponte do Peral, Gouxaria 2384-909 Alcanena – Portugal +351 249 889 050

Integrated in the Carvalhos Group, a reference in the tanning industry since 1939, Couro Azul employs a total of 600 professionals and is specialized in tanning and finishing leather for the transport industries – automotive, railway and aeronautical. Couro Azul developed a line of leather products specially designed for aircraft interiors, Airlys.

Mateus Couto Sales Manager

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Figure 1 · LOT airplane with Couro Azul leather Figure 2 · TAP airplane with Couro Azul leather Figure 3 · LIFE project

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DIVMAC Automatisms and Industrial Peripherals

Rua 1º de Maio

Divmac is a solutions company operating in a wide range of industries, devoted on developing and manufacturing systems and focused on specific customer needs, according to well-defined standards.

3701-908 Arrifana – Portugal +351 256 810 120

Divmac enhances Research, Development and Innovation, as well as the design and manufacturing systems, creating top quality equipment. From electrical test equipment for the aeronautics and automotive, to industrial automation and peripherals, it develops systems that, integrated in the production processes of customers, complement or replace hand labor, increase production efficiency and capacity, increment security levels and enhance and/or ensure top quality of final product. The success of Divmac is the reflected success of its stakeholders. Luís Freire R&D Department

aicep Portugal Global • 39

Figure 1 · Electrical test for HTP AIRBUS A-380 (With temperature and humidity registry & Test Software sends data to customer’s Software) Figure 2 · Equipments for Aeronautics Electrical Test: Expandable up to 17.000 test points (With chariots of 1.000 or 2.000 test points); Movable control desk Figure 3 · 2048 test points test equipment with test table (Movable control desk)

40 • Airbus | Suppliers’ Network

EDAETECH ENGENHARIA E TECNOLOGIA Precision metal working (Machining and Sheet Metal)

Zona Industrial de Fão - Pedreiras 4740-406 Fão – Portugal +351 253 989 390

Location: 50 km north of Oporto, 30 min. from international airport & deep-water port. Markets: Europe, North & South America, Asia. Certification: EN 9100:2009 and 9001:2008. Past project Involvments: A380, EH101, NH90, KC390, Lineage 450 Aplications: · Engine components (disks, blisks, blades, casings, fans, compressors, turbines, etc.) · Seats (structure and sheet metal) · Structural parts (airframe fuselage, wings, etc.) · Space (launcher and payload parts) · Others components (electronics housings, thermal management, etc.)

Ventura Belinho CEO

aicep Portugal Global • 41

Figure 1 · Machining Figure 2 · Laser cutting Figure 3 · Stamping

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EID Established in 1983, EID is a Portuguese high tech industry with deep know-how and vast experience in the fields of electronics, communications and command & control.

P.O. Box 535 Portugal +351 212 948 621

The company is focused in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced, high performance equipment and systems, mainly for the worldwide defense community. We are active in multiple countries worldwide, with customers in Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East and in the Asia Pacific region. EID’s most relevant fields of expertise are: · Naval Communications · Tactical Communications (intercom systems, radio equipment, etc.) · Military Messaging Systems · Systems Integration EID is part of Cohort plc, the UK-based independent technology group.

José Luis Reis Business Development Manager

aicep Portugal Global • 43

Figure 1 · Communications, command and control systems Figure 2 · Intercom systems Figure 3 · Terrestrial communication systems

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EMBRAER PORTUGAL Embraer SA is a global company based in Brazil. Embraer works at Commercial, Executive and Defense&Security aviation.

Parque da Indústria Aeronáutica de Évora, Lote A-I, Herdade do Pinheiro e Casa Branca

In Portugal the unit locates in Évora. It was inaugurated in September 2012 and it has two Centers of Excellence and the Holding.

