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The American Institute of Architecture Students Honor Awards Book 2011-2012


The American Institute of Architects Honor Awards Book 2011-2012

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1956, the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) has functioned as an intercollegiate network and representational voice for architecture students. The AIAS is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to linking its student constituents to the diverse academic, social, and creative opportunities that are critical in their development as design professionals. At the heart of all AIAS activities is a cooperative effort designed to transform today’s student into the architect and design professional of tomorrow. This includes not only an active and involved student membership, but also a close and mutually supportive role for faculty, professionals, the design community and the corporate community who contribute to the advancement of the art and science of architecture. Each year the AIAS honors individuals and groups for their exemplary work in areas such as leadership, collaboration, scholarship, and service. The AIAS Honor Awards were developed to publicly recognize outstanding achievements by students, educators, and practitioners who have exhibited an exemplary commitment to the education and development of architecture students.

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As your officers for the 2012-2013 year, we know the importance of recognizing our chapters and leader’s accomplishments. This book will be a showcase of our AIAS chapters thoughts and actions that affect our educational environment, profession and the communities in which we reside. For 56 years, the American Institute of Architecture Students has seen stagnation as a negative. If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. As an organization we move, we change, and we continue to improve. The following AIAS chapters and leaders exemplify these acts. They do not accept the norm in regards to their work and continue to question their moves and further the argument. The reason why the American Institute of Architecture Students exists is because of our dedicated members who are doing more for our education by being here than just focusing purely on the studio process. Together, we are very pleased in congratulating the winners of the 2011 - 2012 AIAS Honor Awards. With great respect, Matthew A Barstow 2012 - 2013 President

Brent A Castro 2012 - 2012 Vice President

Contents : Awards Book AIAS Chapter Honor Award


AIAS Chapter President HonorAward


AIAS Community Service Honor Award


AIAS Special Accomplishment Honor Award


AIAS Student Research Honor Award


AIAS Educator Honor Award


AIAS Crystal Compas Award


AIAS Chapter Leaders of the month 2011- 2012


Special Thanks


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CHAPTER HONOR AWARD AIAS Syracuse The highest award bestowed upon an AIAS chapter for its consistent growth and stability while providing outstanding educational and professional programs to its members and others.

Through AIAS activities, the School of Architecture has become increasingly involved at the local and national level, through Quad conferences, Grassroots and Forum, as well as a mixer with the AIAS National President-Elect, Matthew Barstow. These kinds of events encourage professional networking for organization leaders, and provide the types of connections that are helpful in today’s competitive job market. - Mark Robbins, Dean of the School of Architecture at Syracuse University


“The Syracuse Architecture chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students demonstrates an intensive interest in advocacy for architecture. "Relevance Starts Here" has been the clarion call of our chapter for at least the past three years. We recognize that each and every one of our activities contribute to our relevance within our school, the university, the city of Syracuse, and the architectural community.� - George Guarino III AIAS Syracuse Chapter President

AIAS Syracuse has shown great determination in their quest towards relevance for their continued education at Syracuse. Their chapter encourages students to step out of the studio environment because their leaders have communicated a vision of diligent service to causes outside themselves. The AIAS Syracuse’s Freedom By Design team was established 3 years ago and has successfully designed, funded, and built 3 architecturally compelling accessibility ramps. Currently, their AIAS Freedom by Design team is working with three future clients. Most immediate, the Jownio Pre-school has sought out their services to make their nature trail more accessible to their students. Phase 1 will be the creation of an accessible tree house for the students. Their team will also takes steps to promote its students’ design work, through an installation in Slocum Hall and an exhibition at the Storefront, shown on to the left.

Metal Wrapper

The chapter recognized that their academic work on campus was esoteric and uninteresting at best to those walking the streets of downtown Syracuse, The Front spearheads their efforts to affect change in the city of Syracuse while advocating for architecture and design by putting design into the public eye and optimistically declaring that architecture makes a difference. The AIAS Members involved in the program beget great knowledge in the often difficult and messy process of seeking out stakeholders and uniting them to accomplish tasks. AIAS Syracuse has served their student population by acting as a strong voice for their members as they in turn are the voices speaking out on behalf of change within their school and communities.

