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A better world for animals‌ because of you



Pippin is a beagle/chow/dachshund mix who came into the Animal Humane Society as part of a cruelty case. AHS humane agents rescued him and fifty other neglected dogs from a hoarding situation in northern Minnesota. Because of his special needs, AHS turned to Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) who helped place Pippin in his new home with owner Devon and golden retriever Chas, an AHS alumnus.

Photography by Laurie Schneider

They say every picture tells a story. Each of the animals that come though our doors has a story to tell – often with many chapters. There’s the story of an unwanted border collie that was left at our afterhours drop-off. Or the story of a stray calico cat that needed surgery to get back on her feet. Or the story of a shy Labrador that needed to rebuild his trust and confidence. Or simply the story of a beloved pet whose owners found themselves unable to care for her. But the pictures we love the best are the ones you see throughout this report – the pictures that tell the stories of the cherished pets and the people who opened their hearts and homes to them. What completes the story is you – your generosity and your commitment to the work that we do. Your belief that the humane treatment of animals is a measure of our compassion as a community and that the human-animal bond is a gift that inspires and unites all of us. Because of you we can all celebrate the accomplishments of the past year – a reduction in the numbers of animals that came into our facilities, an increase in adoptions and placements and, as a result, a reduction in the rate of euthanasia. Sadly, there is a still a heartbreaking disparity between the number of animals the community surrenders to us and the number of homes willing to adopt them. Achieving a better balance for animals drives our work every day. With your continued support we look to a day when there is a happy home for every adoptable animal. That is a story we can all look forward to telling.

Janelle Dixon CEO/President

Nic Pifer, Chair, Board of Directors


Your generosity and support made a difference in the lives of thousands of companion animals


Fewer animals through our doors


Second chances for more animals

Your commitment to our work

Through your support we were

has allowed us to provide

able to increase the rate of

spay/neuter surgery to animals

companion animal placements

in need and to further educate

by five percent. Our efforts

the public on caring for their

resulted in more animals

pets. Because of these efforts

finding homes or refuge with

five percent fewer animals were

other animal rescues or

brought to our shelters in need

sanctuaries that could provide

of safe refuge, care and a new

them the special care they


needed. Thanks to you 18,877 animals had second chances.



Reduction of euthanasia Because of you, we were able to reduce the number of animals coming to us, increase the numbers of placements and, as a result, reduce the rate of animals humanely euthanized by seven percent. Because of you, our efforts were directed to providing medical services and enrichments that brought comfort to the animals that were in our care.

Amy and Catastrophe

Fewer animals through our doors Protecting our best friends In 2009, the Animal Humane Society

and a new home. It also means

saw a reduction in the number of

ensuring we are doing our very best

animals coming through our doors.

to reduce the number of animals

Sadly, however, the number of

needing assistance. With your help

animals in need was still staggering:

we have been able to make a

33,164 companion animals came to us

difference by spaying or neutering

as strays, were rescued during cruelty

every companion animal before they

investigations or were surrendered to

are placed in new homes.

our care from the community or other animal welfare organizations.

The issue of animal homelessness is a very serious one in our community.


Protecting animals in need goes

We see this every day in our work,

beyond providing them safe refuge

particularly with felines.

In 2009, 62% of the companion animals that came into our facilities were cats. Each was faced with almost insurmountable hurdles when they arrived – there are thousands upon thousands of them competing for loving homes. Those hurdles perpetuate the crisis and take a toll on cats. The stress of

Safe refuge

12,237 animals received

being housed with hundreds of other

spay/neuter surgeries prior to

animals can be a strain on any

adoption. AHS assisted 37

healthy animal. Add to that the

organizations throughout

extended period of time cats spend in

Minnesota with an additional

shelters and they become susceptible

3,725 sterilization surgeries.

to illness.

Nearly 20,000 animals were

In 2009, we provided spay/neuter

surrendered to AHS by owners

surgery to 8,626 felines leading to the

who could no longer care for

prevention of thousands of unwanted


litters of kittens. Preventing these litters both eases the difficulty faced

Animal welfare organizations

by cats in need of new homes and

throughout the Midwest turn to

reduces the number of animals

AHS when their facilities are

coming into our shelters in the future.

overcrowded. Sixty-seven organizations turned to AHS for help with providing shelter and second chances to 3,132 animals.

AHS cared for 2,825 injured and orphaned wildlife that came through its doors.

Justin and Jager

Second chances for more animals From alone to home Millions of animals spend their days

locked inside without food, water or

safe at home with families that love

human affection and he was suffering

them. Because of you, a happy boxer

from an old injury that left him with

mix named Jager now spends his days

the use of only three legs.

with his new companion, Justin Cassens. But not long ago, he spent

Jager was immediately brought to our

his days abandoned and alone.

St. Paul facility and treated by our veterinary staff. They found him mal-


In early 2009, Jager was found

nourished and stricken with worms

trapped in a condemned house in

and a severely injured rear left leg—

northern Minnesota. He was

a leg that later had to be amputated.

Second chances Life on three legs didn’t slow Jager’s recovery. In no time at all, he bounced back to life. Nourishment, treatment of his injuries and gentle care from foster volunteers was all it took to bring back his sweet disposition. Now, he swims with Justin and trots alongside him on bike rides. He’s a favorite dog in the neighborhood and at the dog park. Because of you, we were able to find Jager a new home and he is now living the life he deserves.

Foster volunteers took 3,359 animals with special needs into their homes for care prior to adoption.

The Adoption Preparation program, which readies shy or fearful animals for adoption, helped 1,027 dogs and 230 cats develop the confidence to live happily in a family.

Through the new Double the Love program that allows families to adopt two cats for one adoption fee 768 cats were placed in new homes.

AHS developed a lost-andfound online bulletin board on its website to assist owners in locating their missing pets.

Gina and Bruce

Reduction of euthanasia A gentle touch leads to new life


When looking at him now, one would

of Bruce’s head was safe to scratch.

never know that stray cat Bruce was

His fur was matted from the side

on death’s door when Animal Humane

effects of his injuries and it took more

Society staff discovered him. He had

than three hours to clean him. Once

wounds all over – probably from a

they could see him clearly, they found

fight with a wild animal. When trying

that his feet were so severely

to comfort the frightened feline, our

damaged that they might have to be

veterinary staff found that only the top

amputated. But after nearly four

hours of surgery, Bruce went into recovery with all but two of his toes. Yet his situation was so dire that Animal Humane Society veterinarian Dr. Jim Meiners, who performed the surgery, cared for Bruce in his home for the first two weeks. After he

Compassionate care

began to heal, Bruce moved in with Gina Lotzer, an Animal Humane Society foster volunteer, and her

Nearly 19,000 medical

family. After a few weeks she was

treatments were administered to

excited to report that his coat was

animals in AHS care, giving them

coming back in and it appeared to be

new life before adoption.

orange with white spots.

AHS humane agents

He fell in love with his temporary

investigated nearly 700 cases

family, giving them hugs by touching

of animal neglect or cruelty,

his front paws to their faces and

improving the lives of 5,716

never straying too far from the family


cat. The family fell in love too. They adopted Bruce later that year.

AHS assisted Puppy Pipeline of Georgia and Save our Strays in

Because of you, Bruce was given

Oklahoma to find homes for 988

a second chance at life. Your

dogs that otherwise would have

generosity allowed us to provide

been euthanized.

him with necessary treatments and surgery so he could live a happy, full life.

Nearly 700 animals were released to AHS’s animal welfare partners who could provide sanctuary or caring homes for animals with special needs.

Community outreach

More than 7,000 students in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area experienced AHS humane education presentations in their classrooms.

Nearly 300 kids in grades 5-12 joined PetSet Youth Club, a serviceoriented program for young people interested in animal welfare.

Nearly 7,000 people participated in shelter tours and on-site programs.

Pet training classes in Coon Rapids, Golden Valley, Woodbury and at Now Boarding served 1,349 animals. An additional 533 dogs


Unleashed Summer Camp served nearly 500 young people.

AHS staff members traveled to assist the Missouri Humane Society to provide care for 400 dogs rescued from a dog fighting ring.

AHS staff helped the Fargo, ND community with the care of 75 cats and dogs and 35 horses after the floods in March, 2009.

Animal House, AHS's pet boarding operation in Golden Valley, hosted 2,313 pets in the past year.

Animal Ambassador volunteer

participated in socialization and play

pet therapy teams visited hospitals,


nursing homes and libraries.

ď ĄNearly 1,700 volunteers contributed 168,584 hours to help serve the mission of AHS.

ď ĄMore than 8,000 people and 3,500 animals participated in the 2009 Walk for Animals raising more than $1 million for the animals in our care.

ď ĄAnimal Advocates, a network of nearly 800 individuals interested in animal welfare, worked on behalf of legislation that would prevent inhumane breeding practices in commercial pet breeding facilities.

