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Virgo (8/23- 9/22)

Aries you find yourself in yet another predictament. You try to stay out of trouble but someone somewhere always drags you in. You’re having fun living in the moment, but in 4 months, times will change. Prepare for this event and remember your priorities. You’re amazing at living life.

Scorpio (10/23- 11/21)

Giving up is never an option for you and your strength to endure is amazing. People envy your qualities as a person so live up to the respect you receive from your peers. You are an inspirational individual to the people around you.

Scorpios are naturally stubborn and are never afraid to voice their demands and concerns. This year forward your energy into public matters and let your natural leadership take it’s course. Run for positions in early fall and stick close to the friends you made sophomore year. They will be the most faithful. You are also fashionably inclined.

Taurus (4/20- 5/20)

The stars say you have a future in music if you play your cards right. Although it may be something you don’t feel serious about right now, it may be the most creative quality you posess. You have something on your mind you have been wanting to say but you can’t find the words. Figure it out and speak up.

Capricorn (12/22- 1/19)

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Congratulate yourself on the achievement. Your family is proud of you more than you know! College will be the most rewarding experience you will encounter. Even better than high school was for you. You are a very strong person on the inside even if you are underestimated sometimes.


You have achieved great success but you are extremely hard on yourself. Re-evalaute the source of your frustration. You may find this process very healing. Stay away from seafood, the color purple, beaches, and computers. The people who surround you have noticed how well you have managed your anger. They are proud of your turn around.

Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

You are one wild thing. Your friends praise you and your parents just don’t get you. Things will become a little tough for you as you face new obstacles that deal with your laziness. Prepare for a career with food and animals.

You will live a long and happy life. Stay away from cotton candy and negativity. Your personality is like sunshine and you have a tendency to light up a dark room. It’s a natural quality you should never forget. This new year means a lot for you so get ready and bring in the new year with a smile. You will go farther than you imagined.

Comic by Senior Nicolle Tamparong

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Austin Playhouse Planning Some “Great Big Stuff” Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Soon Playing

Libra (9/23- 10/22)

Libras have attitude problems. They can be bitter and can never get healthy. The best thing about Libras is the luck they will be receiving in exactly 4 days from reading this. You should eat more fiber, you’ll understand why later. You should take up cheering next year. No matter what gender you are.

Sagittarius (11/22- 12/21)

Pisces (2/19-3/20)


You’re going to go into debt if you don’t stop spending so much money on things that are not neccesary. You have an addictive personality and although it has some negative aspects to it, it complements the trait that allows to you focus and stay determined. You are intensely fun to go out with.

Leo (7/23- 8/22)

Leo, you will find a turtle this year by your house and you will give it a name that begins with the letter B. People always find a way to rain on your parade so Leo it’s time to buy an umbrella. Let go of those who hurt you last month, they will return to you only to hurt you again. You run your show now.

January 2010

Cancer (6/22- 7/22)

Aries (3/21- 4/19)

Learn something new about yourself this new year Virgo. Lately excellence has not been something you have been focused on and it’s been reflecting on that progress report you hide every few weeks. You ignore the guilt, but inside you know you can get your act together. Drink plenty of water and cut your hair. It’s time to change.

January 2010

Mary Ellen Knewtson/ The Legend Seniors Daniel Victory and Shavonna Cheeseborough pose in character as swindler Lawrence Jameson and southern belle Jolene Oakes

“It’s fun to be doing something new, not 40 or 50 years old. A show for the modern audience.”

MARY ELLEN KNEWTSON Staff Writer Austin Playhouse presents Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Don't miss this night of entertainment playing January 22, 23, 29 and 30 at Austin High School. Based on the 1988 Steve Martin movie, DRS is a story that breaks all the rules. Female lead Christin Ollre said the show is "not your typical boy-meets-girl musical." She promises a twist ending. Ollre plays Christine Colgate "The American Soap Queen." In the show, Lawrence Jameson (played by Daniel Victory) and Freddy Benson (Trey Dixon) race to swindle $50,000 from Colgate under the pretense of love. Add in a modern French Riviera setting, several phenomenal musical numbers, and a tangled web of relationships and deception and you can expect a hilarious evening. Presale tickets are $6 for students and $8 for adults. Reserve yours starting January 5. Call the Austin High School box office at 281-634-2071.

-Bradley Cummons

Mary Ellen Knewtson/ The Legend Mary Ellen Knewtson/ The Legend Senior Grace Tezzo as Muriel Eubanks, Junior Jordan Moore as Andre, Jameone of the women who grows savvy to son’s French right hand man who Lawrence Jameson’s scheming becomes entangled with Muriel (left).

Mary Ellen Knewtson/ The Legend Seniors Trey Dixon and Christin Ollre play scoundrel Freddy Benson and socialite Christine Colgate in the number “Love is My Legs.”

January 3 and 10  

January 3 and 10