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The purpose of this report is to show understanding of the technologies available to support marketing in the 21st century. . The report will analyse, critique, compare and contrast real life examples of digital marketing. The main focus of the report will be on fashion retail and how they use digital marketing to build traffic online and the following are some of the key points that will be discussed:  Annual Growth of both fashion retailers Targets Traffic figures for fashion retailers  Method for traffic Building  Generating traffic on social media network

Traffic building’s three main aspects are targeting, techniques and timing. In traffic building traffic quality is important rather than quantity, therefore this indicates towards the success of a traffic building campaign. Traffic quality is high if site visitors are within their target audience for the website; in order to do this they will have to respond in line with the communication objectives. French Connection

River Island

The annual company growth The annual growth for River Island is similar compared to for French connection indicates that their growth is French Connection. Just like French Connection, River fairly high compared to other island growth is quite high similar companies. This and may continue to grow in illustrates that French the future. Connection is a well established growing company.


French Connection has successfully targeted the quantity, quality and cost of traffic. They have many visitors that visit their website as they have promoted their website in various ways. They have used campaigns such as their magazines, their shopping bags, online and in store to promote their website. It is important portray and send a the site outcomes that the audience clear message to which they tend to is within the require. The their audience by targeted market website is engaging with for the attractive website and and eye if they catchy respond in and line with sends a clear the message communication of who it is their content. objectives set for targeted at which Their target the audience. By market receives the is excellent for the analysing the audience as it does key messages French connection about their brand not confuse. website they and converts to

LinkedIn (2010) research shows that French connection is worth $107,834.66. This is achieved via productive and successful advertisement. This is based on an advertisement driven business model combined with their estimated traffic building (1,239,783 page viewers per month) which will estimate to turn into increase revenue each month.

The research (left) states that French Connection website has a traffic volume of estimated 1,239,783 page viewers per month. This illustrates that this company has a high traffic building policy. This is achieved by effective advertising, by choosing the right keywords (SEO), Article marketing, effective videos published on their websites and lastly by using social book marketing sites. These factors are all used successfully by this well established company. The research (right) shows the unique visitors that River Island has. The total unique visitors for this company are18,201. Compared to French connection, River Island does not have many viewers on their website.

There are many traffic building method that French connection use online and offline to reach out to their audience. The skill in traffic building which they use to correct the mix of online techniques are viral marketing, affiliates and search engine optimization as this best fits the media consumption of their audience. The promotional mix for traffic building that they use is a range of online and offline techniques. The most effective its role on the customers to enter and cost effective media schedule is their email technique, which is becoming addresses in order beneficial to increasingly for French French connection important. French connection to is viral marketing. connection sends update them via This is the most out emails email. French cost-effective and regarding new connection sends accountable forms updates about their their customers of digital website and emails regarding marketing. Now, company. They new updates about with budgets have a specific their latest coming under section their collections and increasing pressure website for their sales.

This helps the customers stay aware of what is happening regarding the company and what offers are available for the customers. This benefits French connection because they are being able to promote their website without any costs involved as emails are free. The screenshot

shows the email updates that customers receive regarding French Connection

collections and offers. As you can see from the screen shot, there is a clear vision of the products being sold. If a customer are interest in the

product they observe, they will then visit French connection sites, which will help them to build traffic.

Offline communication is also used by French connection as they direct mail their customers magazines about their latest collections, exhibitions and merchandising, this is posted to customers regularly when a collection is launched, this a beneficial form of advertising their company and products also.

Online marketing is also used by French connection. They use this by having their own website and by advertising their website through different search engines. Research shows that the top 4 traffic building techniques are Google, Ezine advertising, blogs commenting and article writing. Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising are the

two main website when techniques used typed the name for traffic ‘French building. The connection’. This screenshot (below) is targeted at all shows that French audiences connection is first interested in the on the list when brand name and searched for. their products and Google indicates services. the audience to the

The Google search engine results page for key phrases is also important. This is because if the audience type in certain key phrases they can still reach to the website or if they are looking for a

specific appears. Also product/service when typed in the they will be given term ‘dresses’ the a list company website also comes names that they up, there are many can use. For more key phrases example when that relate to the typed in the search website. The bar ‘FCUK screenshot below dresses’ the French shows the key connection website phrases ‘FCUK dresses’ example:

It is important that the audience is within the targeted market for the website and if they respond in line with the communication objectives set for the audience. By analysing the French connection website they portray and send a clear message to their audience by engaging with their content. Their target market receives the key messages about their brand and converts to the site outcomes which they tend to require. The website is attractive and eye catching and sends a clear message of who it is targeted at which is excellent for the audience as it does not confuse them and makes it simpler for them to use the website.

French connection uses Search engine optimization. optimization SEO is the process of designing and fine-tuning a web page and the links to that web page to improve the web page relevance and ranking in the organic, crawlerbased listings of a search engine, for a particular keyword phrase searches.

SEO concentrate on Google, MSN and Yahoo. (2010) (2010 identifies the SEO statistics which is recognized for French Connection. The graph for the research which has been collected shows the number of pages from this site that has been indexed over time.

