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Tips for Success Making the most of your exhibition participation

At AIBTM, we are committed to your success! Please review this document, as it is designed to help you take full advantage of the many opportunities that will arise pre-show, onsite and post-show.

Step 1: Ten Tips to Enhance Your Investment................................ Page 3 Step 2: Pre-Show Planning .............................................................. Page 4 Step 3: Marketing............................................................................. Page 7 Step 4: The AIBTM Appointment System........................................ Page 9 Step 5: During AIBTM....................................................................... Page 10 Step 6: Post Show............................................................................ Page 10

Appendix I: Back to Basics – Trade Show 101............................... Page 12

STEP 1: Ten Tips to Enhance Your Investment 1. Plan for Trade Show Success We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan! With a good plan in place you will be able to show ROI to justify future shows. Create a timeline and check list. Explore marketing opportunities with your AIBTM sales person.

2. The Exhibitor Portal This is your gateway to Hosted Buyer appointments. Be sure to complete your profile as early as possible to allow Hosted Buyers access to your company via targeted searches. The more robust your profile, the more information buyers will have to make a determination with whom they’d like to meet.

3. Online Tutorial Use AIBTM’s online tutorials to master the Exhibitor Portal and the Appointment System. Online tutorials will be avaliable mid-March.

4. Group Coordinator Benefit by becoming an AIBTM Group Coordinator. Consider this fantastic, exhibitor-only opportunity to invite your best customers and prospects to the show as Hosted Buyers. It demonstrates how much you value their business while giving you another touch point to further cement your relationship. Qualified buyers will receive complimentary air and hotel accommodations to the event. We foot the bill... you get the accolades. Contact us to learn more at

5. Pre-Promote Your Presence at AIBTM Let your clients and prospects know you’re going to be at AIBTM by using our PR agencies, e-newsletters, email signatures, banner ads and social media. AIBTM’s marketing team can assist you in creating and distributing your message.

6. Train Your Staff Be sure your booth staff and exhibiting partners understand AIBTM’s Hosted Buyer and Trade Buyer format as well as each of the buyer sectors—corporate, association and agency/incentive. Successful connections can be made with all types of attendees.

7. Keep Your Service Partners in the Loop Make sure that the contractors handling the logistics of your booth understand what’s going on. Discuss any unique items such as products in the booth, monitors, height limitations, etc. Be sure to send them the AIBTM Exhibitor Operational Manual found on

8. Fully Engage Pre-scheduled appointments allow you the opportunity to have meaningful 20-minute conversations with your prospects. Consider bringing any relevant exhibiting partners into your pre-scheduled appointments if they are free.

9. Bring Literature, But Not Too Much Most literature handed out at the show doesn’t make it past the trash bin in your potential customer’s hotel room. Instead, consider writing ‘Show Sample’ on a copy of your literature to display at the show, and then get your customer’s contact details to email or mail them after. It will also save you the expense of shipping your heavy literature around. This gives you a great call to action to follow up with your leads post show. Explore technology to get information in your customer’s hands. QR codes and mobile marketing platforms are great ways to do this.

10. Follow-up On Leads Though it seems like a no-brainer, you need to make sure that you follow up on leads in a timely fashion. Discuss the next steps, quotes, future meetings, and provide any additional information they need. It’s time to deliver on the promises and the expectations that you have set at the show.

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STEP 2: Pre-Show Planning Please refer to the deadlines below to help keep you on track before the show.

STEP 2: Pre-Show Planning Exhibitor List continued

Note: dates in effect as of February 25, 2014. Subject to change.


STEP 2: Pre-Show Planning Getting Started It is important to understand the appointment system, but before you do that, please review the following:

1. Set Measurable Objectives Objectives are necessary to give direction, establish budget requirements, stimulate sales performance, measure results and establish value. They must be: • Measurable in quantity and quality • Achievable in a defined period of time • Consistent with your company’s goals, policies and marketing plan

2. Set a Budget How much you decide to spend depends on what you aim to achieve and its value to your business. When you’re assessing what the show might be worth, don’t forget to allow for future sales and brand awareness if applicable. Many exhibitors find the value of their show participation is reflected in sales for many months after the event.

