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Original Lee Jasper Statement: Which Mayor has seen the number of black youth going to jail in London increase by 100% during his term? @sackboris2012 @LeeJasper people go to prison as punishment for crimes they commit regardless of skin colour. Your reasoning is ridiculous @az_c the black community has been subject to a process of criminalisation. Black youth get sent to jail for crimes whites do not . @az_c what stupid is your profound ignorance that the racism, poverty and unemployment leads to increase crime. @LeeJasper that had nothing to do with more criminals in prison. Are you saying they should just be roaming the streets @LeeJasper like most Londoners, I'll be voting to have a mayor that puts criminals behind bars. Take Croydon for eg. Ruined by gang related @LeeJasper crime. Unless we have a change in our Asian and black culture it's going to carry on and it will be Asian and black boys in @LeeJasper prison and rightly so. No one should be making excuses for criminals Lee. You've sunk to a new low @az_c your clearly one of those Asian Tories like Varsi and as a result you are an apologist for institutional racism. @az_c Big Society Consultant supping at the Tory trough and forgetting about racism. Kmt... @az_c not so low as defend this Tory Government of crooks who take the bread out of poor people's mouths to feed the starving rich. @LeeJasper do you have any evidence of your white vs black court figures? That's a big statement to be making... @az_c If you think that it's our culture that is fault you really need serious help. Patholigising black people instead of racism is wrong @az_c Your an apologist for racism and islamaphobia . You blame the victims and ignore instrutionsl racism and it's effects. @az_c we black people are tired of you apologists for racism . As a Muslim you should be ashamed of your position. @az_c you clearly don't know that these stats are all available @ Ministryofjustice. That's because your not interested . @LeeJasper I love how you turn it personal when you're losing an argument. Grow up

@LeeJasper so far you've bought into your argument my political beliefs, my religion and my creed. You know there are laws against that... @az_c Are you a Tory yes or no? @LeeJasper that has nothing 2 do with this bcos I no what u will do with that information. Why can't we have a convo btween two adults @az_c and your point is ? Are you a Tory it's a simple question that you refuse to answer why? @az_c it are you a Tory yes or no ? Whats the problem are you ashamed? @LeeJasper is this your attempt at bullying? And for the record I am a conservative party supporter @LeeJasper now my turn to ask a question. having been a taxpayer funded adviser on race relations do u not think your demeanour this morning @LeeJasper has been wrong. Is this the advice you gave to Ken and are you still advising him? You're not taking the heat out of the racism @LeeJasper debate, your adding fuel to it by not having a reasoned arguments. You bring up my religion and political beliefs. That is wrong @az_c I don't accept your analysis period and no I have nothing to do with Ken or his campaign. @LeeJasper funny how u stop ur name calling now-I'll be waiting for when you can come back with a sensible argument not playground pettiness @az_c your a pathetic Tory Asian whose clearly lost touch with his community Go away & try your bullshit blame game with someone who cares @LeeJasper touched a nerve have I ? @az_c im afraid not my deluded friend. Nice try though. @LeeJasper I am anything but your friend Mr Jasper. I don't befriend those who name call. Bullyboy playground politics...eugh @az_c have you no work to do? Again you make it personal @LeeJasper. I said come back to me with a reasoned argument not questions regarding what I do for my working day. @az_c U are an ideological Tory I'm a socialist You support wealth for the rich I want to tax the rich to feed the poor.Whats to discuss? @LeeJasper You might want to tell your mate @ken4london that. Avoiding taxes seems to be his natural calling in life. @az_c Tories at the party of privilege and wealth. They promote racism and division. what's to discuss?

@LeeJasper So you're saying that I promote racism and division? I support equality of opportunity regardless of skin colour. Look it up @az_c @ken4london Tory objectivity on tax smear Livingstone and fail to tackle tax evasion from corporates who evade paying billions. @LeeJasper @ken4london So its a smear and not the truth about your mate Ken? And I was accused of being deluded? @az_c its you and the Tory party whose policies have seen levels of resurgent racism not seen since the war. @az_c @franwildertv black people can't be racist. I accused u of being an apologist for the racism of the Tory party @LeeJasper @az_c @franwildertv black people can't be racist -> are you actually being serious Lee. So you, yourself could NEVER be a racist? Why is it African activists like me seem to attract public political criticism from Asian men don't see Africans attacking Asian activists? @LeeJasper So I shouldn't question you because you're black and I'm asian?? Is that really what you're saying? @az_c @franwildertv your confused about the political reality and power dynamics of racism. No black person in the UK can be racist . @az_c what are you stupid . Did I say that? No I did not . Racism is prejudice plus power. Black people can be prejudice but not racist. @LeeJasper Not Stupid Lee. Check back on your earlier tweet about asians and blacks. This is vile Lee. You really need to go and see someone @az_c Rubbish I am tired of a small group of Asian Tory men providing cover for Tory racism and being used to attack black activists. @az_c I will tell what is vile - collusion with racism by an Asian who has forgotten his history and abandoned his people. Now that's vile @LeeJasper I think u'll find I'm a first generation immigrant to this country and proud to be part in serving all this country is great for @az_c There are non so righteous than the recently converted . @LeeJasper @az_c There are non so righteous than the recently converted ... And that my friend is racist, elitist and SELF righteous @az_c complete and utter idiocy of the first order. You are in the right party.

