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Portugal Country Focus Eurosonic Noorderslag 11–14th January 2017

2 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


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4 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

EUROSONIC PORTUGAL COUNTRY FOCUS The Eurosonic Noorderslag takes place in the Dutch city of Groningen and celebrates its 31st edition in 2017. It has more than 4,500 professionals from the music industry, over 340 showcases of Dutch and international artists and 175 panels and conferences. It is the starting point for the debate and main network of contacts for the international music industry focused on European music, tours, festivals, live music and media. In the same way, it has been over the years the launching pad for numerous European artists who, after their presence in the Eurosonic, have developed prominent international careers. 2017 is the year Portugal receives the highlight of country focus and will be represented by 23 national artists and bands and a group wof professionals from the various areas of the national music cluster who take advantage of this unique opportunity to invest on the internationalization of their projects and businesses.

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6 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

aicep Portugal Global

Avenida 5 de Outubro, nº 101 1050-051 Lisboa – Portugal +351 217 909 500

Close to you to take you further aicep Portugal Global exists to support the internationalisation of Portuguese companies, to attract structural investment to Portugal and to enhance Portugal’s reputation abroad. We operate according to a philosophy of proximity to companies in order to take them further. Further in the development of their business in foreign markets; Further in the development of their investments in Portugal.

We work daily to ensure that Portugal gets more Global and its economy more competitive. A modern country, innovative, seductive and the cradle of leading companies which are received with open arms by the global market. And we’re rewarded for that. The European Commission has awarded AICEP for good practices in internationalisation processes and the World Bank ranks us in the Top 10 investment agencies that better respond to requests from investors. Daily we: · Facilitate the attraction of investment into Portugal. · Provide support for Portuguese companies by broadening their export basis. · Support internationalisation projects. · Divulge the Portuguese economy abroad. · Promote the image of Portugal internationally. A team of professionals in Portugal and in our international offices is committed to your success and are close to you to take you further.

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8 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


The WHY Portugal platform aims to bring together artists and professionals from the creative industries and the Portuguese music business in a broad database, following the logic of a music exchange platform. It aims to foster B2B contacts as well as present national artists and the professional teams that represent them to the international delegates present at the various showcase festivals and music business conferences on an international level. In this context, the training of professionals in the music field has been one of the central areas of action for WHY Portugal.

The WHY Portugal platform has been presented and promoted in numerous events and trade fairs in Europe and in other properly identified territories since April 2016 and has already been recognized as the Portuguese export office for music. It allows easy access to information about all the artists and professionals that integrate this industry, promoting, in a real way, the exchange of information and the development of effective business practices. For more information on the WHY Portugal platform and / or events and trade fairs contact:

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10 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

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12 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Rua Manuel Soares Guedes, nº 11, R/C Esq. 1170-206 Lisboa – Portugal +351 932 013 905

A Minha Agência is responsible for the booking of the bands that belong to the roster of the Portuguese label Pataca Discos: Bruno Pernadas, You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown, Real Combo Lisbonense, Benjamim, Tape Junk, Minta & The Brook Trout, among others.

As a freelancer booker, João Vaz Silva also works with other bands: Time For T, Ditch Days, Postcards, Diabo a Sete or Joana Barra Vaz.

João Vaz Silva CEO

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Figure 1 · Bruno Pernadas Figure 2 · You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown Figure 3 · Benjamim

14 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

BLIM RECORDS Blim Records is a production house specializing in different areas of the music business, having POP as a common denominator among them.

Rua do Centro Cultural, nº 29 1700-106 Bairro de Alvalade – Portugal +351 919 651 340

The Blim Records team consists of core group, associating with a number of partners, including musicians, composers and producers in the various musical genres.

We enhance the quality and creativity of the artists, musicians and bands we work with. Over 480 records sold, 20 Platinum and 5 Gold, synthesize our more than 10 years of existence and experience. We feel the artists. We feel the audience. We feel the passion. Blim Records – Feel Music

Ricardo Jorge Monteiro Ferreira CEO | Music Producer

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Figure 1 · Studio Figure 2 · Equipment Figure 3 · Some artists in the studio

16 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

BÚSSOLA To support the development of artistic and cultural projects is our mission. We create innovate and proper solutions to the needs of the contemporary events. Creativity and disruption are fundamental elements of our activity. Edifício FeiraPark, Sala 2.1.2 Rua do FeiraPark, nº 50 4520-632 Santa Maria da Feira – Portugal +351 917 792 989

We work with artists and multidisciplinary creative teams, supporting the creation of new artistic and cultural projects. The acquired know-how allows us to operate in various disciplines, in planning and project management, as also marketing and communication. The diffusion of artists is the final context of our mission, envisaging opportunities to the international circulation of national artists and managing artistic agendas in the fields of Street Arts, performance and music.

