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Joey Peterka~Editor-in-Chief Rand Stewart~Advisor Joey Peterka (Junior), or perhaps you know him as Logan, Douglas maybe even Phillip or Ralph? Whoever he is to you, you know he’s got a good head on his shoulders, the kind of guy Archer needs as the Editor-in-Chief of Eye of the Tiger. He’s a member of the Academic team and plays on the Tennis team as well. He’s involved in the community through Civil Air Patrol and is a Distinguished Eagle Scout.

Darius Ratchford~Sports Editor

Darius is just another typical guy. He runs varsity Cross Country, has good grades, and loves being a part of the newspaper staff. For a white boy he definitely has swag and he really loves his mom!!

Eye of the Tiger sponsor is Mr Rand Stewart (Penn State Bachelor of ArtsJournalism ’80, UGA Master of English Education ’09).

Itoro Atakpa~Staff Writer Itoro Atakpa is a junior here at Archer. She runs varsity track and plays tennis. Her favorite subject is biology, and she wants to become a neuroscientist.

Khari Stevens ~ Staff Writer Darius Williams~ Staff Writer Khari Stevens is a senior with great pride in Archer High School. He is the editor of the Fashion section, and the sports section (basketball). Khari Stevens is also a member of the Archer High School Varsity Basketball team. Khari Stevens is passionate about expressing Archer high school through the “Eye of the Tiger”

Darius is one of the many star athletes at Archer High School. He is usually the comedian who loves making jokes. Very outgoing but also has a laid back personality. Darius is one of the more fashionable students here at Archer. He is also the cofounder of “based” at Archer.


Archer Sports


Cross Country Archer’s boys and girls cross-country teams have worked hard all summer, and it definitely showed on Saturday, August 27, 2011. They showed the world what they were made of at the Athens Christian Invitational, with both girls and boys varsity placing second overall as a team, (girls competed against 22 teams and the boys competed against 28 teams) also JV boys took home first. Coach Johnson (girls coach) and Coach Carlyle (boys coach) have spent many hours with their respective teams and are proud of what they see, but both know that there is work to be done. So without further ado here are the results from the race: The top 7 girls: · Junior, Sreyroat Yi, (9th overall, big kudos to her) 22:15 · Junior, Taylor Dove, 22:38 · Sophomore, Tyler Jones, 22:40 · Sophomore, Brandi Hawkins, 22:43 · Sophomore, Esther Velez, 22:52 · Junior, Paige Vining, 23:08 · Junior, Katy Steele, 23:14 Honorable mentions to: Perrin Clavijo (8th), Hannah Gould (9th), McKenzie Knudsen (10th), Taylor O’Connor (11th), and Lauren Contino (12th). · · · · · · ·

The top 7 boys: Sophomore, Kyle Dodd, 17:20 .6 (4th overall!) Junior, Nick Wilham, 17:40.8 (5th overall!) Sophomore, Joey Salgado, 18:57.1 Junior, Jerry Patillo, 19:00.1 Sophomore, Darius Ratchford, 19:01.6 Junior, Kyle Boykin, 19:03.0 Senior, Saul Agis (co-captain), 19:03.6

Honorable mentions to: Devin Gray (8th), Preston Miller (9th), Giovanni Fernandez (10th), Kyle Martin (11th), Palmer Boykin (12th), and to Jeremy Simpson, who is one of the top runners but couldn’t attend due to other issues.

Darius Ratchford ‘14 Sports Editor


Softball Archer Softball Qualifies for State

By Darius Ratchford

Archer softball qualified for the state finals competition Tuesday with a 2-1 victory over the Brookwood Broncos. It’s well deserved for these ladies, who improved to 23-9 with the win. They have worked hard all season and the hard work is definitely paying off. To advance to the game against Brookwood, Archer had to first beat the Grayson Rams and the South Gwinnett Comets. They defeated the Comets in the first round with a score of 7-2 they then went on to crush Grayson in the second round 10-2. Archer looks to finish off the region tournament and nab a number one seed for the state tournament. The next game will be October 6th at 4:00 pm at Brookwood High School. Come support your Archer softball team!