About the animals Animal intake – 33,164 AHS received 33,164 companion animals that needed care and assistance. An additional 2,825 in wildlife came through our doors. Total animals received: 35,989. Companion animals received by reason for surrender

Companion animals received by species Feline 20,646 (62%)

Owner surrender 19,996 (60%) Stray 6,518 (20%) Cruelty case 367 (1%)

Transfer from other animal welfare organizations 3,132 (9%)

Domestic critter/bird 2,777 (8%)

Canine 9,741 (30%)

Owner requested euthanasia 3,151 (10%)

Animal placements – 18,877 AHS provided homes and second chances for 18,877 dogs, cats and domestic critters. Companion animals placements by type

Companion animals placements by species

Adoption 16,648 (88%)

Feline 10,781 (57%)

Reunited with owner 1,557 (8%)


Release to partner animal welfare organizations 672 (4%)

Domestic critter/bird 2,076 (11%)

Canine 6,020 (32%)

Humane euthanasia – 10,855 AHS is an open admission organization with a strong belief in providing services for all people and animals in need. Sadly, many animals come to us that we cannot safely and responsibly place in homes. In addition, there are many more animals surrendered by the community than there are people in the community choosing to adopt them. In 2009 AHS staff made the very difficult decision to euthanize 10,855 companion animals. In addition, people sought our services for end-of-life euthanasia for 3,151 animals in place of private veterinary services. Companion animal euthanasia by status

Companion animal euthanasia by species

Unhealthy/untreatable 7,042 (65%)

Treatable/ rehabilitable 452 (4%*)

Treatable/ manageable 3,253 (30%*)

Healthy 108 (1%*)

*no placement options available in community

Feline 7,828 (72%)

Domestic critter/bird 418 (4%)

Canine 2,609 (24%)

Outcomes for companion animals** We are proud of our placement rates and with your help we remain committed to finding more loving homes for neglected animals and to reducing euthanasia. ** Animals that are euthanized at the request of their owner for end of life reasons are not included in this number.

Placement (63%)

Remain in care (1%)

Euthanasia (36%)

Wildlife In addition to domestic animals, AHS operates a wildlife program. Through our partnership with Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, animals were treated and released back to the wild after rehabilitation. 2,825 wild animals received services through this program.


Supporters You are part of a community of donors and friends who share your sense of compassion for animals in need. Together, you have helped us transform the lives of the animals in our care and work to overcome the problems that homeless and neglected animals face. Thank you! The Animal Humane Society gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their contributions of $250 or more in 2009.

Benefactors $50,000 and above

Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation Greycoach Foundation Huss Foundation Barbara and David Koch Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Guardians $25,000-$49,999

Anonymous Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program Clear Channel Worldwide Katrina DiCamillo Greater Twin Cities United Way Grant and Nancy Huey Laura Jacob Robert and Rebecca Pohlad Wells Fargo

Nurturers $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous Advanced Carpet Restoration Andersen Corporate Foundation The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet Dye Family Foundation Halunen & Associates Diana L. Hestwood Tammy and Michael Hilliard Sally Hwang Thomas Jones Kent Kokko and Margaret Moris Kowalski's Market, Inc. Barbara Osadcky David Piper Stella and Thomas Press Patricia Ronning Family Foundation Sandra Schloff Shepherd Data Services, Inc. James Svobodny United Way of Tri-State John and Susan Vandenberg

Protectors $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous (3) Acme Tuckpointing & Restoration Erik and Elizabeth Brown Community Shares of Minnesota John Debee and Mike Shields DeLonais Foundation Alan and Lollie Eidsness Victoria and David Fagerlee

16 William I. and Bianca M. Fine Charitable Trust Gary Fink Susan and Robert Greenberg Leslie Hanna-Nordby and Kevin Nordby John and Ruth Huss J.J. Taylor Distributing Company of Minnesota, Inc. Brenda L. Johnson Patricia Karsten Debra and Richard Linderholm The Mahley Family Foundation Margaret Rivers Fund Walt McCarthy and Clara Ueland William McNeely †Lia E. Melrose Warren Moen Lisa and John Nicotra Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation Michael and Kelly Palmer Melissa and Brent Peacock PETCO Foundation †Nic and Ann Pifer Phyllis S. Poehler and Walter E. Stremel Charitable Trust The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program Purple Door Comunications Remote Technologies Incorporated Patricia Ringer Pamela Schreiner The Scrooby Foundation Lou Sherfesee United Way University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview US Bancorp Foundation The Wakefield Charitable Foundation Julie and Chuck Watkin Peggy and Webb White Otto Winzen Memorial Advised Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation

Providers $2,500-$4,999

Anonymous (2) The 12 Bars of Christmas Ray and Nancy Aboyan Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Anastasi & Associates, P.A. Rebecca Anders Edward Anderson Foundation Scott Anderson and Lisa Bailey Cheryl Bailey and Dan Humes Eric Bennett and Debra Schulze

The Bieber Family Foundation Boost Marketing Communications, Inc. Bremer Financial Services Inc. Sarah Buxton and Julie Brown Cynthia Cargill Miriam B. Carr Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Caribou Coffee Thomas Charpentier Stephen and Noreen Conway Tanya and Bryan Cully †Kerry and Michael D'Amato Sue and Amos Deinard Candace Dick †Janelle and Philip Dixon Mary and Gregory Doerr Brian and Sarah Doran Susan and James Dosen Alexis and Christian DuBois Ecolab Inc. Edna B. Ellingson GE Foundation Susan Gethin GiveMN Jill and Brent Goodermont Gray Plant Mooty Foundation Greystone Foundation Phillip and Arlene Grodnick Bettie S. Halverson Douglas Heidenreich Mark Holmberg and Douglas Nelson Valerie Hovland Christine Huback Neil Hubbard and Val Hystad Suzanne Jackson Julia and William Kallenberg †Sheila Kennedy Thomas Kestner Robert and Janet Kilbourn Geraldine and Jack King Stephen and Jennifer Klein John and Karen Komp Abby and Benjamon Leber R. Kurt H. Lein Kristin Lenz-Rendahl and James Rendahl Bill and Sue Linder Hayley Mans Roger and Nancy McCabe Foundation McCarthy Bjorklund Foundation Microsoft Giving Campaign Andrea Morrell †Teresa Morrow and Dale Pippin Patricia Ormston Carolyn and Roger O'Shaughnessy † member of AHS Board of Directors

Joan M. O'Sullivan Fund Debra Paterson and Mark Winters Pet Cremation Services of Minnesota Joan and Keith Peterson Piper Jaffray Foundation Darwin and Geraldine Reedy Colleen Reinert Ruth Rensink Helen and James Rood Richard M. and Sandra J. Schulze Family Foundation Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation The William D. and Joyce E. Sexton Family Foundation †Kristi Skordahl Family Law Services LLC Jerome & Delores Slawik Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Bradley and Catherine Smegal †Carolyn Smith John Smith and Gail Ward Saul Taylor Terhuly Foundation Inc. Hubert and Julianne Thibodeau Wawa June Thorson Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Tristan Publishing, Inc. United Health Group Kristi and Lawrence Waite Robert and Christine Wing Neil Winston Xcel Energy 4Charity Foundation, Inc. Peggy and Charles Zender

Partners $1,000-$2,499

Anonymous (12) Anonymous Foundation Terrence and Linda Adams Barbara Agard The Ahimsa Alternative, Inc. Cristine Almeida and Brian Gorecki Jeff and Kari Ament Family Fund Kristin Amoth Yvonne and Matthew Anderson Andrews Family Foundation Janet and Jeffrey Andrews William and Teresa Ankeny Richard Antone Argall/Hibbs Foundation Mike and Joyce Arlett AT&T Gretchen Banks Eric and Kelly Barke Erin Frautschy Barrows and Stephen H. Barrows

Nancy and Scott Bartsch Virginia Barzan Bonita Baskin and Eric Corndorf Kathleen Kastan Baures and Chad Baures Mari and Gary Becker Debra and Ben Behrens Dot and John Bell James Ford Bell Foundation Nola Benoit and Jack Gillespie Cathy Bergland Best Buy Children's Foundation Blank Family Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Blue Rock Charitable Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Michael J. Blum and Abigail Rose Nancy Bologna Sharon Bonasoni Mark and Kathy Bongard Laura Bonine Mary and Ray Bonnabeau Bradley Borg Richard and Terri Bowman Priscilla Brewster Clyde Brink Barbara Brisbine Pamela and Philip Broat Carroll C. Brooks Ann and Peter Brownlee Emilie and Henry Buchwald Donald N. Buck Rachel Budach Barbara Burke Thomas Burrell and Sherri Middendorf Buttonwood Partners Pauline Caldwell Judy Candell Mary Cantin and E. James Isenor Kenn Carlson Dixie Carroll Jonathan F. Cass Richard Chalfen Judith A. Christensen Cheryl Bricker Ciampa Stephen Claypatch Lisa and Gerald Clemens Scott Clugston Cody Real Property Holdings LLC Douglas and Sands Coleman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation †Barbara Colombo and Mike Osterholm Sandra Coltman Janet Conn and Michael Debelak Lucinda Conroy Debra Corzine Marguerite Cowles

