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We’re having a baby! Well, our inspirational columnist Katie Piper is. She’s three months pregnant with her boyfriend of two years and is already glowing. ‘I’ve had so much support from Now readers and wanted to let you know as soon as I could that I’m expecting,’ she tells us. Now couldn’t be more thrilled for Katie and her man (who prefers to stay out of the limelight). She’ll make the yummiest celeb mummy.

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Who’s dating, mating and hating

What’s in a name?

Words: Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: Alpha, WENN, Rex, PA, Splash, National Photo Group, Getty, Eyevine

Robert Pattinson & Dylan Penn


‘Who the ruddy heck’s Dylan Penn?’ we hear you shriek. Well, listen up: model Dylan, 22, is the daughter of Oscar winner Sean Penn (who you can read about across the page) and actress Robin Wright – and she’s the reported new squeeze of R-Pattz. Yes, it appears Rob, 27, has found love again a year after it first emerged that Kristen Stewart, 23, had cheated on him with married film director Rupert Sanders. Rob and Dylan were spotted at hot LA hangout The Viper Room on 7 September. Later that night, they headed out for drinks and a bite to eat at the nearby Chateau Marmont and then to a party at his house. ‘They went into his kitchen and he put his arms around her,’ says a source. ‘Then he was kissing her neck.’ Ooh-er! Well, if it means we 100 per cent never have to endure any more off-on and off-again rumours about K-Stew and R-Pattz, we’re all for it!



Gotcha! Rob and Dylan got talking at The Viper Room

Dylan’s just the latest in a string of ladies to be linked to R-Pattz




They hooked up while shooting Twilight in 2008 – and four years of ‘are they, aren’t they’ ensued. Then in 2012, K-Stew was caught cheating. Despite a public apology and a brief reconciliation, they split in May.

Although she’s a friend of Kristen’s, Katy, 28, was recently linked to Rob. Awks! But the singer’s rubbished the rumours, revealing that she’d told Rob: ‘One of the things I’m most proud of is not sleeping with you.’ A strong woman…

Rob was spotted ‘bonding’ with Sarah, 26, on the set of their movie Map To The Stars in July. Although a source said: ‘On paper they’d make a very cute couple,’ in the end it didn’t go anywhere. Bad luck, Sarah. ’s reunion Nad Nadine Coyle & Jason Bell

Most Wanted Max George & Nina Agdal


Joseph GordonLevitt

Tamara Ecclestone & Jay Rutland

The actor, 32, has revealed he’s had a secret girlfriend for a while – but she ‘doesn’t want to be part of’ the fame game. Sweet.

Tamara, 29, and new hubby Jay, 32, are expecting! ‘I just feel so lucky. I never imagined this happening so quickly,’ she says.

Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley, 27, has been flashing a huge ring on the set of her new film after the tennis ace, 26, proposed. Aww!

Cooling off

The Wanted hottie Max, 25, is seeing Sports Illustrated model Nina, 21, who previously dated Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Check out this pic Nina posted online. Cute – but a bit vom-inducing.

Love Hotting up

Tiy m aet!

Nadine, 28, and on-off love Jason, 35, haven’t made their relationship status clear, but they were seen flying into London together last week. The Girls Aloud star announced she was pregnant in August, but didn’t reveal who the dad is. Is this you letting us in on the secret now, Nadine?

Richard Gere & Carey Lowell

Sad news, peeps: Richard, 64, and Carey, 52, have separated after almost 11 years of marriage due to ‘lifestyle differences’.

Whole lotta history

Madonna & Sean Penn

Sean, 53, was papped embracing his ex-wife Madge, 55, at the launch of her short film in New York. The pair married in 1985, but had a turbulent relationship and ended up divorcing in 1989. Now it seems they’ve put the past behind them.


27 ya s o, ty’r pl aan

Crush corner Scott EaStwood, 27 You guessed it – Scott’s dad is movie ledge Clint! As well as inheriting Clint’s Hollywood looks, Scott’s following in his pa’s footsteps as an actor. We’re loving this picture – isn’t he ripped or what?

One of the rare times when they weren’t at each other’s throats during their marriage

Another Exclusive

Pete talks to Now:

Words: mark Butcher. Photos: Planet, Wireimage, iNf, Xposure

‘of course I’ll be at the bIrth!’ A

fter years of putting his private life on the small screen, Peter Andre recently announced plans to call it quits on his reality TV show. Instead, he’s vowed to be a hands-on dad when his baby with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh arrives next year – and tells us he will be there at the birth. The singer was by the side of his ex-wife Katie Price, 35, when she

Dad-to-be Peter Andre on Emily, their baby, popping the question… and the in-laws!

delivered their two children Junior, eight, and Princess, six, by Caesarean section. But in an exclusive interview with Now, Pete, 40, says he can’t wait to be at his first natural birth. He adds that it’ll be a fresh start after an emotional nine months since he lost his brother Andrew to kidney cancer last December. ‘I’m more positive now and I can’t wait to be at the birth,’ Pete tells us. ‘It’ll be my first experience of a natural birth. It’s a bit difficult,

but there’s nothing more special than the birth of a child. ‘It was tough last year when you’re right in the middle of it. Grieving privately and publicly [for Andrew] was very difficult, but my brother Michael said to me: “You don’t get over it, you get on with it.” You just have to focus on something.’ Pete adds: ‘Good things have happened since we lost Andrew, with raising money for Cancer Research and with Emily. Once you’ve lost something it’s lost, but maybe this is like the circle of life. I’m very relaxed now.’

Zanzibar ‘wedding’

Last week, trainee doctor Emily, 23, was spotted showing off her mini bump as she left the couple’s Surrey home. She commutes from her home in Somerset to spend time with Pete most weekends. But when grilled about their future plans, Pete refuses to reveal if he’s ready to pop the question, saying: ‘I’ll let you know all in good time...’ Viewers of his ITV2 show My Life will next week see Pete return to Zanzibar, where he first realised his feelings for long-term friend Emily and even ‘married’ her in a fake wedding ceremony three months before their first date. Pete made an emotional return during a charity bike ride with Emily’s dad Dr Ruaraidh MacDonagh and the experience made him contemplate his relationship.

‘our families are very close’

Advice for Simon


Wedding bellS

Pete’s promise to be at Emily’s side in the delivery room comes after Simon Cowell last week laughed off the idea he’d hold girlfriend Lauren Silverman’s hand during labour. Pete chuckles: ‘Did Simon say he isn’t going to be at the birth of his child? It’s interesting because in the olden days guys weren’t allowed to be there. ‘Men can be at the birth now, but you can’t really argue with someone if they choose to play by Pete, pictured in the old school rules. 2006 with Simon I don’t agree with it, and Katie, doesn’t but it’s up to him.’ agree with ‘old

school’ Si’s decision


24 Sept ‘beauts’ emily shows off her mini bump

Pete says having his first child with emily will be like a fresh start

He says on the show: ‘The last time I was here they held a wedding ceremony for me and Emily. We weren’t even together, but my brain was thinking: “She’s so beauts!”’ We ask if he’d consider returning to Zanzibar to marry Emily for real, but Pete will only give us a cheeky smile. ‘I wouldn’t even think of commenting. Don’t you know me yet?’ he laughs.

‘We don’t hAve A bAby nAme yet’ Whatever the future holds, Pete says that his and Emily’s families are inseparable – and both sets of grandparents adore each other. Speaking to Now at Ashley Roberts’ clothing

launch at London’s Vanilla club, Pete says: ‘My family love Emily. Our families are very close – we’ve known each other for three years. Her dad operated on my kidney stones and he did my dad’s prostate, so we trust each other with our lives. ‘You want to do everything right, as the next time you’re on the operating table you might not be so lucky!’ One thing’s for certain, Pete’s kids can’t wait for another new sibling

to play with. ‘Everyone’s excited about the new baby,’ says Pete. ‘Junior and Princess are hugely excited, but they haven’t come up with a name. Well, not yet!’ Princess and Junior are very excited about emily’s baby

Will it bre a boy o a girl? TURN FOR MORE

➻ 00

Who Needs Nipple Tassels? Ah, so that’s why Nicole Scherzinger, 35, keeps her silky dark tresses so lengthy – to cover her boobs in saucy nude photos! The usually classy Pussycat Doll posed topless for a Turkish mag in 2009. Bet she was very thankful there wasn’t a wind machine blowing…

X Factor

Groups mentor

Gary’s Glory days

Girls mentor

He might be all respectable now he’s filling Simon Cowell’s shoes, but there was a time when Gary Barlow, 42, used to regularly get his kit off with Take That. Like we ever needed reminding – we had the poster! #EverythingChanges

X Factor

w’s stars o h s e th f o ts re c candalous se s t s o m d n a t s ie The sex

peepo, Mrs o!

Boys mentor a youNG david dickiNsoN? Unfortunately, Louis Walsh, 61, is also no stranger to stripping off. Oh dear.

Bar this slip of the nip, Sharon Osbourne, 60, has kept her surgically enhanced body under wraps. Her dirty mind is another matter, though. From confessing to a fling with Jay Leno to admitting she’d perform oral sex on Prince Charles to bag a title, Mrs O’s kinky and proud.

Overs mentor

TMI, Shazza!

On keeping her 31-year marriage to Ozzy alive, Sharon’s previously revealed (brace yourselves): ‘How do we spice it up in the bedroom? Lots of sex toys. Spray cream around the bollocks. Chocolate sauce on the knob. Lick, lick, lick…’ *Covers ears*


X Factor

Top-shelf totty

A quickie with… Dermot’s bulge* X Factor fitties Joseph and Sam reveal all – We meet the real star of the show: Mr O’Leary’s, ahem, package

Dermie’s bulge gets a yes from us!

Hi, Dermot’s bulge. How are you finding this sudden attention? Well, I’ve actually been more than prominent on the show for the past six series. Honestly, I’m not sure how people have failed to spot me ’til now. We’ll take a look at some old tapes. We thought you were just taking inspiration from Olly Murs… Olly took inspiration from me! I was here first. If you really want to know, I think his bulge had a rummage through my section of the wardrobe department. Really? Yes. There’s only room for one pair of tight pants round here. And as the lovely Olly’s no longer presenting The Xtra Factor, it’s my time to shine. I’ll let you decide who has the best bulge out of the two of us, but it’s clearly me. That’s us told! So who are your bulge-spirations? Jon Hamm’s bulge is great – it has its own Tumblr accounts. Does anyone want to make an account for me? Oh, and Mark Wahlberg’s is great, too. They’re both Hollywood bulges, though – I’d like to think I’m the bulgiest bulge in the UK. OK, no need to get cocky…

Words: Nicola Fahey and Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: ITV, Alpha, Famous, Camera Press, Dylan Rosser/Gay Times magazine, Phillip Ollerenshaw/LFI/Photoshot. *Obviously, Dermot’s bulge doesn’t actually talk. Honest.

X Factor’s scandalistas

and we mean all! You’re welcome…

He has the sex factor

Joseph’s son Kian, five, with Nicole

Joseph strips oFF

Tattooed builder Joseph Whelan – who missed out on a place at judges’ houses last year – got naked for a gay mag earlier this year. The sexy dad, 27, recently revealed he performs in his boxers. We hope Joe’s performances come after the watershed!

Tamera’s drugs and bullying shame

Tamera’s had to apologise for her bad girl behaviour

Tamera Foster, 16, has had her past come back to haunt her twice so far. After getting exposed for bragging about her love for cannabis on Twitter, she was then forced to apologise for an attack last year on a 15-year-old. Tamera told victim Holly Wilks: ‘Kiss my shoes or I’ll beat you up.’

No bum deal: Sam bared his bod for charity

Homeless Hannah’s school exclusion

Hannah’s had a tough time since her dad died when she was aged nine


Hannah Barrett, 17, was excluded from The Archbishop Lanfranc School for a ‘respite’ term at the Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation education centre, known for helping pupils with behavioural issues. She currently lives in temporary housing after falling out with her mum.

skinny Dipper sAm Barman Sam Callahan, 19, proved his manpower when he went skinny-dipping in a Chelmsford park to raise money for a cancer charity. The council threatened Sam with police action if he did it in public, so he stripped in secret and posted a vid online. Ledge!



Timeless black and white

kerry Washington in Marchesa

BEST Devilred Prada

allison WilliaMs

in Ralph Lauren

elisabeth Moss in Andrew Gn

So Hot R

the dresses that rocked and the frocks

Michelle Dockery in Prada

WORST Red carpet flash!

January Jones in Givenchy

christina henDricks

in Christian Siriano

Julianne hough

in Jenny Packham

BEST Quality Street chic

sofia vergara

kate Mara

in Vera Wang

in J Mendel

carrie unDerWooD

in Romona Keveza

Right Now! that shocked (yes yours, Hough!) BEST Zooey Deschanel in J Mendel

heiDi kluM

in Versace

claire Danes

in Armani PrivĂŠ

sarah hylanD

in Carolina Herrera

Words: Gilly Ferguson. Photos: Rex

New hair

Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Bod

KIM K: ‘I’ll get

thin for Kanye

l Compromises her health by cutting out carbs l Ignores personal trainer Tracy Anderson’s advice as she’s desperate to lose weight fast


s if she hasn’t had enough scrutiny over her figure in the last year, poor Kim Kardashian’s feeling even more pressure to bounce back. Showing off her post-baby body last week, she looked amazing after ditching the baggy tops for a figure-hugging jumpsuit. But while Kim, 32, is putting on a brave face for the paps, insiders say she’s facing a ‘frustrating’ struggle to shift the final 10lb of baby weight – and is taking desperate measures that experts warn could put her health at risk. The reality star’s thought to have put on 3st 8lb while pregnant with baby North. But after working with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson since the birth in June, she’s estimated to have lost an impressive 2st 12lb through healthy eating and cardio workouts. But now her weight loss has plateaued.

