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Issue No 173 Friday 2nd July 2010 | Friday 20 Rajab 1431 A.H.

The Australian Islamic College

Looking Forward “Community Meeting”

Sunday 4th July 2.00pm AIC Kewdale Gymnasium 139 President Street, Kewdale

We welcome members of the community to come and share in the Colleges’ future outlook and in our joint responsibility in ensuring its ongoing success for future generations.

The AIC OPEN DAY & Fete From The Principal Gaza March AIC FOOTY HIJAB The Month of Sha’ban Nasheed Group Raihan Thornlie College 17 Tonbridge Way Thornlie WA 6108 Ph: (618) 9493 2718 Fax: (618) 9493 1204 Email:

Kewdale College 139 President Street Kewdale WA 6105 Tel: (618) 9362 5340 / 9362 2100 Fax: (618) 9355 2988 / 9362 5810 Email:

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D N A Dianella College 81 Cleveland Street Dianella WA 6062 Ph: (618) 9375 9770 Fax: (618) 9375 9772 Email:






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July 02 - From the Principal

05 -A Review of the Accelerated reading program

06- Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) - The month of Shaban 07 - Health & Physical Education Department News 08 - Gaza March

09- July 2010 Prayer Times 10 - AIC open day and Fete 11 - Nasheed Group RAIHAN visits AIC Kewdale

12 - NEW Footy Hijab - Sushi AT A.I.C. Kewdale

13 - Wake Up Call Kitchen

14 - Wake up Kids

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Wake Up Call Issue 173


Media Statement Friday 18th June 2010

As you

may be aware

Mr Abdallah Magar, the Founder of the Australian Islamic College (AIC) and Dr Abdel Aziz Magdi, the previous Principal of AIC Thornlie were sentenced in relation to the fraud case against the College. The College Board and Senior Management of the College would like to assure parents, students and the general community that inspite of these unfortunate events, the college is, and will continue to function as normal Insha-Allah. These events in no way affect the day-to-day operations of the Colleges and all staff are continuing to work towards the ongoing success of the three schools. The College stands by Mr Abdallah Magar and Dr Magdi and will continue to provide support in recognition of their immeasurable contribution to the school and its community. It should be noted that the court reiterated that these individuals claimed no personal gain from the funding and all monies received were received by the colleges to cover for the short-fall of fee collection. We would like to thank the community for the their concern and support for the above two individuals and we request that you keep the school, and Mr Magar and Dr Magdi in your prayers and duas. Australian Islamic College Managemen July 2010

From the


Assalamualikum, The Schooling Process The process of schooling involves more than just learning. The school is responsible for developing educational programs that reflect the characteristics of the school community and that increase the spiritual, intellectual physical, social, emotional and career development of the students it serves. Through the teaching-learning program all students are expected to engage in rigorous and ever more challenging educational pursuits directed to the growth of the whole person. Overall, the Islamic School program is designed to form students as responsible inner-directed individuals of Islamic virtue capable of free choice and capable of making value-judgments enlightened by formed Islamic conscience. The school process accommodates students of varying levels of development, prepares students to be productive citizens in a democratic society and enables them to become self-directed learners. Already this term there has been a range of events and activities that have gone beyond the class-room to provide opportunities for students to expand their skills and talents.


A reminder to all parents to please focus your attention towards the payment of outstanding fees for your children at the College. Alhamdulillah the College is working hard to support your child’s education and the July 2010

expenses related to it. Funding from the government only covers part of the cost of educating each child. The short-fall needs to be collected from parents as school fees and without these payments upfront, the school has to struggle to cover the educational cost over the year. We would like to request that you pay the fees of your child as soon as you receive a statement. Half of the year has passed and the college needs to ensure that all outstanding fees are collected. Please organise to make payment of any outstanding fees as soon as possible. If you are experiencing difficulty paying on time please make an appointment with the College on 9362-2100 to make alternate arrangements.


Students are discouraged to use or bring any electronic devices including mobile phones to school. If they are found using phones or any other electronic device during the school hours they will be followed up with 5 negative points and their phone will be confiscated and only handed over to their parents. If your child needs to contact home in an emergency they will be able to contact home through the school office. Also avoid sending large amounts of money with the children to school as the school will not be responsible for loss of any personal property.


Please make sure your children come with the right uniform to school, to promote the value of unity, uniformity and responsibility. If you wish to purchase school uniform, the uniform shop is open every Friday between 10:30am11:30am.

PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION IN ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Congratulations to the following students for being the winners in the Public Speaking Competition. YOSRA ALAWADI-YR 7 AMR SHOEIB YR8 ANFAL AL-AWADI YR9 MOHAMMED JUMA HAKIMI YR10 NEGINA MONSUOR YR11. Wake Up Call Issue 173/




Alhamdulilah we have finished Naplan. We have already started preparation for next year with years 2, 4, 6 & 8.We would request parents to help their child with extra attention with Literacy and Numeracy at home.

LETTER TO PARENTS Letters have been sent to parents regarding property damage and Saturday and Wednesday detention. Please visit our website to view a copy of the letter.


Teacher and Staff Status • Two new office staff have been appointed in Kewdale to replace two staff on maternity leave. • In term 3 two teachers will be joining who were on maternity leave. A warm welcome to Sr Jamilah Zilkich and Sr Maria Maimoona. • A warm welcome to Br Mohamed Fouda who will be joining Kewdale campus as a physical education teacher. • Mr. Nigel Peet from high school & Sr. Sarah Denholm from pre primary (Kewdale) have resigned and will be leaving us by the end of this term. Thanks to both for their contribution to AIC. We wish them all success.

Academic Curriculum

The NSW test is going to be held from Wednesday 9th June till Tuesday 3rd August. Midterm reports for students have been sent home.


We have started remedial classes for students who have high negative points and also have behavior and academic issues.


Wake Up Call Issue 173

Students will be rewarded with a certificates for every +50 points accumulated along with a cheque prize.

END OF TERM 2 AND START OF TERM 3 The last day of term 2 will be Friday 2nd July. The school will commence on Tuesday 20th July for term 3 for students (Monday 19th July 2010 for teachers).


From semester 2 a new reporting format will be introduced which will reflect outcomes in each learning area from years 7-10 and more emphasis on academics, personal, and social reporting in all areas will be given. Professional learning will be provided to all teachers in this area.


The absentee’s procedure ensures that all students are accounted for during the school day. 1. The teachers take the roll and enter absentees into the AIC Information System. 2. The Absentees Officer enters notified absences into the AIC Information System. 3. The Absentees Officer sends SMS messages and letters to parents to notify them of their children’s absences.

July 2010

SPORTS NEWS • Thursday 27th May - Year 12’s Girls Volleyball professional coaching (in the school) • Friday - 28 May - Year 6/7 Boys (19) played against Wilson Primary School for the Eagles Cup (on their oval) AIC won with the scores of 53-22 • Tuesday 1st June - Year 9 Girls (36) went on a Team Building excursion to Whiteman Park. • Wednesday - 2nd June - Year 8 Boys (14) competed in the Freo House Footy competition at EFTel Oval Lathlain. • Thursday - 3rd June - Year 9 Boys (30) went on a Team Building excursion to Whiteman Park.

UPDATE ON ICT COMMUNICATION We have successfully come to an agreement

with Acer Australia to purchase 100 Computers from them from the grant money received under the National Secondary School Computer Fund (NSSCP) First order will consist of 10 then the rest will be purchased after the initial set up. We are also going to purchase 112 computers from Budget Computers Malaga. The power upgrade to accommodate the new computers is going to take place very soon. The plan is to work on a classroom, finish it and move to the next while the computers are installed in that classroom. Each classroom is going to have at least 20 power points and network connection outlets.

On behalf of the college, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all parents, teachers, staff and AIC board members who have been diligently and patiently supportive and cooperative to ensure the smooth operation and success of the school. May Allah (SWT) shower his blessings, mercy and reward you here and in the Hereafter for all the good work you do. Best Wishes

Nasreen Ahmed (Principal). July 2010


SMILE!!!! She smiled at a sorrowful stranger. The smile seemed to make him feel better. He remembered past kindness of a friend And wrote him a thank you letter. The friend was so pleased with the thank you That he left a large tip after lunch. The waitress, surprised by the size of the tip, Gave part to a man on the street. The man on the street was grateful; For two days he’d had nothing to eat. After he finished his dinner, He left for his small dingy room. He didn’t know at that moment that he might be facing his doom. On the way he picked up a shivering puppy And took him home to get warm. The puppy was very grateful To be in out of the storm. That night the house caught on fire. The puppy barked the alarm. He barked till he woke the whole household And saved everybody from harm. One of the boys that he rescued Grew up to be President. All this because of a simple smile That hadn’t cost a cent. ...and THAT is the power of a smile! So smile away :)

The Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, said: “Every good deed is sadaqah (charity). To meet your brother with a smiling face. Wake Up Call Issue 173 / 4

A Review Of The Accelerated Reading Program In Term 2 The Accelerated Reading classes in Term 2 may not have been as frequent as last term, but this has,

nonetheless, affected the scores of our very able readers in the program in no way. Due to the Scholastic Book Fair 2010 and the Yr 11 exams taking place inside the library during the class times of the Accelerated Reading Program, the students managed to complete 6 tests this term as compared to the 9 in the first term. The best class this term? It has to be Class 2C! The class may be new this year, but they have undoubtedly been one of the best behaved and the most organised class this term, while their results too were also very good. Their visits to the library only add to the pleasure of the library staff because of their infectious enthusiasm and vibrant attitude towards reading and also because of their wonderful standard of manners and exemplary behaviour inside the library during all their visits.

Best Class – Yr 2C in Term 2

Term 2 has also been very effective because of all the cooperation received from the teachers. The teachers

have been, masha’allah, very organised, and this only further added to the smooth and quick running of the Accelerated Reader classes during the term. Also, there was far lesser number of lost and damaged books recorded in the library this term. Special mention has to be given to teachers as well for ensuring this and for the timely return of all library books from their students as well. Hence, to sum it up, it must be noted that, overall and comparatively, the results this term were significantly quite better than that of the first term. Most of the Accelerated Readers this term had certainly put forward a great deal of commendable effort and a sincere amount of hard work, and this has clearly reflected in their results because all the classes have performed much better than the last term. We wish all these students and their proud teachers all the best for the rest of the academic year!

Islamic Jokes Here is the story of an Imam who got up after Friday prayers and announced to the people: ”I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad news is, it’s still out there in your pockets.”

Wake Up Call Issue 173 /


Jul July 2010 y

The Month of

Sha’ban Aaishah said: “I never saw the Messenger of Allaah fast a complete month except for Ramadan, and I have never seen him fast more in a month than he did in Sha`baan.” [Bukhaari, Muslim] Usamah ibn Zaid inquired: “O Messenger of Allaah, I never find you fasting in any month like you do during the month of Sha`baan.” The Prophet responded: “That is the month the people neglect. It comes between Rajab and Ramadaan. It is a month in which the deeds are raised to the Lord of the Worlds. I love that my deeds be raised while I am fasting.” [An-Nasaa’i] Narrated Abu Hurairah, Allaah’s Messenger said: “When the month of Sha`baan is halfway, do not fast.” [Agreed upon]. As-San`aanee says in Subul us-Salaam:”One can fast provided he has to observe a compensatory fasting (in lieu of the Fard - obligatory ones) or the other prescribed ones which may be categorised as Waajib (compulsory). However the volitional fasting is prohibited lest one should be subjected to exhaustion and weakness that may in turn render the Ramadan obligatory fasting difficult for him.” Salamah ibn Suhail also used to say, “The month of Sha’ban is the month of those who recite (the Quran).” and ‘Amr ibn Qais al-Mala’i used to close his store on the arrival of Sha’ban and devote his time to reading the generous Quran. _______________________________________ Abu Umaamah reported: “I came to the Messenger of Allaah(SAW) and said: “Order me to do a deed that will allow me to enter Paradise.” He then said: ‘Stick to faasting, as there is no equivalent to it.’ Then I came to him again and he said: ‘Stick to fasting.’” [Ahmad] Abu Sa’eed al-Khudree reported that the Messenger of Allaah(SAW) said: “No servant fasts on a day in the path of Allaah except that Allaah removes the hellfire seventy years further away from his face.” [Agreed upon]

