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January 2010

Switching Schedules It’s practi-

cally tradition for Fort Bend ISD to switch around the yearly schedule. Every year Rhea Turakhia it’s something new. Whether Winter Break is shorter, or school starts later, it seems like Fort Bend is constantly unhappy with the schedule, moving it around over and over and over again. Perhaps the biggest change this school year is the shift in exam dates. Rather than keeping the

exams after the Winter Break as usual, the district decided to change the schedule around again. Our last benchmark period is only seven weeks long as opposed to the normal nine. With all the shuffling of schedules and drastic changes year after year, the overall changes are somewhat discomforting to the students. Sophomore Anh Huynh, when asked about the changes this year, said “It’s a good change, I think. Now that exams fall before our break, there’s no stressing and worrying about exams soon after. Instead of spending winter break studying, we are relaxing and tak- Online Poll! What is the meaning of the winter season to you? Religious reasons 11.8% Holiday Songs on 99.1 5.9% Family & Friends 5.9% Love <3 0% I prefer summer... 0% Gifts!!! 0% It’s cold...? 0% All of the above... and then some! 76.5%

ing a well-deserved break from the Another sophomore, Sarah stress and strain of school. We’re Hernandez remarked, “It’s freeing. able to start with a clean slate Breaks are supposed to be about instead of forgetting half of everyrelaxation, and we’re finally getting thing we learned over a period of that this year.” weeks.” Exams are a tense and monumental period, but most people are rather pleased with the change. Although the year is hardly perfect, and there have been some complaints, most people agree that Thanksgiving break was too short and that school should start earlier. This way can get out in May instead of June. For once, the large Christy Wolterman/The Legend majority is satisfied with this one Sophomores Bobbi DeSplinter and Riddhi Yagnik study for the upcoming finals. change in exam dates.


January 2010

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The Face of Fashion

headlines the way they use to. In Fashion is a 2009, runway fashion went head to creative cycle head as critics craved for innovawhere the faces tion, momentum, and something of tomorrow irresistible. One of those most walk the grand influential events was Mercedes stage of today. Benz’s New York fashion week. It From the creemerged before the city showing Aisha Khan ative minds of off indie-urban and vintage inspired Chloe, pieces. Twice a year, Valthe Big Apple invites entino Garavani, Raquel high powered media Allegra, Christian Siriano, moguls and well celYotam Solomon, and many ebrated people of the others, the runway has alyear. Individuals like lowed them to reach new Eva Mendes, Kerry horizons as these artists Washington, Blake push forth ideas that are Lively, and Estelle renovating our idea of style. flew in from all over The truth remains that the the United States to same Italian leathers and attend the event in German cutoffs our mothNew York. The winers still indulge themselves ter pieces were inSenior Olga Medrano with aren’t making the troduced early in the

Top Ten Songs

year as spring and fall pieces were introduced midyear. Soft femininity was the theme of this winter and the generations of today have powered that with darker colors, a simple mid slip belt, and the traditional black leather jacket. You can find some of the pieces widely celebrated at the event in retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and boutiques throughout Uptown Park and the Galleria. Although trends are still followed religiously all over the world, they have ceased to set the bar. Dressing to your own standard, feel, and taste is what traditional

Senior Montana Ferrin

Pocahontas Meets The Smurfs

on iTunes

Avatar Stars At The Box Office Christy Wolterman Staff Writer

1. Blah Blah Blah- Ke$ha 2. Tik Tok- Ke$ha 3. Bad RomanceLady Gaga 4. Replay- Iyaz 5. Fireflies- Owlcity 6. Drop The World- Lil Wyane 7. Empire State Of Mind- Jay-Z

fashion is all about. Not throwing on a dress or a hideous head band just because you saw it flaunted on a model. The universe of fashion is more than girls walking down an isle or naive expression. It’s about passion, existence, and a form of beauty meant to rivet you into an intensely creative world.

8. I Gotta FeelingBlack Eyed Peas 9.Down- Jay Sean 10. Watcha SayJason Derulo

20th Century Fox’s newly released movie has resulted in a huge uproar worldwide. While some critics have panned it as a CGI-ed rehash of Pocahontas, audiences have given it glowing reviews. Set in the 22nd century on the alien planet of Pandora, “Avatar” is the story of an ex-marine who is thrust into the inter-species hostilities between humans and the indigenous 11ft-tall, blue-skinned Na’vi people. He soon has to decide on his allegiance to his own species or the Na’vi. “Avatar” took 15 years to film. Director James Cameron (award winning director of “Titanic”) invented a special 3D camera especially made for the filming of this movie. Although the story line was predictable at moments,the special effects in this movie are breathtaking. Avatar’s meteoric rise to the #2 biggest box office hit of all time (#1 being Titanic) through excellent word-of-mouth makes it a worthwhile two and a half hours. Many Austin students have already made the venture to the movie theatre to see “Avatar”. Senior Briana Hess describes the experience as “amazing, everything looked so real. The movie is so worth paying the expensive movie theatre prices”

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January 5 and 8  

January 5 and 8

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