The indexed page for French Connection is 30,533. The graph also shows the number of back links to this site over time. According to the graph, the back links for French Connection is 60,082. This illustrates that French connection has attracted a high level of traffic by using effective digital marketing advertisement.

French connection also used Pay per click advertising. Pay per click is one of the quicker ways to drive traffic to a web site. This is the most effective technique to guarantee a large quantity of traffic. The web sites will show bidding system. This is where you are able to bid the maximum price that companies are willing to pay for each visitor that clicks on their listing and comes through their site. This benefits fashion retailers because they only pay when searcher clicks on the sponsored link and is directed to the companies (French Connection) web page. However, by using this form of method can be a disadvantage for French connection as it can be time consuming for them. PPC require French connection to do daily or even hourly checks on the bidding in order to stay competitive. Also another issue is that not many people will click on the sponsored links for French connection as they may intend to ignore it.

Article marketing is an easy way to execute traffic building and has proven to work very well for all companies. This allows people to write quality articles and share knowledge’s with the rest of the world. As you can see from looking at the screenshot (right) customer of French connection name Zoe Wood has written an article regarding the advantages and the disadvantages of the fashion retail French Connection. This allows Zoe, the customer of French connection, to express her opinions and thoughts about this fashion retailer via writing this article.

The article illustrates the views of French connection adverts, the type of clothes that is sold and her own opinion of this retail marketing via Facebook and YouTube. This allow other users to read the article and share their opinion by writing comments. By doing this article, Zoe has build traffic for French connection.

River Island also uses article marketing.

Urban Wire has written the article about River island. This article talk about the fashion clothing for this retail company for their Spring/Summer collection of 2009. It discusses

the type of clothes and accessories available to their customers. This article has also published a video showing the new spring/summer collection. This allows users to view read the

article and view River island website which builds traffic for them.

The screen shot (right) illustrating where viewers are able to write comments regarding the article which they have read. As you can see, one of the commenter's has written how much they adore River island clothing. As this commenter has written good things about River Island, it will persuade other readers to check out River Island website, which will build traffic for them. Article Marketing contributes to the fashion industry as a whole overall exposure one little bit at a time. Personal branding can be achieved via article marketing for the two fashion retailers as it allows remarkable things to happen such as mainstream media coverage and penetration into the public consciousness.

The fashion industry traffic keeps coming because they have lots of little streams pouring in from many different sources. Article marketing is another stream. Unless retailers such as French connection do some major publicity work, pull off a media stunt, or are already famous, using many techniques over time is one of the best marketing methodologies available to them. They may not reach that tipping point quickly, but it will happen, and their traffic building will be like a diversified investment. Article marketing is good for SEO because it allows fashion retail such as French Connection to gain lots of eye balls to their blog and to their website. It can drive traffic by using articles. The more people read it, the more traffic French connection are going to get. Once French connection have a lot of traffic, the big search engine like Google would think that their site is popular and providing good service to a lot of people that are interested in their products and service. However, French Connection must have a great content to begin with and a great content is a keyword rich article that is related to what the readers are looking for. It must provide benefits to their users.

Blog commenting is a great source of highly targeted traffic for French connection and River island. Engaging blog commenting is one of the best ways to increase French connection and river island visibility to their online readers. When companies or people write a blog and includes links, it will drive traffic directly to French connection website. It also benefits the companies SEO. Blog commenting allows customers for French connection and river island to start a discussion which allows all users to comment their opinions and views and to discuss on any certain aspect of the two retailers. Users will have back links and it will French connection to market themselves.

As shown (in Blogs are a perfect previous page), tool for word of By using blogging mouth marketing. it benefits French (This relates to connection and viral marketing). other fashion The links creates a retails in many dynamic ways. One way in environment in which it benefits which a user can them is by post and generate relationship a number of building. Blogs can responses from be used as a other bloggers. communication Blogs can be easily tool between the tracked by search customer and the engines such as company. It Google. So for enables them to example, if a interact directly customer types in with customers, in blog in Google, a personal and approachable way.

French connection website will be found there this will help them to gain high traffic. As French connection has a blog, it will not only help them to build more traffic, but it will also help to build their brand. The blog will differentiate them from their competitor River Island.

Banner Ad is another form of traffic building that is used by French connection and other fashion retailers. Banner ad is a form of online advertising requiring embedding an advertisement into a web page. By using this form of digital marketing, allows French connection and other fashion retailers to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. The Ad that French Connection advertises is constructed from an image (such as GIF, JPEG, PNG) or multimedia object such as Java or Flash. The images for French connection are usually placed on web pages that have interesting content. French connection earns money usually on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. For every user who clicks on their ad, they will earn money. French connection benefits from banner ad because their ads are creative, eye- catching and very appealing. This gives them opportunity to bring their message across to people and to attract traffic to their website. It also helps to build their bran via the internet. Banner as gains name recognition and increase mindshare with banner ads by consistently being in front of their target market.

Social bookmarking is a method which French connection has not used at all and they should consider it. Social bookmarking is a great way to share useful links and resources. Sometimes, groups are formed to attract people with similar interest. Posting links to these groups will help French connection to give them the much needed exposure.