Kim’s been working with trainer Tracy


Insiders say that in the past fortnight Kim’s suddenly become desperate to lose the baby weight even faster – with friends convinced she’s feeling the pressure over joining baby daddy Kanye West (and his sexy dancers) on his world tour, which starts in two weeks. We’re told Kim – who was cruelly dubbed ‘a whale’ during her pregnancy – is now taking drastic diet measures by cutting out all carbs, including pasta, rice and potatoes, and even trying juicing detoxes. A family insider says: ‘Kim was eating healthily and doing a lot of postnatal yoga. But after seeing how slowly she’s losing weight, she’s become frustrated. She’s now working out on this high-tech elliptical machine [cross trainer] and loves doing aerobics.’ While Kanye, 36, is supporting her, he’s not putting any pressure on her. ‘He loves her curves and couldn’t care less if she ever gets her pre-baby figure back,’ Kim put on over our insider reveals. 3½st while ‘But Kim, of course, pregnant with doesn’t agree. She baby North wants to get back to her pre-North

Kanye says he loves her whatever her size…

…but Kim’s determined to get back to this!

size 2 [a UK size 6] and has been telling people she’ll be back in swimsuit shape by Christmas.’ On 16 September, Tracy Anderson praised Kim for taking the weight loss slowly, saying: ‘She’s a gorgeous woman… It’s really important to carve out as much time as you can to reconnect to yourself and be realistic. It’s a tough journey back.’ Tracy hasn’t commented on Kim’s plans to accelerate her weight loss – but experts warn it could be bad for Kim to take such drastic Atkins-diet style measures. Personal trainer and fat loss specialist Lisa Cunningham says: ‘It’s never a good idea to completely cut out any food groups, particularly when you’ve just had a baby and your body’s recovering.

‘Kim should be focusing on a healthy, balanced diet incorporating low-GI carbs, smart fats and plenty of protein to get a balance of nutrients. It’s fine to have a weight loss goal as long as it doesn’t compromise your overall health.’ Another Kardashian family insider tells Now: ‘Kim loves Kanye so much that she wants to look good for him, especially with this tour coming up. She was hoping to join him on it but it’s still uncertain. Everyone thinks that’s why she’s in a sudden panic. ‘There’s been so much speculation about Kanye and his flirting. She knows it’s innocent, but no matter how many times Kanye tells her he loves her whatever she looks like, it’s made her determined to look her best.’ We can’t believe we’re saying this, but for once, Kim – listen to Kanye!

dy crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body ody

b y b a b t s po les



Bonkers BaBy Belly Belt The WAG turns to a ‘non-surgical tummy tuck’ to shed pounds

She’s a fan of the Technoshape, which speeds up fat burning


imÕs not the only one desperate to lose weight Ð Coleen Rooney, 27, is determined to get back to a size 8 after giving birth to her and hubby WayneÕs second son Klay in May. In an effort to shed her baby belly, sheÕs already completed a three-day juice detox ahead of a friendÕs wedding. Coleen Ð who trainer Lisa Cunningham estimates has put on around 1st 7lb since having children Kai, three, and Klay, four months Ð has also signed up for a course of Coleen pictured a month before sessions Klay’s birth

using TechnoShape. The fatblitzing belly belt, dubbed a Ônon-surgical tummy tuckÕ, is worn while exercising and designed to speed up the bodyÕs ability to burn fat in areas of high blood flow, such as spare tyres. The WAG took to Twitter to sing the praises of the treatment, saying: ÔLove it alreadyÉ Bye bye baby belly!!! #fingerscrossedÕ. Costing £37 a time Ð or £450 for 12 sessions Ð other celeb fans include Lisa Snowdon and Peter Andre. Rather you than us, Coleen!




out-of-control cravings J So worried she considers surgery

she’ll gorge on 10 before she stops.’ Three months after giving birth to her second baby Ace with fiancé Eric Johnson, 34, 5ft 3in Jessica’s struggling with her nearly 13st figure. The self-conscious star has even taken to carrying oversized bags to hide her figure when she’s out and about. Friends say she’s so worried she’s even considering surgery to get her body back. Jess, 33, signed up with WeightWatchers shortly after the birth of her daughter Maxwell, now 17 months, having piled on 5st during the pregnancy. But she was just 1st 6lb off her goal weight when she discovered she was pregnant again with Ace. Last week it was announced that WeightWatchers has welcomed her back as a spokesmodel, so we’re sure she’ll back on track soon.

She and Eric stop for a late night burger in LA last week



Chantelle: ‘I’ve had enough’


ifteen months since she gave birth to daughter Dolly, Chantelle Houghton, 30 has lost 2st by working out and taking slimming aids. But there’s one thing she’s still struggling with: her mum tum. A source says: ‘She’s tried so hard but just can’t tone up the flab and loose skin. It’s really frustrating and upsetting for her. She told me: “I’ve had enough.”’

Pictured six weeks ago, she’s still losing her baby belly

The 5ft 7in star’s already gone from an 11st size 14 after having Dolly to a healthy size 10-12, weighing around 9st. But, determined to get her body back, she’s turned to NBF Katie Price’s trainer Louise Glover, whose motto is: ‘Excuses don’t burn calories.’ Yikes – MAR good luck, Chan! 2009

A pre-Dolly size 10

NOV 2012 Size 14 five months after the birth

THE EXPERT VICE AD onal trainer and weight loss

Pers specialist Lisa Cunningham says: ‘You shouldn’t jump straight into a r weight loss plan after a baby, as you from ver reco body needs time to r pregnancy and labour. You and you and grow to s ient nutr d nee baby repair and your body has to adjust. ‘Equally, it’s important to eat the e right foods and stay healthy. Som of trap the into fall s mum new comfort eating, which can pile on the f pounds. And if you pressure yoursel and und rebo can it ht, to lose weig lead you to binge when you don’t ls. Eating ic goa alistFOR TURN MORE meet your unre is the larly regu well and exercising ht.’ weig y bab the lose best way to

medical box



Photo Credit in here Words: Louise Bennett and Jessica Boulton. Photos: David Fisher, Fame Flynet, Getty, PCN, Splash, WENN, Wireimage, Xposure.

essica Simpson’s post-baby diet plans are careering off the rails as she struggles to control her cravings for greasy junk food and calorie-laden snacks. The one-time denim hotpants devotee, who was a slim size 8 when she launched her career, has reportedly been gorging on treats including burgers and what she calls a ‘slutty brownie’ made with cookie dough, Oreos and brownie mix. ‘Jess tries to stick to a healthy diet,’ says a friend. ‘She’ll tell herself she can only have one or two fried Jess put on chicken wings 5st during – then once her first she starts pregnancy eating them,

Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Bo

Chanelle: er ang

The boom


exclusive pics

‘I can’t stop bingeing’ The former BB star reveals her 3st weight gain and out-of-control diet

Words: christian guiltenane and Louise bennett. Photo: alex James. styling: hélène sivilia. hair and make-up: carl stanley. additional photos: solarpix, rex, inf


es, this really is former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes, who confesses she’s now a size 14 and desperately battling with her weight. After gaining 3st this year, Chanelle tells Now her diet is out of control. ‘I can’t help myself. I only have to look at food and the weight goes on,’ Chanelle tells us. ‘If I walk past TGI Friday’s I need to be restrained so I don’t rush straight in! The worst thing is I’m still wearing my stretchy post-pregnancy eating pants –which isn’t a great look with a belly.’ Chanelle, 25 – who has a three-year-old son Blakely with her ex, footballer Matthew

Bates, 26 – is devastated by the weight gain because she successfully shed 3st last year. ‘At the start of the year I got down to 9½st through healthy eating and two hours in the gym every day,’ she tells us. ‘Then at the end of it I treated myself to a pizza and didn’t stop eating. I put on 3st again.’ Despite her unhappiness, Chanelle confesses she only has herself to blame. While a leg injury put paid to her regular gym visits and the side effects of her medication for polycystic ovaries have seen her jump from a size 8 to almost a size 14, she admits the main cause of her weight gain is snacking. ‘I’m the kind of person who sits in of an evening and eats out of boredom,’ she explains. ‘Eating’s become more of a habit than a necessity.’ Chanelle, who’s now dating Jade Goody’s widower Jack

‘Eating has bEcomE a habit for mE’

11 stone

Size 8


Size 14

Showing off her toned bikini bod

Tweed, 26, has also come under attack from cruel Internet trolls who’ve branded her fat. ‘People have been rude about me on Twitter – they call me a fat slag and everything,’ she says. ‘Sometimes I take it to heart because no one wants people to say that about you. So I try to ignore what they say. But occasionally I do hit back.’



Chanelle says she’s put on 3st


chanelle reveals more about her weight gain and what bf Jack thinks of her new bod

Dawn’s dangerous weight gain Putting her life at risk by refusing to budge her ‘blubber’

Slimline Dawn in 2011 and looking bigger last month

19 stone

After shedding nearly 8st two years ago, Dawn French, 55, has piled the weight back on after admitting she missed her ‘lovely blubber’. It appears she’s back to her old weight of over 19st. But is she in danger of serious medical conditions, which could even 11 be fatal? According to her height of 5ft,

Dawn ’s BMI would be 51, with 25 being the top end of healthy. Mr Kesava Mannur, of The London Obesity Centre, says: ‘At that level you’re at high risk of diabetes, sleep aponea and an increase of a stroke, sometimes by 10-fold.’ Defiant Dawn says: ‘If you’ve got the gift of a bit of extra heft, use it.’



Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Body crisis ** Bod


She’s famed for her trim legs…

Horror at being pro-ana pin-up

TV presenter Donna insists she has a healthy body image


Words: Nicola Fahey. Photos: Splash, Pacific Coast News, FameFlynet

…but her pins seem thinner than usual

onna Air’s always been on the teenyweeny side, but the TV host’s now devastated to find out that she’s being used as ‘thinspiration’ on sick pro-ana sites. When we told her pics of her trademark pins and slender figure were featured on these online communities, she told Now: ‘I’m alarmed… I didn’t realise I was on any sites and I certainly can’t take responsibility for something as huge as that. I hope these girls get the help they need.’ Donna, 34, maintains she’s a

healthy weight and a positive role model to Freya, her 10-year-old daughter with ex Damian Aspinall. ‘I’ve been a skinny girl my whole life,’ she tells us. ‘I just don’t sit down – I’m always on the go. It must be down to the genes.’ Pro-ana sites are used by anorexic girls to inspire them to lose more weight. But Donna, who’s been dating the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton since earlier this year, says: ‘We have a healthy body image in my house and great appetites. It’d be hard for you to find a food I don’t love!’

‘It’d be hard to FINd a Food I hate’

Personal trainer Anna Reich, who attends the same Bikram yoga studio as Donna, tells us: ‘You can’t do an hour and a half of intensive yoga without being in good shape. Donna’s legs have always been skinny, even when she was a teenager. I think she’s one of those women who are furnaces – any calories she ingests are burnt off pretty quickly.’

Alyson’s ‘danger’ ribs


e were shocked to see Alyson Hannigan’s thin frame as she hit the beach in Malibu recently. The How I Met Your Mother star looked tiny, with her ribs jutting out. It’s thought she’s dropped three dress sizes. ‘At her biggest she was a size 10,’ says trainer Anna. ‘But protruding bones are never a good sign. They suggest undereating and muscle deterioration. ‘Women need to make sure

they’re eating enough calories to sustain their activity levels. If they don’t, they can be at risk of bone conditions like osteoporosis.’ 2007 Alyson was a Alyson, 39, is naturally slim, UK size 10 at but Dr Kesava Mannur adds: her biggest ‘When bones are visible like this, it’s usually a sign of malnutrition. A UK size 4 is extreme – your muscle mass will be very low and you’ll have less energy. Someone like this not only needs to eat more but needs a healthy diet.’


She’s thought to have dropped three dress sizes and is now a UK 4

Exact Match

Stars love high street too… Here’s how to shop it up just like a celeb



lilah In Lashes of London £50


Is it a dress? Or is it a co-ord? Who cares? MTV's Lilah Parsons looks hot in her fab ab flasher.



alexa In topshop

siobhan In offIce MKS’s Siobhan Donaghy gives us a masterclass in mixing prints and textures. Watch and learn, ladies.



Frow fave Alexa Chung ditches her designer garms for Toppers at the Christopher Kane fashion show. £60

cLare hynes


pretty LIttLe


textILe federatIon

from day…

Words and styling: alison tay. photos: rex, goff, toby hancock, xposure, pa

… To Nig hT

dionne In pretty LIttLe thIng Meet Dionne Bromfield’s new style crush: the super-fierce mirror print frock.

Rosie In textILe federatIon & cLare hynes Made In Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue is a cosmic girl in her galaxy-print co-ords.


textILe federatIon


pretty LIttLe

Aww, Katie: ‘Kieran loves me just the way i am’


New mum says diet is last thing on her mind


atie Price has vowed she won’t be pressured into losing her baby weight and insists her hubby Kieran Hayler ‘loves me just the way I am’. Friends say embarking on a crazy diet is the least of her worries and she’s just concentrating on getting twomonth-old baby Jett back to health. Despite false reports that Katie’s desperate to get her pre-pregnancy body back, a friend tells Now: ‘She’s lost a bit of weight due to all the stress, but dieting’s the last thing on her mind. Kieran’s told

Katie and Kieran step out for the first time with Jett last month

her he loves her just the way she is – which is all that matters to her.’ Katie, 35, has had a tortuous time after her fourth child had to be delivered by emergency Caesarean while she was on holiday abroad with Kieran, 26. Jett was born eight weeks early and suffered severe breathing

problems before he was allowed to fly home. The drama continued last week when the reality star was admitted to hospital for a last-minute op following her complicated birth. But you can’t keep the Pricey down. She’s already busy preparing for her new book, Love, Lipstick

And Lies, doing signings for her best-selling perfume Kissable and even launching a bridal range. The thrice-married star joked: ‘I think I’ve become a bit of an expert now.’ And she’s got a hot new look already, teasing fans by Tweeting: ‘New hair today, long and a different colour’. Watch this face!

