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Assalam Alaikum

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

AIA MATTERS December 2020 – Rabi-ul-Thaani/Jumada Al-Oula 1442

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Reminder by AIA Imam, Hafiz Mohammad Asghar Shareef Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalam Alaikum! Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed with a beautiful masjid – the American Islamic Association – and thus we are obligated as a community to maintain it. We come to the masjid to perform prayers and to get closer to Allah swt, to gain spiritual benefits… so that we can attain peace, tranquility, relaxation, and happiness. It is a place where angels love to come; a place where Dua’s are accepted… Our Masjid needs your support. Please donate generously. May Allah swt give us the taufeeq to maintain our masaajid…. May Allah swt protect our community. (Watch video for entire message from the Imam). American Islamic Association 8860 W. St Francis Rd, Frankfort, IL 60423 (815) 469-1551 www.aiamasjid.org Chairman of Board: Dr. Khalid Baig

Watch this short 3-minute video on AIA YouTube channel to learn more about our obligations and our rewards for participating in the maintenance of a Masjid. Click / tap above for link. Views & opinions expressed in this Newsletter are those of the respective authors and do not necessarily state or reflect those of AIA or the Editor. Editor: Khalid Mozaffar

HOW MUCH SHOULD WE DONATE TO THIS CAUSE? In order to figure out how much we can “afford” to donate to AIA annually or monthly, lets consider these other monthly expenses that we may be incurring (costs will obviously vary for each household). Based on these generalized numbers, we can evaluate how much we can donate to our masjid on a monthly/annual basis; this in fact is an investment from us in this world and for the next (permanent) world! • • • • • • • • • • • •

Starbucks Coffee Daily $2 Pizza for Family $20 Eating Out per family Cable TV/Internet Gas & tolls per Vehicle Home electricity Cell phone per family Online Game Subscriptions TV Subscription packages Kids sports activities (average) Gym membership Amazon Prime membership

$60 monthly $40 monthly $120 monthly $150 monthly $200 monthly $100 monthly $120 monthly $30 monthly $50 monthly $20 monthly $20 monthly $13 monthly

So what should be a good amount – annually or monthly – that we should commit ourselves contributing to AIA? Where does maintenance of our Masjid fit into our budget, based on the necessities and luxuries listed above?

For those readers who live in other areas but have some connection to AIA, watch this 1minute video of Shaikh Yasir Qadhi “Why Should I Donate to a Masjid that I will Never Pray At?” What is the value of being connected to a Masjid – especially after being mindful of other “necessities” of our life? Watch this thoughtprovoking 20-minute khutbah by Mufti Menk about “Importance of Masjid”

Donation to causes like annual Masjid Fundraisers are a form of Sadaqah Jariyah – a charity that keeps on giving back to us even after we transition to the next life. Watch this 5-minute video by Sheikh Omar Suleiman “Maximize Your Wealth”.

We URGE you to donate to AIA Masjid. Go to: www.AIAmasjid.org to donate. Donate as you would at the Annual AIA Fundraiser Dinners. $25,000? $10,000? $5000? $1000? $500? Make a one-time donation or set up a monthly automatic donation. Jazakum Allah khairan!

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Friday Services are suspended until further notice. Daily prayer services continue with all necessary precautions and restrictions.

Excerpts from Appeal from Sound Vision Board Chairman, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid

Assalamu Alaikum: Last month, Tesla CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk showed off his latest technological project: a pig with an implant that can read brainwaves. The technology could help those suffering from paralysis and Parkinson’s, for example. The media was all abuzz. But do you know that just ten years ago a Muslim scientist invented an even more powerful brain chip? Most likely not. Did you know that a large number of the doctors saving lives on the frontlines of New York’s pandemic are Muslim? Or that 50% Muslim physicians are discriminated against? Probably not!

The story of Muslims and our contributions remains untold. Whose job it is to share our narrative? It is our responsibility. This is why we started Muslim Network TV. Immediately after 9/11, an elderly woman called Sound Vision and very politely said, “I am not a Muslim but can you talk to me?” She then asked me what channel she could watch to know more about Muslims. When I told her we don’t have one, she insightfully said, “then how do you expect America to know about you?” That question anchored in my heart. Today, almost two decades later, (Continued on next page)

Sound Vision has launched Muslim Network TV which airs on Galaxy 19 Satellite covering USA, Canada and Mexico with 57 million subscribers. It’s 24/7 broadcast includes eight hours of fresh daily programming. It also streams at Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, and Roku, with more than 100 million subscribers as well as on our app with your iPhone and Android. Muslim Network Television’s team and advisors have 120 combined years of production experience and nine awards in the field. Our engineering team’s experience includes launching more than 30 television channels and digital media operations in the U.S. and abroad. But without marketing, we may not be able to reach a potential market of 150 million viewers. We are currently in negotiation with a public relations firm, as well as a marketing firm.