Darius Ratchford ‘14 Sports Editor


Football As we all know, our Tigers had a tough season last year. But thanks to the head coaching of Coach Dyer, the return of key seniors such as quarterback Jarvis Holley, and new faces such as Darius Williams and Will Kone, the team seems to be on the road to success. The team has shown a lot of improvement from last year. Although falling a little short in the season opener against Duluth, the team showed amazing fight and teamwork. As the season goes on, expect to see amazing things coming from this Tiger squad. The negative side is the team will be playing the season without wide receiver Randall Smith: after suffering a severe concussion against Duluth, Smith has decided to take off this season. But the team will continue to push on throughout the season with his support and much support from members of the community and students of the school. Game of the Week Being High 5’s game of the week, the Archer Tigers were set to go toe to toe with their new school rival, the Mountain View Bears. So far Archer was already 3 games up on their rival since they’ve been open. Big plays were by running backs Jermaine Morris, Sean Fowler, and Ernest Alexander. Alexander had an amazing night with 100 plus yards with two touchdowns. Big plays were also made by linebacker Derrick Parker and DB Deondre Singleton. Singleton made a big interception to lead to another Tiger’s touchdown. The Tigers played amazing football and came out with a 18-7 victory over their rival Mountain View.


Volleyball Archer Varsity Volleyball is well into its season. The 12 girls began practicing on August 3 and have played five games against Walton, Grayson, South Gwinnett, Peachtree Ridge, and Mountain View High Schools. Their 1-4 record isn’t looking too good thus far, but, as stated by senior Angie Cruz in an interview, the teammates are still growing to gain more trust in each other each day. “We all came from different backgrounds,” she reflected. “We’ve had different experiences and yet, here we are, having to work together and sharing a common bond.” Along with hard work and the competitive spirit that junior Emma Moore describes to be her favorite aspect of playing volleyball, this bond is one of the most vital components to success. It is continuously strengthened not only through practicing together each day, but through the team bonding nights that are regularly organized. As far as the team’s goals, they have set them high, as a group as well as individually. They hope to improve as a whole and end the season on a good note. When Emma Moore was asked about her individual goals for the season, she responded “I really want to start a game this season…and to beat Mountain View.” All of us wish our Tigers Volleyball team the best of luck in their endeavors.

Itoro Atakpa ‘13 Staff Writer


Braves Are for Real this year The Atlanta Braves are more than just another team; they’re a team with a really good shot at winning the whole thing this year. Winning 16 of 24 so far in the month of August, the Braves as a team have been looking good. Heading into September, all Braves fans can’t help but be happy to hear that. Although the Braves are six games back of the Phillies for the division, they are still eight games up on the Giants for the wildcard. The Braves look pretty solid to have a playoff spot if they keep up their play. With a 79-54 record, they are on pace to crush last year’s record of 91-71. They owe a big thanks to two rookies who have been playing spectacular baseball, Craig Kimbrel (pitcher) and Freddie Freeman (first baseman). Craig Kimbrel is the Braves closer and is currently tied for the saves record for a rookie (40 saves). Not only is he leading all rookies in saves, but he’s leading the WHOLE league in saves, which is a huge feat for a rookie. Freddie Freeman has been playing great this year this year with 137 hits (leads team), 18 home runs, and 64 RBI’s. Also, it doesn’t hurt that these guys have been healthy all year! The Braves have many things to talk about that make them such a good team, but none bigger than the pitching staff, which has a 3.32 ERA, third in the league. They have a three-headed dragon in the bullpen (Eric O’Flaherty, Craig Kimbrel, and Johnny Venters) that seems almost impossible to score on. Right now the Braves have one missing piece in the staff and that’s Tommy Hanson, who leads the team in strikeouts. When he comes back from the DL, he will help this staff look even scarier than it already does. But then came September where the Braves managed to blow an eight and a half game lead in the wild card to the St. Louis Cardinals. All Braves fans should be disappointed about the end of this year, but should definitely be excited for next year.

