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DECEMBER 2012 Issue 12

A Section of AIA New Jersey AIA New Jersey is a Chapter and Region of the American Institute of Architects

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy I hope you have returned your homes, businesses and lives back to normal. Many saw a slow return to their everyday life after many days without power. Others, with damage to their homes and offices, will find a much more sluggish return. My heart goes out to all those affected. I hope that as architects we can prove our worth by stepping up in this challenging time to help others as I know many of you already have. The one heartwarming lesson learned after the storm was how we all rise to a challenge and support each other in difficult times. As we reach the end of the year, I hope we can all look to the Holiday Season as a time for some much needed cheer. The end of the year also means the end of my term as President of Newark and Suburban. I would like to thank all of the board members and committee chairs that committed their time to help make the Newark and Suburban

events this year successful. I would especially like to thank Julie Pagnotta, our Section Administrator for her support. It cannot be said enough that our section would not run as smoothly as it does if not for Julie’s help and support. She brings a level of professionalism and enthusiasm to every task and the success of our events are the proof of her hard work. I would also like to thank Judy Donnelly, AIA for her commitment to Newark and Suburban. Judy is a Past President and has completed her term on the board in 2012. I wish Judy well as she continues her hard work with AIA-NJ in 2013. Newark and Suburban has profited from her dedication and support in recent years and I know she will continue to be involved in the future – her devotion for our organization is too strong. I would also like to take this final opportunity to thank Virginia Seminara, AIA. Virginia is the editor of our

Rostrum and has dedicated her time to putting together a newsletter I think has become a valuable tool. I hope she continues her enthusiasm in 2013 to build a bigger and better Rostrum each month. Finally, I was truly honored to serve as President and I wish the best of luck to Louise Addonizio, AIA in 2013. I know the Newark and Suburban board and the committee chairs will support Louise in her term as President. I look forward to seeing you at our General Meeting on December 5th and at the Past President’s Banquet on January 19th. Happy Holidays. Kevin McCormick, LEED®AP AIANS President, 2012


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AIA Newark & Suburban Board Members

Officers KEVIN McCORMICK, AIA President LOUISE ADDONIZIO, AIA President-Elect JOHN A. CWIKLA, AIA First Vice President LISA SAN FILIPPO, AIA Secretary STEPHEN ROONEY, AIA Treasurer YOGESH MISTRY, AIA Past President


Honorary Affiliate  DAN BISCHOFF

Section Administrator JULIE PAGNOTTA AIA NS 2012 Committees

Issue 12

Joint Design Awards 2012 a Success This year’s 19th annual Newark and Suburban Design Awards, a special joint awards event with the Architects League, featured forty-six projects submitted by twenty-eight firms from our two sections. After serious deliberation the jurors - Bruce D. Turner, AIA (President - South Jersey), , Rafael Da Silva, AIA (VP – Jersey Shore), Robert W. O’Reilly, AIA (President West Jersey), Thomas Navin, AIA, and J. Robert Hillier, FAIA – selected fifteen projects for awards. The following is a list of the awarded projects with some of the jurors’ comments: Residential – Un-Built Silver Medal: KennedyGrant Valley House This entry was commended by the jurors for its watercolor presentation and clarity of plan. Residential - Built Silver Medal: Stonewater Architecture LLC - Gardner Residence Commended by the jury panel for the beautiful execution and detailing and how the plans are resolved on all levels. Bronze Medal: Seth A. Leeb Architect - “New” Addition The jurors lauded this project for its fine level of detail and how the addition blends into and is hard to detect in the overall scheme of the project. Ho n o ra b l e Mention: Kennedy-Grant - Country House This entry was selected for the high level of detail and its execution. Non-Residential – UnBuilt Gold Medal: Gruskin Architecture + Design, P.C. -

Kean University Green Lane Building The jurors chose this project for a gold medal for its “exhuberance” and the manner in which the project stands out in its context and for how the upper portion “comes alive.” The jurors also praised how each level of the façade is differentiated by showing the different activities taking place within. Silver Medal: RSC Architects Career Technical High School The jurors admired this design’s radiating plan and the manner in which its different elements reach out into the landscape like fingers and in turn pull the landscape into the project. The jurors also praised the project’s addressing of sustainable issues and for being a positive statement for school design in New Jersey. Bronze Medal: Poskanzer Skott Architects - Mediacom Communications The jurors commended this entry for its ability to make a statement for the client’s corporate image and the high level of skill and craft shown in the plans and details.