Designing Freedom

Ramp + Outdoor Space

11 9

CHAPTER PRESIDENT HONOR AWARD Christopher DePalma Awarded to an AIAS chapter president for his or her outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to the consistent growth and development of the AIAS chapter at his or her school.

Coffee & Crit

Chris’ contagious enthusiasm for both the AIAS and architecture as a profession has encouraged numerous students to become active in the School’s student organization. This has resulted in the growth and impact of these organizations, in particular the AIAS chapter. Clearly, Chris’s efforts as a student leader have served as a model for other individuals who are following in his footsteps.

Randall Korman -

Associate Dean of the School of Architecture at Syracuse University


Chris founded the FBD team in 2010

Christopher DePalma

Accessibility Tour through Syracuse Campus

The essential actions of a AIAS Chapter President are qualities of humility, passion, and action. These characteristics drive the most admirable leaders of our world, both past and present and Chris DePalma has taken the initiative to be an imperative voice for his student population. He evokes admirable leadership and fostered its growth and continuation in every member, proving this through the service to the organization. DePalma was able to take an already successful organization and create immediate successes as well as set the organization on a path to increased future prominence. Prior to his presidency, DePalma was responsible for the founding of AIAS Syracuse’ Freedom by Design team. That same year, their Freedom team was able to secure a client, funding, and a compelling design that resulted in a ramp that affected the lives of people within the Syracuse community. Later on, this project was recognized by Syracuse University’s Chancellor Nancy Cantor for pursuing the University’s vision of Scholarship in Action. Their Freedom team has since completed two more ramps and is currently pursuing three other clients. Right: Interview by Local YNN News of the Syracuse Area, of Chris during our second build.

The Fall 2010 Quad Conference was hosted by AIAS Syracuse, Co-chaired by Chris DePalma. It featured a Keynote Lecture by Joshua PrinceRamus from REX , a “guerilla” park on the Near West side, and included the Pluralist League Ball. Due to the great leadership of the members of their Quad Conference Committee and Chris, Reclaiming Architecture a renowned success, as claimed by their faculty and administration, along with other AIAS Chapters across the nation. Chris is well informed about the great challenges the profession faces domestically and across the world therefore, in collaboration with Stephen Klimek and Nilus Klingel, he guided the AIAS Syracuse foundation of The Front among many other imperative initiatives.

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COMMUNITY SERVICE HONOR AWARD Ball State University : Rebuilding Haiti The highest award conferred by the AIAS on those individuals, chapters, programs, or events and any partners at an AIAS chapter that have helped achieve the mission of the AIAS “to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration.�

I can say without reservation that this project is the culmination of 11 years of my involvement with Fr. Andre Sylvestre and “his children.” These are the Haitian orphans who could be considered the real client for my students’ projects. First it allowed me to again work with students who have already committed themselves to being “socially-responsible architects” as they made the commitment to take this elective course which they knew would be serving the “poorest of the poor” in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. - Anthony J. Costello, FAIA


Students help to teach a course in drawing Tony at the St. Vincent de Paul

Children from the School

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage and Community Complex Client : Father Andre Sylvestre Plaine de Nord, Haiti The Haiti project Our Lady of Perpetual Help was a seven year series of community service activities that established a sustainable orphanage complex dedicated to creating a living, learning and loving community to serve the poorest of the poor. “Over the last few years, I have become familiar with Father Andre through my parish at school, St. Francis of Assisi. A native Haitian, Father Andre traveled to the United States to attend University. Since receiving his degree from Ball State, he returned to Haiti with the dream of opening an orphanage. He has succeeded thus far, and is currently housing several orphans in a small structure. Having acquired a good chunk of land outside the city, he requested our class to design a multi-faceted compound that includes an orphanage, school, chapel, and vocational learning spaces. Working on this project was unlike any other project, in that we learned about the very real constraints, but also possibilities, of building in rural Haiti. It was humbling to have Father Andre as a client.” Kate M. Werner