7005-797 Évora – Portugal +351 266 242 500

The Centers of Excellence are specialized in the production of complex aeronautical structures: Embraer Composites and Embraer Metallic. The unit is responsible for the production and assembling of wings and vertical and horizontal stabilizers of executive airplanes Legacy 450/500 and of the military airplane KC-390. It is also responsible for the production and assembling of wing panels of the commercial airplanes E-175 plus and E-Jets E2, as well as the production of ailerons, spoilers, cargo doors and tail cones of the executive airplanes 450/500. Patrícia Alexandra Pinto da Conceição Roxo Contracts Administrator

aicep Portugal Global • 45

Figure 1 · Vertical Empennage Legacy 500 Figure 2 · Horizontal Stabilizer KC 390 Figure 3 · Legacy Wing 500

46 • Airbus | Suppliers’ Network

EQS EQS is an engineering group that provides integrated asset management services, ensuring compliance, quality, reliability, performance and safety. EQS operates worldwide with offices in Portugal, Spain, Angola, Qatar, USA and Israel. Rua Joaquim Dias Rocha, n.º 354, Sector X Zona Industrial da Maia 1 4470-211 Maia – Portugal +351 962 639 794

Mónica Araújo Business Development

aicep Portugal Global • 47

Figure 1 · CND Inspection Figure 2 · Training

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FMP – FLY MECÂNICA DE PRECISÃO FMP – Fly Mecânica de Precisão, Lda is dedicated to the production of mechanical parts for aerospace industry, since October 2010.

Zona Industrial de Pinhel Av. Gago Coutinho n.º 58 6400-467 Pinhel – Portugal +351 271 418 048

We do small and medium-sized high precision work on CNC machines, guaranteeing the complete management of the production process, from the control of receipt of the raw materials of the customer, programming, range of fabrication, machining, quality control to packing/shipping according to customer specifications. Our main customer is Vidal Mécanique de Précision, SAS, which is located in Toulouse, France. Most of the mechanical parts are for landing gears. Projects: Airbus (A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380, A400M); Dassault (Falcon 7 x, Falcon 900, Rafale); ATR (ATR 42, ATR 72). Jorge Ferreira General Manager

aicep Portugal Global • 49

Figure 1 · Production area Figure 2 · Exemples of mechanical parts

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FREZITE-FERRAMENTAS DE CORTE The FREZITE Group works in technological sectors using its strong engineering vocation.

RUA DO VAU, 173 4785-229 TROFA – Portugal +351 252 400 360

The various business units in the group have always been united in their concentration of activities in the professional market (B2B) for equipment, in areas of high added value. In each business unit, the vast range of products from the FREZITE Group can satisfy the highly competitive professional and industrial market. With over three decades of history, and development based on reliability and sustainability, the FREZITE Group is currently present in over 50 countries across five continents, bringing its competitive advantage to its customers.

Pedro Jorge Barbosa Pacheco Diretor Of Metal Division

aicep Portugal Global • 51

Figures 1, 2 · Countersinks PCD - carbide Figure 3 · Fineboring PCD

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Av. D. João II, Nº43, Torre Fernão Magalhães, 7º 1998-025 Lisboa – Portugal +351 213 829 366

· Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA); New cockpit solutions to reduce pilots workload and improve pilots situation awareness; · Reference supplier for safety critical on-board system for Airbus; · On-board software, systems and simulation components for main programmes: Eurofighter, Tiger, NH90, A400M, A330-MRTT/ FSTA, F18 MLU, CN235, C295 and ATLANTE and PAIC RPAS; · Research on AR&VR tools for the factory of the future; GMV has pioneered the development of GNSS based precision approach and landing systems.

José António Salvado Neves Homeland Security & Defense

aicep Portugal Global • 53

Figure 1 · ATLANTE RPAS Flight Control System built by GMV Figure 2 · ATLANTE RPAS Flight Control System built by GMV Figure 3 · A-400M Crane

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Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 400 Ed. INEGI 4200-465 Porto – Portugal +351 229 578 718

HPS Lda. concentrates on the areas of “Carbon & Lightweight Structures”, “Thermal Control Equipment” and “New Materials” with a high variety of products. Currently, the main product and service areas are the following: · Multilayer Insulation (MLI) for spacecrafts and scientific instruments; · Deployable structures like long deployable masts; · Composite and metallic parts for satellite subsystems or equipment; · Development, machining and sensor integration of ablators for re-entry vehicles; · Mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE); · Assembly of small structure subsystems; · Structural and thermal analysis and CAD engineering services; · Composite material research.