Alex Reid backtracks: ‘I DID take drugs from

Alex Reid has said sorry to Katie’s son Harvey, after he admitted taking his life-saving human growth hormone. In Now last week, Alex claimed he’d taken Harvey’s drugs accidentally after Katie had placed them next to his medication in the fridge at her home. Alex even said: ‘I never expected Kate to place Harvey’s meds next to mine’ but he has now admitted to us this wasn’t the case. Last week we exclusively revealed how Katie had walked in on Alex, 38, using

Harvey’s life-saving medication – and how it had led to their marriage split. Alex originally told Now it was an accident and that he’d simply mixed up his medication with Harvey’s. However, Katie’s camp hit back, refuting his version of events and insisting that Harvey’s medication is always stored in a separate fridge. Her spokesperson said: ‘Katie and her family have been dealing with Harvey’s illnesses his

whole life. They don’t allow a situation to exist where his medicine could be contaminated by or confused with any drugs belonging to any third party.’ Human growth hormone is vital for Harvey, 11, as Prader-Willi syndrome causes low muscle tone, but it’s also popular with bodybuilders as it helps muscles build and recover quickly. When we went back to Alex, he confirmed that he HAD taken Harvey’s drugs

Alex: ÔIÕm sorry, HarveyÕ

from his special medication fridge and admitted telling Katie he ‘could have been’ responsible for Harvey’s supply of the drug dwindling. Alex has now confessed to us, it was not Katie’s fault he took Harvey’s drugs and he was ‘confused’: ‘In hindsight I did keep my own drugs in a different fridge from Harvey’s. I said before my drugs had been placed next to his, but I realise now I’d remembered wrongly. I’m sorry, Harvey, I never meant any harm. It was my fault.’

Words: Clare Alexander. Photos: Splash, Rex

Katie’s son’s fridge behind her back’

: n a D s ’ E I TOW

Another Exclusive

‘Jacqui’s beautiful, I won’t hurt her!’


e’ve all been wondering: ‘Are they or aren’t they?’ And Now can exclusively reveal, yes they are! TOWIE hunk Dan Osborne has finally lifted the lid on his surprise new romance with EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa, telling us: ‘She’s a beautiful girl – so funny, nice and

down-toearth. She comes out with me and my mates and we have such a laugh. I can’t knock her.’ Dan, 23, and Jacqui – as he calls her – have kept us guessing about what was going on between them

Dan and Lucy split up in June

since being spotted looking cosy while shopping in London last month. ‘I hold my hands up, I’m guilty,’ laughs Dan. ‘I followed her on Twitter a couple of months ago

Ricky: ÔBosses wanted

me to marry Jess in Vegas’

Jessica and Ricky touch down in Vegas

What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, but not if you’re on TOWIE… or the only couple on the show. Lovebirds Ricky Rayment, 23, and Jessica Wright, 28, found themselves saying: ‘We don’t’ instead of: ‘I do’ when TOWIE producers begged them to have a kitsch wedding in Las Vegas

for the special episodes. A defiant Ricky tells us: ‘They asked us, but there’s no way we’d do that – not unless we were really drunk! I’m not mugging off our relationship – I don’t want people to think it’s fake. It’s not. We’ll do things our way, not for a TV show.’ Respect, Ricky!

and she followed me back. Then we met up and got on really, really well. I’ve seen her every day since.’ Their romance comes after Jacqui ended her 18-month relationship with her EastEnders co-star Tony Discipline, 24, in July and Dan split from Lucy Mecklenburgh, 22, in June when he discovered his ex Megan, 20, was pregnant with his baby. However despite being smitten with Jacqui, who plays Lauren Branning in the soap, Dan claims she’d understand if he got up to no good during TOWIE’s trip to Las Vegas last week. Speaking before he left to film the two, hour-long specials, he said: ‘Jacqui knows I’m on the show –she’s not silly, she knows what the show’s about. ‘Whatever happens happens and we’re both on the same page. It’s not like I’m going to hurt anyone.’ Jacqui sounds a lot cooler than we’d be. Especially knowing his ex Lucy will be in a bikini…

Words: Amy Brookbanks. Photos: FameFlynet, Planet Photos

Dan Osborne speaks for the first time about his romance with Jacqueline Jossa and says she’s given him a free pass for Vegas!

Downton Abbey

You rang m’Lord?

! g n o d g n Di

t s u j n o t n w Do got dirty

We reveal the saucy pasts of the new boys at the Abbey PhwoarsoMe Nigel smoulders as valet Mr Green

sexy snogathon nigel harman’s no stranger to steamy roles. Frequently voted ‘sexiest Man’ in soaps for his eastenders role as Dennis from 2003-2005, he also played a transvestite rent boy in City of Vice and a horny teacher in Plus one. In Downton, nigel, 40, is valet Mr green, who appears ‘incredibly charming’ but is set to have the characters clutching at their pearls! he admits: ‘I’ve snogged so many people on screen – I even snogged a man. I’ve only got animals left and then I’ve covered the whole gambit.’ Blimey! He regularly got his kit off as Dennis in Enders

Photo shoot


r, Matthew who? Brace yourself, ladies, there’s a new lord in town: Viscount Anthony Gillingham, who seems to have his sights set on Lady Mary. And he’s played by Welsh hottie Tom Cullen. ‘Some people are going to love him and some people are going to hate him,’ says Tom, 28, of his character. If love scenes are on the cards, though, we’re sure he can handle them as he had his first-on screen kiss in 2011 Brit flick Weekend – with a bloke. Tom played a character called Russell, who spends the weekend with a guy he picks up. The film was made on a shoestring budget but when it premiered at the SXSW festival in Texas, extra screenings had to be put on due to popular demand. Tom also won the Most Promising Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards for the role. ‘It was my first proper screen kiss, kissing a man,’ he says. ‘I haven’t kissed Lady Mary yet on screen so I don’t know which is more nerve-wracking.’ He also graced the cover of Attitude magazine last month, showing off his bare torso. Lucky Lady Mary!

Tom’s definitely got attitude!

As Viscount Anthony

Getting saucy with co-star Chris New in Brit flick Weekend


Downton Abbey Does one have any manners?

Words: Scarlett Russell. Photos: Joseph Sinclair/Attitude magazine, ITV, Rex, Xposure

DieT COke huNk ALeRT Diet Coke break! Yep, new Downton recruit Julian Ovenden was the hunk in the 2002 soft drinks ad who sidled up to the admissions desk at a university, where he enrols for French classes. Cue excitable admissions lady suggesting it’s a lesson in French kissing he’s actually after, to the strains of Lady Marmalade. Cheesy? Yes. Massively sexy? Definitely. The 37-year-old star is a bit of posh totty, having attended Eton College and Oxford University. And he’s no stranger to period dramas, having already appeared in Foyle’s War, The Forsyte Saga and Any Human Heart.

Now he’s set to heat things up on Downton as aristocrat Charles Blake, who visits with Evelyn Napier, played by fellow newcomer Brendan Patricks. In real life, though, it’s hands off, ladies – Julian’s married to opera singer Kate Royal, 34, who fell for him after spotting him in that Diet Coke ad. We’re well jel!

AN Abs-OLuTe hOTTie Downton’s stuffy period costumes are a bit of a contrast to Gary Carr’s outfit in the stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s novel Nation Gary as – he spent most jazz singer of the play Jack Ross wearing just a loincloth, showing off a very impressive set of abs (left). Wowsers! Gary, 26, is appearing in Downton as American jazz star Jack Ross, who takes Lady Rose on a romantic boat trip. As the first black character to appear in the series, he’s set to ignite some controversy among the 1920s aristocracy – and we’re promised the charming and charismatic singer will bring some ‘interesting twists to the drama’. Ooh, we hope that means we’ll get another peek at that tasty torso, Gaz!


Julian: hotter than an Oven(den)

With his wife Kate – lucky lady!

Welcome s back, bfacoes y are These familiar banishing that Sunday night ‘back to work tomorrow’ feeling, ThOmAs too… hOWes



Bring it on, Branson!

eD sPeLeeRs

Those undies will need a wash as well, lads. It’s OK, you can take ’em off in front of us…

Abbey cops a good look as one of the models takes his top off

Abbey ClAnCy

‘If trolls target my da

I don’t hol Now hangs out with the Strictly star on a sexy shoot for her


Abbey says looking after hubby Peter and their daughter Sophia keeps her fit

ome girls have all the luck! Not only is WAG Abbey Clancy currently being swept around the dancefloor by her gorgeous Strictly partner Aljaž Skorjanec, she’s also bagged herself a day job where she gets to feast her eyes on a fine

array of buff boys judging This Morning’s male model contest The Complete Package. But footballer husband Peter Crouch needn’t worry. When we join her on set for one of the challenges, she barely bats an eyelid when the lads start whipping off their tops. During a break in filming, we chat to the 27-year-old about perfect men, keeping sexy and Twitter trolls. Now’s Rosie Gizauskas with Abbey

You’ve got a great job judging these studs, Abbey! What are you looking for in the ideal man?

As well as an amazing body, the winner has to have something behind the eyes. I want him to connect with the audience and shine – I don’t want it to look too phoney and posed. I’m looking for someone who boys will want to be and who all the girls will fancy.

Exclusithvee Behscinendes

She pores over shots of the boys. We would, too!


ld back’

model competition The Complete Package Are you worried about them getting too fixated on fitness?

see him in a Versace campaign or something like that.

No, because they’re all healthy already. One of them’s a personal trainer, one of them’s a marine, one’s a football player – so they’re pretty fit lads.

You’ve been in a TV modelling competition [Britain’s Next Top Model], so what advice have you given the boys in this contest?

Which of the contestants have caught your eye so far?

They’re all gorgeous and they’ve all got amazing qualities. But we’re looking for the complete package. I have a few faves. I think one could be an international editorial supermodel – I could definitely

Oh God, I can feel their pain, you know? I’ve been in front of judges myself and it’s very nerveracking. So I’ve tried not to be too critical. My advice to them has been simply to be themselves. Personality plays a massive role in it all. They don’t have to work on their bodies – they’re all great


– so they just need to relax and show their character.

Aside from the boys, who do you think is the sexiest man?

Have you ever retaliated to cruel comments on Twitter?

Abbey strutting her stuff on the catwalk

Only once, when someone said something about my daughter. They made some comment about me leaving her with a nanny all the time and I was furious because I don’t even have a nanny. I do everything myself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t bother me when people say things about me but when it involves my baby daughter, yes, I do find it hard to keep my mouth shut and I’ll let them have it.

My husband Peter. Or Leonardo DiCaprio – I’ve liked him ever since I was a little girl. You’re also competing in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. What are you looking forward to most?

Well, my fitness levels are fairly horrendous. I usually don’t train or go to the gym. I’m strong but I’ve got absolutely no stamina. I tend to get out of breath easily. Getting my fitness levels up is one of the things that I’m looking forward to the most. I so want to tone up and feel good.

You’ve got a bod to die for. What’s your secret?

Well, I never really get a chance to sit down. I’m always working, I’m always busy and when I’m not working, I’m usually with my daughter. And I enjoy horse riding to keep fit. I think being married to an athlete also helps as we have nice, healthy foods and dinners a lot of the time. I try to look after Peter and I don’t want my little girl to eat junk, so we tend to eat well in the house. Sophia’s so heavy – she’s a big girl, she’s a little pudding – so just picking her up is like spending 10 hours in the gym!

Words: Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: Rhian Gruffydd, FameFlynet, Chilli Media, Rex, Empics, BBC

What do you need from your dance partner Aljaž?

Personality is a major part – if you get on well with your coach, you’ll grow better as a dancer. I work better when I get praise. If someone shouts at me, I tend to shut down. I need encouragement, not to be shouted at. Would you say you’re competitive?

No. I’m the least competitive person there is. I’m the eldest of four, so I’ve grown up letting the little ones win every game. Obviously, I’d like to do well for myself and I’d like my daughter [Sophia, two] and family to be proud, but I wouldn’t say I’m going to kick everyone’s behind!

She’s judging The Complete Package on This Morning

You’re splashed across the papers a lot. Are you bothered by what you read about yourself?

Being in the public eye every day, getting comments like: ‘Oh, she’s got a fat roll this week,’ or: ‘She’s

too thin, too fat,’ is horrible. To be honest, I’ve been lucky with the press and people on Twitter. People are nice online. There are a couple of comments that aren’t, but I think if you’re on that type of thing you have to take it with a pinch of salt because you’re opening yourself up to people being able to say anything they want. It doesn’t bother me at all.

You’re absolutely gorgeous. But please tell us that you have bits of your body you aren’t happy with!

‘I’m lIke I’m just like every Well, every other girl out gIrl – there. Every woman I have has worries about different parts of body her body at different Issues’ times of the month. So yeah, I have loads of insecurities, but there’s not really anything I can do about them. I am who I am. You used to be in the girl band Genie Queen. Do you ever see yourself singing again in the future? Can we see you on The X Factor any time soon?

Well, I haven’t really had a plan with my career – I’ve just done whatever’s come my way and I’ve enjoyed it. But I think I’d like to go into acting and transform into someone who’s not me. With hunky partner Aljaž on Strictly

The Complete Package is on This Morning on ITV at 10.30am on Wednesdays. For more info, visit

Now columnist Keegan

r o f t e s t Ge n m u aut

My scarf is from Zara

edited by amy Brookbanks. styling: anna Woodham. hair and make-up: Katie pettigrew at tiger Creative. photos: pCN

It’s a new season! But I never really know what to wear in autumn – it’s not quite cold enough to wrap up in your warmest winter woollies, yet the weather’s so changeable. Wardrobe wise, I think it’s definitely time to invest in some key transitional pieces to take you right through from now to next spring. Here’s my autumn fashion hotlist…



I’m looking for ankle boots £95 topshop – something I can wear in the day and dress up for night. I wore the same ones all year round last year! I love these ones with T BESR a fat heel to FO T h wear with niG jeans or a £90 dress and a zara jacket. I like a stiletto heel for night.


I’ve just got this for my Corrie character. It isn’t Tina’s usual style, but I felt she needed a coat that’s a bit older looking. Plus, leather’s hot right now – I’d wear it myself, too!


You can’t go wrong with black opaque tights. They look feminine in winter. I tend to wear mine with boots.