Martha Cunningham The Dawkins Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Paulette Deane Fay and Robert DeBellis Julie Denning Joseph and Gretchen Docter Marilyn and Robert Dodd Sandra and Gerald Doran Dorsey & Whitney Foundation Emily Douglass Mary Dressel Robert and Kristin Dudacek Dorene Ecklund and Jan Walter Skovran The Elsesser Family Fund Kristine and Ronald Erickson Nancy Evert Barbara Eytinge William and Kari Fabian Patsy Falardeau Arlaine and Walter Farber

Humane Leaders Circle donors further our vision of a more humane world for animals by contributing $1,000 or more annually. Lynn and Doug Ferrin Christine and Harold Foglesong Laura Folden and Philip Seyd Darci Fredricks Michael Freischel Lloyd Froelich and Mary Kendall Froelich Elizabeth Furber Bret Gageby Tracy Gavin James Gay Geoff Michael Group, Inc. Ann and James George Lisa Gersema Mary Giesler and Loren Thacker GMAC Goodin Company Patricia and Matt Googins Kathleen Gorman Jean and Dan Grote Anju Gupta-Lavey and Link Lavey Kristin Haertel JoAnn Hanson Laura and Steven Hanson

Michael Hanson Olga Harvey Eric and Jen Hathaway Karen Haug Luverne Haug Mark and Deanna Haugh Jimmie Hayek HCC Life Insurance Company Mark Hebert Jeremy and Tricia Hedberg Kathy Hegna Elaine Heidenreich Jean Henrichsen Lori Herman Lynn and Louis Hermanek Joseph and Judith Hickey Tracey Hildreth Lynn Hirschey †Thomas Hoch Holden Family Foundation Hopkins Pet Hospital HRK Foundation Hutter Family Foundation Clyde Illg ING Foundation Rebecca Iwen †Donald and Sharon Jacobsen Sandy Jacobsen and Dean Hedstrom Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Debra Jacobson Gregg and Grace Jager Kathleen James Eric and Dorothy Johnson Jeanine Johnson Liann Johnson, Elia and Margit Lois and James Johnson Neel and Pegge Johnson Sam and Dona Jordan Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Badri Jureidini and Claudia DeLlano Kevin and Astrid Kammueller Janice Karpel Katherine and Terry Kelly Rosemary Kelly Kenwood Pet Clinic Barbara and Grant Kerr Heidi Keske Garry and Kimberly Kieves Steven L. & Jan L. Kirchner Family Foundation David Kirkland Nancy and Leonard Kiskis Wendy and Donald Kitzmann Ian Klink Daniel Knutson Lynn Koch Linda and Ronald Komis Judith Korogi Lindy and Craig Kreibich Heidi and James Krueger Mary and Donald Kunz Laboratory Staffing, Inc. Connie and Nick LaFond


†James and Joan Lane Steven Langmo Elaine Larson Laura Larson Marcia and Daniel Larson Sally and Gary Larson Tim Larson †Linda Lee and David Arnoldy LeJeune Family Foundation Thomas Lewis Marianne Liebmann Links Print Resources, LLC Donnette Little Jean Ljungkull William Lohman and Ann Dillon Lil Lundeen and Scott Van Orsdel Lurie Besikof Lapidus Denyse Madden Christopher and Paula Madel Magenic Technologies, Inc. Mary and Stephen Mahley Connie and Hoa Mai Brian Malloy and Terry Straub Gary and Mary Malmquist Jane and Donald Mark Carol and James Martin Kathleen and Thomas Martin Martin Williams Suzanne Matthiesen The S. and T. McCarthy Fund Virginia McDonald Michael McGowan Scott McNall MDM Rubicon, Inc. Medtronic Foundation Kendrick Melrose Mendota Products Sherry and Jim Meola Lavonne Michaud and Gregg Bloom Lynn and Steve MiddletonKoller Mary Miller Minnesota Twins Neal and Roxanne Miller Wenda and Cornell Moore Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Thomas and Helen Moran Morgan Stanley Sara Mushlitz My Music Store David and Joni Nagel Fund Nick Nash Diane Nelson Kurt and Tia Nelson Fund Sandra Nelson Patricia Newton Sheri and William Nichols John and Lisa Nicotra Randall and Linda Nord Northtown Mall Laureen O'Brien Melissa and Gerard O'Halloran Rick and Janet Olsen


Amy Pampusch Olson and Larry Olson Carol Rae and Bruce Olson Foundation Lisa Olson Oreck Oreck Homecare, LLC Carrie Orr Claire Ouellette James and Mary Overby Betsy Packard Sarah and Bradford Palm Pampered Pooch Playground Paragon Dental Practice Transitions Nancy Parsons Patrice Cooper Foundation Jerry Patten Patten Family Fund †Ned Patterson and Susan Schloff Sally and Thomas Patterson Peravid Foundation Alvin and June Perlman Philanthropic Fund Mollie Petersen

Regina and Madeline

Bernadette and Bryant Peterson Dwight and Marjorie Peterson Jeffrey Peterson Foundation Scott Petinga Maureen and Gary Petrucci Janet and Paul Pettit Carrie Philipp Clayton and Dorothy Pierce Barbara J. Piotrowski Pisces Pools, Inc. Maureen and Roger Podany Linda Porter Robin Preble and Daniel Hedlund John H. Prediger Antoine Predock Jensina J. Rasmussen †Boyd Ratchye and Susan Light The Rathmann Family Foundation RBC Wealth Management Employee Gift-Matching Program Horst Rechelbacher Foundation Audray and Robert Rees Lisa and James Reininger

Reliable Property Services Lisa Rethke Margaret and Charles Rich Cheri Riemer Dorothy L. Ritter Christine Roberts and Richard Larson Robins, Kaplan, Miller, Ciresi L.L.P. Charitable Foundation Elizabeth Rochford Larissa Rodriguez Ingrid and Ronald Roed Cole Rogers and Carla McGrath Mike Rogge Dick Romer Amy Rosenthal Kathryn Ross The Bud Rotter Family Foundation Susan and Gregory Sachs Pat and Sam Sampson Kerry Sarnoski Sarah Sawyer Francine and Richard Schaefer Gregory and Alyssa Schaefer Kurt Schellhas Schmahl, Inc. Linda Schmitz Carol and James Schneider †Damon Schramm Anita B. Schwartz Val Seaberg Seaberg Family Fred and Gloria Sewell Ruth and Daniel Sherred David Short and Jennifer Marrone Clarice and David Shusterich Sit Investment Associates Foundation Gregg D. Sjoquist Steven Skewes Catherine A. Smith Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Joe and Caroline Smith Solutran Wendy Sommer Jeannine Sonstegard Sylvia Soucheray Southdale Pet Hospital Diane Sparboe Scott and Theresa Spencer Peter Spink Neil and Peggy Spofford Dr. Robert and Mary Stacke Wendy and Mark StansburyO'Donnell Lynn Starkovich and Mike Swanson Gretchen Starks Robert S. Starr Foundation Norma Steck Joy and Lawrence Steiner Nancy Sticha William Stocks III

Stop Animal Experiments Kari Storey Stray Dog Arts Barbara and Al Strom William and Kimberly Stuber Bradley Sveum Michele and Jay Swanson Stephanie and Joshua Swanson Target Community Relations Target Michael and Christine Tattersfield Catherine Taylor James Taylor TCF Foundation TCMK Foundation Linnea and Barry Tedlund Beth and Mark Thiebault Michelle and Bryce Thorpe Catherine Thow Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Tilney-Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation Toro Giving Program Travelers Foundation Vivian Tritz Brian and Chelle Ullom United Health Group United Way of St. Croix Valley U'SAgain, LLC Corinne Van Brunt Brenda and Jason Vaughn Barbara Veath Kenneth Vogel Joanne Von Blon Betsy and Paul von Kuster Maxine Wade Laura and Raphael Wallander Laurie Walters Mary P. Warren Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation David Watson and Kurt Neuenfeld David J. Weiner Foundation Jennifer Weiss and Glen Coakley Allen and Cindy Weisz Jeffrey and Nancy Werner Michael and Maria Westfall White Bear Animal Hospital Annette White and John Fitzpatrick Erica Whittlinger David Wicker Sheila Will The Windibrow Foundation Julia Wing-Larson and Jonathan Larson Shirley and Joseph Wolf Anne Woodard JeriLynn Young Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason LLP Kirsten Zerhusen Debra Zimmer

Care Givers

$500-$999 Anonymous (2) Anonymous Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation 3M Foundation Eric Aanenson Suzanne K. Abbe Sandra Abruzzo Rebecca Adams and Brian Crow †Scott Aebischer Aetna Foundation, Inc. Charles and Jacqueline Alexander Alliance Pipeline L.P. Debby and George Allred American Cancer Society America's Top Dog Model AMGEN Foundation, Inc. Terri and Robert Amundson Jim and Colleen Anathan Cynthia Anderson and Lin Gelbmann Elizabeth Anderson Erik Anderson Aon Foundation Thomas and Susan Arcand Rosalie and William Arends Kathleen Arendt Lynn Arnold Assurant Health Foundation John L. Atzmiller Dianne Austgen Mark and Patricia Azman Bernard and Deborah Bachrach Rodney Bacon Nancy Bailey-Brightbill and Paul Brightbill Virginia Baisley Amy Baker Helen Baker Mary Bakken and Stephen Munstenteiger George Balda Craig Balding and Dennis Neumeier Shari Ballard and Marianne Barnett Leah Barna-Hedlund Louise Barrett Megan Bartell Michael Bartosh Marybeth Bauries Kimberly and Anthony Baxter Bechler Landscape, Inc. Corinne Becker Thomas and Siu Po Becker Charlotte Beegle Johanna Bell Wendy Bell and Steven Golloher Vicki Belz Amy Bennett Craig Berdan and Mark Storck Constance Berde Ruth Berger Roxanne Berg-Ingvalson and Dean Ingvalson Don Bertolini Jonathan Biebl and Laura Bernstein-Biebl Mary Bierkamp