Celeste Pereira COO

aicep Portugal Global • 55

Figure 1 · ExoMars EDM, External & Internal MLI Figure 2 · EUCLID PLM GFRP Struts Figure 3 · EUCLID Sunshield Integration MGSE

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INCOMPOL, INDÚSTRIA DE COMPONENTES Incompol is a 100% Portuguese company with over 30 years of experience and its core business is manufacturing of metallic components, sub-assemblies and tooling for the Automotive and Aerospace industries. Avenida Nossa Senhora da Guadalupe, 106, Apartado 41, Porto Alto 2135-015 Samora Correia – Portugal +351 263 650 160

We are located 40 km north of Lisbon city, with two productions sites, at Porto Alto and Benavente, and one training center for own usage.

The business turnover in 2015 was 15M€, 5% of them in Aerospace market, and 95% of our products are delivered directly to the international markets. Presently we are 190 employees. Our customers in the Aerospace market include, among others, EMBRAER, OGMA, PILATUS, AERNNOVA, LAUAK, COASA, NOVA-TECH, PORTUGUESE AIR FORCE, CEIIA, etc. The quality system is certified since 1997, having presently the certifications ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, EN/AS 9100 Nuno Duarte Aerospace Director

aicep Portugal Global • 57

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Av.Prof.Cavaco Silva, nº 33, Taguspark Porto Salvo, Oeiras

The ISQ is a private Portuguese entity, established in 1965, with a Group turnover, in 2014, of 87M€ (56% overseas) and a staff in the order of 1300, a permanent presence in 16 countries. Some of ISQ areas of expertise are Engineering, Testing, Technical Inspections and Research and Development.

2740-120 – Portugal +351 214 228 100

ISQ areas of expertise can be presented in two groups; · Vertical expertise: Technical Expertise: in the different fields of Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering, Technical Inspections, Laboratories, Health Safety and Environment, Energy, Quality Systems among others. · Transversal expertise: Technical Expertise – Vocational Training, Research and Development.

Paulo Chaves Head of Business Development for Aeronautics

aicep Portugal Global • 59

Figure 1 · Dynamic testing of a nozzle extension Figure 2 · ISQ metrology lab

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KRISTALTEK Based in the Barcelos since 2009, Kristaltek demonstrates its technical expertise and skills in the high-precision machining.

Rua dos Queijeiros, nº 255 4750-001 Barcelos – Portugal +351 253 860 020

From prototype to medium series, we are specialized in the manufacture of technical parts responding to the most various and specific demands of our customers, with manifold materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, inconel, titanium and other. Total area of 2500 m2 (7000 m2 next december 2016) 80 skilled employees in 3 teams 45 CNC Machines (3, 4 and 5 axis) 2015 Turnover: 5.000 k€ Growing both nationally and internationally, Kristaltek exports most of its know-how for European countries such as France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. Kristaltek is certified EN9100, ISO9001 and ISO14001. Gonçalo Costa GM

aicep Portugal Global • 61

Figure 1 · MAZAK VTC800 Figure 2 · Horizontal Machines Figure 3 · Plant

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MCG – MIND FOR METAL MCG is an end-to-end contract manufacturer of metal based solutions and products.

Rua Manuel Conceição Graça, nº 5 2580-462 Carregado – Portugal +351 263 856 710

We deliver innovative insight in product design, manufacturing and supply chain integration. Our customers save risk, money and time. We have plenty of success stories to prove it!

MCG is a family owned export business backed by 100% Portuguese capital, operating with about 450 employees, in five plants, all at the same site (Carregado, Portugal; 30 km from Lisbon). With over 60 years of experience in different business areas: MCG automotive, MCG transportation, MCG laser, MCG tooling and MCG solar. The company is ISO/TS 16949, EN 15085 and ISO 9001 certified.