3. Consider What You Want To Achieve • Generate leads

• Outshine the competition

• Enhance existing customer relationships

• Gather competitive intelligence

• Close sales or book a meeting

• Demonstrate new technologies

• Introduce or test a new product or product features

• Enhance corporate image

• Establish staff expertise in the industry

• Perform market research

• Increase market share

• Gain media coverage and exposure

• Develop brand awareness

• Solicit new distribution channels

4. Review the Exhibitor Manual Every show has different requirements and timelines. The online Exhibitor Manual contains all the required information and any forms you need to complete from all segments of the show, including Operational (booth information, furniture) Logistical (freight) and Administrative (audio visual requirements, catering). The AIBTM Exhibitor Manual will be available mid-March.

5. Prepare to Capture Your Leads Determine if you will need a lead retrieval tracking device to capture your leads or if you will record the details manually. Your diary will contain basic information about the Hosted Buyers you will meet. However, impromptu meetings with both Hosted Buyers and Trade Buyers (non-hosted meeting planners) will not be automatically recorded. You may want to consider renting a lead retrieval device, or more than one if you have multiple partners.


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STEP 3: Marketing 1. Complete Interactive Web Listing/Build Your Exhibitor Profile Complete your interactive web listing and upload logos, videos, social media links and more on the Exhibitor Portal. Ensure you take the time to complete this properly as it is a key factor to your success at the show.

2. Spread the Word Make your clients and prospects aware of your participation at AIBTM: •

Call your top clients and send VIP invitations.

Add the AIBTM dates and your booth number in your email signature.

Place the AIBTM logo and/or web banner with your booth number on your website.

3. Complimentary Email Invitations AIBTM can create a personalized eVite for your company to send to all of your clients and prospects. • Your eVite will include: booth number, company logo, company description, and image of your choice. • You can send these evites directly to your database or we can do that for you. • Requesting a free eVite is easy. Just email Christine Knox at

4. Get a Free Web Banner & Email Signature Promote AIBTM on your website to your existing clients and new prospects: • AIBTM can create a customized web banner that meets your website’s specifications. Just tell us what size you need. • Your web banner will include the AIBTM date & location, your booth number and company logo. It can be loaded immediately onto your website. • We can also provide an electronic version of the trade invitation for you to email to your customers or include in your email signatures. Just email Kelly Tracey at

5. Social Media Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with your customers using the hashtag #AIBTM. •

Join AIBTM’s social media pages:

Become a fan of AIBTM’s Facebook page

Follow AIBTM on Twitter

Join both of AIBTM’s LinkedIn Communities: - AIBTM’s Exhibitor LinkedIn Community - AIBTM’s general LinkedIn Group

6. Let us Know ”What’s Happening” Inform AIBTM of any promotional activities, competitions, giveaways or events that will be conducted in your booth during the show. We’ll promote these details on • Participate in AIBTM’s Networking Hour taking place on the show floor on Wednesday, June 11 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm. Engage with meeting planners with a “taste” or sampling of your brand. You may also want to distribute invitations onsite and/or send an e-invitation prior to the event. • Use contests and giveaways to motivate prospective buyers to visit your booth.


7. Your Website Be sure to utilize your website as a tool to promote your presence at AIBTM. Consider including: • AIBTM dates and location along with your booth number • Call to action to register for AIBTM or apply to be a Hosted Buyer • A link to the show website ( • Any in-booth functions or giveaways • Special offers • OR, you can request a customized banner ad we can create for you (see #4 above!)

8. Promotional Opportunities Consistent and diverse promotion builds awareness and generates booth traffic. • Integrate your current advertising campaigns with your participation in the show. Simply incorporate into your existing artwork ‘See us in Booth X’ and the AIBTM logo • AIBTM has a variety of promotional opportunities available for every budget to assist you in creating maximum exposure for your booth leading up to and during the show. Go to: • AIBTM also offers no-charge marketing options for our exhibitors. Go to:

9. Buzzworthy? Let us help you promote your latest news. Submit content for consideration within AIBTM’s press releases or Show Daily… or promote your onsite press conference. Contact the AIBTM Public Relations team:

U.S. PR Agency – The Pollack PR Marketing Group: Mike Greece Tel: 212-601-9341 E:

Kristen Rocco Tel: 212-601-9341 E:

International PR Agency - CUT Communications: Nina Gardiner Tel: +44(0)20 8334 4004 E:

Siria Nielsen Tel: +44(0)20 8334 4006 E:

10. The Week Before AIBTM • Send a final email to all of your clients reminding them of your presence at AIBTM. • Push your message and presence at AIBTM through your social media channels – create as much buzz and excitement around your participation as possible. • Ensure you have done your research for each Hosted Buyer with whom you have a Pre-scheduled Appointment (PSA) to ensure the right questions and responses are prepared. • Before arriving at the show, print your list of PSAs and add any appointments scheduled outside of the system (i.e. an appointment with a Trade Buyer, non-hosted meeting planner).