Evelyn Bjerk George and Marilyn Blackney Karen Blackstone Richard Bland Jane and David Bland Marilyn and Randy Blasus Carol Blessing Laura L. Blichfeldt Sherry and Frederick Bock Charlene Boden Cheryl Boehme Peter and Beth Boman Jeanne and Ken Bowers Ms. Linda S. Bowman Darrell Boyd Anne Brader Carol and James Brandenburg Judith and Scott Brandes Elizabeth Brandt Erika Brant Bremer Bank Marie and Jason Brenden Laurie Brickley and Marx Swanholm Clelia Brigneti and David Kreisman Laura and Mark Brill Jodonnah Brockman The Sheldon V. and Carroll C. Brooks Foundation Celeste Brosenne Barbara and Thomas Brown Lou Burdick Grace Burghardt Patricia and Robert Burks Kelly Burnside Barbara Camarata Susan Campbell and Ken Mariette Canvasback USA Shelley Cape Monica and Tucker Carlson Nancy and Mark Carlson Kris Carlton Nancy and Jerome Carroll Linda and Eugene Case Jaime Chahine George Chao Mark Chatterton and Julia Halberg Alex Chernyavsky Ronald and Gloria Christenson Reed and Lisa Christianson Kristine and Paul Clements Rex and Barbara Clevenger Margaret and David Cochrane Alexandra Coe Amy Cohen Neal and Florence Cohen Family Gift Fund Christopher Colantti Barbara Cook Robert Cook Virginia Cook Corepower Yoga & Spa Corrective Care Chiropractic Coulter 2006 Management Trust Russell Cowles and Josine Peters Creative Integration and Design, Inc. Cummings Sales Co.

Sheila Cunningham D & R Bindery Service Elizabeth Dachelet Nicole and Chad Dahl Edna Dahn Sharon Dalmasso Danger Studios Lynda Danielson Donna Daubendiek and Robert Samuelson Mariah Davis Elisabeth Dayton Patricia and Michael DeGidio Victoria DelCalzo Luke DeMarte Sandra Denault Laurie Denne and John Bizal Paula Diaz Nancy Dickinson Mark and Debbie Diekmann Elizabeth and Brian Dillon Dinkytown Wine and Spirits, Inc. Sharon and Robert Dodds Jill Doescher Dog Day Getaway, Inc. Roger and Mary Dolliff Rose Ann Dols John and JJ Donofrio Christopher Douglas Inge and Joseph Douthitt Michele and Tim Dressen Catherine Dudley Anne and Pierre Dussol Troy Dvorak Beth Eberbach Alison Eckhoff and Mark Sannes Vernon and Marianne Edgerton Amy Eggers Lisa Ekstrom Jessica A. Elias Sharon Elliott Paige and Jason Endres Arthur T. Erickson II Arthur T. Erickson Foundation Roger and Margaret Erickson Dawn Erks-Baker and Patrick Baker Linda and John Exline Amy and Daniel Farsht Nancy Favilla and Michael Kagan Debra Fiebiger Amy Blake Field Frederick Finch and Martha Finch Moos Michael and Kerry Fine Richard Fischer Anne and George Flannery Betty Flater Patricia Florance Cindi Foster Teresa and William Foushee Lisa Fox Henry Franz Family Charitable Gift Fund of The U.S. Charitable Trust Paula Freed Gary Frenkel Jack and Melinda Fribley Stuart and Nancy Friedell Family Foundation Keith and Kimberly Friedrich

Michael and Debora Frodl Joe Fromm and Betsy Koonce Margaret Fuller Steven and Sharon Gagner Gail Galatz James and Joan Gardner Peggy and Richard Gaspard Srinivas Gazula Susan and Robert Gehrz John and Juliette Geisen General Mills Foundation Amber Genetzky Patsy Gerde TC Homebuilders, Inc. Stacey and Andrew Giemza Frank and Joan Gilbertson Marsha Gille and Roger Raina

Joel and Obie

William Gillespie Lynn and Mike Gilligan Joann Ginkel Girl Scout Troop 50223 Wayne and Maryellen Gisslen Give with Liberty Employee Donations Ginger Glaser Global Impact Liliya Gokhberg Antoinette and Lance Golinghorst Joseph Gonzales and Audrey Horton Candace and Stephen Gouze Lois and Edward Gowan Lawrence and Beverly Graf Todd Graham The Grammie Jean Foundation Grand Avenue Business Association Lucy Grantz Robyn R. Gray Susan and Norton Gray Laura Grayson Kimberly Green Jane Griffin Christine Groetken Rick Groger and Don Yager Eugene and Sharon Gross Mark Gustafson Sandra and Ronald Haberkorn Susan Hackney Grace and John Hafstad Scott Hagberg David and Deborah Hahn Judith Halabrin and John Fisch Chad Hallonquist Joyce and Walter Hammond Elizabeth and Bradford Hancock Susan Handke



Nancy Hanks and Gregory Haselmann Jennifer Hanson Lynette and Scott Hanson Marilyn Harder Blair Harmon John and Cyndi Harper Linda Hart Rupert Haselow Barbara Haugen and Charles Horowitz Steven and Linda Haugland Mary and Harvey Havir Dana Headley Linda and Steven Hector Carolyn and Gregory Hedin †Dean Hedstrom and Sandy Jacobsen Elizabeth Heggarty Mesha Hegna Phyllis and Daniel Heilicher Ann Heins Ross and Rachelle Hemmer Victoria Henry Amy Hentges Patricia and Gene Hetland Joseph Hevey Ian and Karla Hillier Teri and Steven Hillyard Karen and Phillip Hines Lisa Hinickle Gary Hipple Larry Hjelle David Hoberg Stephanie L. Hoekstra The Hoeschler-O'Brien Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Ann Hogan and Martin Immerman Kathleen and Douglas Hokemeir-Seim Mary Holden John Holland and James Hartmeister Honeywell Hometown Solutions Kevin Hood Kristen Hook Pamela Horton Horton, Inc. Charles A. Horwitz Karen and Keith Hovland Katherine and Timothy Huenemann Sue Bell and Jim Hulbert Hadlai and Anne Hull Roberta Humphreys Shirley and Melvin Hunker Walter L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.S., P.A. Collette and Fred Ibeling Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health Mari Ito Jan Jackson Kimberly and Richard Jackson Elizabeth Jacobson Joel Jacobson Kristin Jacobson Mary J. Jaeb Cheryl Jahnke Jane M. Jahr

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Barbara Depke Eva Deterling Janet and Charles Devor Bernice Dickson Robert and Alice Diebel Barbara and Dennis Diessner John Dietrich Doris and Irving Dietz Rosemary Dill Wayne and Carol Dilling Colleen Dillon Discount Steel, Inc. Kay Dixon Rodney Dockter Robin and Jack Doerge Sylvia and James Dolan Tania Dolphy Susan Domeier Paula and Michael Donaldson Timothy Donlan Mary Ellen B. Doran Mary and David Doty Dougherty & Company, LLC Jennifer Dow Downtown Dogs, Inc. Helen Drake Mark and Mary Drew Karen Drill Debora Drower Mary and Robert Druke Carol Dubrosky Jeanette and Ervin Dufort Martha Dugan Jim Dulke Cathy Dunaway and Jennifer Wisnoia Melissa Duncan Brenda Dunlap and James Reidy Virginia and John Durand Jason Durheim and Kristy Van Hoven Kristina Durivage Elizabeth Dussol Lou Dvorak and Michael Routt Sam Dvorak Judy and Richard Dworak Dale Dzubak Brenda and Eric Eccleston Jon and Elizabeth Edgerton Blaine and Lois Edmundson Mary Kay Edwards Jessica Gerardy Edwardson Genelle and Miles Efron Claudia Eggan John and Elizabeth Ehlers Shana Eisenberg Louise Eisworth Melissa Ekstrand Tamara Ekstrand Lindsey Elder Carmelita and William Ellis Mariell Emerson Caroline and Brian Emswiler Chad Eng Richard and Sharon Engdahl Lynette and Mark Engebretson Alice Engelman Cheryl Engelman Patricia Engelstad Jacqueline Enright Greg and Barbara Ensberg Christine Eppright Jeffrey and Erica Erb Bernice Erickson

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Lynn Gardin Beverly and Christopher Gardner William and Judith Garrard Michael Garrett Anne and Andrew Gass Amy Gehring Susan Gehrke Gehrman Animal Hospital Jane Geier Ellen Geiser Cathy Geist Kristin Gendron