My syle crus of the week… I sooo want this jumpsuit now! Kimberley Walsh has a great figure – her waist looks tiny here. And I think her dark lipstick is fab – it’s different and daring but it really suits her. She looks amazing.


Kim’s jumpsuit makes the most of her tiny waist


Forever UNiqUe


river islaNd


It isn’t cold enough for wool scarves yet, so I’ve just bought this silk one from Zara. I like having something colourful round my neck to brighten up an outfit. There are lots to choose from on the high street.

! p s o g

orthern elfast, N B in n e e a PA and I’ve b cently on e r , d n la ith my Ire ht out w had a nig a lot of nd quite e p s I . s d frien because . I love it e r e th e tim friendly. le are so the peop

£17.99 zara

Me and my friends enjoying the Belfast nightlife

The hottest news from over there is in here

Hollywood o N ! d r a w k Aw

Brad had to give Maddox a fatherly chat

Ange goes berserk As MAddox Asks:

Angelina was stunned by the question

‘who’s Jen?’


ngelina Jolie’s fiercely protective of her sixstrong brood – even banning them from Googling themselves and their parents’ names. So imagine her outrage when eldest son Maddox blindsided her with the ultimate awks question: ‘Who’s Jen?’ According to sources close to her partner Brad Pitt, Maddox, 12 – who Ange adopted three years before she met Brad – was on a friend’s phone reading an article about Jennifer Aniston when he saw references to his parents. ‘He went home and asked his mum: “Who’s Jen?”’ reveals the source. ‘Angie was stunned and her natural reaction was to run out of the room.’ Ange, 38, and Brad, 49, then had

a showdown over the best way to tell their kids about his ex, who Brad was still married to when they met in 2005. ‘Angie went beserk and said he was stupid not to have explained it all to the kids before they read about it. In the end, Brad was forced tell Maddox what happened,’ adds the source. Brad’s always said his romance with Ange didn’t begin until after he split with Jen, 44, but it caused a big showbiz scandal. He’s previously revealed about the kids Maddox, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, seven, and five-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox: ‘On all their computers we had our names blocked. They can’t Google their mom and dad.’ Should’ve done that to their mates’ machines, too, guys…

Jen and Brad in 2004 (we Googled it)


distraught Lea turns to psychic over Cory

Lea’s struggling to cope with Cory’s death

Grieving Glee star Lea Michele, 27, has been seeing a psychic to help her cope with the loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith. ‘Lea said she’d been to see a psychic three or four times,’ discloses our insider. ‘It helps her to think he’s at peace.’

There was controversy at last week’s Emmys over the decision to honour Cory – who died of a heroin and alcohol overdose in July – ahead of late Dallas star Larry Hagman or Quincy’s Jack Klugman. Cory’s mum Ann, 62, said: ‘If he’d lived 30 more years he would have accomplished much more.’


Hollywood No

khloe k’s neW datinG shoW!

er, did i miss a meeting?

khloé’s expected to give lamar the kiss-off

Kris Jenner’s been pitching a new reality dating show for daughter Khloé Kardashian – even though she’s yet to officially split with hubby Lamar Odom! Momager Kris, 57, has spoken to E! bosses about Khloe Goes Solo, a Keeping Up With The Kardashians spin-off that would see Khloé, 29, trying to find a new man. Lamar, 33, was last month accused of being a serial cheat and a crack addict – claims he strongly denies. As Now went to press, Khloé was expected to file for divorce, but nothing was official. Our source says: ‘Kris has pretty much written off kris believes in their marriage and come keeping it real up with the new show.’


Miley’s dad rages at Liam :

‘YOU’rE A TOTAL JErK!’ Billy RayÕs got beef with his daughterÕs ex

Words: Nicola Fahey and Jessica Boulton. Photos: Matrix, FameFlynet, Rex, Pacific Coast News, Planet Photos, Barcroft Media, Getty, Splash


iley Cyrus hasn’t always seen eye to eye with her dad Billy Ray, 52, but in the wake of her Achy Breaky Heart he’s proved he’s totally got her back. The country singer was said to be so outraged by Liam Hemsworth, 23, being snapped smooching with Mexican actress Eiza González, 23, just days after he and Miley ended their engagement that he rang up Liam to give him a good scolding!

A family insider says: ‘Billy Ray kicked off after Miley broke down at the iHeartRadio festival last week. He told Liam he was being a total jerk for flaunting his new girlfriend around town. He told him to show Miley a bit of respect.’ It’s a tad rich as defiant Miley, 20, has moved on, too! She was spotted cosying up to producer friend Mike WiLL Made It on 21 September. So the big question is, who wins?

The battle of the rebound Miley’s rebound: Mike Will Made it Who is he? A 24-year-old US record producer whoÕs been in the biz five years. biggest achievement: Working on

RihannaÕs Pour It Up, CiaraÕs Body Party and MileyÕs Bangerz album. Fun fact: Yep, youÕd never have guessed it Ð that isnÕt his real name. ItÕs in fact a rather dull Michael Williams.

a tearful Miley tells liam: ‘i’m gonna get my daddy on you!’

liaM’s rebound: eiza Gonzalez reyna Who is she? A hot actress and singer, 23, who rose to fame at 16 in Mexican show LolaÉ Erase Una Vez.

biggest achievement: Er, she did a voice in the Spanish language version of animated film The Croods. Fun Fact: She VErdicT: was due to be Eiza wins hands in the Mexican down. Mike WiLL Gossip Girl Made It loses remake, but because of out. pulled that name.



These usually glam stars give it all while performing – and the results ain’t pretty


‘What?!’ screams Bey as someone dares to tell her they prefer Miley Cyrus’s twerking.

ChARlottE ChuRCh

Words: Christian Guiltenane. Photos: PA, Wireimage, WENN, Rex, FameFlynet

Chazza wasn’t in a good mood after her audition for Wicked went disastrously wrong.

JENNiFER loPEz Careful, J-Lo – the wind might change!




milEy CyRus

Oi, Miley, you might want to use that foam hand to cover up your huge butt cheek gap. Talk about hungry bum!


‘You have a blurred line… sorry, stripe’

AlExANdRA BuRkE Oh, Alex! This is a fashion dis-as-ter. Not flattering. At all.

RoBBiE WilliAms

Bin bag chic, anyone?

Poor Robbie looks like he’s just sat on a greased-up Mark Owen. Ouch!


‘We’re boring old men these days!’ Another


McFly boring? Never! Hunky Harry on his buff body, wild stag dos and Danny Jones’s upcoming wedding


ith his hot upcoming stag do and how bod and married life is treating him… handsome Hazza, you look amazing! Did face, you’d you always feel think pressure to Harry Judd from McFly could look so fit? have a sideline career as a model. Sadly, at 5ft 11in he’s too short – but we don’t mind because he’s well fit. However, his height hasn’t stopped him from being asked to judge The Complete Package, This Morning’s search-fora-male-model competition. We joined the pop-rock stud, 27, on a photo shoot with 10 – count ’em – sexy male models to Harry and Izzy have chat about been married for how he nine months stays so fine, his bandmate Danny Jones’


No, not really. Growing up I was never conscious of it, but I am now I’m doing what I do. At school I was quite skinny, so ideally I would like to have been a bit bigger and stronger. But I didn’t lose any sleep over it. I can imagine it’s probably a bit harder for girls growing up with the pressures of having to look a certain way. So how do you keep your bod looking so fine?

I do all sorts of stuff – weight training, interval training, running, playing sports with friends, touch rugby… Danny [27] and I play a lot of football together and when we’re on tour we go to the gym together. Dougie [Poynter, 25] is quite a healthy guy. Actually, we’re all healthy boys, although when we first lived together we used to eat

‘I was quIte skInny at school’

takeaways every night – pizza, Chinese, curries…. We did that for two or three years, but now two of us are teetotal, Dougie and I quit smoking this year and we eat healthily. These days we’re just boring old men. We’re living in a world where people think it’s funny to slag others off on the internet. Have you fallen prey to these idiots?

I’m lucky because I haven’t experienced those trolls. I’m not really on Facebook or Twitter. Our fans are so sweet and supportive. Of course, you get the odd Tweet every now and again and you can’t help but look at the profile. I try to laugh it off and forget about it. It’s an instinct to defend yourself, but you have to remember these people are just sad. People get a kick out of getting a reaction and they want celebrities on Twitter to react.


Busting a move Harry shows off some of the skills that helped him and Aliona win Strictly in 2011.


I think the other guys are far more vain – they’re very metrosexual. I’d say I’m more in the middle. But in terms of the way I look and working out, I’m more interested in being healthy. It’s important for people we’re encouraged to keep fit. We have an obesity problem, so people need to be educated about food and the importance of being healthy.

How time McFlies

We know you’re good at dancing because we saw you on Strictly, but what else do you do?

I have a lot of other hobbies. I like to play sport, football, rugby and tennis. I’d love to dance again, it’s just where do you do it? I couldn’t go to a salsa class. I danced with an amazing dancer [Aliona Vilani, 29] on the show and a great dancer makes you look better than you are. It’s easier to dance with a professional because you get used to the way they dance and hold themselves. The first time I danced after Strictly was at my wedding with my wife [Izzy Johnston, 29]. It was fun, but we didn’t rehearse for it. We just did it. I like to think that if I did some dancing now I wouldn’t have lost the skills completely. Strictly fans ask me all the time if I keep up with my dancing and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t danced as much as I’d have liked. Danny’s getting hitched soon to model Georgia Horsley [26]. You must be looking forward to the stag do.

Danny’s do will be a pretty stereotypical stag. He’s more of a lad than the rest of us. Come to think of it, Tom [Fletcher, 28] had quite a laddy one, which

Aww, Danny, Tom, Dougie and Harry have definitely all grown up since their teen boy band days. But old men? No way!

2013 might come as a surprise. But Danny’s will be a lot of fun. We can just imagine you boys getting up to no good!

You can’t get Danny too drunk because he gets sick, so he doesn’t like doing loads of shots. And then he has Dougie and me – who don’t drink – making sure no one gets too wasted so they don’t miss out on all the fun. That said, Tom’s stag got pretty wild. The first night was amazing and it was all civilised, but the second night I took my eye off the game and Danny got through shot after shot. Within an hour of going out he’d gone back to the hotel with Dougie and thrown up. Do you think you guys will be roped into play at the wedding?

We played for an hour at Tom’s

2004 wedding and he sang his speech to his wife Giovanna [Falcone, 28]! Then at my wedding we had a band that played beautiful songs. I’m sure Danny will be up there at his do doing Bruce Springsteen and Stereophonics!

So after nine months of marriage, any kids planned?

We’d like to have a family, but we’re busy. McFly have a new album and are touring again, so I hope we can find the time. I always say if I’m lucky enough I really hope I can have children one day. Harry’s judging The Complete Package for This Morning on ITV at 10.30am on Wednesdays. Find out more at

Caption style this is what a caption will look like in the mag

Who better than Harry to judge who’s the hottest hunk?!

The McFly boys are also due to take part in a charity football match for the Foxes Foundation at Leicester City Football Club, King Power Stadium on 6 October. Visit foxesfoundation


Words: Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: WENN, Planet Photos, Rex

You boys always seem to have your clobber off. Are you a vain band? they were famous

Elizabeth McGovern

She may seem stuffy around the Downton dinner table – but in real life Countess Cora’s a rock chick!

‘I didn’t want to marry

Sean Penn’ B

lack hotpants, stockings and a Shepherd’s Bush pub – what would Dame Maggie Smith say if she saw Countess Cora flashing the flesh and rocking out on guitar? Elizabeth McGovern, 52, may look stuffy in smash hit drama Downton Abbey. But in reality she’s a rocker with her very own band Sadie And The Hotheads. The toast of Tinseltown in her teens, Elizabeth has even broken the hearts of Hollywood bad boys, dumping superstar Sean Penn before Madonna got her hands on him. ‘I started my life in Hollywood and worked and worked to get to


‘at firSt i WanteD to be a ballet DanCer’

She and Sean Penn had a turbulent twoyear relationship

The law professor’s daughter began acting in school plays at North Hollywood High


Before they were famous Her film roles Elizabeth McGovern

‘SeAn tHRiveS on dAily dRAMA. i don’t’

With hubby of 20 years Simon Curtis at the premiere of My Week With Marilyn

were a similar age and in the same place professionally, so experienced everything together. But there’s a drama to the way Sean lives his life. ‘I don’t breathe drama every minute of the day and he really does – it’s what he thrives on. When something’s tragic, it’s tragic to the gazillionth degree. We lasted a couple of years, on and off. I didn’t want to get married, but he did – or at least he said he did.’ She explained that he was the kind of guy who was like: ‘This is my girl, I’ve got to own her.’ And said the relationship was ‘all dramatics’. ‘It was so exhausting, I couldn’t sustain it,’ she recalls. ‘We also wanted to do different things. He likes to pretend he’s not really Hollywood, but he is.’ Elizabeth found she couldn’t deal with any more drama. She wanted to leave Hollywood and start again. But Sean couldn’t escape a lifestyle of roller coaster romances. He rebounded with a disastrous marriage to Madonna and claimed in a recent interview he’d never felt loved. Bitter much, Sean? For the past 21 years, Elizabeth has lived in west London. Married to producer Simon Curtis since 1992, she’s also had two daughters, Matilda, 20, and Grace, 15, but she hasn’t given up her wild ways just yet. Her band Sadie And The Hotheads are about to kick off a string of gigs in London and Europe. Downton’s Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle In concert: Dockery) does an Sadie impromptu duet And The


ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (1984) She played the object of Robert De Niro’s obsession in this prohibition era classic.

SHE’S HAVING A BABY (1988) A shift to romcom, with Kevin Bacon as newlyweds thwarted by her hubby’s BFF.