Daniel Vilar Director

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Figure 1 · Consulting for Music Festivals: Program, Strategy and Marketing Figure 2 · Thunder & Co.

18 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Rua do Arco, nº 15 Fiscal 3200-376 Lousã – Portugal +351 912 350 406

CHERRY BLOSSOM is a production and consulting company directed to the artistic, cultural and creative industries. We develop business plans and strategies so that our partners achieve success in these sectors. CHERRY BLOSSOM uses creative and innovative approaches. The company’s strategies are lined up with the most current concepts of these economic sectors. CHERRY BLOSSOM has a department directed to the Music Industry through which it provides: production and edition services (Cherry Blossom Music Label); artistic and musical consulting (Cherry Blossom Music Consultancy); distribution (Cherry Blossom Distro). Quality, accuracy and excellence, subtle sophistication and description, are the hallmarks of our work. We have no customers. We have partners.

Hélder Bruno Martins Project Management Director – Composer, pianist and music producer

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Figure 1, 2 and 3 · HÉLDER BRUNO project «The Presence, Serene and Tender»

20 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Edf Malhoa Plaza Av. José Malhoa, nº 2 1401 D 1070-325 Lisboa – Portugal +351 918 200 080 is a trademark for artists and producers of CultManagement company since 2007. We represent and booking Portuguese and Brazilian artists, implement the project management of artists and shows. Penicos de Prata, Nega Jaci, Carlos Barretto e António Eustáquio em Guitolão, Sopro de Vida de Rão Kyao, Kabeção Rodrigues (HandPan), Uma Coisa em Forma de Assim are some of the artists, shows and recordings that we present in our catalog for 2017. The creative process of each project has something unique, contributing to the promotion of artistic roots and innovative performances by artists. Since 2013 we have a new brand, for our editorial project. Portuguese music, World music, jazz, folk, MPB, Meditative and liturgical music are some of the artistic styles we play.

Eduardo Jordão General Manager and Artist

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Figure 1 · Penicos de Prata – Music and Portuguese Erotic Poetry (PT) Figure 2 · Nega Jaci – MPB Singer from Bahia (BR) Figure 3 · Kabeção – HandPan player (PT)

22 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

ESPELHO DE CULTURA Espelho de Cultura is a Portuguese music agency based in Lisbon with a selection of very eclectic and talented artists.

Rua Possidónio da Silva, nº 104 – 3º 1350-248 Lisboa – Portugal +351 214 068 960

Celebrating 10 years this year, the choice of artists for our concerts and shows goes through the most varied musical genres, from erudite to jazz, from world to MPB, to theater and any kind of performative arts. The philosophy of eclecticism is intrinsic to us. The guiding line is quality. Espelho de Cultura combines professionalism and a know-how attitude with the genuine passion that inspires us daily. It is this formula that allows us to print the difference in the selections we make and the dedication we invest in each of our productions. What unites us is the passion for ART and the will to make it happen.

Diana Valente Perfeito General Manager

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Figure 1 · Ricardo Ribeiro: “The unique voice of Fado” | “Once heard, never forgotten” | Photo by Estelle Valente | Teatro São Luiz Figure 2 · Filipa Cardoso: the authentic Lusitanian artistic soul Figure 3 · LST – Lisboa String Trio: “The post-fado chamber to this millennium”

24 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

IMAGINANDO Imaginando is a tech startup working towards the music industry researching and developing new and innovative tools and instruments for musicians.

Startup Braga Praça Conde de Agrolongo, nº 123 4704-524 Braga – Portugal +351 916 216 962

Their portfolio includes three mobile apps universally available for iOS and Android devices: DRC – a virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer; LK – an Ableton Live & MIDI Controller; TKFX – a dedicated Traktor effects controller.

As creative engineers they produced an ashtonishing piece of interactive art: the Harpa Laser is a contemporary reinterpretation of the convential harp where the strings were replaced by lasers and the sound is generated by a proprietary synthesis engine. Their mission is to combine music with technology to create inspiring musical experiences.