Darius Ratchford ‘14 Sports Editor




Durham, North Carolina’s Duke University is a school that is often characterized by its outstanding basketball program. It is known to pack stadiums with thousands of ecstatic, electrified fans supporting their Blue Devils. But there is far more to this school than just a top ten NCAA basketball standing. Duke University is a highly prestigious establishment of higher learning. It is tied with Dartmouth as the ninth best school in the country, coming just under Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of Technology, and MIT. The student body is filled with highly qualified students, 89% of which graduated in the top ten percent of their high school class. Their SAT scores have an average range of 2000-2300 out of 2400, and their ACT scores have an average range of 29-34 out of 36. Most participated in an abundance of extracurricular activities, as is recommended for acceptance into this school. Also recommended is a transcript showing four years of language arts courses and three years of math, science, and social studies. For those who took AP classes, only scores of 4 or 5 on exams are accepted for college credit. Only 22% of the roughly 20,000 students that apply each year are accepted. The out-of-state tuition to attend this “Gothic Wonderland” of nearly 175-year-old buildings is a rather expensive $38,741, but almost half of the students receive a generous $30,000 in aid from the school. Once accepted, students who reviewed the school on website College Prowler claimed that, although they were at first thrown off by the rigor of the courses, the professors are helpful and more than willing to spend one-on-one time with individual students. As for the student body outside of academics, it is very social and involved. There are over 400 clubs and organizations to participate in, and the thriving Greek life consists of 21 fraternities and 17 sororities. Also, about 10% of the students are a part of a varsity sports team, the players of which are generally ranked higher than those of other tier one schools. Duke students also boasted that, in contrast to Harvard or MIT, there is a plethora of fun weekend parties to let loose after hours of endless studying. And for those who prefer more calm evenings to the party life, Southpoint Mall is just off campus, as well as Brightleaf Square, a plaza filled with stores and restaurants. Duke also exists outside of North Carolina. It embraces foreign culture and encourages students to participate in one of its many study abroad programs around the world. The campuses in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America are some of the best in the world. For students who aren’t sure whether or not this school is right for them or who simply want to explore additional educational opportunities, the Duke TIP program offers summer camps and workshops for high school students to experience life at Duke and get a taste of college life in general. Students stay on campus and participate in difficult, but fun projects in leadership, arts, law, or sciences. They get to choose their own courses, go on fieldtrips, make new friends, and make connections with professors and authorities that could be beneficial in the future. Read more about his program at

If you have any questions about the school, call at (919) 684-2813. The application deadline for the fall semester is January 2, 2012.

Itoro Atakpa ‘13 Staff Writer


Georgia Southern

== Georgia Southern University, located about an hour away from Savannah, in Statesboro, Georgia, receives roughly 9,000 applications per year. Its ratio of number of students who choose to enroll to number of students who are accepted is the fourth highest in the nation. But why, you may ask, do so many students find such appeal in this university? The answer to this question depends on the student. Any given decision to enroll may have depended on factors ranging from cost through academics, environment, athletics, and social life. Especially in our current economic state, one of the most significant issues that often hinders students from being able to attend their preferred college is the cost of tuition. At GSU, though, the price of attendance is quite reasonable: the in-state tuition is $5,440, and the school, on average, will provide around $3000 in financial aid. This assistance, of course, is limited to a mere 10% of students, but, again, finance is not nearly as common a complaint at this school as it is at others. If you know up-front that this price is not manageable for you, it would be helpful to receive a HOPE scholarship or to apply for several other scholarships. Any individual who is one of the 50% of accepted GSU applicants is at least a decent student. The academic success of Georgia Southern students is reflected in that the average GPA of those accepted is 3.01, the average range of their composite of verbal and math scores on the SAT is 1020-1190 out of 1600, and the average ACT score range submitted by accepted students is 21-24 out of 36. It is recommended by the admissions staff that applicants have taken and passed 4 years of English courses, 4 years of mathematics courses, 2 years of foreign language courses, and 3 years of social studies courses. If any of these classes were AP courses, GSU grants credit to students who scored at least a 3 on their AP exam(s). Also, students interested in participating in an ROTC program will find one of the best in the nation at GSU. To some students, class size is a considerably important factor. Some can do well in just about any classroom environment, some feel comforted by having a large amount of other students surrounding them, and some prefer to have a small class in which individual questions and tutoring with the professor come with ease. If you would rather have small classes, you won’t have much luck finding many of them at GSU: 13% of classes have 50 or more students, 64% have 20 to 49 students, and only 23% have fewer than 20 students. Within these classes, the males typically outnumber the females by a slight amount. Georgia Southern University also accommodates those with appreciation for the environment. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is one of the top “green” schools in the nation. As of 2008, its buildings began to recycle water and conserve energy, and its bus system was modified to become more environmentally friendly. You may be curious as to how the actual students and alumni feel about the university. On website College Prowler, students who have attended or are attending the school gave it pretty good reviews. One of the things they liked most was that the majority of the student population greatly enjoys attending varsity sports events. Students rated GSU Eagles sports activity higher than Kennesaw, Georgia State, and Valdosta, but not higher than UGA. Only 3% of men and 2% of women play varsity sports at the school, but, if you are interested in doing so, about a third of the athletes receive scholarships affiliated with their sport. Also rated higher than Kennesaw, Georgia State, and Valdosta was the Greek life. The students had a general consensus that the fraternities and sororities have room for improvement, but they are still better than average. As far as having fun outside of school, the students said that, being that GSU is in a rural area, there’s not much to do off campus without taking a 20 to 30 mile drive. On and immediately surrounding the campus, though, there are many parties and clubs to go to on the weekends. Students who prefer to live a slower-paced life complained that going to parties seem to be the only thing to do because there are no plazas, shopping malls, or movie theatres. If Georgia Southern seems right for you, the deadline to apply for the summer semester is April 1, 2012, and the deadline for the fall semester applications is May 1, 2012. Any further questions may be answered by contacting the school at (912) 478- 5391. Itoro Atakpa ‘13