Will you stand with Sound Vision’s winning team for this latest venture that will allow the Muslim Ummah to control our narrative and tell our stories? A major study determined that 90% of stories in the mainstream media about Islam and Muslims are negative. After all, the mainstream media won’t share stories about Muslim heroes and heroines, our doings, and our contributions to America and the world. They have built a certain narrative about Muslims. We need to build our own.

Through Muslim Network TV, America can discover its Muslim neighbors. By bringing Muslim stories and voices to the fore, MNTV fills a gap in the media landscape. Sound Vision is uniquely placed to do this work based on our experience with MuslimFest, Radio Islam, and Adam’s World. As a supporter of Sound Vision, we would like to sincerely thank you. We could not have done what we do without the help of Allah and your commitment to our work. We would now like to request that you support this latest phase in our goal of amplifying the American Muslim narrative. May Allah bless you and your families for all of the good that you do. May He allow us to share our stories effectively to spread peace, understanding, and goodness. Wassalam, Your Brother Abdul Malik Mujahid

P.S. Muslim television channels empowered Muslims in the United Kingdom. There used to be only one Muslim Member of Parliament 15 years ago. Thanks to the mainstreaming of British Muslims through these TV channels, the community now has more than 40 Muslim members in both chambers of the Parliament.

Prayer Time & AIA Iqama Timings App Prayer times and their associated iqama timings are just a tap away on your smartphone 24/7! If you don’t have it already, make sure you add a link to the live app on your phone Home Screen right now. Follow the easy instructions below for your Smartphone.

If you are reading this on your phone, you can tap the screenshot and your phone will launch the app for you. Just bookmark it and you are done!

On Your iPhone: 1. Open up masjidal.com/timing/AIA in Safari browser and tap the share arrow. 2. Then find the Add to home screen button and tap it. 3. Give the app a name tap Add. Done!

On Your Android Phone: 1. Open up masjidal.com/timing/AIA in Chrome. 2. Press the three dots at the top-right of the Chrome window. www.masjidal.com/timing/AIA

3. Press “Add to Home screen.” Done!

On November 15, SWIFT Interfaith group hosted its first ever Zoom event. It was the latest in their series of educational interfaith discussions that are held twice a year. The topic this time was “One God. Three Faiths?” The presentations were designed to give the Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives on the topic of why – if all three of these monotheistic faiths claim that there is only one God – there are three significantly different faith traditions and beliefs. The attendees were able to learn what the three religions have in common and what makes them uniquely different among themselves. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SWIFT conducted this program via Zoom and was grateful to find out that over 100 guests attended the 2-hour long program – a number similar to attendance at its live programs over the last 16 years of its existence. All those guests who chose to provide feedback said that it was a very interesting and educational program worth attending. May God bless the speakers, the organizers and the attendees! Rabbi Michael Balinsky - Executive Vice President of the Chicago Board of Rabbis “Maimonides who was a medieval Jewish philosopher wrote, ‘Jesus was instrumental in changing the Torah and causing the world to err and serve another besides God… . Jesus of Nazareth and the Ishmaelites (Mohammad) who came after him only served to clear the way for the Jewish Messiah to prepare the whole world to worship God with one accord …” Rev Adam Malak – Pastor at Faith United Presbyterian Church in Tinley Park “As I began preparation for this (presentation), I thought maybe if we want to look at how we can come together, maybe we need to look at the point the “breach” happened. And given that this dialogue is from the perspective that we are three of the Abrahamic faiths, I will look at the story of Abraham… Ishmael and Isaac.” Chaplain Tahera Ahmad – Associate Chaplain and Director of Interfaith Engagement at Northwestern University “What does the Quran have to say about the other religious traditions, particularly the Christian and Jewish? Many scholars believe that the first interfaith covenant was based on the “common word” idea that we are going to live together as a civic society and we will be judged by our own laws of shariah/halaka/canon. The Quran is very clear: it says “Say that there is only One God”…”

The full recording of this informative program will soon be available of the SWIFT website. Go to www.SWIFTinterfaith.org to view full recording once it is available.