Nuno Santos Founder | CEO | CTO

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Figure 1 · Harpa Laser – a contemporary reinterpretation of the conventional harp Figure 2 · DRC – Virtual Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Figure 3 · LK – Ableton Live & MIDI Controller

26 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

IRMARFER IRMARFER is the largest Portuguese Company in the industry and one of the most important in the European market for the manufacture of tents, stages and flooring systems. It produces, sells and rents its products and services worldwide. Rua do Pólo 6 4590-373 Freamunde – Portugal +351 255 881 786

With IRMARFER you will be able to plan and develop individual room concepts, with an exceptional look wherever you want. You can differentiate yourself by using the IRMARFER Igloo tents at business events, customer and gala events, product launches, road shows, fashion shows, sport events, exhibitions as well as concerts and music festivals.

Luis Silva Director

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Figure 1 · Electric Love 2016 – Electronic Music Festival – Salzburg – Austria Figure 2 · Rock in Rio 2015 – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Figure 3 · MEO – Marés Vivas 2016 – Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal

28 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

LA FOLIE GIFT The Gift is an icon in the Portuguese DIY scene with a sound that ranges from pop/rock to electronica using elegant arrangements that include anything from strings to subtle analogue synthesizers. Quinta do Telheiro – Alcobaça 2460-081 Alcobaça – Portugal +351 918 746 136

Hugely successful in Portugal, they had albums produced in the past by Howie B or Ken Nelson, finished now what the band considers to be their best record, produced, co-composed by Brian Eno and mixed by Flood. “Love Without Violins” single was already critically acclaimed in the end of 2016. Sonia Tavares’ powerful and versatile voice is their most emblematic trait, but media often say that it´s on stage that the band reveal their best with energetic, surprising and elaborate shows that can be presented on big festival stages or small intimate environments like theaters or clubs.

John Gonçalves Musician

aicep Portugal Global • 29

Figure 1 and 2 · The Gift Promo Photo Figure 3 · The Gift Live at Meo Arena

30 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

LET’S GET LOST Music, Management & Bookings: Beatbombers, Dj Ride, Jimmy P and Stereossauro.

Rua das Andresas, nº 112– 2º Ap. 5 4100-050 Porto – Portugal +351 936 864 990

Rui Murça Manager

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Figure 1 · Dj Ride Figure 2 · Beatbombers Figure 3 · Jimmy P

32 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


UPTEC - Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº 2 4050-453 Porto – Portugal +351 220 126 738

Lovers & Lollypops is a record label, an independent music agency, a concert and festival promoter, and event producer. Comprised by a multitasking team of seven people, its existence now spans for over eleven years during which it dedicated all efforts to promote culture, links between various artistic outputs and disciplines, from music to design, illustration, photography, and cinema, amongst others.

Joaquim Durães CEO

aicep Portugal Global • 33

Figure 1 and 2 · Milhões de Festa festival Figure 3 · Tremor festival

34 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Av. Rainha D Leonor 17, 2-E 1600-683 Lisboa – Portugal +351 910 143 968

Lusitanian is a new-model Publishing Company and One-Stop-Shop for Master-Synch Licensing. We have a catalogue of over 40.000 represented works, from the new Portuguese Independent Music Scene as well as represented catalogues such as freibank (DE), Arts & Crafts (CA), Fairsplit (UK) and Schubert Music Publishing among others. Our national catalogue also features several writers, composers and producers able to fulfil orders for custom-made music from Jingles to motion picture Soundtracks. Furthermore, since several of our Artist / Authors often collaborate with each other, we are able to deliver music in an ever-wider creative aesthetic range, able to accomodate projects in any style and medium: film, TV, gaming, online, advertising, etc. We look forward to hearing from you! Nuno Saraiva Director

aicep Portugal Global • 35

Figure 1 · Alceu Valença - Valencianas Figure 2 · One-Stop Music Licensing Figure 3 · Um Corpo Estranho - Pulso

36 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

OH LEE MUSIC Oh Lee Music is a 360º music company composed by a multitask team working in the different areas of the music industry, providing you the proper services with the skills conferred on us:

Porto 4465-085 Porto – Portugal +351 910 718 780

- Label services for bands/ artists (Oh Lee Records) - Bookings/production of live music shows (Oh Lee Bookings) - PR services & Media relation for bands/artists, promoters, record labels and associations (Oh Lee Promo) - Help with the legal registration process and copyright management for bands/ artists – in partnership with Lusitanian Publishing (Oh Lee Publishing).

