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Hosted Buyer Handbook 2014

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Dear Hosted Buyer, Thank you for choosing to attend our exclusive Hosted BuyerŽ Program at AIBTM 2014 in Orlando. Our Hosted Buyer Program is a strategic and time-effective opportunity for domestic and international senior-level buyers in the Meetings, Incentives and Business Travel industry to personally meet with a selection of over 750 leading global exhibitors through a unique pre-scheduled appointment process. You will benefit from complimentary flights, 4-star accommodations, cutting edge tailored education with CEU credits and exclusive networking opportunities. This handbook will lead you through the AIBTM journey to Orlando and provides a clear step-by-step guide to the processes involved and the actions you will need to take as a Hosted Buyer. From appointment selection to travel arrangements and networking functions - we’ve got it covered - and for anything else, we are happy to answer your questions. We will be updating the handbook continuously and will be in touch with any important new developments. We look forward to welcoming you to AIBTM 2014 and celebrating in the sunny city of Orlando. In case of any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us to ensure your experience as an AIBTM Hosted Buyer is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. The AIBTM Hosted Buyer Team

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Table of Contents Key Activities & Deadlines


Hosted Buyer Qualifying Criteria


Hosted Buyer Application Status


Pre & Post Tours


Hosted Buyer Zone


Appointments, Destination Presentations & Hotel Presentations










What is not Included


Education Day


Welcome to Orlando




Team Contact Information


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Key Activities

Responsibility and Actions

Late January/Early February 2014 AIBTM Registration Goes Live February – May 2014 Hosted Buyer Applications and Qualification process

Hosted Buyer Team will review all applications with the assistance of external qualifiers based on the qualifying criteria and inform applicants via e-mail if they have been accepted to the Program

March 2014 Hosted Buyer Zone goes LIVE Selection of Exhibitor Appointment Preferences and Destination/Hotel Presentations

You will receive a website link and login details for the Hosted Buyer Zone, a personal reference site capturing all your programassociated information. You can begin selecting your exhibitor appointment preferences and Destination/ Hotel Presentations in the Hosted Buyer Zone.

May 2014 Hosted Buyer Registration deadline:

May 9th 2014

Please apply by May 9th 2014 to ensure you receive appropriate flights and accommodations. After this date, options become limited.

Exhibitor Appointment Preference and Destination/Hotel Presentation selection deadline:

May 9th 2014

You must complete your exhibitor appointment preferences and Destination Presentation selection in the Hosted Buyer Zone by May 9th 2014, which is prior to the first appointment match.

Hosted Buyer cancellation deadline: May 9th 2014

1 For questions, contact

Cancellations received on or before May 9th 2014 do not incur a cancellation fee unless your flight has already been booked. Please see the cancellation policy for further details.

Key Activities

Responsibility and Actions

Hosted Buyer Zone closed for appointment matching: The Hosted Buyer Zone will be closed for the day on May 9th 2014 for appointment matching.

May 9th, 2014 The Self-Scheduled Appointments Tool goes live:

May 13th, 2014

Mid May 2014 your schedule goes live on the IBTM App for mobile devices Late May 2014 Travel Documentation and Appointment Schedule

You will be able to make additional appointments with exhibitors from May 13th 2014, until June 4th, 2014 in the Hosted Buyer Zone. You will receive login details to view your personalized schedule on your mobile devices via the IBTM App. The app can be downloaded at You will be emailed your badges and travel information. Your schedule of appointments can be printed via the Hosted Buyer Zone.

June 2014 June 5th 2014 Self-Scheduled Appointments Close June 10th 2014 Education Day June 11th – 12th 2014 AIBTM (Orlando) Exhibit Dates

Hosted Buyer Self-Scheduled appointments close June 5th, 2014 Education Day at AIBTM with CEU-credited courses. Hosted Buyer appointments will commence when the show opens each day.

Show Hours: Wednesday, June 11th : 10:00am - 6:00pm Thursday, June 12th : 9:00am - 4:00pm

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What are the Hosted Buyer Qualifying Criteria?