STEP 4: The AIBTM Appointment System Each main stand holder and each exhibiting partner entered on the Exhibitor Portal is given their own appointment schedule (also called an Appointment Diary). Your Pre-scheduled Appointments (PSA) are initially arranged via a computer matching system. To start, Hosted Buyers select the suppliers with whom they would like to meet. Hosted Buyers are required to select 10 preferences for each day they are at the show. (Preference choices begin in early April). On May 12, the computer matching system will automatically schedule 8 appointments for one-day visitors or 16 appointments for two-day visitors, plus Destination and/or Hotel Presentations. Buyer preferences are matched with exhibitor availability. After the initial match, additional appointments can be scheduled directly by Hosted Buyers as they review exhibitor profiles. These are automatically accepted into the exhibitor’s appointment schedule. What’s more, appointments may also by requested by exhibitors.

Before the Diaries Open (on or about May 15) • Take advantage of AIBTM’s free marketing opportunities or sponsorship options to promote your company and your participation at the show. This can help to boost your overall number of appointments. Go to: • Make sure your company details in the Exhibitor Portal are accurate and robust. This helps direct the right buyers to your listing… which can influence their appointment selection process. • Let us know if you’d like to block any appointment times by May 5. This allows you to free up time for lunch, conference calls, etc if needed. Note: blocked appointment times will result in fewer onsite appointments.

When Your Diary Opens (on or about May 15) • Review your prescheduled appointments frequently. DDYou’ll want to review your appointments after the initial computerized match up. DDIt is important to continuously review your schedule to see if you have received any Hosted Buyer Self Selected Appointments (this allows exhibitors to see any appointments they may have received from buyer directly – not as a result of the computerized match up.) DDYou will also be able to view a list of appointments that were unable to be matched due to schedule clashes. These unmatched preferences may be used as a lead list as you can contact these buyers directly. • Utilize the exhibitor appointment request system to directly invite Hosted Buyers to meet with you during mutually available times. DDYou may search a list showing buyer name / company allowing you to individually request specific buyers. You are then able to send an appointment request directly. You can target your search to specify the types of buyers you are looking to attract. Buyers may be searched as follows: ­

Geographical area of interest


Product Category of interest

­ Company type ­ Company Name ­ Alphabetically DDHosted Buyers must then accept or decline exhibitor appointment requests. Be sure to keep track of when your appointment requests are due to lapse in order to make additional requests in a timely fashion.


STEP 5: During AIBTM AIBTM 2014 Trade Show Hours: Tuesday, June 10: Education Day (also last day of exhibitor set up) Wednesday, June 11: 10:00am – 6:00pm (doors open for exhibitors at 9:00am) Thursday, June 12: 9:00am – 4:00pm (doors open for exhibitors at 8:00am)

Consider a Daily Briefing… • Discuss any issues or actions. Keep the energy up and be positive! • Attend networking events, education events and maximize face time with buyers

Welcome Trade Buyers as well as Hosted Buyers • Trade Buyers are qualified meeting planners who attend AIBTM outside of the Hosted Buyer Program. Many are unable to apply as a Hosted Buyer due to their company’s policies. Please welcome these buyers with the same consideration that you would a Hosted Buyer.

Use your Lead Retrieval System • Capture the details of Hosted Buyers and Trade Buyers visiting your booth. • Determine whether your partners will also need their own Lead Retrieval System

Use the Hosted Buyer rating tool • Immediately following each appointment, you can rate the value of that meeting in the Exhibitor Portal right on your computer or tablet. The rating tool will also be available to you up to three weeks post-show.