July 2010

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

Almighty Allah says: [Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for those who hope in Allah and the latter day and remember Allah much](Al-Ahzab 33:21) We will try to explore some unique aspects of the character and biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). In doing so, let’s sincerely pray that many of us will start a process of change to acquire many of these traits of our beloved Prophet and apply them, in sha` Allah. In 610 CE, Prophet Muhammad, the last and the seal of all Prophets (peace and blessings be upon them all), began receiving the revelation. Almighty Allah says: [Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the Prophets, and Allah is Ever-Aware of all things.] (Al-Ahzab 33:40) Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) provided a model of how people should live as individuals and as members of the society. The truths revealed to and taught by him stress that this world did not spring up by itself but was created by One God (Allah), Who continues to watch over it. All human beings are Allah’s servants and are accountable before Him for their actions. Death is not the end of humans’ life; rather it is the beginning of another eternal world, where the righteous will enjoy the bliss of Paradise and the wicked will dwell in raging Hellfire. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) changed the tide of the human history and captured the imagination of the world by Allah’s will. He taught a religion that is based on: 1- Worshipping One Immortal God (Almighty Allah) 2- Believing in reality, not superstition 3- Teaching humans to utilize nature (instead of worshipping it), thus paving the way for the scientific era 4- Giving political power to the people and not hereditarily keeping it in the hands of one monarch or chieftain 5- Showing the people all over the world — through the example of the Prophet — how to live, cooperate, and work in an atmosphere of justice and peace, not cruelty and oppression 6- Teaching that if one always fears to displease Almighty Allah, then there shouldn’t be anything else that one should fear 7- Teaching that if one rises above negative impulses and pessimism, one can overcome all enemies, and if one sacrifices this world for the next, one will eventually have the best of both worlds

Wake Up Call Issue 173 / 6

The Health & Physical Education Department

The Health & Physical Education Department has been very busy organizing interschool competitions & excursions for Primary & Highschool students this term. Competitions: The trophy winners for badminton competition Imran Andhy Teddy Merdi, Iman Hoglin and Nurizzati Mokak represented our college in an interschool badminton tournament at Kingsway Indoor Stadium. Year 7 Girls are going to compete in the interschool Dockers Cup footy competition held on the 19th of May at EFTel Oval. Year 8 and 9 Boys competed in the Freohouse Footy Carnival on the 2nd of June at EFTel Oval. Year 6 & 7 Boys have been competing in the interschool Eagles Cup Football Competition which is active fortnightly.

This term we had the Footy Clinic introduce basic footy skills for Primary Years 1 & 2 and also Highschool Years 9 & 10 Girls. We currently are running Faction Footy Competition for Highschool students everyday.

Excursions Year 6 Girls has been selected to participate in a Pilot Program for the Subiaco Oval-The Ultimate “Footy� Classroom visit on the 9th of June. Year 9 Girls & Boys attended a Team Building excursion to Whiteman Park on the 1st & 3rd of June.


Wake Up Call Issue 173

July 2010

Gaza March After the horrendous actions from Israel on Gaza aid ships, we could no longer stand by and watch. On the 6th of June 2010 the people of Perth took to the streets to express their disgust. With an impressive crowd of over 500 marchers, we marched through the City of Perth voicing our opinion. For such short notice, the rally was one of the most successful and is what we need to see more of in the future. AIC, year 12 student Hannah Magar was amongst the speakers at the rally. In addition to the 500 people that rallied in Perth, the crowds of Melbourne and Sydney reached numbers as high as 1500 people. These rallies are examples of becoming one and making a difference and its at times like these when this is most needed.

We thank the Friends of Palestine WA for their ultimate effort behind such a crucial cause. For more information about their cause and upcoming events visit their website and join their mailing list! July 2010

Wake Up Call Issue 173/


July 2010 Prayer Times

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) Said:

ÂŤBetween a man and shirk

[associating others with Allaah] and kufr [disbelief] there stands his giving up prayerÂť [Narrated by Muslim, 82].


Wake Up Call Issue 173

July 2010


The AIC OPEN DAY, which took place on Sunday 13th June 2010, was truly a festive event this month for not only the Australian Islamic College in Kewdale, but also the Muslim Community. There were several attractions on OPEN DAY that were thoroughly enjoyed by both parents and students alike. These included a whole range of stalls spread across the corridors of the campus and the playgrounds. The stalls varied from all kinds of food stalls to stalls for Islamic clothes, Islamic accessories, henna-drawing, etc. There were also some great performances of Islamic songs by our Indonesian singers that simply added to the pleasure of all the visitors.