Nelson Graf Reis CEO | Co-Owner

aicep Portugal Global • 37

Figure 1 · Oh Lee Records – label services for records Figure 2 · PR services for events, artists, record labels and artistic associations/collectives Figure 3 · Bookings for the Oh Lee Records roster & bands/artists outdoors in partnership with different promoters/producers

38 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic



Urbanização Quinta da Bela Vista, Lote 12 Parceiros 2400-441 Leiria – Portugal +351 931 671 716

In 2016 Omnichord Records acts were booked by 152 venues and 34 festivals from Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands and UK. This 360º music company includes label, management, booking and promotion. Is located in the portuguese music incubator city of Leiria and started in 2012, releasing and promoting new and young artists and bands only from this city. Has 15 LPs and several singles and splits on his catalogue.

First Breath After Coma Nice Weather For Ducks Les Crazy Coconuts The Allstar Project Twin Transistors Few Fingers Whales Surma

Hugo Ferreira Manager | A&R

aicep Portugal Global • 39

Figure 1 · First Breath After Coma Figure 2 · The Allstar Project live in Leiria Figure 3 · Omnichord Records releases

40 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Rua das Musas, nº 44 – 4º

We offer tailor made solutions to take your show and crew professionally through Europe and overseas.

1990-172 Lisboa – Portugal +351 218 961 047

We have Pieter Smit offices in Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Portugal which enables us to benefit clients offering competitive service. -16 bunks Nightliners - Trailers in all sizes - Crewvans 8/9 pax

Chantal de Thouars Director Public Relations

aicep Portugal Global • 41

Figure 1 · 16&18 bunks Nightliner to transport your show and crew comfortably together Figure 2 · 8-9 pax splittervans with luxurious seats and large cargo space Figure 3 · All kinds and sizes of trailers to take your show on the road

42 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Av. da Liberdade, nº 230 – 5º

Rock in Rio is a legendary music festival born in 1985, in Brazil. The festival chose the city of Lisbon, Portugal, as the first stop in its internationalization strategy with the first edition happening in 2004. From Lisbon, Rock in Rio travelled to Madrid and Las Vegas.

1250-148 Lisboa – Portugal +351 210 913 500

Rock in Rio has welcomed, throughout these three decades, artists like The Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay among so many others.

Nuno Sousa Pinto Production VP

aicep Portugal Global • 43

Figure 1 · Rock in Rio Stage Figure 2 · Rock Street Figure 3 · Rock in Rio audience

44 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

RUELA MUSIC MANAGEMENT Ruela Music is a music agency from Portugal that represents some of the best artists in Portugal and portuguese speaking countries like Cape Verde, Brazil and Angola. Ruela Music is specialized in booking, management and concert production. Rua João de Oliveira Miguéns, nº 3 – Apt 6B 1300-610 Lisboa – Portugal +351 219 249 249

Pedro Avillez Costa International booker | Manager | Tour Manager

aicep Portugal Global • 45

Figure 1 · Concert Production Figure 2 · MEO Arena

46 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Calçada de Carriche, Lote 49 – 6º Dtº 1750-053 Lisboa – Portugal +351 966 756 906

Sara Does PR is a public relations company focused on cultural, business and institutional communication and marketing. Specialized on the local promotion of some of the biggest Portuguese bands together with some international clientes, in the last years, it has also been involved with larger cultural projects, high dimension events such as Music Festivals and the Internationalization of Portuguese bands. On the institutional strand the company is responsible for all the communication and marketing strategy for WHY Portugal, the Portuguese music export plataform, amongst other examples.

Sara Espírito Santo CEO

aicep Portugal Global • 47

Figure 1 · National PR and communication for one of the most prolific bands in Portugal right now. Figure 2 · Alceu Valença – Responsable for the communication on the Portuguese market for this iconic brazilian artist. Figure 3 · The Gift – Local and International PR and communication for a Portuguese band of reference.