For Meetings/Events/Incentives

For Business Travel

Number of domestic and international events held annually**

Number of travel management contracts negotiated annually

Individual purchasing authority

Individual purchasing authority

Annual budget for meetings, events, incentives, conventions Amount of business conducted annually domestically and internationally ** Potential for future meetings, incentives and conference business Must plan meetings, events and incentives in the US, Canada, and Mexico May plan international meetings, events and incentive programs

** Special Notes:

Annual budget of consolidated spend in various categories (air, hotel, transportation, expense management, travel management, etc.) Volume of transactions in various categories (air, hotel, transportation, expense management, travel management, etc.) Number of annual or renewable travel management contracts

Number of domestic vs. international travel management contacts negotiated

All AIBTM Hosted Buyers are required to place domestic business and may also place international business. Buyers who place only international business will not be accepted into the program. All meetings at AIBTM will be conducted in English. All buyers are required to have good conversational English.

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Hosted Buyer Application Status

Step 1 – Qualification Panel Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and validated by our qualification consultants. Your application status will be notified by email as soon as possible, usually within 2-3 weeks after the application is complete. Should the qualification consultants need further information to assess your application, you will be contacted directly to provide further details via phone. If you receive a call, please reply as soon as possible so that your application can be finalized. If you do not reply, your application will be pending.

Step 2 – Qualification results Successful Qualification If your application is successful, AIBTM will send an email directly to you (via the e-mail you provided during registration) letting you know you are accepted as a Hosted Buyer. Unsuccessful Qualification If your application is not successful, AIBTM will contact you by email and provide a short description explaining why you have been unsuccessful. If your application is declined, you will be welcome to attend the show as a non-hosted Trade Buyer.

4 For questions, contact

Invitation to Attend a Pre or Post Event Tour (PET)

Applying for a Pre or Post Event Tour (PET) Some of our exhibiting destination and hotel partners are organizing and offering official Pre and Post AIBTM event tours to our Hosted Buyers. If you meet the specific criteria (the criteria will vary by hotel/destination), you may have the opportunity to apply during the Hosted Buyer application process (subject to availability). If you are offered a PET and decide to apply, you are required to select one of the hotel/destinations proposed during the application process and list your objectives for attending the tour. The application for the pre/post AIBTM event tours will be qualified by the host hotel/destination. Buyers can only apply for pre/post tours that are offered as part of the Hosted Buyer application process.

2014 PETs are being offered by the following Host Destinations: • • • • • • • •

Hyatt Hotels of Orlando Greater Miami CVB Jamaica Tourist Board Visit Tampa Bay (Pre-tour) NYC & Company Greater Ft. Lauderdale CVB Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board Wyndham Grand Orlando Bonnet Creek

Detailed Pre/Post AIBTM Tour information and the criteria for inclusion can be found at under the Hosted Buyer tab.

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Hosted Buyer Zone

The Hosted Buyer Zone will be Live in mid-March 2014. You will receive e-mail notification with a link and password to the Hosted Buyer Zone and directions for the log-in process. The AIBTM Hosted Buyer Zone is an online platform designed to help you prepare and manage your time at AIBTM effectively. It is personalized to capture your specific Hosted Buyer Program information.

The Hosted Buyer Zone gives you the tools to: • Select your exhibitor appointment preferences • Select your Destination Presentations and Hotel Presentations • Use the Appointment Self-Scheduler to book additional appointments beyond the mandatory amounts or to fill-in appointments to reach your required amount • Keep up to date on what is going on during AIBTM 2014 • View your travel and accommodations, as soon as it is finalized (May 2014) • Access visa (if applicable) and ground transfer information • Print your credit card validation receipt • View this Hosted Buyer Handbook Top Tip: If you have problems accessing the Hosted Buyer Zone, copy and paste the Access Code from your qualification e-mail, directly into the login box. If you are still unable to access the site, please contact 6 For questions, contact

Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSAs), Destination Presentations & Hotel Presentations What is a Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA)? A Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA) is a one to one appointment between a buyer and an exhibitor. Each buyer must select 10 exhibitor appointment preferences per day of attendance (i.e. 20 total preferences for the 2 show days), in order for AIBTM to match appointments with buyer and exhibitor availability. Approximately 4 weeks prior to AIBTM, we will match a minimum of eight (8) appointments per day of attendance (i.e. 16 total appointments for the 2 show days). Your Pre-Scheduled Appointments then will be available to view in your Hosted Buyer Zone. Each PSA is scheduled for 20 minutes and start every half hour throughout the day. There is a 10 minute “travel� period after each appointment.