Pedro Sousa Dir. Supervisory Comission–Strategic Council Member

aicep Portugal Global • 63

Figure 1 · MCG has five different plants, all at the same site in Carregado, Portugal. 35.000 sqm of covered area. 450 workers. More than 100 clients worldwide. Figure 2 · MCG tooling, one of MCG’s business units, is dedicated to stamping tools and dies for the automotive industry, but also with projects in Aeronautic Sector like large scale machining and assembly for EMBRAER’s KC-390 project.

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MEDITOR Meditor is a SME company aimed to perform leading edge R&D in Aeronautics and Industry. Truly Multi-disciplinary, as our team includes specialists on electronic design, motion control, software development and communications. Parque Empresarial BlueBiz Edifício 6, Estrada Vale da Rosa 2910-845 – Portugal +351 265 092 100

In a brief list of currently installed products: Flight Simulators · Load Control Systems for flight controls and data communication systems, currently installed on the Portuguese Airforce Machines for daily use applications · Crimping and test of bearings for the Airbus 350 cockpit in accord with AIPI 03-03-012 & AIPS 03-03-012, currently installed on LAUAK. Testing Machines · Crash Safety Sustained and Impulse test in accord to the standard DO-160E of the unit transceiver SLAR installed on aircraft Airbus Military C295. development and communications. Carlos Antunes CEO

aicep Portugal Global • 65

Figure 1 · MTB - 01: ATE (Automated Test Equipment) to test magneto ignition systems of aircraft reciprocating engines, accordance to manufactors of Continental/Bendix and Slick/Champion magneto ignition systems. Figure 2 · Finite Element Analysis of test machine bearings accord with AIPI 03-03-012 & AIPS 03-03-012.

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Parque Aeronautico de Alverca 2615-173 – Portugal +351 211 973 186

With 98 years of historical achievements since its creation on 29th June 1918, OGMA is today a important worldwide player in the aerospace MRO and Aerostructure business. Throughout its history, OGMA has accumulated knowledge and experience that was translated into top quality products and services, working with Customers from around the Globe.

OGMA has been experiencing a period of modernization of its market positioning, methodology and technological support that began a decade ago when the company was privatized. Since 2005 Embraer became OGMA’s main shareholder, while it was maintained the relationship with the Portuguese State, which owns 35% of the company.

Gregory Flippes Commercial Director

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Figure 1 · Central fuselage Figure 2 · Composite main landing gear door

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OPTIMAL STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS OPTIMAL is focused on the development and manufacture of composite structures. Our competences range from the engineering to component manufacture, with a strong focus on tooling. Rua de S. Francisco, 786, Arm CE 2645-019 Cascais – Portugal +351 210 997 788

Within tooling we are able to offer turn-key solutions for all equipments required to manufacture an aircraft (tooling for composites, INVAR molds, assembly jigs, special equipments, staging, etc.). OPTIMAL supplies Tier 1 and OEMs, and has been involved in major programs from companies like AIRBUS, Embraer, Bombardier, Northrop Grumman, Sikorsky, Dassault, etc. Our manufacturing capability can be divided in metallics and composites. Within metallics we have a CNC capacity up to 12 m in lenght, and a fabrication workshop. Within composites we have capacities to produce Autoclave, RTM and vacuum infusion parts. Manuel Torres Director

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Figure 1 · Assembly Jig Figure 2 · Fabricated lamination tools, Steel/INVAR Figure 3 · Carbon fibre lamination tool

70 • Airbus | Suppliers’ Network

PINTO BRASIL Pinto Brasil appeared in 1991 and since then has dedicated its activity to the development of technical solutions to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Rua de Pardelhas, Gandarela 4765-420 – Portugal +351 253 479 240

Specialized in metalworking and highly oriented to the automotive industry, Pinto Brasil meets the highest demanding standards of this industry, thus being a preferred supplier to some of the largest companies in automotive industry. Pinto Brasil works in the design of production, logistic, customized and Lean systems, thus ensuring the fulfillment of each customer needs. Always at the forefront of technology, Pinto Brasil demonstrates, through the quality of its products, why it is a supplier of a wide range of clients in various sectors as relevant as the automotive or aeronautical.