Melissa and Jake Steven Gernes and Molly Tatting Linda Gerszewski Erin Getty Patty Gibbs & Company, Inc. Jean Giere Lori and Allan Giese Nicole and William Giesie Dennis Gigstad Mary and Scott GilbertsonLee Catherine Gilfillen and Robert Coleman Amy Gilkay Krista Giller Rhoda Gilman Susan Gilmore David and Clo Girk Joan and Donald Gish Shanna Glasrud June Glewwe Gary Glunz GMAC ResCap Mary Goblirsch Aaron Godzala Anne Goeb Ehrhard and Bonnie Goebel Louise Goede Golden Valley V.F.W. Post 7051 Gary Goldsmith and Alexander Stolitza Jeovani Gomez Robert Good Susan Goode and Michael Miller Bennie and Myrtle Goodley †Lisa Goodman and Kim Havey Carol Gordon and Kevin Frank Diane Gorham Lynne Gorlinsky Jason Gorsegner George and Corliss Goswitz Karen and Brad Graeve Krista Graven Gray Plant Mooty Catherine Gray Lisa Gray Janet Grayson Kathryn Greenbank


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Alex, Emily and Rocky


Patrick Hamilton and Janet Drake-Hamilton Monica Hamm Dolores Hamman Tamara Hammann D. Hanbery Charitable Gift Fund Karen Hand Liz Hand Luann Hankom Todd Hanks Susan Hanley Olga and James Hanlon Deborah and James Hannigan Donald and Joan Hansen Robert Hansen Kenneth Hanson Margaret Hanson Marvin Hanson John and Colleen Hardin Kim Harkness and Larry Jodsaas Valorie and Jerry Harlow Mark Harms

Aaron Harp Suzanne Harris and Brian Wold Jan Harrison Catherine Hart Pauline Hart Sally and Robert Hart Thomas and Sharon Hartho Margaret Hartman Vicki and Brad Harvey Lori and Robert Haselman Khadeja Hasnudeen Nils Hasselmo Margaret Hastings Lucinda Haugan-Marshik and Jeffry Marshik Thomas and Kristina Hauschild Harold and Ethel Haverty Carolyn Havig Douglas and Greer Hawkins Russell Hawton Robert Haydon Kurt Hayek Raylanda and Walter Hayes Kathryn and James Haymaker Jane Heaton and Jerome Strobeck Jacquelin Heggernes Susan Heilman-Kilbane Megan and James Helling Sara Helling Kathleen Helmeke Jeffrey Helms Mary and Jason Helms Gokul Hemmady Priscilla and Larry Henneman Robert and Catherine Hennessey Sharilyn and Scott Hennessy Kathleen Hepp-Woehrlin Kathleen and Brian Herbers Tim Herbstrith Erin Herman Jean Herman and Bill Allen Mary Hernandez Victor and AnnMarie Hernandez Arvilene and Hartley Herndon Cynthia Herr Alice Heth James and Susan Hetland Joanne Hickman Jeff and Cheryl Hilgemann Richard and Mary Hill Karen Himmel Glynis and Robert Hinschberger Arlene Hipsag Richard and Nancy Hirst Traci Hirtenstein-Spano Jonathan Hobbs Cheryl Hodges-Savola and Brad Savola Susan Hodgson Carrie and Scot Hoelzel Carol and David Hofstad Diane and Anthony Hofstede Sandra Hohrman Karen Hokkanen Susan Holden and Brian Gaviglio Anthony Holland Diane and David Holm Gloria Holm

Jessica and Chris Holm Ron and Cynthia Holmberg Cheryl Holt Joseph and Kristin Hoppesch Thomas and Ruth Horn Kevin Horne Judy Hovanes and Tim Fitzpatrick Judith and David Hovell Lisa and Thomas Howard Karen and Thomas Howe and Lulu and Luigi Susan and Craig Howe James D. Huber Thomas Huberty Christina and Michael Huck Jean Hudson Julianne Hughes Hans and Melissa Huijbers Barbara Hullett Sandra Hunczak Howard and Sandra Hunegs Sharon Hunter Dawn Huntington Kathryn Huntsman Nancy and Stephen Hunziker Lori and Rome Hutchings Terry and Bruce Hutchins Margaret Hutchinson Dinah Hyatt IBM Corporation Cindy and Bruce Idelkope Illinois Tool Works Foundation In House Productions Ashley Irvine Ward and Kathy Isaacson Carole and Robert Iversen Robert Jackson Sharon Jackson James Jacobs Tracie and Kyle Jacobson Jake's on St. Croix Valerie Janda Jennifer Janson Erin and Jo Janssens Ruth Jarcho Michael and Brenda Jarmuzek Ann Jaszewski Irene Jelacic Jane and Christopher Jenkins Jennifer A. Jensen Mark Jensen Wendy Jenz Janet Jirak James Johns Ann and Murray Johnson Audrey and Kenneth Johnson Barbara A. Johnson Barbara Johnson Corinne and Kenneth Johnson DeAnn and Emmett Johnson Eileen Johnson Judith Johnson Judy Johnson Juliann Johnson Laura Mae Johnson Lou and Suzanne Johnson Lynne Johnson Marie Johnson Nancy C. Johnson Richard and Helen Johnson Robert Johnson Sandra Johnson and Steven Gray Steven Johnson

Suzanne Johnson Thomas Johnson Victoria and Darrell Johnson Ruby Johnston Bradley and Cheryl Jones Gail Jones Scott Jones Shirley and David Jones Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Karin Jordahl Diane Jordan Sharon R. Jordan Stephen and Johanna Jordan JP Morgan Chase & Co. Matching Gift Program Barbra and Donovan Juliar Don Kaelble and Terry Tucker Debra Kalar Aarti Kalgutkar Janet Kampa Donna and Michael Kaplan Beverly and Michael Karch Paula and Donna Karnuth Cleo Kasten William and Jeanne Kauffmann Cheryl and Michael Kaufhold Linda Kaufmann Ronni Kawlewski James and Kathy Keenan Amanda Keller Victoria and Thomas Keller Shelley Kelly and James Wadsworth Janice and Michael Kemper The Scott and Carmen Kemper Charitable Gift Fund Mary Kenna Janet and James Kennedy Jeanne Kenton Joan Keps Pamela and Marc Kermisch Dawn Kessler Brian and Shaunna Ketchel Patricia and Blake Kettles Neal Kielar Gordon and Kathy Kill Carol Kimmes Donna Kincaid and Kerry Ames Kathy Kinne and Richard A. Renikoff Elizabeth and Craig Kirchhoff Jeffrey Kirst Linda Kjeldahl David Klaiber Robert and Joan Klaiber Kimberly Klein William and Rebecca Klein Vernon and Linda Kleinsasser Sally Klemp Judith Kline Robert and Nancy Kloehn Deborah Kloss Kristine Kloster Kevin and Kristine Klotzbach Kathryn Kmit Nate Knapp Barbara and Wayne Knight Michael and Carine Knight Michael Knoche Marcia and Robert Knock Susan and Scott Knouse LaVern and Linda Knowlton Teri Koch Kocina Marketing Companies

Brenda Koehnen and Eric Anderson Robert Koelbl Victoria Koenig Theresia and Neil Koepcke Gail Koester Rick and Kim Kohout Denise and Robert Kokales Diane and Donald Kolhoff Jill Kolling Alan and Carol Konigson Ann Kools David and Marie Kopolow Tracy and Bart Kosen Marjorie Koska Goldie Kostelnik KPMG Anne Kraft Linda Krafthefer Kimberly and Michael Kramer Ross Kramer Margie and Steve Krause Deborah E. Kravik Elizabeth L. Kreitz Patricia Kriegler Theodore Krill Patricia Krinke Joseph Krueger and Lynn Franz Nancy and Charles Krueger Lindsay Kruh Jeanne Kubicka Michael Kuczkowski and Stephen Pratt Carl and Rose Kuduk William Kulcsar Theodore Kuller Daniel Kunin Sheila Kunkle Kevin Kurth Meredith Kurysh and Grant Raykowski Kevin Kutter John and Carole Kyllo Maggie Kyne Anita LaCour-Phillippi Russell Laitala Lydia and Frederick Lamphere Katherine and John Lancy Darryl Landstrom Loretta Langston Carol Lansing Angela Lantinen Marcia and Joseph Lantto Kari M. Larsen Carole and Don Larson Diane Larson Elaine and Norman Larson Joey and Teresa Larson Marie Larson Robyn and Michael Larson Steven Larson Aaron and Beth Latto Frederick Lauer and Linda Rulli Cheryl Laurent and John Sokalski Patricia Lawson Kathryn and William Learst Carolyn and William Leckey Ted LeDuc William and Patricia LeDuc Jeffery Leech Wendy and Gordon Legge Kirk Leitch