What is a Destination Presentation/Hotel Presentation? Destination and Hotel Presentations provide you with the opportunity to learn more about a country, region or city, their services available and specific hotel brands. Destination and Hotel Presentations are appointments in the form of presentations given to a group of individual Hosted Buyers who are interested in a particular destination or hotel brand. Each buyer must select one Destination/Hotel Presentation per day of attendance during the 2 exhibition days. Selected Destination/Hotel Presentations will be available to view in your Hosted Buyer Zone schedule immediately after selection.

Each Destination/Hotel Presentation is scheduled for 20 minutes and are offered at 12:30pm and 2:30pm on each day of the show.

7 For questions, contact

Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSAs), Destination Presentations & Hotel Presentations Step 1 – Arranging appointments

There are two ways for Hosted Buyers to Pre-schedule appointments at AIBTM:

1. 2.

AIBTM Matching System with Appointment Preference Selection Self-Selected Appointments (SSAs)

Matching System with Appointment Preference Selection (must be selected by May 9th, 2014) • In the Hosted Buyer Zone, you will select 10 Appointment Preferences per day of attendance by searching the Exhibitor list. You may search by company name, products/services and geographic location. You will rank your selections in order of priority: 1 being the most important, and 10 (or 20 if attending 2 days) being less important. • The Appointment Preferences are automatically matched (via computer) against exhibitor availability on May 12, 2014. The system will match buyers with up to 8 appointments per day to create a custom schedule of confirmed appointments. • Note: 10 preferences are selected but 8 are matched – the two overage allows for excess in case an exhibitor schedule is already full. • The system will not match multiple appointments with the same exhibitor. • Your preferences will remain in the selection tool until the appointment match has taken place on May 12th, 2014. • AIBTM will not match an appointment taking place at the same time as Destination/Hotel Presentations, and appointments will be matched in line with approved arrival and departure times.

8 For questions, contact

Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSAs), Destination Presentations & Hotel Presentations Self-Selected Appointments (SSAs) • After the Appointment match on May 12th, 2014 (noted above), you will have access to the Self-Selected Appointment scheduler in the Hosted Buyer Zone to make additional appointments to maximize your time. • The SSA tool allows you to search the exhibitor list and request an appointment at a mutually available time. The tool is designed for you to book exhibitor appointments with whom you do not already have a pre-scheduled appointment. Only available time slots will be displayed. Buyers may use both the Matching System and the SSA system to fulfil and/or exceed their appointment commitment.

Step 2 – Destination Presentations (DPs) and Hotel Presentations (HPs) (must be selected by May 9th, 2014) • Hosted Buyers are required to select 1 Destination Presentation or Hotel Presentation per day of attendance from the list of available presentations via the Hosted Buyer Zone. • Destination/Hotel presentations are group presentations which give an overview and introduction to a specific location, country or region, or hotel brand. • Destination/Hotel presentations are held two times per day at 12:30pm and 2:30pm and are 20 minutes long. • Each Destination/Hotel Presentation has a limited number of places available; we suggest you make your selection as early as possible to ensure your place. Top Tip: Please note that the attendance of all appointments and Destination Presentations is mandatory. If you are running late or miss an appointment, please visit the exhibitor at the earliest opportunity to arrange another time for the appointment. If you do not appear for your appointments you will be reported as a “no show” and may incur “no show” penalties.