José Santos Financial Department

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Figure 1 · Synchronous Supply System Figure 2 · Glass Transport Figure 3 · Injected Components Rack

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Zona Industrial das Mimosas, nº 77 4510-330 – Portugal +351 926 816 160

Created on April 1, 1978, Ricardo & Barbosa is one of the largest national references in the manufacture of high precision tools for Automobile, Electronics, Aeronautics and Oil & Gas industries, is currently present in more than 26 countries around the world. Due to the high quality of its services, our company represents a very fast development. Since 1984 Ricardo & Barbosa, Lda. became one of the most prestigious national companies, manufacturing precision mechanical Spare Parts, and has been a main supplier of some multinational companies. We have two plants (Portugal and Mexico), and our 220 specialized operators are supported by the most modern production systems, quality controls and manufacturing equipment, which guarantees our customer’s quality and precision needs.

Miguel Oliveira General Operations Manager

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Figure 1 · Products that we provide for the Tier1 in Automotive, Aeronautic and Electronic Industries. Figure 2 · Products that we provide for the Tier1 in Automotive Industry.

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SOLFAESTOFO We are a company with 20 years of experience in the production and restoration of all type of upholstery and interior decoration of passenger transport vehicles, acting in the rail, aeronautical and road sector. Zona Industrial de Cernache do Bonjardim, Lote 2 6100-271 – Oiã, Portugal +351 932 529 632

We supply new or used seats for application in buses, aircraft and trains, using materials with high quality standards, according to the aesthetic expectations, standards and technical specifications required by our customers. We also provide other accessories such as belts, curtains or headrests. Solfaestofo LDA is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Rodrigo Bernardo CSO

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Figure 1 · Seat upholstery for aircraft (aeronautical sector) Figure 2 · Class comfort seat upholstery, for application in train (rail sector) Figure 3 · Fabric upholstery, of bus seats (road sector)

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Rua Emilio Silva Ferreira 2445-732 Martingança – Portugal +351 244 575 000

Founded in 1997, UEpro is a company supplying injection moulds. Located in Marinha Grande – one of the biggest centers for the mould making industry in Portugal – UEpro works mainly for the foreign market, serving the various activity ranges, being the aeronautic industry one of our core business. The global satisfaction of our customers is our main goal, therefore the quality of our products, the accomplishment of the tight delivery times, the transparency of the information and the after-sales assistance are the guarantee of a good and professional cooperation. Our company is certified under the norm ISO 9001:2008. All planning and quality control is made with maximum endeavor by our team of professionals and technicians, at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Idálio Silva CEO

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Figure 1 · Brackets made in PEEK ESD101 Figure 2 · Visual component Figure 3 · Tool trial

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YSIUM Ysium is a Portuguese Precision CNC Machining company that has in-house polishing, anodization, painting and assembling.

Rua Joaquim de Sá Leonardo, nº 1286 4760-042 Vila Nova Famalicão – Portugal +351 252 316 796

It´s Culture, Know-How, Passion, Total Quality and above all its People are the pillars that enabled Ysium to become, in a few months, a Partner of reference to several companies, specially Leica Camera, entering into the small group of Companies that present the necessary competencies to satisfy the high quality standards of this German company. Since the beginning that Ysium never stopped investing in state of the art equipment, enable us to work for different sectors such as aeronautic, watchmaking, cycling, between others, and with different materials like aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or titanium.

João Veloso Sales Account

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Figure 1 · Assembly line in a clean room (EPA room) Figure 2 · Anodization Figure 3 · Milling Machines

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aicep Porto Rua Júlio Dinis, nº 748, 8º Dtº 4050-012 Porto – Portugal Phone: +351 226 055 300 aicep Lisboa Avenida 5 de outubro, nº 101 1050-051 Lisboa – Portugal Phone: +351 217 909 500










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