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January 2010

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January 2010

By Raylea Barrow

It’s funny how the Floppy disk has been forgotten. It was the only source of saving and transferring files in the years past. In 2000, the first USB flash drive was invented. A compact, easy to use ver-

sion of the Floppy Disk with more gigabytes of space. This technological advancement initiated the start of a technological revolution for the decade as the iPod and HDTV’s became produced.

A series of odd celebrity trends have occurred over the past decade. Recently, the world has become media-centered, causing outrageously, scandalizing controversies. Through rehab, teen pregnancies, numerous foreign adoptions, and tiny animals in purses, the seeming “role-models” of our society have yet to display a positive example for teens to follow. Plus, all those poor Chihuahuas are more work than just a handbag accessory.

It seems like only yesterday when the September 11th tragedy occurred. Many of us were sitting contently in our elementary school, diligently trying to get through our job, or just spending another day in freedom. As many as 3,000 Americans lost their lives that day and many soldiers still sacrifice

their lives today in the war overseas. 2001 was a time of unity and overwhelming patriotism that helped to rebuild the nation .

“Danger, danger, danger!” There was always danger for The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin as he wrestled with wildlife in order to save them from poachers and dangerous habitats. Sadly, a sting ray took Steve’s life while he was filming a new TV program on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This decade had many prominent celebrities pass away. Do you remember them? R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith, Aaliyah, John Ritter, Bernie Mac, Patrick Swayze,

“A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton was ranked the top song of 2002 by Billboard. The mellow tune transferred to have a different meaning as the movie, White Chicks came to theaters. Now the only thing it can possibly relate to is shopping and preppy, ditzy squeals in a convertible.

Remember this?If you don’t, it’s probably because it has been overshadowed by Facebook and the rising newcomer, Twitter. Myspace had its moments. When it debuted in 2003, practically everyone deleted their Xanga account and raced to make new layouts, add music, and make friends. Myspace had its criticism too from wary adults, nervous about online predators. Thankfully, Facebook and Twitter have safer precautions.

The Olympic Beijing games were the most awe inspiring production of the 20th century. Although there was great animosity towards China’s building of Olympic stadiums, which pushed many out of homes, the lavish performance made by the participants was astounding. It was at the games were the United States took home the most medals, headed by Olympic swimmer, Michael Courtesy of 2007 Onyx Yearbook Phelps. “Wingardium Leviosa!”On June 25,2009, the A key line from a movie based upon a powerful whole country was in shock series created by the magical mind of J.K. Rowling. as it was announced that Featured in the photo is Austin graduate Sana Mohammad who was obsessed the King Of Pop had passed as many others were with the Potter series in 2007. As the last novel was written, away. Michael Jackson left Deathly Hallows, society still yearned for more magic and gained interest into a legacy of ingenuity and unnatural phenomena. From this, the Twilight craze was born. Once that series influence that has inspired reaches it’s end, what new book will take the crown for driving teen fans wild? various stars of today like Justin Timberlake and NeYo. Many people were glued to their

OMG! It’s a RAZR! This cell phone was a popular accesory in middle school. It was like a Skittles commercial because everyone had it in every shade. People begged their parents to buy it for them to not be seen as an outcast or unpopular in school. Today, with the wide

Jason Monje/ The Legend

variety of unique cell phones on the market, no one really cares anymore about the Motorola RAZR when they can have an iPhone.

Nida Janjua, Katie Dziuk, Sara Monk,

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