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Create Smiles Today Imagine a child in a hospital, surrounded by unfamiliar sights, sounds and people - feeling unhappy, lonely and bored. USF Nursing students see this every day. You can bring a great big smile to that face, and let them know that someone cares. That child will be delighted with your holiday gift that includes a special message delivered by our nursing students from you, their bear sponsor.

You can a make difference

Each gift of $50 will send a bear to a child in a hospital in the Tampa Bay region. There is no limit to the number of bears you may sponsor! By submitting your gift to a child you also unlock an opportunity to purchase bears for yourself! You can send a basket of a dozen bears for only $500!

All orders must be placed by October 15, 2012 in order to guarantee holiday delivery.

Join Team USF Nursing

With your philanthropic gift through B.E.A.R.S., not only will you create a smile, but 100% of your gift will support the College’s initiatives to transform healthcare and transform lives.

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BEARS brochure  

BEARS brochure

BEARS brochure  

BEARS brochure