Team one/ Project one: Site Plan

This imperative act of service is why the AIAS stands as an essential organization for students. It serves the student population by acting as a strong voice for the members as they in turn are voices speaking out on behalf of our in need communities. Projects carried out by Ball State students also include doing research at a girls orphanage for the deaf and helping to distribute and educate Haitians about the gift of water purfication [to the right ]. “If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power, without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A sumation of ethical, eudcational and spiritual Philosophies

17 11

SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT HONOR AWARD Lawrence Technological University’s Freedom by Design

Awarded to those individuals, chapters, programs, or events at an AIAS chapter that have been unique or special, and have helped lead to the success of an AIAS chapter.

“The LTU Chapter has worked to push the boundaries of what the program can do and how many people it can impact! To think that projects like the greenhouse build will not only effect the farm owners, but also help the local community for years to come have access to fresh and affordable produce; to think that the kitchen renovation at the Common Ground Youth Shelter will be around for years to come, with so many youth in need passing though those doors; it is mind blowing to think how much impact such projects will have for the amount of effort and work that was put into them.� -Bryce Gamper


Over the past 8 years, AIAS chapters from all over the country have used their AIAS Freedom by Design Teams as a catalyst for growth as designers and stewards of the built environment. Lawrence Technological Universities’s Freedom by Design program has communicated a vision of diligent service to causes outside themselves. Through their practice of design and with their passion to give, they have greatly affected the community they live and work within. Since the summer of 2011, their AIAS Freedom by Design team has worked on 6 Freedom by Design projects while involving themselves with multiple non-profit organizations to expand the reach of their organization. Much of their chapters participation has revolved around the Freedom by Design team and the relevance it has to their students at LTU.

“Our Members are “do-ers” and they like to participate in hands on things, get real experience, and make a difference; I feel that this has been the reason why FBD has made such a big impact.”

- Michael Mondo

Jordan Project: Their FBD program teamed up with Rebuilding Together and the local carpenters union to build a shed for a client in need of more storage space to make their home more accessible. Shortly after getting approved for the project, the team came together to dig trench footings, construct forms and pour footings and the slab. The Shed was then constructed by the Regional Council of Carpenters.

Hoop House: This second project consisted of building a greenhouse in Downtown Detroit to help foster urban farming with in the 20 in 20 Hoop House Project. With the 20 in 20 hoop house project the AIAS chapter was able to participate in the assembly of a greenhouse in the Edison district. On an empty plot of land where an elementary school once stood, over twenty AIAS members learned about plans for the land’s renewal as an urban farm and worked with other volunteers to erect the site’s greenhouse in under one day. By reaching out to the 20 in 20 team our chapter and our Freedom by Design program became more engaged with our community and impacted numerous lives through a project that is predicted to spur growth in the surrounding area.

Sanctuary Kitchen Project : The Lawrence Tech Team joined with Rebuilding Together on another project to renovate a local youth shelter’s outdated kitchen. The Common Ground Sanctuary serves Oakland County adults, children and families through a variety of programs. This extensive project began with students meeting with the contractor to discuss the design and construction documents of the kitchen. Once the designs were finalized, Freedom by Design volunteers took steps to acquire cabinetry and tile for the project. After many extensive hours and days, volunteers, members and the contractor came together to install cabinets, tile and countertops, re-paint the kitchen and install a new pantry system. LTU AIAS Freedom by Design helped to coordinate donations from Masco Corporation for cabinetry, Pewabic Pottery for back splash tiles, Sherwin Williams for paint, and Daltile for draperies.