LOVESICK (1983) With Dudley Moore as a shrink who falls for a patient and gets ghostly advice. sometimes and A-List pal Colin Firth apparently wants to come to a gig – but can’t get a babysitter! Having swapped her sexy stage outfits for high-necked frills, Elizabeth’s back on screens this month in the world’s most talked about TV show, Downton Abbey. But what does Season 4 have in store? ‘Cora’s trying to have a bit of fun this series,’ she’s said. ‘She’s suffered the worst thing imaginable, losing Lady Sybil.’ Madge may not have been able to tame Sean, but who knew Downton’s leading lady gave him the boot first? ‘I have no regrets. My philosophy is ‘move on baby,’ she says. #takethathollywood

Words: Hadley Middleton. Photos: Wireimage, Seth Poppell, Alpha, Rex, Capital

Shepherd’s Bush and play in a pub,’ says Elizabeth. ‘When Hollywood hit me at 18, I was too young to know who I was. I was living in such a high-speed world.’ A more sedate role as Cora, Countess The eldest of two girls, of Grantham with Hugh Bonneville as Robert, Earl of Grantham in Elizabeth had always had award-winning Downton Abbey in interest in dance and performance, though admit here parents didn’t Upper West Side, Elizabeth push her into shoebiz when studied at the prestigious they moved to LA. Juilliard School, which The ‘I was raisedin LA but my Help star Jessica Chastain family didn’tpush me into would later attend. showbusiness,’ she’s said. It was Elizabeth’s stage work ‘They’re unimpressed by the that acted as a springboard for whole industry. They’re not her to make it in movies. At 19 moviegoers or TV watchers, she made her movie debut in they’re academics, so Robert Redford’s 1980 acting was always my drama Ordinary People. own thing. I didn’t Just a year later, she was dream of becoming a walking the red carpet at rock star or an actress, the Oscars, nominated I wanted to be a for her role as real-life ballet dancer!’ chorus girl Evelyn Nesbit Elizabeth wasn’t in 1981 hit Ragtime. afraid to pack up, hit the streets With her gorgeous, natural and make it on her own. When looks Hollywood’s bad boys she started high school, she was couldn’t get enough of Elizabeth. immediately cast as a leading lady While filming 1983 comedy in school drama productions. It Lovesick, the tabloids claimed was no surprise that at 16 she she had an on-set affair with was then scouted by an agent. lothario Dudley Moore. But it Moving to a tiny on apartment was while filming 1984 flick on New York’s Racing With The Moon that she started a serious romance with Sean Penn instead. ‘Sean was an important relationship for me,’ she has said. ‘It was the frenzy of his feelings that overwhelmed me. It was also my first real experience of boys. In the beginning it was fun. We

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Celeb Real Life

5-we TOWIE tro

‘We had to keep up the other boys Our fave new TOWIE lads show off their ripped new torsos #Coldshowertime

tOM Pearce Move over, Mario… there’s som totty in ess e hot new ex! When tom Pearce, 23, a nd James ‘D iags’ Bennewith, five-week ch 21, accepted our a – tom to get llenge to shape up a six-pack a nd Diags to shed som e ti expecting th mber – we weren’t ese results! s yourselves, girls – and p teady re pare to be seriou sly as Bffs tom impressed and strip and ba Diags re all! 54

That’s what we call a six-pack! It’s getting there. I’ve been training every day. You’ve done so well – have you cut out booze?

I was partying five times a week, but I’ve cut out beer and I’ll drink vodka with cranberry or lime and soda. I used to have four beers and vodka, now it’s just vodka [laughs]. Are you still snacking?

I’ve stopped. I loved crisps so much, I’d have four packs a day.

Now if I fancy a snack I’ll eat nuts or fruit. I can feel the benefits in my body – I’ve got more energy. Did you always want a six-pack?

I did, but it was more about getting into shape. Other boys on TOWIE, like Dan Osborne and Mario Falcone, are all ripped with gym bodies – so I felt I had to keep up. Because all the girls fancy them?

No! They fancy me, too. When we heard we were filming TOWIE in Vegas I thought I’d get in shape because us boys are all single.



body fat before

He started at 12 per cent

said: ‘Let’s try to get into shape.’ If we go out for dinner no one orders a burger and chips now! If Arg ordered something bad would you say anything?

I’d try, but his favourite saying is: ‘My diet starts Monday.’ To be fair he’s losing weight again. He’s lost 1st recently. Did you have any cheat days?

I won’t lie, in Ibiza I had a few chips and a burger by the pool. What’s your guilty food pleasure?

I love curry – lamb dopiaza, Peshwari naan, pilau rice, onion bhajis, saag paneer and Cobra beers. Or we’ll go to Wagamama in Westfield in Stratford, London, for the Chicken Katsu curry.

body fat NoW

He’s just got two per cent body fat

Did you ever contemplate surgery to get a six-pack?

No! Leave that to the women! Have you had more luck with the ladies since you’ve buffed up?

I’m not too unlucky in love! Did you pull in Ibiza recently?

That was more of a party holiday… not that I didn’t pull… How many?

That’d be telling, wouldn’t it? Are you happy with your body?

Yeah. I’ve been trying hard and it’s quite addictive. I feel more confident when I take my top off.

Do you ever walk around the house naked?

Sometimes! I’m pretty body confident. How often do you hit the gym?

For an hour, five days a week. What do you do?

It varies. I do bench presses, situps and crunches. Then weights behind my head, bicep curls, press-ups and pull ups: they’re the best things to build muscle – lifting your own weight.

laziest person you could ever meet. I’ve been a few times with Joey Essex as he’s got a gym in his flat. Do you support each other when you’re trying to be healthy?

With Arg it’s constant – he’s always on a diet! But Joey, Diags and me all

Last time we spoke, you said you fancied Lucy Meck. Do you think she’ll like your six-pack?

I need to speak to her. I think she might fancy me – maybe when I take my top off in Vegas. They say ‘What happens in Vegas…’ We’ll see. I’m looking forward to it – let’s see what happens. Who’s your body inspiration?

Mario – but he let himself go in the CBB house. I might give him a run for his money!

Tom’s food diary before

Breakfast Bacon sandwich Lunch Wagamama’s Do you go with Diags? Chicken Katsu curry No, he doesn’t like the gym. I’ve Dinner Anything I wanted! tried going with Arg, but he’s the snacks Four bags of crisps, sweets



Breakfast Scrambled egg/ smoked salmon omelette/cereal Lunch Chicken and salad TURN FOR MORE Dinne r Fish and big portion of salad or vegetables snacks Nuts and fruit 00

Celeb Real Life


Well done you! How much weight have you lost?

Just over a stone – 1st 9lb.

weight Now

Do you feel better?

Oh no, it’s horrible trying to eat healthily, especially when you go to the supermarket and think something’s healthy and then look on the packet and see it isn’t.

13st 12lb

What was your diet like before?

Total shit. I live on my own, so I don’t stock my fridge up. I’d walk down the road and order takeaways – pizzas and stuff. I’ve always eaten what I want and never thought it mattered. What are you eating now?

A lot of chicken. Everything you can put chicken with. Have you had a cheat day?

I did have some bread and butter. There were some hot French baguettes on the table and I couldn’t resist!

weight before

15st 7lb


Have you quit boozing?

Words: Amy Brookbanks. Photos: Vincent Dolman. Styling: Gemma Rose Breger. Grooming: Nina Pach. Art Direction: Carol Hendry. Additional photos: Solarpix

No. I’m drinking vodka, soda and lime. But it’s so bland. It gives me heartburn. Before I’d have six or seven Jägerbombs, vodka and Red Bull. It used to take me quite a lot to get drunk, probably because I was filling up on so much shit. What made you decide to get fit?

Everyone else was doing it. Joey and Tom would order chicken and salad – so if I had a double cheeseburger and chips, I’d feel like a bit of a fatty! Which bit did you hate most?

bar in clubs, but I’ve made an effort to hit the dancefloor. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life. I feel like my body’s permanently damp – it’s horrible! Has anyone ever bullied you about the way you look?

I was just a blob with no sign of definition. I didn’t think the weight would drop off so fast, but my body shape has changed and I don’t have a double chin any more.

It’s just banter off the boys.

What exercise do you do?

You’d think if they could grab quite large chunks, you should probably do something about it,

I hate gyms. I went running and dancing. Normally I’d chill at the

What would they say to you?

They’d grab my belly or play with my moobs! Did it ever get you down?

Diags’ food diary


Breakfast I never got up for breakfast, but if I did, I’d have a fry-up Lunch Takeaways or chips Dinner I’d cook myself a meal covered in fatty sauces. Instead of having vegetables with my meals I’d have chips, or roast potatoes in oil


but I’d rather eat what I want – and suffer the consequences.

So could you pull a really fit girl if you wanted to?

Does it get competitive between you boys to get the best body?

Let’s not go that far…

They get competitive, but I don’t want to worry myself over that, otherwise I’d be well depressed!

I’m looking!

Are you getting a bit more attention from the ladies now?

We did a PA in Magaluf and I had a bit of interest, yeah. It helps if you’re abroad and you’re a little bit slimmer because you can take your top off. Before, I was on the verge of wanting to keep my top on around the pool, but this time I tried to get a lovely tan – and some girls were interested.


Breakfast Cereal/eggs Lunch Chicken or fish Dinner Chicken and vegetables – with no sauce snacks Instead of sweets I have blackberries. I’ve swapped crisps for almonds and pomegranate seeds, but my teeth! the bits get stuck in

You might have a GF by Xmas… Would you like a six-pack?

That’s a lot of effort [laughs]! What’s happening with you and Abi Clarke now?

I’ve called her a couple of times but she’s been in Marbella. So it’s just casual?

Yeah. I’m not in Vegas because I didn’t get a visa – I was a dope! Do you worry she’ll meet someone else?

We’ll find out after Vegas!

See ToWIe hunks Tom and Diags strip off in our hilarious video exclusive. Go to towieboysstrip 57

21 pages of fashion & beauty start here!

InstaGlam aLexandeR WanG

ThiS Week’S LuST-have PYJAMA PArTY Fashion’s all-day sleepover is still in full swing, thanks to designer Alexander Wang’s latest collection. Wake up your closet with pinstripe PJs from Forever 21 – just remember to £12 swap your slippers FoReveR 21 for heels or you’ll look plain silly.






From milk carton shoulder bags to speech bubble clutches, next season’s arm candy is big-time bonkers! So snap up this brilliant bunny bag before it sells out. Sadly, George the rabbit is limited edish and not for sale.

Go nude



iN ThE BAND Meet your new BFF: the hair band. 1] It’s an instant fashion hit. 2] It costs less than a Starbucks. 3] It masks bad hair days. 4] Victoria Beckham’s behind ’em. Hair-ray!


eSSie naiL PoLiSh in PiLLoW TaLk

Tweet @NowMag what you bought this week with #WhatImWearingNow

It’s time to get nekkid! Nude-toned nails are HUGE for spring/summer 2014. Underplay your talons à la Cara Delevingne at Mulberry with this Essie polish. ‘I used one coat,’ top manicurist Anatole Rainey tells Now. ‘It’s so nude it looks transparent.’

Words and styling: Gilly Ferguson and Jess Spiring. Photos: Pixeleyes, Catwalking

viCToRia beCkham





The only things we want to grace our ears right now are dainty gold studs with an edge. That’s where jewellery brand Ziba comes in. We love these Kenzo-alike tiger studs and the Daisy Knights-esque smiley skulls – two motifs that are massive this autumn. Score!

Your Way Nicole Richie

Her Style Proving that she’s no one-trick pony, Nicole easily swaps boho chic for city sleek

N(ew) y(ork) C(HiC)

Nicole’s Givenchy scarf-print shirt dress adds city slickin’ chic to the scruffiest pair of boyfriend jeans.

Boy MeetS Girl

Sex up this season’s androgyny trend with an unbuttoned tux and a glimpse of what lies beneath. £12


£17.99 ManGO


rIVer IslanD



rIVer IslanD



asOs. COM



alMOst FaMOUs at hOUse OF Fraser

DOrOthY PerkIns


DaIsYstreet. CO.Uk




Cnr cuʦ



DOrOthY PerkIns

Nicole knows that a pair of classic courts goes with ev-ery-thing.


PriNtS 2.0

GlaM, Set aNd MatCH

This season’s musthave motif is an eyecatching placement print rather than a repeated pattern.

Two-piece dressing is the new one-piece dressing. Nicole keeps it simple with so-this-season co-ords.


MInt VelVet




DOrOthY PerkIns



£12.50 WallIs





F&F at tesCO

Beauty secret

Words and styling: Alison Tay. Photos: Getty, Splash, Wireimage



Chanel le VernIs In BlaCk satIn

Nicole’s nail colour of choice is black. ‘Chanel’s Black Satin is especially great at night,’ she says. ‘After I bought my first bottle, I went back and bought it in bulk.’


Sharpies at the ready, it’s time to highlight your new se

Got it c


olIVIa PalerMo

Not ready for a coat just yet? Then ease yourself into the chilly months with a bomber jacket Ð one summer trend that isnÕt going anywhere. Invest in one to wear now, then layer under a biker when the sun abandons us. Which it will. Sigh.





ItÕs the one weÕve all been waiting forÉ or should that be waiting on? No matter, thanks to VB tuxedos are officially fash this season. Dress it up or keep it casual, ˆ la Olivia P in her signature shorts.





THE BIKER Got a shopping urge? Buy a biker Ð itÕs a wardrobe staple thatÕll never date. This time around, go for one in a bright print with plenty of zips for extra style points.



DaIsYsTreeT. co.uK


DoroThY PerKIns

ason coats and jackets. Here are a swoony 60 to choose from


covered GeorGIa MaY JaGGer





DoroThY PerKIns



rIVer IslanD


John leWIs


F+F aT Tesco

rachel bIlson


rIVer IslanD







The fuTure’s fuChsia

rIver Island

When Carven’s creative director Guillaume Henry sent his models down the catwalk wearing hot pink, fashion editors everywhere were sent into a candy-coated frenzy. Wear it with: more pink! You heard us – create outfits combining shades of pink. £89.99





JennIfer lopeZ





Biker? Check. Checked? er, check! £90

£55 next






PLaid rags

Check, please! Oversized plaids are achingly 2013. Wear it with black and grey and flashes of jewel tones under layers.

Pop on pink for instant winter kudos Mannish CuTs


Do it like a dude in a boyfriend-style coat. The oversized the better – no shape is too big for this trend! Just make sure everything underneath is fitted. Unless you want to look like a tent making its own way back from V Festival.