Staff Writer



Real Steal October 7, 2011:

Movie preview October By Darius Ratchford

• Hugh Jackman stars as a washed up boxer, Charlie Kenton, who lost his chance at a title when robots took over the ring. He spends his time putting together bots out of scrap and going from fight to fight in an underground venue. Charlie eventually hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his son Max to build and train a championship robot. Against all odds they get one shot at a comeback. • In my opinion this will be a great see for the kids because of all the action, and will also keep the adults entertained. •

My predicted critic grade: B-

• For more info go to: o

The Big Year October 14, 2011:

• Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson star in a movie where all of them are trying to win a huge competition….. In bird watching. Not much more to it than that. • In my opinion this going to be a hysterical movie because of the stars in it. Also it should be appropriate for kids considering that the movie is rated PG. • My predicted critic grade: B• For more info go to: o


Responsible, Respectful, Role Models13

Archer High School Homecoming 2011-2012 Sweet Victory indeed! The Archer Tigers defeated the Central Gwinnett Knights in a close game nail biter on Friday, October 14th, Homecoming night. “Central were good opponents, as always, they put up a good fight. Bottom line, I knew my Archer Tigers would come through and get he W.” Darius Williams of the Tiger’s football team says. Congratulations to senior, Yvonne Asoro for winning Archer High school’s 2011 Homecoming court! The homecoming dance was also a “Sweet Victory”, the dance was a success and everyone had a blast. Many people dressed up in formal gowns and dress shirts with ties and bow ties. The Sweet Victory was a success, be sure to look forward to next year’s homecomg!

Khari Stevens ‘12

Staff Writer

Calling all freshmen! Here’s a bit of advice to succeed on Archer territory. Read this and you’re sure to learn a great deal. We’ve all been there before, nervous and excited at the same time. Well, I’m going to enlighten you with a bit of advice as a senior this year. I’ve been there and done that.Therefore consider this a privilege of sorts, from the perfect person available to inform you of a few things, Such as the fact that we no longer walk in lines to lunch.By now you should have that figured out; if not, well, it’s a good thing you’re still reading. Nonetheless if you’re able to tackle this, then you will be well on your way to bigger and better things. So kudos to your first victory, but your journey has just begun! Now I will get you through the intimidating halls of Archer High School. If you have not realized this by now, there are several staircases here on campus. I know you are saying to yourself, “There is no way I’m going to find my way to class if I don’t go through the atrium”. The answer to that question is you will figure it out and conquer this enormous obstacle in life we call High School. You must have noticed that just how crowded it is on your way to class. My theory is that if the freshmen population discovered the various other ways to class, among the several staircases available this problem would not exist. This is merely a vision that you can make a reality, so spread the word. If you can get through high school in one piece your first year you can do anything. So on to our next venture: there are lockers throughout campus, so why don’t you use them? Statistics have proven that the huge backpacks that hang way too low for comfort are a danger to your health. I hate to be the one to deliver this news, but someone had to. If your back hurts and going up the stairs without tipping over becomes an issue for you, that’s a sure sign that it’s time to utilize your locker. Yes, we all have homework and are required to bring our books to class from time to time but enough is enough. The number one rule for success and avoiding a tardy pass, of course, is to stop at your locker between classes, especially if your next class is near your locker. Advisement is the perfect time for a locker trip as well as before you leave after school. Back problems have never proven to be beneficial for anyone. This is just some advice to help you make a smooth transition into high school; hope it helps make your experience here at AHS fabulous.