Social networking users can look at now also plays an some of their important role for products, almost every comments left organisation who about them by are actively other users and operating online. also the number French of people who like Connection are French just one of the Connections, for many new users they can organisations in click on the ‘like‘ fashion retailing tab and the total that use social number of people networking websites such as Facebook to help build traffic for their website. By going to French Connections Facebook page

who like the webpage will be updated. The current number is 188,965 which clearly shows the impact social media has and how it is considered one the most effective new methods of digital marketing and communication.

French of both the male strategies which Connection have and female could overall also launched a Facebook benefit the webpage called webpage's. This business. Other French could be than advertising Connection Man considered vital their brand on which is designed data to French Facebook they can for the male users. Connections as also find out This could benefit they can use relevant French comments left on information about Connection as both pages and use people who go to they can compare them towards their webpage such and contrast the improving or as name, where ongoing activities altering certain they live, fashion interests, how much they want to spend which could all play a pivotal role if they are to be considered potential customers.

Face book is another way of promoting the website and business. As face book is a popular social network site with millions of members the information will be passed on quicker and more people will be able to receive the information. All updates are available on the river island face book page, therefore this helps keep the

audience up to the popularity of date with their their business by latest collections, showing the offers and sales. growing number The more people of users who ‘like’ that like the page River Island, and connect to it 896,397 is the the more popular current figure the page will which clearly become. Like shows their online other businesses, dominance over River Island are their rivals. able to monitor

The screenshot shows the promotions that river island provides for its customers. This is an advantage for river island as they are using online traffic building techniques. This is beneficial to the company as they are promoting online and it is free, as well as targeting it at a wide pool of audience. The ‘20% off everything in store’ targets students

therefore by students looking at their webpage will be able to know what offers are available in store, they may not find out this information in store.

River Island also use websites like Facebook and YouTube to display links to their own website which the users could use to navigate to the River Island website.

The river island app on the iPhone is another method of digital marketing. This is beneficial to its customers as they will receive update messages about the company and offers by phone messages. This keeps the customers alerted at all time. The iPhone app is free which customers will most likely purchase as they do not have to pay for it. The app is a mini version of the website, with all updates available, however all information is not available on the app due to limited data. River island is aware of the new technology and trends therefore they are making sure they keep updated to the latest technology they have done this by the launch of their iPhone app.

The screenshot above shows some of the categories that are available on the app, which will be useful to the customers. The main categories are available such as ‘dresses’ which women will be interested in. It is beneficial to the customers as they can see what they like in each category and purchase it in store or online. This is beneficial to the business as they have opened another way of communication for the audience where they can reach the business. Unlike River Island, French Connections iPhone apps are not as popular although apps are available for customers who can still make purchases through their iPhones. Where River Island used this form of digital marketing effectively, French connection used other methods of digital marketing, e.g. radio and T.V. ads.

Traffic building tasks may be supported by dedicated computer software programs, including commercially available programs such as those offered by i2, Visual Analytics, Memex, Orion Scientific, Pacific Northwest National Labs, Genesis EW's GenCOM Suite and others. Advanced traffic analysis techniques may include various forms of social network analysis such as blog commenting. The traffic building data allows you to monitor visitor patterns, increase conversions, optimize the user interface, target key phrases for which visitors are searching, and many more.

If French connection has low traffic their revenues are going to be down. With low traffic volumes, it is a lot more difficult to look for and to manage differences in their website traffic. It is harder to spot those pages that are naturally driving traffic through search engine terms, which means that they cannot play so much into these terms to increase their traffic there. However, Google is also now monitoring company’s website traffic. Google's Analytics has been available for free for many years and it has bought Feed burner. Between these tools, Google can track who does what on the French connection website even if they are subscribed to RSS feeds. Other issues include: Its very expensive Companies such as French Connection have minimal control French connection may be waiting for uncertain results

French Connection could improve their traffic building in many ways. They could improve by forum posts and can use business directories that will spread to their sites all across the net. This is a free method which they could use as they do not currently do so. Other methods that can be used Is by improving their pay per click method. Another improvement could be buying traffic campaigns, where they pay for a certain amount of visitors for one month period and hope to get some conversation for a eBook. This is something French connection does not have. However, they do have a newsletter which allows users to sign up.

Overall, through out this magazine the group has discussed the ideal ways in which online retail businesses creates traffic for their website. The group have analysed which methods has been the most effective and gave examples of how it benefits the retailers to attract traffic. Out of the two main businesses, French Connection and River Island, the results indicate that French Connection has spent more time and effort on viral marketing to build more traffic to their website. The results and research show that French connection has a high level of traffic by using the right methods such as social media to attract more users. Article marketing, SEO and social media are the main methods that have been used by the fashion retail, French connection. It is vital that any fashion retail uses the right techniques in order to gain more access to traffic for their website. If this is not achieved, it can not only waste time and effort, but it can also waste money for the business. It’s not all about traffic; it’s about giving the user something they think is of value. Any fashion retailers could drive thousands of new people to their website, but if they don’t give them a reason to stay it will not be worth it for them.

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The Review of Traffic Building Techniques in the Fashion Retail industry

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