The Sain Project Revisit is an example of the chapter’s dedication to making sure they are taking care of their past clients. The concrete assibility path, a previous FBD project, was revisited since poor weather conditions allowed for cracking. The team met with the client again and observed that some of the landscaping had not recovered from previous transplanting. From this client meeting the FBD group decided to revisit the project to complete some additional work for the client and to patch the cracked concrete path. The team replaced the front entry sidelights, the entry way light for safety, and redid the clients front landscaping. The project was an example of being able to revisit past projects, keeping positive client relations, and being able to fix problems that were not expected.

Veterans Project: The team began working with their local Detroit Veterans Association to work with their architect to design and help build their women’s housing facility to provide living space for wounded and needy veterans in the local community. A graduate student member of the AIAS at LTU, Christopher Bartholomew, is an Iraq War veteran and has been very active in our Freedom by Design Projects. He began to talk with the non-profit Veterans Association of Detroit to figure out how the AIAS could help veterans in the local community. The team became involved with the new design for their women’s housing building which has secured funding. The project not only offers the group the chance to impact the lives of many in need in the local community, but will also provide mentoring between the project architect and the students involved.

21 11


Faces: A Study of the Complexities of the Central Asian Facade

Awarded to those individuals or teams of students in architecture programs who have exhibited outstanding merit in architectural research.

s a tenth-century he elaborate brick losure for the entire een the solid brick by the lack of block on of complexity of hade, and shadow s, as if the entire

xperiences in the nters by ramp into unaware that the evel. However, the hick wall. The path then continues up is even more than people vertically. und impact on the ce.

“And then, true to Angie’s style, we encounter something unexpected. Just after we have been fully immersed in a wall, she animates this static piece of load bearing construction by comparing it to the people of Uzbekistan: their faces, their heritage, their personalities. As architecture students, we are taught to take the user into consideration, but the perspective that Angie gives has personal experience behind it and she lovingly weaves it in to her original research intent. . .Finally, we resurface at the end with a multifaceted understanding of a flat plane that we interact with every day, that I learned about in school, that I think so little about. It is not enough to simply talk about a wall and call it a research project and certainly not enough for Angie. Instead she takes us with her on her journey to Uzbekistan and we all encounter something new.� - Sarah Christensen | Perkins + Wil


Under the direction and guidance of Professor Manu Sobti, Angie studied the history and architecture of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan on the summer of 2011 iteration of the Urban Mapping Research Workshop in Uzbekistan. A research workshop like this challenges the students prevailing notions of place, space, site and culture, while allowing the students to focus their interests independently. Over a period of two weeks, her personal research help to describe the intrinsic depth of the Islamic Facade, which in turn informed her of the way in which Uzbeks inhabit their spaces. “Thus facades of Uzbekistan demonstrate the depth and richness of space as well as culture, shaped by millennia of migration, exchanges of knowledge, and a ceaseless conquest of the area.” Angie

She specifically spent some time at the Bukhara Citadel and created the first digital three-dimensional model of this structure. “This significant accomplishment served to preserve the spatial qualities of the citadel for future study, as it currently lies in ruins. The depth of Angie’s research is shown by the manner in which she supports her thesis, with examples of built work and a detailed study of the social and cultural fabric of the region.” - Robert Greenstreet In the Fall 2011 AIAS issue of CRIT Angie writes: “What is a facade? Is it the outermost surface of a building? Is it just a system of enclosure? Or can it go further, turning corners, penetrating openings, filling spaces, crawling across vaulted ceilings, and canvassing courtyards? Unlike contemporary paperthin houses with 6-inch stud walls, the buildings of Uzbekistan communicate an intrinsic depth of material. This Islamic facade blurs the boundaries between inside and out, wall and ceiling, apertures and skin, creating details that provoke thought, inspire questions, and require second glances. The following exemplifies a true notion of research and how helps to guide students towards their own meaning of architecture that in turn influences life. Angie’s study and research could not have been successful without taking the initiative to leave the studio desk and explore her world.


