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In Memory of

Desiree Nicole Golemon

(October 30th, 1993 - December 21st, 2009) Mary Ellen Knewtson Staff Writer

Freshman Desiree Nicole Golemon passed during winter break on December 21. She was 16. Kristi Sorrels, Desiree’s teacher, said that “she loved joking and was always smiling.” Even as Golemon became increasingly ill, Sorrels was impressed with her attitude, one that was “calm, peaceful, and trusting.”

January 2010


January 2010

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Dawg Spotlight

A funeral was held for her on December 26 in Sugar Creek Baptist Church’s Lyf Center Building. Attending the funeral were many friends who were “better for knowing her,” said Sorrels. Golemon leaves a family described by Sorrels as close and strong in the Christian faith. In addition to her family, Golemon was said to have drawn strength from her love of music. She loved to sing. “When I think of her,” said Robyn Burnett, another of Golemon’s teachers, “I think of courage and music.”

Voices Unheard Invisible Children Present The Rescue Who is he ? Joseph Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. He kidnaps children while they sleep and Faraz forces them into a life of vioKasam-Ali lence. How did it began ? When the British colonized Uganda they gave jobs and education to the people in the south, but forced the Acholi people of the north to be laborers and soldiers. Then, after gaining inde-

pendence, the northerners rebelled and since that day they have battled each other for control of Uganda. A rebel leader from the south named Yoweri Musevni came to power in 1986. Meanwhile, a boy named Joseph Kony joined a group of rebel fighters known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and soon rose to leadership. Although he claimed spiritual powers and promised success to those who fought with him, Kony never came close to overthrowing Musevni, who is the current president of Uganda. Over the years Kony lost the support of his followers as frustration over their lack of success grew. In a desperate attempt to

maintain power, Kony began to abduct local children to fight for his army. In the last two decades 30,000 children have been kidnapped and brainwashed for his forces. The U.N. has established refugee camps to alleviate the problem, but too often, Kony’s men ransack these havens and reclaim the refugees as their own. In fact, the conditions are so terrible that one thousand children die every week as they await for sparse foreign aid. How you can help... Student Council is holding a fundraiser for all clubs to save the Invisible Children and rescue them from a life of violence.

Gift of Gab

Debate still a hit at Austin

Debate Club, or the club where students attempt to verbally abuse their opponents as much as possible within David a set time limit. Perhaps that Zhao sounds cynical, but one will find many cynics as well as philosophers in this club of formal argument. Here one can learn the fine art of persuasion and one will have the chance to verbally duel debaters from other schools at tournaments. All that’s needed is logic—or perhaps not. Spewing nonsense while sounding convincing works equally well. Sophomore Hasan Mahdi takes pride in the “ability to know so little but make others believe you know very much—compliments of the debate team.” Here are some brief overviews of the most prominent debate events:

Lincoln-Douglas (LD) One-on-one debate, just like Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas did in grand old 1858. LD is the most well-known form of debate -- nearly all stereotypes about debate can be traced back to LD. Not surprisingly, it is considered the flagship event. Cross Examination (CX) The event notorious for the ridiculously fast speakers and the 20lb Tupperware containers stuffed with fact sheets and double-stapled information packets. The opponent will spam the contestant with a crazy amount of information. The best advice for prospective contestants? Good luck keeping up. Public Form (PF) Tag-team debate. Two contestants will switch off attacking their opponents’ viewpoints. It almost evokes images of Mario Kart. “Despite what many students think, debate competitions are very entertaining because people get to pick and choose what they get to compete in,” says sophomore Anh Huynh. “There’s also tons

of free time, so if you’re a nerd, you can do your homework, or hang out with really cool people.” Arguing isn’t the only event, however. For those who keep up with the news, Domestic Extemporary (DX) and Foreign Extemporary (FX) allow the contestant 30 minutes to compose a short speech over current events nationally and internationally. Watching the news, reading magazines, browsing the web -- all good to prepare. Arm oneself with knowledge. There are also speech events, including Oratory, Poetry, Prose, Improv, Duet Improv, and Impromptu. It’s never too late to join—meetings in N3 every Wednesday after school. For more information, contact Mr. Gardner.

David Davalos

Freshman Davis Davalos is the first freshman to make Austin’s drum line. Q:What school activities are you most involved in? A:Drum line takes up most of my time, but I also like to play the guitar.

James Matta

Junior Jewel Udenwagu is one of the Austin Varsity Basketball players and proud AHS Student Council member.

Q: What position do you play on the football team? A: I’m a starting defensive tackle for the J.V. team.

ball team? How do you like that spot? A: Since I’m only 5’1’’, I play point guard. I like it a lot because I would hate to be beat up in the paint by huge post. I’m too little for that.

Q: What do you do outside of school? A: I hang out with my friends. We go to Q: What gets you ready for a game? the mall, and I play my drums whenever A: Staying focused and ready for a dog I’m not with them. fight till the very last whistle. Q: How do you feel about being the first freshman to play the tenors? A: Pretty insane. I was really scarred when I first found out.

Jewel Udenwagu

Sophomore James Matta is on the Austin football, track team, and is an FCA member.

Q: How is the team doing? If you could change anything, would you? A: Great -- we are all working hard and becoming stronger together as a whole. I would not change anything.

Paige Reans

Senior Paige Reans is a member of NJROTC and Art Honor Society. She is also a future member of Sam Houston Q: What position do you play in Austin’s basket- State University. Q:What school activities are you most involved in? A: NJROTC for four years and Art for two years.

Q: What gets you ready for a game? A: My preparation for a game is probably different than a lot of people. Most people chill out and Q: What do you do outside of school? listen to music, but I get loud and sing all over the place. Getting too quiet makes me nervous, so I A: I am the commander of marksmanship team. So we shoot after school everyday. do the opposite. Q: How is the team doing? If you could change anything, would you? A: Let me just say that I’m on the BEST basketball team EVER! All the girls are talented and they are the funniest people you’ll ever meet. The team is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Q: What college do you plan on going to after high school? A: I’ve got everything set to go to Sam Houston State and get my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Q: How has your high school experience been so far? Q: How long do you hope to play footA: There’s more responsibilities, but also ball? Q: So far, how is your Senior year going? Q: How long do you hope to play basketball? more freedoms. So I guess I like it. A: Through my senior year and then go to A: I hope to play basketball as long as I can. A: Shockingly, pretty relaxing after colcollege and play there as well. lege applications. Q: What was the biggest challenge you have Q: What advice do you have for incoming freshman next year? Q: What was the biggest challenge this faced this year? Q: What advice do you have for freshA: During a scrimmage earlier in the year, I A: Just turn in your work and you will year? man? sprained my ankle really bad. It was the most do fine. A: Taking care of my grades so that I can excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced. I thought A: Do your homework! Even if your I broke it! I wasn’t able to play for a while after teacher doesn’t check it, homework helps. be on the team. that, but I worked hard and came back. Q: Anything else you would like to say? A: Make sure to support our Austin High Q: Anything you want to add? Q: What activities are you involved with outside Q: Anything else you would like to add? School Marching Band. A: Support your A.H.S. Football teams. of school? A: Not too sure. I just know that I’m goA: Outside of school, I do lots of singing! It’s like ing to miss everybody after graduation. my first love and it’s my therapy. I sing in my church choir and I plan on winning American Idol one day!

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