Malika Overton ‘12


There are so many news sources here at Archer High School from Video Broadcasting’s Tiger Vision, the yearbook staff’s The Predator and whether you know it or not Archer has one final way of getting student information out, Journalism’s new E-Newspaper the Eye of the Tiger. The Eye of the Tiger will soon be your first stop for all Archer Sports Updates, Club news, Opinions, videos and other info to keep you in the know. If you’re reading this then you now know that our publication is linked to the school’s main domain Our website will be updated daily for sports scores and will be updated weekly for news. If have any ideas for improvements forward all to the Editor-in-Chief at

Joseph Peterka ‘13





We’ve all used an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch at least once in our lives if not on a daily basis and we’ve all been fascinated with them since the beginning, but what makes them so special compared to other mobile devices? They all run on Apple’s powerful mobile operating system, iOS. Back in June at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco California, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled Mac OS X lion, iCloud and the long anticipated iOS 5, which will be available for download this month on iTunes. According to Apple Inc. the new version of their software will over 200 new features. One of these features is a notification center, where all you will need to do is swipe the status bar at the top of the screen and your e-mails, text messages, missed calls, etc., will be located in one -place. Something else you may see in the notification center is a new app called iMessage that is integrated with the messages App. iMessage makes it possible to send unlimited text messages via wi-fi or 3G from your iPad, iPhone, and even the iPod Touch, to anybody who owns one of those devices. –Among the most improved aspects of the mobile software are the additions that can be used with your camera. You will now have the ability to remove red eye, auto enhance, crop, and do various photo editing tasks directly from the camera app. Do you ever have problems connecting your iDevice to a computer? That problem will now be a thing of the past, because with iOS 5, you can sync, connect, and even activate your device wirelessly; therefore, you no longer need a computer to own an iDevice. With Apple’s new iCloud, you can upload up to 5 GB of personal data to Apple servers, meaning you can take your music pictures and videos wherever you go without having them on your device. Twitter is becoming very popular among people today, and because of this Apple has integrated Twitter into Safari photos, camera, Youtube, and even maps, letting us tweet from wherever we are on our devices. For those that use Apple TV and own an iPad , a feature called airplay mirroring will be available. Airplay mirroring allows users to display whatever is on their device onto their TV. When iOS 4 came out we were introduced to multitasking but in iOS 5 Apple software developers have taken multitasking to a whole new level. In order to switch between applications, the only thing that a person would have to do is simply swipe the screen. Unfortunately, however, iOS 5 will only be available on Apple’s newest devices, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod 4G, iPod 3G, iPad, and iPad 2. Available now on iTunes.

Joseph Peterka ‘13



Fashion: The business of giving has become a world-wide favorite to many! Toms Shoes were created as a business that inspires and shoes that will last for a long time. In 2006, a traveler named Blake Mycoskie became good friends with children in Argentina. He noticed that most of the kids did not have shoes to protect their feet. As a result, he created a business that would match every pair bought by a Toms customer to a pair given to a child in need, “One for One”

These shoes have definitely not only been a big success in funding the needy, but also a big success in fashion. Coming in many different colors, designs, and styles, Toms have become really successful in the fashion industry. Mix and matching with different outfits and casual wear, Toms seems to be the solution shoe to any outfit. Many students and teachers, such as Miss Leigh Ann Landress, within our school have invested in donating by purchasing a pair of Toms. Toms also carries high heeled wedges, boots, sunglasses and more. Purchase a pair of Toms, if you haven’t already, get into the fashion trend, and give back to a child in need. “One for One”.

Khari Stevens

Staff Writer


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