9 For questions, contact

Step 3 – Viewing your confirmed Schedule • Once AIBTM has completed the appointment match, you will be able to see confirmed appointments in your schedule. You will receive an email advising you as soon as this is available. • The schedule will also include education, group functions, Destination/Hotel Presentations and AIBTM networking functions you are attending. • If you have not been matched with a minimum of 8 pre-scheduled appointments per day of attendance, you will be required to make additional appointments via the self-scheduled appointment tool, available in the Hosted Buyer Zone.

10 For questions, contact

Travel arrangements Flights Step 1 – Choosing your preferred airports You must select a departure airport which is closest to your home location during the application process.

Step 2 – Selecting your flights Once qualified and accepted, you will automatically be contacted by our BCD Travel Partner via e-mail to offer a coach flight option. You will have 48 hours to respond back to BCD to book your flight and/or to discuss alternate flight options. BCD will only book flights which will conform to specific arrival and departure times within the show schedule. If you would like to extend your stay, requests can be processed after they are qualified. Flights will be arranged for you based on the show schedule and your registration details. Arrival flights will usually be booked for early morning departure and show departure flights will be booked for the evening of June 12th, 2014, after the show ends.

Step 3 – Flight changes Once a flight is booked, travel change requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Flight changes will incur a travel change charge to be paid by you, the buyer, in addition to any flight fare differences. The cost will be charged to your credit card provided during registration.

Flight Reimbursement Options If you select the flight reimbursement option during registration, you have agreed to arrange and purchase your own flights/travel at your own expense.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. 2.

You must submit your full flight itinerary to your AIBTM Account Manager for written approval BEFORE you book your flight. You will be reimbursed ONLY for the monetary amount noted on the registration site, per your originating country or state, regardless of your actual flight fare. There will be no exceptions. Reimbursement amounts are based on average fare costs from each location for June 2014.

11 For questions, contact

Buyers Who Cannot Accept a “Hosted� Offer If you are unable to accept complimentary flights and/or accommodation due to your company guidelines, you may register for one of these alternate options during the application process:

1. 2.

Semi Hosted: includes all the Hosted Buyer benefits and accommodation; does not include flights. Appointment only: includes all the Hosted Buyer benefits; does not include flights or accommodation.

Ground Transfers On arrival at Orlando International airport (airport code: MCO), you will be greeted by AIBTM ground transfer staff who will direct you to the Hosted Buyer transportation. Dependent upon arrival date and time, you will either be transferred directly to the exhibition venue (Orange County Convention Center) or to your hotel. Hosted Buyers who choose to arrive and/or depart outside the official show arrival/departure dates will not be provided ground transfers. If you are transferred directly to the Orange County Convention Center, there will be secure luggage storage located near the bus drop-off area.

Top Tip: Buyers who book their own flights under the reimbursement option must enter the flight information in the Hosted Buyer Zone in order to be listed on the ground transfer manifest.

Your AIBTM Account Manager will provide more information on Hosted Buyer transfers closer to the show.

12 For questions, contact

Accomodations Arrangements Hotel Allocation AIBTM will allocate hotels to you based on whether you are registered as part of a group or “independently.” AIBTM will notify you of your hotel allocation sometime in May 2014. This info will be in the Hosted Buyer Zone. If you are registered under the auspices of and are being hosted by a Group Coordinator, you will be housed with their entire group in one property. If you are registered as an “individual” you will be housed independently. Special requests for specific properties cannot be honored. The name of the hotel you are staying in will be posted in the Hosted Buyer Zone approximately two weeks before the show. 2014 Hosted Buyer hotels: • Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal • Hard Rock Hotel • Hilton Orlando • Hyatt Place Orlando Convention Center • Hyatt Regency Grand Cyress • Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld • Rosen Plaza • Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard • Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort at Bonnet Creek

Additional Accommodations Should you want to extend your stay in Orlando, you will need to book your own accommodations. Our hotel contracts include a 3 day pre and post rate option based on availability and you may inquire about booking this rate directly with the hotel to which you are allocated. You are required to cover any additional accommodations at your own expense.

Additional Expenses AIBTM accommodations are provided on a room/tax-only basis. You will be responsible for any additional expenses charged to your room. Additional expenses must be settled with the hotel prior to departure and you will be asked for a personal credit card imprint upon check-in.