EDUCATOR HONOR AWARD Vaughn Thomas Horn, AIA, NOMA, LEED The most prestigious award that the AIAS confers on an educator. Recipients are traditionally invited to speak at various local and national AIAS events.

Educators like Mr. Horn are hard to find and should be treasured and rewarded for the major roles they play in the development and lives of students within their department. - Jennifer Taylor


The scholars that we idolize not only inspire our every day work, but they influence us to take action with our passions. Tuskegee Professor Vaughn Horn is an exemplary example of a champion for students and the profession of Architecture. Professor Horn has been teaching at Tuskegee for the past two years and has already created an influential and lasting impact. Not only has Horn been a vital part of the AIAS Tuskegee Chapter’s success for the 2011 - 2012 school year, he has also made multiple outstanding changes within their archiecture department. Beyond his role as faculty advisor, Mr. Horn serves as a great mentor to numerous students due to his ability to guide and offer imperative advice during trying times as architecture students. He has solely developed the BRICK Program which inspires and educates students interested in the field of architecture and construction science before they enter the academy. The 4th year LEED Study Trips, started by Horn, allowed students to carry out LEED studies in the cities of Washington and Charlotte. The BRICK Open House

Professor Horn took it upon himself to organize and gather funding for the students to go to Spain because he felt that all undergraduate students deserved this opportunity to further their education abroad. [The AIAS Educator Honor Award] represents one more example of his intrinsic leadership potential and commitment to personal growth in his profession. He has impressed me with his ability to navigate successfully between his role as a professor facilitating the growth and education of his students and as an academic colleague making solid contributions to the multiple support programs necessart to endhance the curriculum at the university. Daya Irene Taylor

The BRICK Open House

LEED Study Trip


2011 - 2012 Crystal Compass Award

The most prestigious award that the AIAS confers on a dedicated sponsor. These sponsors go above and beyond their responsibilities of support to the organization.


Professional architects, engineers, and digital artists are pushing the boundaries of design with Autodesk® software. Now you can too. Download free* software today at

3D model created by ONL [Oosterhuis_Lénárd] using Autodesk® Revit® Architecture and Autodesk® 3ds Max® software *Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of the software. Autodesk, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk Revit Architecture are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. © 2012 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

Auto_AEC_ad_8.5x11.indd 1

1/18/12 9:52 AM

Nancy Clark Brown - Autodesk

With the presentation of the AIAS Crystal Compass Award, The American Institute of Architecture Students would like to further thank Autodesk for the continued kindness they have bestowed upon the organization. We are very grateful to have a Autodeck as a dedicated and determined sponsor. Their generosity and contributions to our membership will help the AIAS create the strong and relevant leaders of tomrrow. Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art 3D software for global markets.

President Barstow & Nancy Clark Brown


2011 - 2012 Chapter Leaders of the Month

Every month the AIAS honors our top leaders within our chapters with this designation. Each leader exemplifies what it means to be a divers and great leader.

Farid Shahid - October 2011 AIAS Cuesta College

Farid Shahid, currently in his third year of architectural studies at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo in California. He originally grew up in Los Angeles, but has been in SLO for almost two years. Farid’s architectural interests include skyscrapers and high-rise design.

Angie Tabrizi - November 2011 AIAS University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Angie completed her undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Angie aspires to become an architecture professor, focusing her attention on design studios. Her interests in education and civic engagement are her underlying motivation behind her involvement in AIAS.

Matthew Gins - December 2011 AIAS Roger Williams University

Matthew Jordan Gins is an Architecture and Graphic Design Student at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. At RWU, he implemented an instituted resume training sessions for architecture students through the RWU Career Center. Matthew enjoys being able to engage with peer architects as well as clients, landowners, engineers and construction managers.


Jennifer Taylor - January 2012 AIAS Tuskegee University

Jennifer Taylor is an architecture major and business administration minor. As the president of her chapter, she initiated several first time events such as studio crawls and portfolio and resume critiques. Her ultimate goal is to become a licensed architect and hold a position at a firm striving to practice and promote green design.