Take advantage of Onsite Exposure Opportunities • Continue to communicate your message via your social media channels and the AIBTM channels. When posting on Twitter / Facebook don’t forget to include the hashtag #AIBTM to ensure that your posts are part of the overall conversation. • ‘Check in’ during AIBTM on Facebook so that clients know you are onsite and ready to meet with them.

Networking and Education • Attend the CEU-accredited education sessions to further enhance your own personal development and network with buyers. (No additional charge) • Attend the Welcome Party at Pointe Orlando to make new contacts and connect with old friends (Tuesday, June 10 7:00pm - 10:00pm)

STEP 6: Post Show Follow Up • Send out a ‘Thank You’ to your customers for meeting with you at AIBTM and highlight your business options for them to follow up on post-show. • Send out a ‘Sorry we missed you’ email to those buyers you didn’t get to see. • Ensure you rate each Buyer you meet with at AIBTM (exhibitors with Pre-Scheduled Appointments only) to ensure we maintain the quality of our Hosted Buyers. • Follow up on ALL leads obtained at the event – many buyers will make their purchasing decisions in the weeks following the event. You’ll want to be top of mind with them. • Help us continuously improve our show. Be sure to fill out the post-show exhibitor survey so show management can use your feedback. Many of AIBTM’s show improvements and revisions are based on the post show survey results.


Thank you! We wish you success at AIBTM and look forward to working with you and seeing you in Orlando! Please email if you have feedback regarding this document or any aspect of your AIBTM experience. Our team is here to assist you in planning for the show. We’ve put together key contact information for you:

AIBTM Customer Service Helpline:


Sales Team Assistance:

Email: Phone: +1 (203) 840-5862

Exhibitor Portal Assistance:

Email: Phone: +1 (203) 840-5524

Freeman Assistance (For ordering carpet, furniture, graphics etc):

Phone: +1 (407) 816-7900

PR Assistance U.S. PR Agency – The Pollack PR Marketing Group: Mike Greece Phone: +1 (212) 601-9341 Email:

Kristen Rocco Phone: +1 (212) 601-9341 Email:

International PR Agency - CUT Communications: Nina Gardiner Phone: +44(0)20 8334 4004 Email:

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Siria Nielsen Phone: +44(0)20 8334 4006 Email:

Appendix I Back to Basics – Trade Show 101 Remember these simple, time-tested tips: Attitude • Be inviting – make sure attendees know they’re welcome • Be enthusiastic about your product, destination or service

Professionalism • Dress professionally; wear comfortable shoes • Keep the booth clean • Remember–you represent the brand • Be professional, even after hours

Non-verbal skills • Have approachable body language – good posture, hands out of pockets, a smile • Don’t pounce immediately – give attendees time to focus on a particular item and give yourself time to plan a suitable opening question • Don’t “stand guard” on the edge of your booth with your arms folded, passers-by will be reluctant to step into your booth if they feel they have to “get past” someone to do so • Take breaks elsewhere other than at your booth. Eating and drinking in your booth gives an “I’m busy” signal. • Don’t get caught up checking emails on your smart phones or tablets. You could miss an important prospect.

Ability to Engage Attendees • Use keen observation skills • Welcome attendees in the aisle who make eye contact, look intensely at your booth or watch your demonstration • Be quick with engaging comments and DON’T say “can I help you?” Ask open ended questions that demand an informed response and which will enable you to pursue the conversation further

Call Prospects by Name • Invite attendees to watch a demonstration, or meet with them after a demonstration

Ability to Qualify • Use the lead management/tracker system • Qualify quickly and efficiently • Ask informational questions and keep notes

Good Customer Relations • Match the speed rate, volume and body language of the prospect • Adjust vocabulary for level of technical expertise • Never say “I don’t know.” Instead say, “That’s a good question. Let me see if I can find out for you.” • State things in a positive way and be a good listener • Use literature, samples, contents, selling tools and audio visual correctly

Ability to Present Solutions • Qualify first before doing the demo • Keep the presentation benefits-oriented • Monitor and limit the time spent on the interaction • Talk to two or three attendees at once if necessary • Don’t get distracted

Ability to Close and Capture • Lead prospect to an action step • Get commitment for action or follow-up • Obtain names of other decision-makers and referrals • Take the time to write down as much information as possible after the interaction for follow-up efforts. Don’t trust your memory.

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Tips for Success