Nancy A. Leitch Josee Leitschuh Alicia Lester Jane and Michael Letcher Elizabeth and Daniel Lewis Margaret Liedholm Lifecore Foundation Janet Liliemark Shelly Liljequist Judy Lillis Carolyn and Kevin LindeFlaherty Mary Jo and Dean Lindholm Danelle and Warren Lindman Barry and Gloria Lindquist Barbara and William Lindstrom Rose Marie Linn William and Patricia Litchy Lenora and Danny Little Monica Little and Mark Ablen Michele and Alan Litts Steven Loeding Joan Loftus Walter Logacz Teresa Loge Carri Lohse-Hanson and Steven Hanson Roberta Lonzo Marilyn Lopez Barbara Lord Collings Diane Lord John and Ann Love Low Voltage Contractors Lorraine Lowe and Cyril Silberman Barbara and Douglas Lowin Robert and Cheryl Lowy Genevieve Lubbers Patricia Ludens Mrs. William Ludwick Bob and Joy Lukes Roger and Barbara Lund Delores and Robert Lundberg Denise and Mark Lundberg Joanne Lundborg Blake Lundell Jeri Lundquist Robin Lunzer Lorna Lusk Kari Lyle Michael and Debra Lyons Dianne Maciosek Jodi and John Maclennan Martha MacMillan Macy's Foundation Florence Macziewski Julie Madura Sharon Maetzold Alice Magnuson Janet and Albert Magnuson Adeline Magras Patricia D. Maguire Sarah and Kristen Maier Sharon Maier Nanette and Kent Malcomson Polina Malikin Jeanne and David Mann Deborah and Robert Mans Joyce Mansur Bonnie and John Manthey Gloria Mariana Jessica Marianiello Salvador Marines Robert Markman Michelle Marks

Verna and Dennis Markuson Laurie and Steve Maros Rita Marr Bonnie Marron and Bert Hollinshead Marci and Stephen Marrone Kathleen Marshall Lizabeth and John Marshall Alfredo and Tomie Martel Ryan Marth and Jody Peterson Daniel Marthaler Jennifer Martin Mary Ellyn Martin Christopher Martinson Melodee Marx Donald Masler Thomas and Nona Mason James and Fanchon Mathews Susan Mathis Erik Mathison Kathleen Matichek Mary and James Matthews Barbara Mattill Linda and Dee Mattley Pamela and Daniel May David and Jane McAlpine John and Cynthia McCabe Philip and Eileen McCauley Marion and Craig McClain Brenda and Steven McCormick Kathryn McCormick Mary McCormick Michael McCoy JoAnn and Joseph McCullough Joe and Lisa McCullough Patricia and Samuel McCullough Colleen McCusker Joseph and Teresa McDonnell Richard and Joyce McFarland Jeffrey McFarlane Vanessa McGuire Scott and Kari McHenry Lora McKinley Linda and Kevin McKown Linda McLaughlin Bruce McManus Mitchell and Jan McMillen Heather McMullen and Dirk Koenig McNeely Foundation Bruce McNeill Deborah and Michael McPartland Rose McPartland Stephen and Jane McVay Mary Meacham Meeting Professionals International Susan Megrund Eric Mellum Susan Melrose Jennifer Melville Jeri Meola Rose-Marie Merwin Christopher Merz Messerli & Kramer Metro Evaluators Metropolitan Veterinary Referral Services Thomas Metzger Camille Meyer Karen and Vincent Meyer

Laurie Meyer Carrie Meyerhoff Constance and Michael Meyers Margaret Meyers Elizabeth and Eduard Michel Midway Book Store Midwest Mechanical Solutions Michelle Mielke and Paul Hostetler Mile High United Way Marietta and Ken Miller Marilyn Miller Timothy Miller Lynne Mills Anne and Michael Minenko Minnesota Boston Terrier Club

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Barbara and Bruce Nelson Claire and Gary Nelson Diane and James Nelson Jay Nelson Jeanne and Willard Nelson Jerry Nelson Julie Nelson Katie and Adam Nelson Ursula Nelson Karen Nemchik and Tariq Samad Nancy and Bob Nentl Ellen Neuenfeldt Elizabeth Neuvar Jennifer and Sam Newberg Jason and Shirley Newman Betsy Nichols and Joel Tenner Jane Nichols Suzanne and Gregory Niemi Carole and Robert Nienaber Eileen and Gerard Niewenhous Karen Niznik Tammy Noack Alison Noble Patricia Noonan Larry Norder Lois Norstad North Country Concrete, Inc. Melissa and Jon Norton Nancy Norton Cheryl L. Noyes James Nystrom Michael and Lesley Nystrom Oak-Land Junior High Ambassadors John P. Obenauer Carolyn and Robert O'Brien Charles O'Brien Jane O'Brien Joan K. O'Brien Matthew O'Brien Alice and Robert O'Connor Jeanne O'Connor Anthony O'Donahue and Shelly Svoboda Beverly and Duane Oelke Russell Ofsthun Marlys and Richard Ogle Tanley and David O'Hara Rebecca and Frank O'Keefe Lisa Olberg Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Nancy Oliver Mary Olker Richard and Jill Olmsted Brenda and Robert Olsen Alyss Olson Douglas and Jane Olson Maggie and Tom Olson Karen Olson Maja Olson Pamela S. Olson Pam Olson-Richards Patrice O'Malley Becky Omdahl Colleen and Joseph O'Meara ONEOK Foundation Inc Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program Lorelie O'Rourke Robert Osborne Michael and LeAnn Oseth Jill and Ray Ostby

Howard J. Osten Geraldine Ostrander Susan and Robert Ostrow Anita and Ronald Otten Louise Otten Duane and Janet Oudekerk Leon Owen Leroy Owens Sarah Page and Jeff Campbell Patricia Painter Doris Pajala Warren and Diane Pakulski Valerie Palan Jessica Pallansch Nancy Palm Fern and Boyer Palmer Bonnie Palmquist

Katie and Pele

Beverly and Ralph Palo Virginia and Robert Pansch Park Nicollett Health Services Cynthia Parker Tiffany Parr Rebecca Parry Susan and Reynold Paskoff Patricia and Michael Pataki Patrick Nau Photography Kelly Patrick Andrew Paul Paulet-Slater, Inc. Mary Paulson Cynthia and Brian Pawek Carol Pawlicki Shelli Pawlu Suzanne and William Payne Lisbeth and Donald Peacock Madeline Peak Jessica Pearce-Smith and Andrew Smith Todd Pearsall Melanie Pearson Jerald and Linda Pederson Cristelle Perez Ginger and Antonio Perez Pamela Perraud Renee Perrault Vicki Peschman Mary Pesec Pet Waste, Inc. Peter Nasset Construction Catherine and Carol Peterman Barbara Petersen Bonnie Peterson Cheryl Peterson Doris and Corwin Peterson Joan Peterson Karin Peterson Kathleen Peterson Lori Peterson Luann and John Peterson Mary and Michael Peterson Naomi Peterson and Bill Bertram

Stevan and Elizabeth Peterson Susan and Tad Peterson Todd Peterson Philippe Petit Denise Petrie Rebecca and James Petryk Pets Across America Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Ann and Stephen Pflaum Jane and Edward Phillips Keith and Kathleen Phillips Marty Piechowicz Nathaniel and Carleen Pieper Pierce Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Betty Pierce Tara Pierre Priscilla Pince Steve and Kristin Pippin Pitney Bowes Elaine Plum Scott Plummer Ellen Pobul Gail Podany Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation Employee Matching Grant Program Ellyn Ponicki Suzanne Pontinen Janet Poole Trevor Porath Susan Porter Posers Photography LLC Nora Potamkin Vickie and Michael Powell Timothy and Bonnie Power Allan Pray Deelon and Tony Preifer Press Law Office PLLC Jacqueline and Aaron Preusse David Probst and Kimberly Westerholm John and Barbara Probst Georgiana and Alton Proctor The Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota Progressive Insurance Foundation Jolene Prokop Darla Pulles Beth and Richard Pulsipher Janet and William Putnam Rose Quaday Bonnie Quaintance Quality Bicycle Products, Inc Jennifer Radnich Linda and Jeffrey Raines William Raisbeck Sara Ramaker William and Dianna Ramsey Suzanne Rand David Randal Janice and Gregory Raph Rapid Glass Janet Rasmussen Karen Rathke Nancy Rauen Lisa Rauvola Katherine and Scott Raver Dennis and Terrance Raymond Mindy and Peter Rechelbacher

Diane Redenbaugh Robyn Reed Hanson and John Hanson Mary Reed Shane Reese Reeves Park, Inc. Don and Rose Regenauer Kathleen and Ken Reibel Mary and Kenneth Reid Marilyn Reilly Nicole and Kyle Renner Emmy Reppe Sheila Resier Willi and Jeanne Resler Michael and Patricia Rethwill Levi Reynolds Alicia Reynolds-Minear and Paul Minear Carol Rich Hampton Rich Susan Richards Michael and Patricia Richardson Marilynn Riches-Grant and Douglas Grant Tjia Richmond Jutta Richter Rosalie Richter and Elmer Pladers Connie Ridge Robert Ridgway Linda and Mark Riedel Christopher Riley Diane Riskevich and Timothy Kelly Road Rescue Emergency Vehicles Carmen Roberts Eileen Roberts and Chuck Hoyum Susan Roberts Kristie and Michael Robinet C.H. Robinson Foundation Katrin Rod Linda and Raymond Roeller Sue Rogers Becky and Mark Roloff Beverly Rootes Sandra and Robert Rosckes Kristen and Stephen Rose Melanie Rose and Raymond Colby Sherry Ann Rose and Gilbert Voort Mike and Toni Rosen Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Lori-Anne Rosenberg Nancy and Bryce Rosenbower Shelly Rosett Barbara and Robert Ross Michael and Sharon Ross Yvonne Ross Michelle Rouillard Lisa and Barry Royce Mitchell and Sarah Rubinstein Steven and Shelly Rucks Lynn and David Rudick Carol Rueppel Karen Rumpza Diane Runeberg Vi Runquist Mark and Nancy Rustad Karen and Gary Ruud Amy Saavedra Lisa Sabye