48 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

THE HAPPY MESS THE HAPPY MESS (Pop/Rock/Indie) is an eclectic project that graduated from an indie band signed to SONY. The musical language reveals a mix of emotional songs which cohabit a pop universe under the refuge of rock. Av. Infante D. Henrique, nº 333-H, Escritório 12 1800-282 Lisboa – Portugal +351 212 482 524

The live performances are always full of energy bringing together the audience and the band in a memorable party atmosphere. THE HAPPY MESS played at the most important venues and festivals in Portugal – NOS Alive (2016), Vodafone Paredes de Coura (2015), MEO Marés Vivas (2013), SBSR (2012), CCB, Casa da Música, among others. Discography: Half Fiction (2015, LP, Sony Music), Songs From The Backyard (2013, self-released LP), October Sessions (2012, self-released EP).

Joana Sequeira Duarte & João Santos Artist | Agent

aicep Portugal Global • 49

Figure 1 · THE HAPPY MESS promo photo by Luís Mileu Figure 2 · Half Fiction (2015), artwork by Colectivo95 (BR) Figure 3 · Live concert at CCB (Lisbon) by Alípio Padilha

50 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

TURBINA Turbina is an artist management agency and booking agency. As a producer company we work with festivals like Primavera Sound Porto, Paredes de Coura, Mimo Amarante, Misty Fest and D’Bandada. Rua Santa Catarina, nº 895 – 5º Drt 4000-455 Porto – Portugal +351 918 354 583 / +351 913 695 925

Our artists: Manel Cruz (ex-Ornatos Violeta), Holy Nothing (SXSW 2016, Eurosonic 2017), Quelle Dead Gazelle, Evols, Peixe (ex-Ornatos Violeta) and Sopa de Pedra.

Bruno Rocha Agent and manager

aicep Portugal Global • 51

Figure 1 · Holy Nothing_Electronic Figure 2 · Quelle Dead Gazelle_Afro-Rock Figure 3 · Peixe_Instrumental

52 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

UGURU UGURU is a company that develops its activity in several main areas: artist management and booking, tour and concert promoting, festival promoting (Misty Fest), record label and other areas related to the music business. Av. do Brasil, nº 634 2750-309 Cascais – Portugal +351 214 416 200

Carmo Cruz Partner | Head of International Booking & Marketing

aicep Portugal Global • 53

Figure 1 · Rodrigo Leão. Photo by Augusto Brázio Figure 2 · Scott Matthew. Photo by Michael Mann Figure 3 · Our Autumn Festival – Misty Fest

54 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

WE ARE MUSIC Management and booking agency, We Are Music is a Portugal based young team totally focused on developing both artists careers and music culture.

Rua Visconde de Porto Salvo, nº 29 2770-173 Paço d’Arcos – Portugal +351 934 145 494

Hugo Castanheira Manager & CEO

aicep Portugal Global • 55

Figure 1 · MGDRV Figure 2 · AGIR Figure 3 · Paulo de Carvalho

56 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic


Rua da Pateria, nº 22 3770-066 Oliveira do Bairro – Portugal +351 966 056 177

We tum tum is a non-profit cultural association that aims to support, energize and develop all types of existing and emerging artistic movements. We intend to renew and encourage the evolution of culture and the arts, making it possible to cohabit between various styles, genres and methods. At present the energy is dedicated at the CRASSH project.

Bruno Estima Director

aicep Portugal Global • 57

Figure 1 · For CRASSH, everything has a reason to produce sound and movement, as a result, everything that is produced reflects unique, funny and engaging sounds filled with a contagious energy. With CRASSH Music is an immanent reality in everything, so everything with sound is fit to create music. “CRASSHnese” is our main language used in our lyrics/songs. The audience is carried by an overflowing energy and humor. CRASSH was recently winner of the “Audience Award” at the International Festival of Castilla y León Theatre – Spain. #crasshpt Figure 2 · Our latest production takes the audience through a journey of two characters in the world of CRASSH. Full of movement and comedy, this show is great for smaller stages, and it’s our way to get everywhere. Our two characters play some of the main themes of CRASSH’s Band, but also deliever unusual sonorities produced by some kitchen utensils. Fun for sure!

58 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

aicep Portugal Global • 59

60 • Inspiring Portugal ~ Eurosonic

aicep Portugal Global Porto Rua Júlio Dinis, nº 748, 8º Dtº 4050-012 Porto – Portugal Phone: +351 226 055 300 aicep Portugal Global Lisboa Avenida 5 de outubro, nº 101, 1050-051 Lisboa – Portugal Phone: +351 217 909 500

Inspiring Portugal Eurosonic 2017  

Inspiring Portugal presents Portuguese music ecosystem at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017.

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