Visit AIA Channel on A growing number of talks, reminders, events are being added to the AIA YouTube Channel. In a time where many of us are shelter-athome, the need for spiritual connection and guidance is ever so stronger! We will be questioned about what we did in our free time (for those who have the luxury of free time). Let’s develop, strengthen and nurture these connections to Allah swt and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) while we have been given this unimaginable and unexpected opportunity!

Yes, just by shopping on Amazon, WITHOUT SPENDING AN EXTRA DIME, you end up donating to the American Islamic Association… all year round! AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support AIA every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at smile.amazon.com (make sure you are not on the standard amazon.com website), you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to AIA. You use the same existing account that you already have on Amazon.com and AmazonSmile. If you don’t, this would be a great reason to do so! Your shopping cart, Wish List, wedding or baby registry, and other account settings are also the same. Amazon will send the donation amount every quarter so obviously, it will not show the donation made on your behalf to AIA after your first purchase. It will update and show the running total on your account every quarter.

To learn more details about AmazonSmile, click or tap here! Few Easy Steps to Select AIA As Your Organization to Donate To: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Go to smile.amazon.com Log in using your normal Amazon.com User & Password On the top right corner, click on “Accounts & Lists” Under the “Accounts” column, click “Your AmazonSmile” Click on “Change Charity” button under the “Your Current Charity” heading and select “American Islamic Association Inc” in Frankfort, IL.

Do it now, before you forget!

American Islamic Association, Frankfort, IL Easy-to-Print Prayer Schedule: December 2020 – Rabi-ath-Thani/ Jamadi-Al-Awwal 1442 Salat-ul-Jum’ah Friday Prayer Services are suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. No wudu facilities at this time. December 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


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Day Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu

Fajr 05:21 05:22 05:23 05:24 05:24 05:25 05:26 05:27 05:28 05:28 05:29 05:30 05:30 05:30 05:32 05:32 05:33 05:34 05:34 05:35 05:35 05:36 05:36 05:36 05:37 05:37 05:37 05:38 05:38 05:38 05:38

Sunrise 06:58 06:59 07:00 07:01 07:02 07:03 07:04 07:05 07:06 07:07 07:08 07:08 07:09 07:09 07:11 07:11 07:12 07:12 07:13 07:14 07:14 07:15 07:15 07:15 07:16 07:16 07:16 07:17 07:17 07:17 07:17

Dhuhr 11:41 11:42 11:42 11:42 11:43 11:43 11:44 11:44 11:44 11:45 11:45 11:46 11:46 11:46 11:47 11:48 11:48 11:49 11:49 11:50 11:50 11:51 11:51 11:52 11:52 11:53 11:53 11:54 11:54 11:55 11:55

Asr 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:41 02:42 02:42 02:43 02:43 02:43 02:44 02:44 02:45 02:46 02:46 02:47 02:47 02:48 02:49 02:49 02:50 02:51

Maghrib 04:23 04:23 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:22 04:23 04:23 04:23 04:23 04:24 04:24 04:25 04:25 04:25 04:26 04:27 04:27 04:28 04:29 04:29 04:30 04:30 04:31 04:32

Isha 05:45 05:44 05:44 05:44 05:44 05:44 05:44 05:45 05:45 05:45 05:45 05:45 05:46 05:46 05:46 05:47 05:47 05:47 05:48 05:48 05:49 05:49 05:50 05:50 05:51 05:52 05:52 05:53 05:53 05:55 05:55


Dec 1st – 31st …….



Dec 1st – 31st …….

1:30pm (until opens back up in the future)


Dec 1st – 31st …….



Ten minutes after posted Adhan time


Dec 1st – 31st …….


SALAT-UL-JUM’AH (*** Suspended until further notice***) Dec 1st – 31st

1st Khutbah -- 12:20pm ……. Iqama -- 12:30pm 2nd Khutbah -- 1:20pm ……. Iqama -- 1:30pm

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AIA MATTERS - Monthly eNewsletter - December 2020 Issue  

Keeping our Community Informed and Connected

AIA MATTERS - Monthly eNewsletter - December 2020 Issue  

Keeping our Community Informed and Connected

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