Hilary Sackett Paul and Pat Sackett Shanna Sadeh The Saint Paul Foundation Cheryl Salo Gary Sandberg Nancy and James Sande Valerie Sandefur Robert Sandercock Ted Sanders Dana Sandquist Sid and Linda Sapakie Gina Sartori Deborah and Philip Saunders Vera Savchenko Teresa Schaeppi Mary Schaffner and Robert Lee Diana Schansberg and Steven Bucholz Jennifer Schermann Mary and Glenn Schiffler Marilyn Schlee Rita Schlief Barbara and John Schmick Larry and Betty Schmiege Jennifer Schmitt Karen and Mahlon Schneider Aletta Schoen-Besse and Michael Besse Tonya and Heiko Schoenfuss Sue and Lance Schoff David and Barbara Schrandt David and Christine Schroeckenstein Lee Schubert The Schuett Companies, Inc. Peggy and David Schuette Patricia and Raymond Schultz Stephanie Schulz Lois and Howard Schuster Patricia and Gordon Schuster Howard and Margaret Schwartz Jonneth Schwartz Robert Schwartz and Julie Avolesi-Schwartz Frederick Seavey Carolyn and Glenn Seeley Patrick Sellner and Angela Kline Phillip Selton and Barbara Wedekind Selton Diane Semo Thomas Senn Settanni & Company, Inc. Richelle Shackle Elinor and Robert Shadley James and Lori Shafer Katherine and John Shannon Mary and William Shannon James and Celia Shapland Mary Ann Shaw Bonnie and Andrew Shea Christine Shearman Dan and Shirley Sheldon Tracy and David Shepherd Harlan Sherwood Anna Shimanek Ann Shirek Beth and Gary Shoberg Mary Shons Teresa and David Shores Terryle and Angelos Siderakos Carol and John Siefert

Linny and Bill Siems Joanne and Terry Sigstad Nancy and Michael Silbernagel Anna and Charles Silverman Susan Sime Kathleen Simo, M.D. Laura Simonson and Raymond Pudwill Cecilia Kotz Simpson and David Simpson Laura Simpson and William Koetz Kelly Sinesio Carol Sinn James Sivanich Carol and Arlow Skjegstad Todd Skjervold Barb Skoog and Emmett Dacey Kathleen and Michael Skow Shelley and Tom Skundberg Diane and David Slack Janice Slama Mary Slater Jim and Mary Slette Anna Slupko Dennis Slusher and Sarah Conder Susan Smilanich Cassandra and Scott Smith David Smith Elaine and Robert Smith Elisabeth Smith Herbert Smith Joanne Snegosky Mark Snyder Jay and Nada Sogge Laura and Gregory Solarz Jan and Thomas Solei Valerie and Eric Soloujous Lori Sommerfield Jean and Dale Sorensen Stacey and Chad Sorenson South Metro Animal Emergency Care Special Essentials Richard Spelz Karen and Nicolas Spilman Spring Forest Qigong Rosel Stangl and Greg Hammerstein Jane Stanton David and Mary Stark Richard Stark Bernadette and John Staum Laura Stearns Phyllis Steen Candice Stefanick Joseph Stefanson Barbara and Donn Steffenson Melissa Stegman Nancy and Dennis Stein Jack Stein Leslie Steinman George and Marymina Stenger Marianna Stershic Charmaine and Gary Stillwell Krista Stock Michael and Deborah Stock Kristin and Jason Stokes Gail and Paul Stolsky Alan Stombaugh and Colleen Slater Dennis Stone

Delbert Stover Sheri Stover and Jason Ogden Carolyn Strandberg Richard and Sharon Strate Holly and Garret Straub Judith and Robert Straub Gail Stremel Caroline and Edward Strugala Lynne and Bob Stryker Martha and Thomas Stutsman Dan and Stacy Sullivan Gurumurthy Sundar and Kristen Bleninger-Sundar Claudia and Jeffrey Sundberg Diane and John Sundell Christine Sundstrom and Bob McDonald Jan Susee Jeanne and Matthew Sutton Annette and David Swanson Paul and Diane Swanson Sharon and Jan Swanson Suan Swenson Jerianne and Jon Swierzewski Lawrence and Tammy Swope Margaret and John Tackman Karen Taggart Noe and Ben Tallen Kathleen Targos and George Seifert Eric Taubenberger Joan Taylor Scott Taylor Sueann and Mike Taylor Teacher Federal Credit Union Cynthia and Patrick Teal Michael Teders Tennant Foundation Daniella Terry Carlene and James Terwilliger Thomas and Penny Tesarek Charles Davol Test Fund of DonorsTrust

Sara and CoCo

Kathy Tezla Bob Thayer and Nancy Meade-Thayer Roxanne Thomas Dorothy Thompson Kristine Thompson Paulette Thompson Rick Thompson Robin Thompson Signe Thompson and Jeffrey Johnson Holly Thompson-Deering and Nicholas Deering Dennis and Lindy Thonvold Marcella Thorene Jamie and Thomas Thorfinnson Donna Thorne

Vicky Thorne Gail and Michael Threinen Margaret and Charles Thurston Michele and Robert Tidd Virginia Timmerman Thomas Tjernlund Stephane and Gregory Tjosvold Karen and Orton Tofte Margo Tolins-Mejia and John Mejia JoAnne Tomczak and Clinton Pires Carole and Patrick Toohey Barbara Trebisovsky Walter Trenerry Shelley Troidl Karolee and Edward Trost Jacquelyn and James Trucker Mingjen Tu Rochelle Tudor Colleen and Patrick Turgeon Shawn Turner Todd Turpitt Shari Tuseth Anna Tychkova Maggie Unger United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut Janice Untener Shirley and Russell Upham UrbAnimal Allison Urbanski Anne and John Ursu Bridget Usilton and Matthew Frank Michael Uttormark and Sharon Hepler Schelly Braden Vaaler and Bryn Vaaler Katherine and Wayne Vagts Susan Valentine Karen Valerio Jennifer and Christiaan Van de Ligt Judy Van Osdel Lori Van Wechel and Dan Pederson Mary and David Vandegrift Judy Vanosdel Arthur and Jean Vanselow Paula and Tom Vicker Jerome Vietor Vikingland Book Trader Ann and Ansis Viksnins Village Green Companies Virginia Viner Leon and Susan Vogt Miranda and Daniel Vogtman Tracy Vopatek Laura Wade Sara Wagman Debra and David Wagner Rebecca and Thomas Wagner Thomas Wagner Gloria and Shawn Wagstaff Jack and JoAnn Wahlfors Mary Wahlstrand and Mark Bohnhorst Mary and Stephen Waldorf Josie and Jason Walker Andrea Wallack Brian and Lise Waller Christine Walsh and Dean Townsend


Elizabeth and Mark Walton Chris Wangen Wapiti Labs Joyce Warkentien Lisa Warne and Jeff Stucynski Joann and Richard Washburn Mark Wasmund Barbara and Keith Watschke Linda Watson and William Cooper Carole Weatherby Helene and Earle Webb Vern Wehage Peter Weigel Elizabeth and Fredrick Weiner Virginia and Lewis Weiner Janet and Darryl Weivoda Jill Welch Sara and Mark Welch Lori Wellberg James and Joan Welters Judy Wendt Arlis and Myron Werley John Werrell Steven Wessling

Doreen and Jeffrey West Kathleen West Lisa and Matt Westby Frances Wetherall Mary and William Wever Judy and Wesley White Paula and Scott Whitworth Karen Wiberg Linda and Stuart Wicklund Daniel Wiggin Linda and Richard Wigner Bernice Wilczyk Sharon Wilhelmi Todd Wilkening Billy and Debbie Wilkerson Frank and Frances Wilkinson Jim and Carol Willard Alice and David Williams Elizabeth Williams Sharon Williams Judith Williamson Kim Williamson Roann Wimpfheimer Donna and John Winberg Windago Stables, LLC

Alison Wing Carol and Jeff Wingard Joan Winkels Jane and George Winn Fred and Eleanor Winston Mark Winters Karen Wise Edith Wisiol LeDonna Wistrcill Howard B. Wittels and Beth Ryan Marc and Victoria Wolf Sara and Douglas Wolff Susanne Wollman Kristin and Roy Wood Lori Wood Denise Woods Angela and Jeffrey Woodward Jackie and Kenneth Worden Jeanne Wuollet Lindsay Wurst Ann L. Wynia Michael Wysocki David and Mitze Yeater Andrea and Stephen Yoch