Non-Residential - Built Gold Medal: Arcari & Iovino Architects, P.C. - Korean Presbyterian Church The jurors selected this project for a gold medal, praising its “eye-pooping façade” and for the interplay of different volumes and for the way the building engages the site. Silver Medal: Pallante Design - The Pataki Center The jurors lauded this project for its transformative nature and the skill level demonstrated in the details and fenestration and for how the trellis and masonry detailing help to modulate the scale of the project. The jurors also praised the use of diagrams in the presentation. Bronze Medal: The Biber Partnership - Early Research Learning Academy - The panel was impressed by the subtle aspects of this design and how the simple plan, set on a corner site, reveals the staircase as its centerpiece. Non-Residential Interiors Gold Medal: Gensler – Hotel Lola Praised for the project’s high level of craft and detail, the jurors commended this entry for its high level of elegance and said they” could imagine Continued on page 3

Rostrum 2012

Issue 12

Design Awards 2012 sitting at the bar and enjoying the evening.” Silver Medal: Gensler Turner Construction Company The jurors selected this entry for the clarity of the design and the high level of materiality in its use of wood, carpet, and stone. Non-Residential Featured Element Gold Medal: Marchetto Higgins Stieve AIA – Apse – Traction This gold medal-awarded project was commended by the jury for the skill and craft required to create the dynamic and sculptural form on the end of the building and the transformative effect it has on the existing building. Silver Medal: CTS Group Architecture/Planning PA Music Court Pavilions

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This entry was lauded by the jurors for the project’s metaphysical nature, which is expressed by the trellis columns that seem to be wrapped in the bark of a tree. The panel also admired the “enchanting” effect produced by a special level of detail. Bronze Medal: Fallon + Pacheco Architects – Weill Cornell Medical College – Main Corridor Improvements Praised by the panel for how, through the architects’ skill and care, the existing space is transformed from a dreadful one to a lively one which enhances the lives of those using the spaces. In addition, attendees of the event had the opportunity to vote for their favorite project in the Peer Vote, and the

following are the top votegetters: Marchetto Higgins Stieve Apse – Traction Gensler - Hotel Lola Arcari & Iovino Architects, P.C. - Korean Presbyterian Church On behalf of my co-chair Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, we would like to thank all of the participating member firms of AIA Newark and Suburban and the Architects League for taking the time and effort to show the work they are proud to have done as Architects and making the 2012 Design Awards a success. Donald Chin 2012 Design Chairperson


Clockwise from top left: Arcari & Iovino Architects, P.C. Korean Presbyterian Church Oakland, NJ Marchetto Higgins Stieve Apse – Traction, Hoboken, NJ Gensler - Hotel Lola, New York


Rostrum 2012

Architects as Artists

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The exhibition opened to rave reviews: Here are the awards and comments from the jurors. Bronze: Bogdan Seredyak: “Volcanic Road” “Each of the three award winners drew me in and made me wonder. The photograph’s central figure, wearing tight leggings in a desolate landscape recalls 19th century images of British explorers in Egypt and beyond, yet this must be a modern day scene by a photographer among us now. The trail or pathway conveys both movement and depth as it follows the terrain down, than back up and around. I wondered about the barely noticeable character in the lower left, and of course the mist added to the mystery.” (Arthur Paxton) This little photograph is a haunting image of a lone figure in an empty landscape that can serve as a metaphor

for the loneliness in our internet culture. Then again, it might have been accidental. Either way it is an interesting image. (George Saj ) Silver”: Katrina Kisza: “Girl and Boy” “The curves and circular lines in the double portrait are a unifying element that brings harmony and grace. Even so, two different personalities or temperaments are portrayed, inviting speculation about their character’s relationship.” (Arthur Paxton) The pensive gaze in the eyes of the two figures establishes a mood into which the viewer is drawn. The tentative pencil strokes enhance that feeling and e stablish rappo rt. (George Saj ) Gold: Philip Kennedy-Grant: “After hours” “The abstract acrylic encourages the eye to move and relate the irregular shapes. Horizontal lines

create a backbone structure while the metallic elements in the paint offer hints of glow from within.” (Arthur Paxton) Philip Kennedy-Grant’s palette -knife, abstract rendering of a landscape has a finished, authoritative feel. It is complete. The colors are rich and pleasing. Nothing needs to be changed. (George Saj) There are approximately 54 various kind of art work, submitted by 15 architects. The exhibit will run through December 15. See photos of the opening reception here.

Jurors: Arthur Paxton, George Saj and Hugh Boyd after the review of works at the Clifton Arts Center

Rostrum 2012

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December Rostrum  

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