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North dakota state university Freedom by Design

Heather Kvambeck Heather Kvambeck is the former and founding Captain of the Freedom by Design team at AIAS NDSU.

At North Dakota State University (NDSU), the Freedom by Design team strives to break any barriers that may exist between students in different design fields. Our team successfully contacted the construction management and engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture departments through emails, school newspapers, and advertisements. These students were very helpful through the design process, providing their knowledge from their specific fields of study. We now have a better understanding of our different skill sets and understand how professionals collaborate on projects.

willingness to be here and your willingness to do what you’re doing.”

Design Process After spending fall 2009 designing and building a ramp our team focused on the kitchen. Corky contributed to several charrettes focused on accessibility and maximizing storage. We learned much about communicating design ideas in a way that helped Corky and his wife, Peggy, participate in the design process and understand the changes we were discussing. Our design mentor, Steven M. Foss, AIA, president of SM Foss Architects, was proud of what we created: “Your Our Client kitchen solution[s] made sense, providing both functional “Corky” Cameron Titus, Jr., now, 64, was introduced to and aesthetic practicality in a small space occupied by two us through our construction mentor, John Gunkelman, persons at a time. Just as important, Corky was provided president of Dakota Construction of Fargo, and his the opportunity to contribute to the process of food connection with the local Home Builders Association preparation, cooking and clean-up, in spite of his tactile (HBA). Nine years ago Corky was diagnosed with and ambulatory limitations.” idiopathic peripheral polyneuropathy, which has left him with no feeling from his fingertips to his elbows Fundraising or from his toes to his knees and confined him to an Throughout this project we maximized marketing through electric wheelchair. When we first met Corky in fall the school website, newspaper, and mailings, as well as 2009 he told us, “I never found a wall I couldn’t get the HBA Newsletter. Through this a city planner contacted through, never found an obstacle in front of me that I us about possibilities for funding, and although Corky’s couldn’t get past, except for this. All I really have left is project didn’t quite qualify, we made a strong connection my freedom, and it is because of you [students], your that led to our project this fall. We raised money for the

Working on Corky’s kitchen foremost made me see how something so simple that I take for granted every day can still have accessibility and usability issues. This was a great opportunity to get some minor construction experience I would otherwise have never received. I never realized until this project that I’d actually never seen what a residential floor looks like underneath the tile or hardwood, or how kitchen appliances hook up to walls. I also realized how passionate I am for helping others through design and how great the need is for simple projects such as this. Ginnie Hausladen , 4th year architecture student

crit72 fall 2011

Corky did us a huge service with this project, not the other way around. Corky opened up his house to a bunch of half-schooled, inexperienced students and gave us full control of the reins to do a number of things we have never done before. We got first-hand building experience – many of us for the first time. We experienced the design process through communication with a real, not imaginary, client. Corky treated us with great respect throughout the project and it has no doubt added to my understanding of the design profession as a whole Dane Andersen, 3rd year architecture student Working on Corky’s kitchen was a great way to see how we can apply the skills we have learned in school in a real-life setting. It has been an amazing opportunity to connect with others who share a passion to work together to provide a solution to someone in need. My involvement in FBD has led me to consider a career path involved with local communities, architecture, and humanitarianism. Tinn Lee, 4th year interior design student

Crit: Journal of the AIAS Fall 2011  

Crit, a celebration of student work in the field of architecture (ISSN 0277 6863), is published by the American Institute of Architecture St...

Crit: Journal of the AIAS Fall 2011  

Crit, a celebration of student work in the field of architecture (ISSN 0277 6863), is published by the American Institute of Architecture St...