Jonathan saunders at debenhams


new look

£179 Zara

Judith Leiber Clutch


marks & spencer

sarah JessIca parker


emma stone

stella mccartney


£89.99 mango

Team with slim-cut trews


TH E BO RG Alexa got there way back, but borg (fleece) collars have swung back into favour again thanks, in part, to these high street hits…

alexa chung


F+F at tesco



W AX AT TA CK ! Wax on? Wax off? Nope, wax is back on again! Whether you’re a country girl or a city chick like Ms Cotton, these beauties will see you through all weathers.


rIVer Island


MIss selFrIdge

PA RK A LIFE You may look a little Blazin’ Squad, but parkas are always a fave among fashion types such as Mary-Kate Olsen and Rihanna, which sort of makes it law. Buy yours now – you’ll thank us when the sleet starts.

Mary-Kate olsen

£59 Zara


oWnthe runWay.coM




george at asda


£60 oasIs

Fearne cotton


F+F at tesco




dorothy PerKIns






noIsy May at house oF Fraser


tHe simple life

Keep it simple in a classic, pared-down style. Think clean cuts and chic lines, à la Céline on the catwalk. This shape suits the 60s styles, like shift dresses and block heels. Don’t forget to drape it for max fash points.

PIxIe lott

£59 H&m

invest in a timeless classic




Words and styling: gilly Ferguson and anna Woodham. Photos: Corbis, Rex, xposure

RIveR Island

£99.99 zaRa


max maRa

looks designer!


maRKs & sPenCeR

Hot fuzz


joHn RoCHa

Whether it’s fluffy, fuzzy, furry or felt, bring your coat up to date in a musttouch fabric. Wear with leather, which works well as a contrasting fabric. But don’t mix too many colours with this look.




maRKs & sPenCeR

oversized shape alert!

Kate moss





£179 zaRa

If none of the key styles take your fancy, there are plenty more to choose from

Wet look d= on tren



for stockists, see page 00 Photo Credit in here

Best of the rest

mollIe KIng

£109 zaRa


maRKs & sPenCeR


doRotHy PeRKIns


doRotHy PeRKIns


Myleene Klass:

‘If you hav PVC is you run saviou A ny fashion shoot with Myleene Klass is always going to be a family affair. So it’s no surprise when Now spots her girls Ava, six, and Hero, two, on set. After all, the TV host/model/designer is the ultimate mum on the run. ‘Ava thinks she’s the stylist and Hero’s going through this phase where she puts one of everything in her buggy,’ she says. ‘If any shoes



go missing today, check in there.’ It’s by putting her daughters first that Myleene, 35, has managed to deal with her marriage split from Graham Quinn. Now she’s back stronger than ever, unveiling her latest fashion collection and a new make-up range for Littlewoods. ‘I’m a mum of two in celebland,’ she says. ‘I’m still doing the school run before work, so I know what I need my clothes to do… With ice cream and everything else that gets spilt, a PVC mac should be your school-run uniform.’ And if Myleene needs her outfits to make her look smokin’ hot, from where we’re standing at her new season shoot, she’s going the right way about it… Describe your look in five words.

Practical. Classic. Fun. Fifties. Feminine. Who’s your style icon?

I like the simplicity and chicness of Angelina Jolie. She’s comfortable in her own skin.

‘I used to camouflage myself wIth clothes’

And who are your favourite designers?

Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, Chanel, Chanel! What are your fashion rules?

People who impose rules on

W I N Want all thi s ? ! Myleene’s ENTIRE October drop

ve kids, ur schoolur’

Worth £736

For your chance to win her whole new range, visit by 14 October 2013.


The megastar mum takes Now backstage on her autumn/winter shoot

fashion are just like the fun police. Who said this was right and this was wrong? I never want to be that person. My mum’s Filipino and she believes ‘more is more’ when it comes to fabrics and textures. I’ve seen people in the most expensive designer outfits but then they’re shying away from themselves and the clothes, are wearing them. I want to be like my mum, full of life, happiness, excitement, colour and vibrancy because that energy fills a room and those people are magnetic.



How has your style evolved?

When I was a lot bigger, I used to just camouflage myself with my clothes. I didn’t see them as fun and I certainly didn’t see them as an expression of who I am. I used to think: ‘What can I wear that will hide my bum? What can I wear that isn’t going to make me look so busty?’ And then as you get older, you get more confident and realise: ‘This is the body I’ve got, so let me just make the most of it!’ What are the weirdest things you’ve ever read about your style?

Now’s alison Tay with myleene

days apart! It just goes to show you it’s all about how you carry yourself, how you stand and how you slouch to get into a car – that’s why girls should hold their head up high. You lose a few pounds simply by standing up straight. Spill! What’s been your worst fashion disaster?

Well, it was actually one fashion disaster after another in Hear’Say. There was a really bad run of double denim, but not in a good or ironic way. But when you’re trying to dress five people – two of whom are boys – it’s really difficult.

‘There should be no fashIon rules’

I remember this one pic of me getting out of a car and someone said of it: ‘The clothes are hanging off her. What does she look like? She’s lost too much weight.’ Then the next day, someone else said of another pic: ‘Wow, she’s put on the pounds…’ Those photos were two


£60 £69

engineering, it’s scaffolding for the body. How can you expect your house to look good if the foundations are rocky? Wear the right size and be realistic with yourself. If you’re wearing something that’s too tight for you, then you won’t look good. What’s your worst vice?

What’s your body confidence quick fix?

I’m a caffeine addict. I’m already on my third latte this morning!

Good underwear. Ever since I launched my underwear range I’ve had to look at what the job of underwear really is – and it is

What’s your healthiest habit?

I laugh a lot. You can spend all your life looking for answers in bottles and clothes or everything


else, but ultimately, it’s the person behind the clothes who’s important, isn’t it? I think the best advice I’ve ever had is that you should always imagine yourself aged 10 again. What would you want for yourself? I’m like: ‘Oh my God, that’s it!’ I look at Hero and I look at Ava and I think: ‘What do I want for them? What do I want them to be? What would I say to my 10-year-old self?’ So I laugh. Myleene’s fashion collection is available at For more info, call 0844 8228000


e h t d Behin h t i w S Scene

Instaglam We’ve seen myleene without make-up and trust us, she still looks as hot!

Myleene Her five beauty must-haves

BumBle and BumBle 1Holding Spray


‘This is kind of like hair concrete. It’s great for my thick locks, which tend to do their own thing. My hair was completely out of control – it was just getting longer and longer and bigger and bigger. So I thought: “I’m not rocking the Texan beauty pageant look any more,” and went shorter.’

‘I get lash extensions’

myleene KlaSS Bronzed 2 & Beautiful compact


‘I know I’m not Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell but my best beauty trick is contouring. I have an Asian moon face. I used to apply bronzer all over my face, but now I take it from far lower than you would normally. I use upward strokes to define the hollows of my cheeks, then sweep my blusher inwards across my cheekbones for model sculpting.’

‘I usually do mcayr’ make-up in the 1

2 daughters. I showed them to my girls and Hero said: “They look like they’re sleeping.” So I said: “I’ll name them after you.”’

Balance me roSe otto 3 Hand cream

cHanel coco mademoiSelle 5 edp Spray, 100ml


‘I’m always washing, swimming with my daughters or playing the piano, so I need to look after my hands with this cream.’

myleene KlaSS Hero 4 and ava Words: Alison Tay

luSciouS laSHeS Set

£18 each,

‘I’ve got false eyelashes in my range inspired by my


5 4 3

‘Women treat fragrances like a diary of their lives. There are certain scents I won’t go near because they make me think of sad times in my life. There are also other fragrances where I just think that was a magical time and I’ll leave it there – and then there are ones that remind me of happy moments. Coco Mademoiselle is fresh, it’s light and you can wear it day and night.’



Plait per fection

WHO CUTS IT? Millie Mackintosh, Emma Watson, Poppy Delevingne

Get a



This winter, braids are completely unblemished and sleek, so fake it with a clip-in. ‘Sophisticated clipins are now multi-tonal and will blend with your own colour,’ says Aaron Carlo, art director of Headmasters salon. ‘If it isn’t an exact match and is made of real hair, take your clip-in to your local hairdresser and get it coloured. It behaves just like real hair.’

p u s d hea with it

autumn. is th or ct fa ow N e th s ck ’ll give your lo The top hair trends that ny barnet covered Po le tt Li y M l fu ur lo co e th And yes, we’ve got


The sharp edge

WHO CUTS IT? Nicola Roberts It’s V for easy-peasy victory rolls – as championed by Girls Aloud singer Nicola. ‘Style with heated rollers to add texture and volume, then find a centre parting,’ says Percy & Reed’s Adam Reed. ‘Take two sections from the front and twist towards your parting, pushing up and forward to create a loose quiff. Bring the ends together at the back and pin. Fix the whole thing with hairspray.’

WHO CUTS IT? Rita Ora If you fancy a change from longer locks but aren’t ready to do a full-on Jessie J, this look is for you, says Naomi Campbell’s hairstylist Daniel Dyer (david ‘It’s an update on last winter’s Great Gatsby bob,’ he explains, ‘but it’s cut very blunt and is therefore more flexible.’ Use a smoothing wand to give your bob a wet look à la the Alexander Wang runway. £10.99






Car toon colours

WHO CUTS IT? Kelly Osbourne

Creamy crop

Head to your salon for this look, says hairstylist Daniel Dyer. ‘Pinks and purples are unpredictable colours, so see a professional hairdresser’s or you could be more blue rinse than purple haze,’ he warns. Or to flirt with the look temporarily, try a semi-permanent cream or coloured clip-in.

WHO CUTS IT? Jessie J Thankfully, the shaved head look has moved on – to the softer crop. Norris Ogario, creative director of Ogario London, says: ‘It’s all about the combination of the cut and the blonde shade here as darker hues can look too severe.’ Team your crop with brogues and a boy-cut coat.





Pick a side Words: Laura Jackson. Photos: Rex

WHO CUTS IT? Miranda Kerr

The My Little Pony ’do is big for winter

‘To get this look, smooth wet hair with BB cream. Next, dry hair – start at the back with your head tipped forward to create volume,’ Norris says. ‘Part hair as far across head as you dare. Next, wind a thick strand of hair around fingers, blast with hot air, hold in place for 10 seconds and then loosen to reveal gentle curls.’ £4.49

£6.49 each cRazy cOLOR semI-PeRmaNeNT HaIR cOLOuR cReam

PaNTeNe BB cReme

GET BANGED UP! There’s nothing criminal about these fab fringes

Alexa Chung

a few longer strands frame the face for a flirty finish.


Taylor Swift

Tay keeps it below the brow Ri-Ri didn’t mull-et over when and longer at the edges to blend it came to her crop. after all, she with her length. put the Ri in

Jessica Alba

To the left, to the left… Jess’s swept-over style rocks New York Fashion Week.



* * * *

(est) F(riend) B ) ty u a (e B ) y (a y is… your G Louis Boroditsk

p u s i y a w y L n o e Th LL TWIST ALF-BACK ww

Emma Roberts’ up-do Instagram pics rock. X Factor hairdresser Jamie Stevens explains how to get her looks…






Split an inch-wide section from the front of your head into two smaller ones and tie them into a loose knot. Working back towards the crown, continue adding similar-sized sections and tying each piece into another loose knot. At the crown, knot the remaining hair and secure. Bring remaining hair into a ponytail £4.20 L’oREAL ELnETT and cover the band SATIn ThE CATwALk with a section of hair. CoLLECTIon Secure with hairspray. hAIRSPRAy

2 3




1 2 3

Side part your hair and then backcomb your roots. Next, sweep your hair up into an off-centre ponytail. To add volume, apply a texturiser to random

Photos: Rex Features

t i s e v o l s i u o L # This double-duty deodorant keeps you fresh and reduces hair growth, density and thickness. Smooth move!



sections of the ponytail and lightly twist the hair in on itself and pin down to the base. Continue until you have the depth and texture that you want, ruffling the sections to add more depth as desired. Mist over the finished look with hairspray.

Lush Much

Revlon By marchesa 3D Jewel appliqués, £8.99



3 4


or a touch


RiRi for maC Eyeshadow Quad in Smoked Cocoa, £33

libertine nails at New York Fashion Week



4 5

Lift top sections of hair and backcomb the roots of the remainder. Create a mixture of twists and braids using hair from both side sections and some from the top as well. Create a small bun below your braids and pin them to it. Gently curl the bottom half of your hair to add texture, then brush out to create a beachy effect.



WorldMags.netSmurf lips


Know what’s in

your food

Use food labels to make healthy choices

Forget yo-yo diets – eating smart is all about understanding what’s in your meals


What’s neW?

As the first UK retailer to introduce traffic light labelling eight years ago, Sainsbury’s remains the largest user of the traffic light labels. With the introduction of these new labels under the new scheme, the familiar wheel will be replaced with lozenges (see below).

Don’t worry if you like to count calories – that info will stay put, though under the new Government scheme calories will no longer be colour-coded. What’s new is that you’ll find out how much energy there is in food, both per serving and per 100g. As well as calories, this will be shown as kilojoules (kJ), which are a different

way of measuring calories – 1kcal equals 4.2 kJ. Allergy sufferers should be particularly aware of the changes, as allergens will now be in bold type in the ingredients list, rather than in a separate box on the back of the packaging. Another small change is that GDAs (guideline daily amounts) will become RIs

Food traffic lights explained The traffic light colours on food and drink indicate how much fat, saturates (saturated fat), sugars and salt they contain. A red sign should make you stop and think because it warns you

that it’s something you should only enjoy once in a while. Amber is an OK choice most of the time but the best option is to eat healthy foods that have green indicators.