Shawna Hammon - February 2012 AIAS North Carolina State University

Shawna is a third year Master of Architecture student at NCSU. After several years of inactivity, AIAS NCSU has made a tremendous comeback thanks, in part, to Shawna’s strong and capable leadership. Boasting over 80 members, the Chapter has almost tripled its numbers and proudly sits in the top 20 in the nation in membership.

Mandel McDonell - March 2012 AIAS Roger Williams University

Mandel finished his fourth year of the undergraduate program at Arizona State University. He returned to school in 2008 to pursue his passion for architecture and design with inspiration after his daughter was born in 2007. He looks forward to continuing the expansive growth of their chapter in order to foster the passion of the next generation AIAS ASU members.

Gene Sun - April 2012 AIAS University of Maryland

Gene is studying in the undergraduate architecture program at the University of Maryland, College Park. What he has found most rewarding about the study of architecture is how it transforms the way he sees and thinks about the world around him. His greatest goals for his chapter have been to rethink the office and member structure and to encourage a distinct, but integrated, social and professional atmosphere within the organization.

Antoni Baca - May 2012 AIAS University of New Mexicpo

Throughout his time at UNM, Antoni has consistently performed as a leader in both the academic and extracurricular environments of the school. Antoni is preparing to begin IDP and is looking forward to working in the firm environment. He is adamant about his endeavor to become a licensed civically engaged architect and ultimately hopes to return to New Mexico to practice architecture and advocate for his community.

Bonnie Netel - June 2012 AIAS Philadelphia University

Bonnie is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Architecture program at Philadelphia University. Over the course of five years, Bonnie has grown as a student and as a leader within the AIAS Freedom by Design Program. She began her involvement as a freshman and rose to the Team Captain position in her fifth year. Bonnie will be attending Parsons the New School for Design this fall.


Mattia Melone - July 2012 AIAS University of Detroit Mercy

Mattia has completed her fourth year at the University of Detroit Mercy’s 5-year Master’s Program. With help from the chapter’s AIAS leaders, she developed the Historian position on the executive board to make AIAS just a little more fun and visually show the accomplishments of AIAS UDM. Mattia wanted to be a friendly face behind the organization and help to encourage others to step up in the future and join AIAS.

Danielle Mitchell - August 2012 AIAS Pennsylvania State University

Danielle Mitchell is anticipating her third year in The Pennsylvania State University’s undergraduate architecture program. She is already underway in her second term as the AIAS Penn State Chapter President. Within the first few months, AIAS afforded her the confidence to speak in front of large groups, organize events, and provided her a voice to speak up and be heard.

A special thanks to the 2011 - 2012 Honor Awards Committee : Laura Meador, Assoc. AIA - Chair Christopher Morrison, AIA Mark Cabrinha, AIA Wayne Mortensen, Assoc. AIA Je’Nen Chastain, Assoc. AIA Brent Castro, Assoc. AIA Ashley Clark Jason Soderlund

Laura Meador -

2011 - 2012 Awards Chair 2011 - 2012 Past Vice President “The Honor Awards are important to our organization because we believe in recognizing the incredible work that our chapters do everyday not for the recognition, but for the success of our members, academia, and communities.”

- Laura Meador

Laura is a 2011 graduate of Louisiana State University. As the Past Vice President she is dedicated to raising the standards and public awareness of architecture education and also empowering members to be leaders in their profession and communities.

Brent Castro-

2011 - 2012 Awards Book Editor 2012 - 2013 Vice President

“I don’t doubt that a few of us initially dreamt of becoming world renowned architects. However, over time my personal definition of renowned has changed. There is a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stating, ‘Not everybody can be famous. But everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.’ The imperative act of service is why this organization stands and it is why we are here.” - Brent Castro


AIAS 2011- 2012 Honor Awards Book  

Each year the AIAS honors individuals and groups for their exemplary work in areas such as leadership, collaboration, scholarship, and servi...

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