13 For questions, contact

Unable to Attend- Cancellations Cancellations If you wish to cancel your participation at AIBTM, you must provide written notice by e-mail directly to your AIBTM Account Manager or to The cancellation will not be effective until you have received a written acknowledgment from AIBTM.

Top Tip: If you decide to cancel and have a colleague who wishes to attend AIBTM we will consider replacement options. The substitute needs to register and qualify and flights are subject to availability.

Cancellation Fees AIBTM incurs significant costs when accepting a buyer into the Program and will therefore need to charge a cancellation fee. Charges are posted to your credit card provided at registration and a receipt can be provided.

Our cancellation policies are as follows and you will be asked during registration to acknowledge that you have read and understood these policies. Cancellation of attendance: Whilst not encouraged, Hosted Buyers may cancel their attendance to the Exhibition with no penalty on or before May 9, 2014, unless a flight has been agreed and booked on their behalf. If a flight has been booked, the Hosted Buyer will be charged for the fare. Cancellations received after May 9, 2014 but on or before June 4, 2014 will incur fees as follows (based on the Hosted Buyer’s scheduled point of departure, travel and/or accommodations): • • • • •

Europe, Asia and South America - $1,500 United States, Mexico, Canada (via air) - $500 United States – Florida local - $300 Accommodation Only - $300 No travel or accommodations - $100

14 For questions, contact

Unable to attend- Cancellations … continued Cancellations received after June 5, 2014 will incur fees as follows (based on the Hosted Buyer’s scheduled point of departure, travel and/or accommodations): • • • • •

Europe, Asia and South America - $1,800 United States, Mexico, Canada (via air) - $550 United States – Florida local - $350 Accommodations Only - $350 No travel or accommodations - $150 All cancellations must be submitted by email directly to the show team at ( and acknowledged in writing by an AIBTM Account Manager to be effective.

Significant Shortfall: Significant Shortfall of Prescheduled Appointments and Destination/Hotel Presentations: If two or more Pre-scheduled Appointments and/or Destination/Hotel Presentations are missed per day of attendance by the Hosted Buyer, this shall be treated by the Show Team as an Appointment Shortfall and the Hosted Buyer will incur a Shortfall fee as follows (based on the Hosted Buyer’s scheduled point of departure, travel and/or accommodations): • • • • •

Europe, Asia and South America - $1,800 United States, Mexico, Canada (via air) - $550 United States – Florida local - $350 Accommodations Only - $350 No travel or accommodations - $150

No Show: Hosted Buyers who do not inform the Show Team of their cancellation and do not attend AIBTM will incur a “No Show” fee if: • They are reported by the airlines, hotel or exhibitor as a “No-Show” on-site • They are unable to attend AIBTM and do not advise the AIBTM team via e-mail at ( prior to close of business on Friday, June 6, 2014.

15 For questions, contact

No Show Fees are as follows: • • • • •

Europe, Asia and South America - $1,800 United States, Mexico, Canada (via air) - $550 United States – Florida local - $350 Accommodations Only - $350 No travel or accommodations - $150

No Show for Education (Monday, June 9, 2014 Hosted Buyer Arrivals only): Buyers who are scheduled for Monday arrival (based on point of departure; usually long-haul) and committed to attend at least three education sessions on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, will be charged a No Show Fee if they do not attend the Education Sessions on Tuesday. The no show fee is to cover the cost of accommodations and education provision. No Show Fee for Education is as follows: • All domestic and International (via air) - $200

Visa Buyers arriving from certain countries may need a ‘Letter of Invitation’ in order to obtain ‘Visitor Entry Visas’ for the USA. It is your responsibility to determine if you need an Entry Visa from your country. AIBTM will provide you with a pdf letter of invitation via the AIBTM website. If you require a letter of confirmation from the hotel please advise your AIBTM Account Manager. Buyers who are unable to travel because of failure to obtain a Visa will be subject to the standard cancellation or no show charges. For further information on the countries that require a Visa visit the US Embassy website

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What is not included in the Hosted Buyer Program?