(reference intakes). This tells you how much of certain nutrients it is advisable to eat on a daily basis. The largest number of products with new labels will appear in-store in January 2014. As that’s when many of us begin healthy eating regimes, make it your new year’s resolution to check them out.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the Government’s new food labelling, pick up a flyer in your local Sainsbury’s, call the Careline on 0800 636 262 or go to FoodLabels

You can live well for less than you thought at Sainsbury’s. Based on Price Perception Data June 2013. For more information, go to

s a nation, we’re obsessed with celebs losing or gaining weight and finding out about all the latest diets. But the simplest way to keep in shape is by knowing what we’re eating. Due to a new Government scheme and labelling law, labels on food and drink are changing and Sainsbury’s is keen to help you understand how they work.

You Health, heart, happiness –


how to supersize your life


Bosom buddies

TLC October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – so time to give your norks some


Breast tissue changes during your monthly cycle and can be fuller, heavier and more tender at certain times. During an orgasm, your boobs can swell in size by up to 20 per cent! Lumme.


TOUCH your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual? LOOK for changes. Is there any change in shape, size or texture? CHECK anything unusual with your doctor. And don’t forget

you can always ask your man to give you a hand…

NOT JUST YOUR BOOBS Look for any lumps or swellings around your armpit and collarbone. Also, check the skin for any redness, dimpling or puckering.


One in 500 women, like Angelina Jolie, carries the faulty BRCA gene that causes breast cancer. But out of every 100 women with the gene only 60 to 90 will get the disease.

Text SIGNS to 70500 to get your free handy guide today – it could save your life.

BREAkthRough BREASt CAnCER AmBASSAdoR mIChEllE hEAton SAyS: ‘Since finding out I carry the BRCA2 gene, breast cancer risk is something I’ve been extremely aware of. Even though I’ve had preventative surgery and a reconstruction, I am still very careful to check my breasts on a regular basis.’ TURN FOR MORE ➻ chart of truth

R e t t u B me up


y in t what’s reall Ever looked a e, us spread? Nop te ri u o v fa r u o y s some search show re ew N r. e h ter, neit salt as seawa ch u m s a in lead conta the long term which can in nd a d pressure to raised bloo which should . So heart disease n and which o d be slathere toast? should be, er,

g 2.5 salt

in 100g of Weight Watchers Dairy Spread

1.8g of salt in 100g of Clover


of salt in 100g of Flora Original

1.5 g

of salt in 100g of I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash), September 2013 [GUTTER] Cycleguard, 2013


Most food labels only give you the amount of sodium per 100g, but converting that to salt is easy – you multiply by 2.5. So 1g of sodium per 100g = 2.5g salt. So that’s why phones have a calculator app…



of salt in 100g of Lurpak

The NHS says...

Anything with more than 1.5g of salt per 100g has a ‘high’ salt content.

1.3g of salt in 100g of Asda Olive Spread

1.2g of salt in 100g of Arla Lactofree

0.75g 0.75g of salt in 100g of Bertolli Light

of salt in 100g Pure Olive Dairy Free

You & Improved

THE WHEEL WORLD Cycling is big this autumn, so here’s how to stay safe, sound and stylish in the saddle...

Even Paris Hilton is getting on her bike this season

Go for a ride

Bike candy

If you’re among the five million adults who can’t ride a bike, a course can get you on track. Bikeability training is offered UK wide – visit

Wobbling along balancing your work kit or shopping isn’t a good look. Check out the handlebar bags at

Light up

Half a million bikes are stolen each year and many household contents insurance policies won’t cover it, so check. Cycleguard offers specialist policies.

Wearing a helmet and reflective clothing is common sense, but don’t forget bike lights, too. Halfords’ range starts from £2.40.

Get cover

n e v a e Hscent

You might think you fancy that guy at work because of his hot bod, sense of humour and witty one-liners, but actually it’s his smell you’re drawn to. Researchers at the University of Manchester have proved women can subconsciously sniff out potential partners with the right DNA to produce children with good genes. Scratch’n’sniff dating, anyone?

Bradley Cooper probably smells better than Dave in accounts…

that’s a fact...

If you’ve ever noticed that after a poor night’s sleep you want to eat everything in sight the next day, you’re not alone. Scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden have now proved that a lack of quality zzzs raises a hunger hormone in our brains, meaning we’re more likely to make bad choices the next day and be unable to resist the cake counter. To £3.99 help get to the land SLEEP PATCH-IT PADS of nod, try Sleep Patch-It foot pads, which use reflexology techniques and organic essential oils to help you drift off.

Edited by Jess Spiring. Photos: Alamy, Getty, Rex

Rest my sole



of men confess to flirting and making eye contact while working out at the gym. We just hope it’s only iron you’re pumping, gents…

You & Improved


Waterloo Road’s Heather Peace,

‘When I was 10 doctors thought I had arthritis’ HeiGHt: 5ft 8in WeiGHt: 9St 7lb Size: 8-10


o you exercise?

IÕm a gym bunny Ð I run, swim and do weights. If I donÕt, I feel really grumpy. Do you use supplements?

Whenever I feel tired, IÕll have a Berocca or Seven Seas. They help keep away colds and sickness.

Words: Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: Alamy, Rex, Mediablitz, Alpha, FameFlynet

What’s the best health tip you’ve been given?

To give up smoking. I feel so much better since I did. IÕm a singer too and can now massively hear the difference in my voice. What’s been your worst health scare?

When I was 10 doctors thought I had rheumatoid arthritis. I had to go for lots of blood tests, but luckily the pains just went away. Maybe it was really extreme growing pains Ð the doctors never got to the bottom of it.

Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Yes. I came off a moped in Minorca when I was 18. I still have big scars on my knee and elbow.

What I Ate Today

BreakfaSt I made a smoothie from carrot,

IÕd love to get to Helen MirrenÕs age and have her amazing physique. If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?

My feet. I have very long toes, so I can never take photos with my feet out. What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Takeaway curries. IÕm addicted to chilli and spice. I usually avoid bread, but I have to have a chapati or naan with a curry!

I have a bit of a teeth obsession. I spend a lot of money on expensive toothpastes and I brush them more than the average person. Teeth are always what I notice first about someone when I meet them.

363 cals

spinach, beetroot, ginger, an apple, orange and blueberries. I also had a yogurt with a small amount of granola. ANGELA SAYS The smoothie provides at least two of her five-aday. Yogurt’s good for gut health.

Lunch I ate a baked potato with

tuna, salad and coleslaw. ANGELA SAYS This is a good combo of carbs and protein. Coleslaw’s a tasty way to get in healthy cabbage if you don’t like veg.

Who’s your celeb body idol?

I'm not weird, but…

Running makes Heather feel good

38, shares her top-to-toe health secrets

657 cals


I had shop-bought spicy Thai noodle soup with prawns. Yum! ANGELA SAYS Noodle soups are a good option if you’re watching weight as they’re filling for the calorie count.


I had two jumbo Snack A Jacks cheese rice cakes and a Bourbon biscuit. I also drank a coffee and had a glass of red wine. ANGELA SAYS Just one large glass of red wine (250ml) contains more than a woman’s daily limit of alcohol!

204 cals

315 cals

total CalS 1,539 (GDa 2,000)

VerDict Now’s nutritionist Angela Dowden says:

Heather’s diet has healthy amounts of sugar and saturated fats, but she appears to be eating fewer calories than she needs. A regular multivitamin would help make up any deficiencies she might have through not eating enough. Sat fat




GDa 20g

GDa 90g

GDa 45g

GDa 6g

11g 73g 62g 5g

PINK: bad level blUe: MaxIMUM aMoUNt GReeN: Good level

Waterloo Road is on BBC1 at 8pm on Thursdays. Heather’s on from 21 October – visit for more


Now’s life guru Katie solves your dilemmas and never fails to inspire us every week

highlight of the week

My big baby news!


It’s been so hard keeping my news a secret from you, so I’m thrilled I can finally share that I’m expecting my first child! As a little girl, I always thought I’d have kids, but I wasn’t sure if I could after I was attacked because of the amount of stress my body was put under during my 200plus operations. That was a scary thought, but lots of

Who’s ddyed?who theeopdlea have ask

Lots of p friend of , but my boy is y d d a d e th al guy who just a norm is rs ea y o tw t very the limeligh doesn’t like be with er wanted to ev n e v I’ . ch mu ’t want ous and I don m fa e n eo m so ething im into som to change h t’s why I’m he’s not. Tha identity keeping his e! private – heh


women worry they may have difficulties getting pregnant, so it’s such a blessing. I said to Mum the other day: ‘Just think, I’ll be going to hospital and it won’t be for anything depressing!’ I’m still in my size 6 jeans at the mo, but I’m not too worried about my growing bump and my body getting bigger. Of course, I’m a bit scared, too. But I’ve received so much support from you all already on Twitter and I feel so touched I’ve actually screen-grabbed some of your Tweets to show my baby when he or she is older!

Katie x

My inspirational woman: Olympic boxer Nicola Adams I recently caught up with Olympic gold medal boxer Nicola Adams, who I modelled with in the new Marks & Spencer campaign. She told me all about her gruelling schedule, which is basically to eat, sleep and train! Because she’s a tiny woman, I bet the last thing people think when they meet her is that she’s a top boxer. But she proves you can achieve your goals with dedication and discipline.

Nicola’s a real knockout

You & improved

This week I'm loving Sun -kissed

tan Now I’m pre gnant, I still want to feel glamo rous and I lo ve having a sun-kisse d glow all y e ar round. But I don’t w ant to be ex posed to the dangers of UV, so I’m using this amaze fake tan. It ’s so cheap and doesn’t lea ve a biscuity aft er£4.99 smell. SuNKiSSED

Me at the charity’s offices with their amazing staff

Edited by Nicola Fahey. Styling: Alison Tay, assisted by Victorine Mengot. Photos: Alex James. Hair: Mikey Kardashian, using using Fudge and Mark Hill. Make-up: Jeyanney Calderbank, using MAC Cosmetics and Crown brushes. Dress: Finders Keepers at Additional photos: Splash

We shouldn’t be afraid of change


Tamara’s having a baby, too!

I’m very honoured to announce I’m the new ambassador for the UK Stem Cell Foundation. It’s a cause close to my heart as it’s through a stem cell transplant that I got my eyesight back after it was damaged in my attack. If I’d had the injury 10 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to have that treatment as it wasn’t advanced enough. And I wouldn’t have been able to have a baby because I would’ve needed a cornea transplant and have taken anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my life, which can cause infertility. Some people feel stem cell therapy is immoral, but these medical advances should be embraced so we can help people who need it. We shouldn’t be scared of change or what we don’t understand.

I think Tamara’s going to be a fantastic mum

I was so pleased to hear that my friend Tamara Ecclestone is expecting her first baby too, with her new hubby Jay Rutland. She’s a huge supporter of my charity and a real top lady. In photos, she always looks so natural around her sister Petra’s baby, so I think Tamara’s going to be an amazing mum!

Get in touch

Dear Katie I don’t trust my boyfriend Should I I’ve been with my ditch my boyfriend two years, Katie says but I constantly get boozy mate? I strongly believe in following the feeling he’s


seeing other girls behind my back. My worries stem from when we first got together and I found messages from his exes on his phone. I’ve also found sexy photos of girls I don’t know. When I confronted him about it he said I was being stupid and I felt like I was going crazy. Now he refuses to discuss it, but I just feel my gut instincts are right. What do I do? Hannah, London

your gut – those niggly feelings are usually there for a reason. In a healthy relationship you shouldn’t check each other’s phones or worry what they’re up to because the trust should be there. You should feel happy and confident – not worried and insecure. It would be really complicated if you were married or had a baby, but as he won’t address your fears and makes it feel like it’s your fault, it sounds like he doesn’t really respect you. I think it’s best to nip it in the bud and move on.


I recently got back in touch with a friend. We have so much fun, but I’m worried about her drinking. She keeps knocking them back until she’s so drunk she gets into trouble. I feel I also end up drinking more too whenever I’m out with her. Is it time to ditch her? Claire, via email

Katie says

I understand your dilemma because I’ve lost touch with boozy friends from my past. It’s

Do you have a dilemma you’d like Katie to help with – or ory an inspiring stare? you’d like to sh Email her at askkatiepiper


not my scene any more. But don’t just dump your mate – tell her you think you’re both drinking too much and ask how she feels about it. Sometimes a letter is best because it’ll give her space to reflect without it being confrontational. She may feel the same and this could be a turning point in your friendship where you both find another hobby to bond over on a Saturday night.

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coupon t u o t u C ➻

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You & Improved


Your week ahead with David Wells sCOrPiO 23 Oct-22 Nov

SimOn COwell turns 54 on 7 October

IF IT'S YoUR bIRTHDAY THIS WeeK... As you embrace another few months of professional success, remember that Jupiter won’t hold this station forever and in July 2014 he’ll be making some changes. But it isn’t necessarily about changing jobs, it’s about changing lives – and that applies to the long term, too. love is moving into interesting areas this year, so expect surprises and go with it.

sAgittArius 23 Nov-21 Dec

A New Moon at the same time as your once-a-year celebration? It’s definitely time to get what you’ve been secretly longing for, Libra, even though you’re extremely reluctant to admit it.

If you’ve got toothache, see the dentist. If you’re disorganised, get someone else to make an appointment with the dentist. But the real deal isn’t your teeth – it’s avoiding procrastination.

It’s time to own up to desires. Call me.

Opportunities may be missed. Call me.

Venus brings pleasure. Call for more.

UK: 0905 8171567* IRL: 1560 787907*

UK: 0905 8171568* IRL: 1560 787908*

UK: 0905 8171569* IRL: 1560 787909*

CAPriCOrN 22 Dec-20 Jan

AQuArius 21 Jan-19 Feb

PisCEs 20 Feb-20 Mar

It won’t be easy convincing some people to go along with your schemes, but you’re very resourceful. Planning ahead will win the day and those who wing it won’t win anything.

When you’ve gathered enough information you can do what you feel you must do, but until then it’s wise to watch what what you say and to whom. The details are very important this week.

Wondering about the motive behind someone’s decisions? You can ask or you could assume you already know and plan your next move. Trust your intuition to stay one step ahead.

Call to hear about a returning ex.

Work is in the spotlight. Call me.

A great career month. Call for more.