June 2010

Wake Up Call Issue 173 / 10

Nasheed Group


visits the Australian Islamic College Kewdale Friday 28th May was a day of excitement

for the students and staff at the Kewdale College. Raihan, the world famous Nasheed Group from Malaysia chose to launch their new Album ‘We’re brothers and sisters’ at the college and performed 2 songs from their Album with some of our Primary students. Sr Zaliza Alias as the Raihan and Genius Aulad representative spoke about the background to the album and Sr Nasreen Ahmed the Kewdale Principal thanked the visitors on behalf of the college. There was a video clip of the song ‘Brothers and Sisters’ followed by the much anticipated performance. The event was covered by TV3- Malaysia’s most popular commercial television station along with newspaper and other media (including Wake Up Call of course!).

11 /

Wake Up Call Issue 173

July 2010



Sushi in AIC This semester in SOSE our year 10’s are studing Japan. This week

we started to learn about the different food types Japan had to offer and decided to bring in Hnedeh Arnaout to demonstrate to the students how to make Sushi. Sushi indicates foods that use rice seasoned with sweet rice-wine vinegar. Of course, raw fish is the most popular ingredient in sushi, but the main element of sushi is Japanese sticky rice. There are many kinds of sushi, which don’t include raw fish. Cooked fish, shellfish, and various other ingredients can be combined in sushi. Thankyou to Sr. Sushi for us.

July 2010

Hnedeh who volunteered her time to make Wake Up Call Issue 173 /


Wake Up Call Kitchen


Wake Up Call Kitchen Baba Ghannouj (Eggplant Dip)

Ingredients 4 medium yellow onions, peeled 3 Tbs. olive oil 1 cup lentils 3-1/2 cups cold water 1 cup long-grain rice 2 tsp. salt


Dice 3 of the onions. Heat a large frying pan and add 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and the diced onions. SautĂŠ until quite brown and set aside. In a 4-quart covered pot place the lentils and water. Bring to a boil, covered, and then turn down to a simmer. Cook for 15 minutes. Add the cooked onion to the lentils, along with the rice and salt. Cover and simmer 20 minutes until rice and lentils are soft. If a bit of water remains unabsorbed, remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes and it will soak in. Slice the remaining onion into rings. Heat the frying pan again and sautĂŠ the rings in the remaining olive oil. To serve, top the lentils with the sautĂŠed onion rings. Accompany with plain yogurt and a lemony green salad, with tomato wedges on the side. Serves 8.

Ingredient and Method 1 large round eggplant (aubergine) 2 or 3 cloves of garlic 60 milliliters (3 oz., 4 Tbs.) tahina 60 milliliters (2 oz., 4 Tbs.) lemon juice salt, red pepper olive oil chopped parsley slices of red bell pepper to garnish Cook the eggplant in a hot oven or on a fork over the flame of a gas stove. When it is well cooked through and the skin is blackened, douse with cold water, peel and chop into small pieces. Mash two or three cloves of garlic to a paste with about the same volume of salt. Add eggplant, mash to a smooth consistency and blend the tahina and lemon juice to make the Arab version of this dish; omit the tahina for the Turkish version. Serve in a bowl with little olive oil on top and garnish chopped parsley, red pepper slices and a dusting of red pepper. Serves Five .

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July 2010

Wake Up Kids! The King


and the Poor Man

from the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

On the authority of Abu Harayrah (may Allah be pleased with him)

from the Prophet, who said: Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said: Spend (on charity), O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you. It was related by al-Bukhari (also by Muslim).

Basic Muslim Beliefs Belief in God’s Revealed Books: Muslims believe that God revealed books to His messengers as proof for mankind and as guidance for them. Among these books is the Quran, which God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad . God has guaranteed the Quran’s protection from any change.

July 2010

There was a king who decided to take a

tour of his country. As he passed by different places, everyone rushed to see him. However, while passing by a certain place, he noticed a poor old man who did not pay any attention to the king’s arrival and remained engaged in his own activities. The king went up to this poor man and asked why he did not join the people to see him. The poor man replied, “Before you, there was another king who once passed by this place. Everyone gathered to see him as well. But, few days later he died and was buried in a place nearby. A poor man also died during that time and was buried near the king’s grave. After some time, a strong flood passed through that area causing those graves to overturn. As a result, the bones of the poor man became mixed up with those of the king’s. We could not differentiate between them any longer. After seeing this, it does not matter to me anymore as to who is a king and who is a beggar. In the end, our home is the same.” Wake Up Call Issue 173 /



CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL STAFF & STUDENTS 3 of our students achieved a score of 99 28% of our students scored above 89 56% of our students scored above 79

wake up call ISSUE 173  

AIC wake up call