• Travel insurance • Private transfers or transfers outside of the scheduled show arrival/departure dates • Food and beverages (although complimentary refreshments and light food are available in the Hosted Buyer lounge throughout the exhibition hours) • Flight upgrades • Hotel upgrades • Additional nights’ hotel accommodation • Personal extras/incidentals • Reimbursement for mileage for drivers

17 For questions, contact

Education Day, June 10, 2014 Education Sessions for CEU Credits on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 Education Day will be on June 10, 2014 and will offer Buyers and Exhibitors a robust schedule of sessions and learning tracks tailored to Association, Corporate, Agency and Business Travel buyers. CEU credits are offered for most of the education sessions. CEU-credited Education Sessions do not take place during the Exhibit show days.

18 For questions, contact

Welcome to Orlando AIBTM Social and Networking Events As a Hosted Buyer you will receive exclusive invitations to exciting events! From breakfasts, luncheons and dinners to exclusive cocktail parties, AIBTM will provide the perfect platforms to network with industry peers.

You are invited to attend the: • Hosted Buyer Reception (for Monday arrivals) – Monday, June 9th 2014 • AIBTM Welcome Party - Tuesday June 10th at Pointe Orlando • Networking Hour – Wednesday June 11, from 5:00pm - 6:00pm on the Exhibit Show Floor

Make the most of these events whilst enjoying the unique and fun atmosphere of Orlando. For further information, please visit

Hosted Buyer Lounge, the Refresh Zone and the Innovation Zone You will have exclusive access to the VIP Hosted Buyer Lounge, offering the opportunity to relax, keep up with the office, enjoy snacks and refreshments, connect with other buyers and meet the AIBTM Account Managers. The AIBTM travel team will also be available to discuss any travel inquiries in the Hosted Buyer Lounge. The Refresh Zone will offer Hosted Buyers another way to relax, recharge and experience multiple, unique local vendor offerings. The Innovation Zone will highlight emerging technologies and products.

19 For questions, contact

Some Hosted Buyer Program FAQs 1. Is this a FAM Trip?

No! As a Hosted Buyer you will need to attend 8 pre-scheduled business appointments and 1 Destination/Hotel Presentation with exhibitors (of your choice) for each day you are at the show. We will create a customized schedule for you based only on your requests and we ask that you attend all of your appointments to avoid cancellation fees. AIBTM is NOT a FAM trip; it is a place for qualified Hosted Buyers to conduct business.

2. What is included in the Hosted Buyer Program?

• Complimentary travel and accommodations (offer depends on location). • Pre-Scheduled Appointments and Destination/Hotel Presentations with exhibitors of your choice. • Complimentary admission to AIBTM and official AIBTM networking events. • Coach transfers in Orlando between airport, hotel, AIBTM (Orange County Convention Center) and other off-site networking events. • Complimentary admission to AIBTM Education Day which includes over 30 CEU Accredited Sessions.

3. When will I receive my badge?

AIBTM uses “Express Badge” and you will not receive a badge in the mail. Instead, you will receive a barcode via email about 2 weeks before the show. Print this barcode and bring it with you to the registration area onsite and your badge will be quickly printed for you.

4. What if I miss an appointment or want to reschedule an appointment?

You must complete all your appointments and you may not ask exhibitors to reschedule appointments. You will be reported as a “no show” by the exhibitor if you miss an appointment.

5. Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions before the show?

Please contact the Hosted Buyer Team at AIBTM on, or contact a specific Account Manager- see Hosted Buyer Team contact informatin on the next page.

20 For questions, contact

Hosted Buyer Team Contact Christine Knox Director, AIBTM Hosted Buyer Programs T: +1 (203) 840-5365 E:

Elisabeth Shipman AIBTM Hosted Buyer Program Manager T: +1 (203) 840-5975 E: Â

Jane Doyle AIBTM Hosted Buyer Account Manager T: +1 (203) 840-5421 E-

Laura Knudsen AIBTM Hosted Buyer Account Manager T: +1 (203) 840-5996 E:

21 For questions, contact

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