UK: 0905 8171570* IRL: 1560 787910*

UK: 0905 8171571* IRL: 1560 787911*

UK: 0905 8171572* IRL: 1560 787912*

AriEs 21 Mar-20 Apr

tAurus 21 Apr-21 May

gEMiNi 22 May-20 Jun

Love is at the forefront as you’re looking at a New Moon that asks if balance exists in your love life. Venus also brings singletons fiery passion from overseas or moves you to foreign shores.

With work coming under so much scrutiny, you may need the assistance of someone who you can confide in and will let you know what’s really going on. The facts are key.

You may not be able to keep still, but maybe you can make all your fidgeting about amount to something this week? Use your restlessness to explore new options in love and at work.

Passionate times beckon. Call me.

Call for details on hidden money.

UK: 0905 8171561* IRL: 1560 787901*

Venus has a proposal. Call for more.

UK: 0905 8171562* IRL: 1560 787902*

UK: 0905 8171563* IRL: 1560 787903*

CANCEr 21 Jun-22 Jul

A social invitation holds more than the obvious, so maybe you should say yes to that buffet and mingle. Be it love or a very useful contact, you’ll find them among the interesting nibbles.

LEO 23 Jul-22 Aug

VirgO 23 Aug-22 Sep

You can clearly see the way ahead, but not everyone agrees. It isn’t easy, but by balancing the resistance of others with reason and compromise you should be able to light the way.

Mars and Venus are old friends, so they can say what they like to each other without causing offence. The same applies to you and your mates – so if it’s tough but needs to be said, just say it.

When everyone gets the joke and you don’t, do you ask for an explanation or join in and laugh anyway? It’s all about asking questions, no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Call for info on family matters.

A lovers’ tiff needs resolving. Call me.

Being direct frees your mind. Call me.

UK: 0905 8171564* IRL: 1560 787904*

UK: 0905 8171565* IRL: 1560 787905*

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LIve horoscope readIngs

Pay by using your credit/debit card: call 0800 063 0772

Call the above freephone number

Book your reading with our friendly advisors

You can also pay via your phone bill Love Tarot UK: 09061 741392 £1.53/min IRL: 1580 923427 €2.40/min Or text lOVenOw then your question to 86655 £3/text reading (UK only)

General Tarot UK: 09061 741391 £1.53/min IRL: 1580 923429 €2.40/min Or text TAROTnOw then your question to 86655 £3/text reading (UK only)

enjoy your consultation

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Photo: Rex

LiBrA 23 Sep-22 Oct

The Fix


What’ll get your pulse racing this week

hOme SWeeT


Homeland, Channel 4, 9pm, 6 October

Homeland for beginners

Whaddya mean you haven’t seen Homeland? Where do you live, under a rock? There’s absolutely no excuse for it – but, because we’re really, really nice at Now, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide for those of you who’ve committed grave sins against telly (or do actually live under a rock). Here’s a little reminder so you can catch up before sinking your teeth into season three…

So who’s who?

The main characters you need to know about are CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), war hero/ suspected terrorist Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) and Carrie’s CIA boss Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin).

What’s happened so far, then?

Well, loads, but here are the bits you need to remember: bipolar Carrie was obsessed with proving that ‘war hero’ Brody was brainwashed by Al-Qaeda while he was held prisoner in Iraq for eight years and is in fact a terrorist. She stopped at nothing to prove it, including putting his home under 24-hour surveillance and, er, sleeping with him. But Brody’s not stupid and knew all along she was trying to bring

him down. Under the influence of terrorist leader Abu Nazir, he attempted an attack on the US, but was unable to go through with it. In series two, Brody became a Congressman and Carrie was still unable to stay away from him (yep, she’s got a thaaang for Brody despite believing him to be a terrorist!). But then he was linked to a devastating bomb attack that killed the Vice President… We’ll leave it there – you really should get the box set (£33.25 from

What else do I need to know? Everyone has secrets on this show – and lots of people have affairs with other people. Oh, and Claire Danes is remarkable.

With mounting horror, Carrie realised… she’d left the iron on

Music The hOT What makes us sizzle or leaves us cold

TV The New Directions are in for a bumpy ride

A fitting TriBuTe take on Beatles hits such as Hey Jude and All You Need Is Love. Are they up to it? With Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert both guesting this season, it’s going to be unmissable – and a moving tribute to Cory.


A watch that you can take pics, record stuff and send messages on? Wowsers! The Galaxy Gear with Note 3 has blown our minds.

Glee’s farewell to Finn is set to be emotional

‘i LOve GBBO!’



We chat to actress turned chef Lisa, 40

Was it hard to write?

No – I loved it. I’m starting book three now! What’s the most romantic meal you’ve ever eaten?

My best friend Angela Griffin made a Mexican feast the other day. It was made with so much love



Tricked ITV2, 9pm, 10 October Check out amazing magician Ben Hanlin’s new show, where he punks celebs with his tricks – and he’s a bit of a hottie too! The OC Turkish style

o you’ve written another cookery book, Lisa…

It’s called The Way I Cook. Each chapter’s about different moods – like when the house is full of kids on a Sunday morning, when I want to make something special or when the sun’s shining.

This song might be the only thing that can erase the image of Miley Cyrus licking a sledgehammer from our brains. *Shudders* Work it, Brit! Samsung Galaxy Gear

A quickie with… Lisa Faulkner


Work Bitch by Britney Spears Out 4 November

This has got to be the weirdest idea ever. The OC’s being remade… in, um, Turkey. And it’s not even gonna be shown in the UK. Boo, hiss, cabbages!

Turkish version

What’s cooking, Lisa? – her husband Jason kept saying: ‘Angela did this,’ and: ‘Angela did that.’ You could tell he adores her. Have you been watching The Great British Bake Off?

Yes! I love it. It’s too early to tell who’s going to win, but they’re all amazing bakers.

Only 12 weeks ’til Christmas

What’s your food heaven?

Anything with roast chicken. I make mine just with salt, pepper, oil and potatoes around the side. What about food hell?

original version

I hate the smell of cinnamon. It’s my idea of torture! The Way I Cook (£20, Simon & Schuster) is out now

It can’t be, can it? *Watches our life flash before our eyes and hides under desk… which still has scraps of paper from Chrimbo 2012 underneath* Nooo!


SO never

Glee, Sky 1, 8pm, 4 October We couldn’t not mention the return of Glee. This series will be especially poignant, though, as it pays homage to the late Cory Monteith, who played Finn, after his tragic death from a drugs overdose in July. You’ll see three episodes – the first two Beatles specials, while episode three is devoted to Finn – before the series takes a break until later in the autumn. In the first, The New Directions have a mammoth task on their hands when Will asks them to



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The x

Chilling In Chilling OuT


Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream by Abby Clements Out now Amelia fantasises of an Escape To The Country to transform a small cottage into a Grand Design (see what we did there?). But when her dreams come true, things get a little too wild for comfort. A good weekend read.

Dates On DVD 7 October Follow gorgeous-butbonkers Mia (Oona Chaplin), lovely David (Will Mellor) and sassy Jenny (Sheridan Smith) through their attempts at online dating. This drama was on Channel 4 a few months back and we were obsessed.


The Only Way Is Vegas ITV2, 10pm, 6 October Catch Essex’s finest as they board a plane and hit Sin City. Knowing the TOWIE lot, it’ll be business as usual – just with added slot machines!




The To Do List At cinemas 4 October Prepare to LOL. Set in 1993, this comedy stars Aubrey Plaza as Brandy Klark, the high school super-swot who’s desperate to brush up on the one subject she’s flunked so far – boys. With only one summer before she starts college, she’s determined to tick off a few bootylicious boxes.


Thanks For Sharing At cinemas 4 October This romcom explores previously uncharted waters: sex addiction. After five years of sexual sobriety, Adam (Mark Ruffalo) begins dating cancer survivor Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow). Obvs, confessing his secret is awks. Pink co-stars as a fellow addict. Blimey!

EvEnT Strictly Come Dancing Live Nationwide, from January ( Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli

More prat pack than rat pack, boys!


and Craig Revel Horwood will be live at venues across the country, alongside a fantastic celebrity line-up. Book now.

The Light Princess National Theatre, London, until 9 January ( Tori Amos has written a musical. Yes, really. It’s a dark fairytale about Princess Althea and Prince Digby – expect romance, battles and EvEnT grief. Totally spectacular!

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iPhone nook

Kindle Fire

Words: Louis Boroditsky and Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: Getty, Rex, Splash

Sharknado On DVD 7 October How do you top Snakes On A Plane? Fill a tornado with killer sharks and send it whirling through LA, obvs. It doesn’t have to make sense – this comedy horror is a blast.



‘I lIke to Squeeze leMon juIce on My food’

s a m o h T Luke

Britain’s youngest head chef, 20, talks dining with Alan Sugar and hating tofu My father’s from Liverpool and he does a dish called Scouse – it’s the Liverpool version of a hotpot. You use lamb neck, onions, potatoes and stock. Then you just cook it for hours and hours and let it go nice and thick. It’s so tasty.

And what’s your favourite dessert?

Roly-poly with custard. It’s always super-comforting. Do you ever have any kitchen disasters?

Every day! One of the worst was on a busy Sunday when I went into the kitchen at 11.30am to get out roast beef that I thought had been cooking from

the night before – but I realised the oven hadn’t been turned on! What ingredient can’t you do without?

Lemon juice. It works with everything, especially when you put bolder flavours together because the acidity cuts through. I’ll squeeze lemon juice on top of a steak or on potatoes with herbs and lots of olive oil.

Wh a your favt were e as a chisweets ld? Dolly mix tures. And I loved rhu barb and sweets, to custard o!

Who would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive?

Alan Sugar and Steven Gerrard – I’m a big fan of them. And Michelle Keegan – although she’s taken, so maybe Lucy Meck from TOWIE because I think she’s single right now.

What’s your idea of food hell?

Tofu. I really don’t like the texture of it – and it doesn’t taste of anything! I just don’t see why you would eat it unless you were a vegetarian.

Spring ScallopS (Serves 4)

● 1 large carrot, peeled and cut into thin strips ● 1 leek, trimmed and cut into strips ● 2tbsp unsalted butter ● 2 thyme sprigs, plus extra thyme leaves ● 200g/7oz scallops


A glass of Malibu Caribbean Rum With Coconut. I love retro drinks!

1 2 3

Cook the carrot strips in a large pan of boiling water for 1 min. Add the leek strips to the pan and cook for 1 min, then drain. Heat half the butter in a frying pan, adding the thyme sprigs and the scallops. Sear the scallops for 2 mins on each side. Take out the scallops and add to the veg mix. Heat the rest of the butter in the pan with the thyme leaves. Spoon over the scallops to serve. Enjoy!

4 5


@Rochelle TheSats This dessert was too good! Coconut and passion fruit dream. Yummy! It sure does look a dream, Rochelle Humes

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LukeÕs Mayfair pop-up diner Retro Feasts is serving up reworked versions of classic British dishes. For more info, visit

Words: Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: Solo Syndication, Rex, Alamy, Mediablitz


hat’s your top recipe? s l i a m E s r e t Let

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Sexy SOL

Wow! I didn’t think Corrie’s Sol Heras could get any sexier, but your exclusive pics changed that. I’m going to miss seeing him on the cobbles and I hope he gets another acting gig very soon! Hannah, Norwich

EdiTOr Sally Eyden

EMAIL OF THE WEEK corrie on acting, Sol!

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Sad Story

After reading your Zac Efron story, it’s so sad to see another Disney star reported to have gone off the rails. I hope Zac has dealt with his issues and will stay drug-free. Sarah, Sheffield

Super ScandalS

OMG! I loved reading your sex scandals list. I still can’t believe Mini-Me made a sex tape! Celebs need to keep cameras away from the bedroom. Tamsin, Birmingham


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Sasha, Helen and nigel get the goss in the Jazz Fm studio

Hayley reads now in the park

estelle escapes from it all on a packed tube

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c i s u m

My life in

I was starstruck meeting The Vaccines

Lucy Spraggan, 22, talks X Factor pals and being starstruck

I appreciate good music, so coming face to face with my fave band got me flustered. I don’t ever want to lose that respect.

The sounds of my youth

The song that reminds me of being a youngster Follow Me by Uncle Kracker. The track came out in 2001 and it reminds me of playing out in the fields with my mates and generally causing mayhem.

The first album I ever bought

My X Factor bezzies I speak to Ella Henderson whenever I can. And I went out with the lovely Rylan Clark the other night. I don’t think I’d do Celebrity Big Brother, but I’m so glad he did it – he’s done so well.

It was one by American rock band The Offspring. I can’t remember which one as I was pretty young. But the first album that I ever remember listening to as a child was by Tracy Chapman. Her voice is so amazing.

Words: Rosie Gizauskas. Photos: Rex, Xposure, WENN, LFI

I’m still in touch with Jahméne Douglas from The X Factor

Lucy’s music inspirations: Johnny Cash (inset) and The Clash’s Joe Strummer

I’m not mates with Chris Maloney I saw him shout at this girl who worked on the X Factor production team. All the criticism he got is completely fair – I don’t know him that well, but you can’t treat people like that. I’ll never ever be friends with him!

We get along well and now we’re pen pals. We write down whatever we want to say in our letters. It’s sweet.

My new album is finally coming out It’s so exciting! The album has some of my older stuff that you might recognise from The X Factor, such as Last Night, my audition song. The whole thing’s made up of different stories – like me travelling the world – and personal experiences. I write about me – I’m very honest. I can’t wait for people to hear my music.

As a kid, I grew up listening to Johnny Cash and The Clash. I was a rap music fan as well, so that’s always stuck with me.

I loved doing fancy dress with Tulisa

My fave artists at the moment

I adore Professor Green – I’d like to work him. And Macklemore’s ace. He has a song called Same Love, which is about equality. It’s a great message.

LucyÕs album Join The Club is out 7 October

I dressed as a pumpkin for Rylan’s birthday do last year – I wanted to wear a silly costume. I was never going to do a sexy outfit, but Tulisa and Nicole Scherzinger looked hot.

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John Frieda Expect Perfect.


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Now Magazine 7 October 2013  
Now Magazine 7 October 2013  

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