@LeeJasper Using words and saying nothing. My offer still stands - come back with a reasoned argument @az_c You "reasoned" debate includes your unreasonable refusal to recognise racism in society and the Tory party. @TheFleagle Jewish community In the UK most are majority white and middle class and don't face the same colour coded racism @LeeJasper I don't doubt that racism affects society but breaking the law should be met with punishment. Do you disagree? @az_c yes if the law is applied equally to all citizens . Institutional racism in criminal justice means black citizens face discrimination @TheFleagle @az_c @franwildertv Black people face wholesale discrimination in the UK we cannot inflict the same on whites. @LeeJasper @TheFleagle So 'blacks' cant be racist and jews aren't discriminated against. Lines up nicely to @ken4london campaign rhetoric. @az_c @TheFleagle @ken4london nope Jews don't face colour racism they face anti semitism there is a difference. You need educating @LeeJasper @TheFleagle @ken4london I think u'll find antisemitism is racism but its so prolific that it gets its own name-I need educating?! @az_c @franwildertv in fact it may surprise you to know that In a founding member of the Black Jewish forum so you can forget that attack. @LeeJasper Lee your credibility is shot my friend. You are totally INSANE. #HowNOTtowinfriendsORInfluencepeople @az_c@franwildertv @az_c @TheFleagle its quite unusual for an right wing Asian Muslim to accuse a Black man of anti semitism. Only on twitter ! @LeeJasper @TheFleagle I have at no point accused you of antisemitism just your lack of understanding (1/2) @LeeJasper @TheFleagle that racism isn't limited to blacks and asians @az_c @TheFleagle you asserted that I had said Jews don't face racism. That's anti semitism in my book. @az_c @TheFleagle I never said it was racism can impact Jewish people in the form of anti semitism Muslims thru Islamaphobia and blacks. @LeeJasper I stand up for my fellow man regardless of race. It seems to be only you separating me and @TheFleagle into muslim and jew @TheFleagle @az_c European Jewish people here in the UK are mostly white - get over it.

@TheFleagle its a fact black people in the UK are one of the most racially oppressed groups in the UK apart from Roma. @LeeJasper @TheFleagle So just to clarify an attack against a white jew is less of a crime than an attack on a coloured jew? @TheFleagle @az_c I don't believe in races to do so concedes to the concept of distinct races. There is only one race and it's all human. @LeeJasper @TheFleagle Since 1pm this morning you have been trying to divide. U are not in a position to make that statement#contradiction @TheFleagle @az_c are you saying non white ethnicities don't face race discrimination based on their categorisation into races by racists? @az_c @TheFleagle your joint ignorance abounds and overwhelms @LeeJasper @TheFleagle There are three people in this conversation and you are the only one segregating us @LeeJasper @mpbaz9710 @TheFleagle No Mr Jasper - you are the only one confused here. @az_c @TheFleagle Fine. I start from a different definitional starting point from you. Your a Tory so that's understandable . @LeeJasper @TheFleagle My politics has nothing to do with this Lee. Do you not know about anti-discrimination laws? Its not just about race @az_c @mpbaz9710 this from a Muslim in the Tory party that supports the Israel Governments aparthied state racism oppressing Palastenians @LeeJasper omg so Israel is a racist state?!? Lee this is very thin ice territory #antisemiticcanards #Israel #Jewish @az_c @mpbaz9710 @LeeJasper @mpbaz9710 That is disgusting. Disgusting. My god - when i thought you could go no lower. You surprise me @LeeJasper @mpbaz9710 Are you going to publicly retract that statement? I give you your right of response @az_c @TheFleagle no because according to you I don't understand racism or the law relating to racially aggravated crime. @az_c @mpbaz9710 it's Tory policy you are a Tory. @az_c @mpbaz9710 Its a fact that the Tory part supports the racist state of Israel and you are a member of that party. What's to withdraw? So @az_c , @LeeJasper believes black ppl cant be racist and that you are because you're i. not black and ii. a tory#illogicalcasualracism Retweeted by Ahzaz Chowdhury

@LeeJasper So Mr Jasper. If that is all you bring to the table then I leave you with this... Societal racism and personal racism are... @LeeJasper pieces of the same problem, racism. To disregard one piece is to misunderstand it all.

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Transcript of the Twitter conversation between Lee Jasper (@LeeJasper) and Ahzaz Chowdhury (@az_C)