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Agro-Residue High Density Block Machine

Turning Wasto Into Resource.... Worldwide ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified

Advantage of Block  4-7 times density is achievable, that means less space, labor, handling required. Full truck load can be sent.  Zero transit & handling wastage at each stop or

transfer point 

Poly packed materials can be stored in open, only tarpaulin required to cover it.

 Dust free atmosphere is achieved for handling &

storage. helps in maintaining hygene & worked health.  Dry blocks packed reduces the chance of

bacterial growth


Loose Bulk Density

Bale Density

Weight Per Bale. Kg

Rice Husk

105 kg/cu.m



Rice Straw

80 kg/cu.m

410 kg/cu.m

14 kg

Saw Dust

117 kg/cu.m

380 kg/cu.m

12.5 kg

Wheat Straw

96 Kg/cu.m


15 kg

Palm Mesocarp

130 Kg/cu.m


17 kg

Palm EFB

120 Kg/cu.m


13 kg

Since 34 years, Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt.Ltd is leading manufacturer and exporter of waste management & handling machines like shredder, Baling machine, Briquetting, Sorting, for ferrous & non ferrous fodder, agro-residue & municipal solid waste. 86/23, VILLAGE GHEVRA, (NEAR HIRAN KUDNA MODE) MUNDKA UDYOG NAGAR, ROHTAK ROAD, DELHI- 81 (INDIA) FAX.: +91-11-28353710, PH. : + 91-11-28353700-09,

Agro Residue High Density Block Maching