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F-250 to F-550 FRont end conversion

By. Natalia Cerna


An old Ford made to look Brand New.

he 2001 Ford F-250 is a very reliable 7.3L V8 diesel truck. This truck is able to last for a long time, but its looks might not last for as long as it’s engine will. Some people might choose to undergo a front-end conversion to make it look brand new. First you will need to basically remove the entire nose of the truck, including the fenders, the bumpers, the grill, and the hood of the truck. You will need to download a template to cut out space for the new headlights. Make sure you measure everything carefully, you do not want to have anything out of place and ruin the front end conversion. Things will need to be cut out to allow for a you to fit the new front end on. You will then need to use a level to trim part from the front of the frame in order to make space for the new front end. Next is trimming the hood hinges, so that you can fix the holes in order to fit the new Ford front end since the old ones are not compatible without trim-

ming, and remove the antenna bracket. The lower grill support needs to be trimmed off from the upper edges and adding a new aftermarket bracket into it. The new bracket will fit into the factory made holes on the lower grill support by using screws. Do this on both sides. This piece will sit inside the previously trimmed frame rails. Next, you will unbolt your hood latch and slide the upper grill bracket in and drill it in. Next mount the inner upper grill bracket on top. Your grill will mount to the inner upper grill bracket, and clip into the lower grill bracket. The next part is the fender brackets. You will remove your hood stop and put the hood stop into the fender bracket, which attaches into the holes that are currently on the truck, and drill the holes in. Repeat on the other side. Insert the new hood hinges just as the old hood hinges were. Add in your “L” brackets onto your new fenders and hang them onto the body of the truck where the fenders go and bolt them in. Repeat this on both sides.

The front end conversion made my old truck look brand new and more tough.

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Make sure the fender is aligned to the body line of the truck. Add in the front end of the truck, just as it normally gets put on. Finally adjust the hood stops, and make sure everything is bolted in. According to William Cerna, who underwent the front end conversion on his truck, “The Ford F-250 to F-550 front end conversion made my old truck look brand new and more tough. It was extremely rewarding to see all of the hard work I put in, and the finished product you see today. I really like to make my vehicles look unique. You will never see me driving a car that doesn’t have something unique or custom on it,” he says. He painted the entire truck from green to black, all by himself. Before this truck, he painted his entire 2004 Ford lightning red, which gave him the experience to paint the truck he has now. “In college, I had a job at an auto body shop, and customized many trucks, so this F-250 to F-550 front end conversion came easy to me.”

William Cerna Who completed the truck conversion, with his truck.

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