Maria Young Scott Young Thomas and Linda Young William Young James Zarembinski Gregory and Julie Zelenak Ray and Peg Zemke Zero-Max Inc. Judith Zier Alice Ziittel Holly Zimmerman Robert Zobal Paula Zukoff and John Buckland Margaret Zwach Paula Zwiefelhofer

Honoring those who have made plans to provide for the future needs of animals by including the Animal Humane Society in their estate planning. Anonymous (72) Jeffrey Abuzzahab and Tiffany Simonsen Terry Alms J. Elizabeth Anders Lorna Anderson Vivian B. Anderson William and Teresa Ankeny Barbara and Jack Ankrum Elizabeth A. Annett Donna Arnett and Stephen Glasser Brad and Marcia Ballinger Severne M. Banack Tracey A. Bartlett and Thomas W.S. Smith Katharine Livden Bayerle Debra and Ben Behrens Elizabeth Gainey Bell Mary Benson Lois Berenson Barbara A. Beresford M.E. Bergdahl Ramona A. Berger James Besser Gary Bingner and Pamela Luer Martha Bird and Ruby (service dog) Glen S. and Patti A. Bjornson Warren and Marilyn Blomquist Karen Bohaty Sharon E. Bonasoni Marilyn Bostrom Ranelle and Fredrik Brandt Leona Breimhurst Waltraud Brogren Bettyann Broten


Donald N. and Donna* J. Buck Janice I. Buckley Judith M. Buckley James and Blenda Bullard William H. Burkhardt Barbara Burleigh Debbie Burmeister Mr. Robert and Dr. Marjana Callery Robert F. Campbell Alice-Jo Carlson Amy L. Carlson Kenneth John Carlson Matthew Carlson Jennifer Chaput Robert E. Childs Judith A. Christensen Joanne Citerony Judy Rae Clasen Lois Sands Coleman Karen Colton Janet Conn and Michael Debelak Frederick and Jean Conrad Steve and Noreen Conway Steven Cook Judy Cowden and Neil Bright Val Cunningham and Rog Bergerson Elizabeth Curtis Ted W. Curtis Louise Dahlgren Mrs. Jacqueline Danda Barbara L. Danger Marilyn Darwin John Debee Fay and Robert DeBellis Sharon Decker

Deborah Dengler Robert* and Myrtle Dengler William C. Denz Rick and Carmen Diamond Thomas L. Dietsche and L. Lee Forsberg Stan and Kathy Dittmer Judith Donohue Pam Dorner Rita E. Downey Cheri and Hank Drabczak Theresa Dunphy Margaret E. Durham Vern and Marianne Edgerton Arthur* and Barbara Ellinger Edna B. Ellingson Peggy Ellis Faye Erickson Sally M. and Allen C. Erickson Warren Erickson Joan H. Ericson Loretta and Leslie* Ericson Alice A. Evenson Harold and Mary Ann Feldman Robin Feminella James L. Ferrick Arthur E. Fowler Richard and Mary Fowler Suzanne Fox Barbara and Neal Frank Lola Fredrickson and William McConaughead Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas Fredrickson Marcia and Brian Freeman Nancy Freppert Jeneane Karline Frost Gregory H. and Gail B. Fuller

Bruce and Alice Gaarder Rick D. Gabrielson Marie W. Gallagher Gayle Gaskill Patricia Gay Jane M. Gerber John P. Gillen Michelle Goodman Jean and Dan Grote Bonnie Grzeskowiak John V. Guarnera and Margery McAlpine Stacie and Mike Hafner Parice C. Halbert Ralph S. Hallberg Beth Hansen Kathy Haslerud Yolonda M. Hayes Fontaine Hebb and John Slorp DeLores Heese Jack and Pat Hei Perrie N. Heitler and John M. Kasel Jayne Helgevold and Bob Bledsoe Laura J. Herrmann Roy R. Hewitt and Martha M. Boden Michael and Tammy Hilliard Lisa D. Hinickle Mrs. Julie A. Hinton Richard and Linda Hladky Cheryl Holcomb Janet Holcomb Walter F. Holm, Jr. Marcia M. Hooper Karen D. Hovland Jane Anderson Howard

Charles J. Hudgins Mina C. Ingersoll Gloria and Bruce* Ivey Marilyn P. Jackson Laura B. Jacob Joseph B. Jacobson Jane M. Jahr Gertrude M. James Lyle James Fund at the Minneapolis Foundation Alfred Johnson Audrey and Ken Johnson Barbara A. Johnson Nancy and David Johnson Terry Johnson Charmaine H. Jones Gerri Juntilla Kathy Kaiser James W. Kalina Gary and Nevada Kelley Marcia Kelly Tom Kestner Kathryn Ketcham Geraldine B. King Lucretia K. Kirby Marlys Johnson Kitts Helen Klaers Mary P. Klauda Kris Kloster Gloria Grant Knoblauch Barbara G. Koch Lorraine H. Koenig Elaine and Gordon Kogl Jeanne M. Kogl Kimberly A. Korb Julie A. Kraus George W. and Louise M. Krause Raymond Allen Krech Craig and Lindy Kreibich Leora Kroger Pamela Krueger Edward Kulik and Kenneth Eppich Jane A. Lang Joan Larson L. M. Larson Robert* and Elaine Larson Sally and Gary Larson Kristen Leach Paul and Gloria LeBuhn R. Kurt H. Lein Mark Lepsche Laura Lewis Dea L’Heureux Dale and Linda Lieb Marsha Linden and Lynne Richmond Tienne M. Linden Joan C. Lindusky Rose Marie Linn Donnette Little Nancy and John Lowman Robin N. Lunzer Dianne S. Maciosek Robert G. Mairs Brian Malloy Fern and Fred* Marty Phyllis Mattill Janis May Walt McCarthy Joanmarie McDermott Thomas J. McNulty Meg McPherson Mary Jo Meinke

Gwen Mersky Linda J. Miller Ruth and Joe Miller Ruth L. and Irvin* A. Miller Sue Miller George* and Fran Mitchell Warren Moen Patti Monick Ms. Maggie Moris and Dr. Kent S. Kokko Teresa Morrow and Dale Pippin Ms. Bobbi Moschkau Carolyn Mueller Catherine Myers D. E. Naebers Patty Napier and Pat Whitcomb Kate Nelson Sandra K. Nelson William C. Nesheim Barbara and Randall Noddings Jane S. Norling Annette G. Novak Jeanne Obert Joan Marie Olseen Amy Pampusch Olson Patricia K. Ormston Bonnie Ostlund Margaret E. Otto Emma M. Palla Ann C. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Parker Jerry and Lois* Patten Dorothy Payne Melissa and Brent Peacock Debra L. Pearson Ron E. Perry

Emily and Rocky Janice K. Petersen Pete Peterson and Mary Jenson Terry J. Peterson Louise and Steve Pfeiffer Roy and Val Pikal Roger and Maureen Podany Joan Polasky Joan and Wayne Popham Nora Potamkin Joyce M. Pultz Marni Radcliffe Nancy Radow Margaret B. and Glen* Rasmussen Beverly J. Rausch Darwin and Geraldine Reedy Bob and Audray Rees Colleen Reinert Shirley and Marlo Renville Hampton Rich Marilyn and Al Richie Christopher T. Riley

Dorothy L. and Arthur* Ritter Susan M. Roberts Larissa Rodriguez Craig M. Roen and Kathleen Bjornson Sue Rogers Pete Romig Jim and Helen Rood Karen L. and George C. Rosar Lucinda Rose Nancy G. Rose Toni Lee and Michael Rosen Amy Rosenthal Larry Rush Bill and Carol Ryan Mary L. Ryan Dorothy Ryshavy Barb Sagstetter Marc and Pat Sampson Warren and Jill Samuelson Patricia Sandberg Margaret Schermerhorn John M. Schmitz Pamela J. Schreiner Thomas H. Schuh Anita B. Schwartz Steve Schwartz Joyce Seaberg Ruth Searle Gloria J. Sell Michael Shields David and Clare Shusterich A. Marilyn Sime Gregg D. Sjoquist John O. Skooglun Diane M. Smisek Dennis and Sandra Smith Linda and Ira Smith Rose and Steven Solomonson Jim Spadaccini Lynne M. Specht Peggy and Neil Spofford David A. Spong, DVM Evelyn and Richard Steiner Wendy and John Strachota Sayuki and Hideyo Sugimura Roger and Sally Swanson Mrs. Martha J. Sweeney Michael and Karlin Symons Ronald and Margaret Tabar Bruce Taylor and Dennis Carey James E. Taylor Kimberly Shubert Theis Patricia Theroux Hubert and Julianne Thibodeau Roberta J. Tray Florence Treff James Tripp Linda L. Tschida Lorena M. Vargas Barb Veath Susan and Leon Vogt Debra Waddell Laura A. Wade Jean M. Wagner Paul Wassmund and Jan Kelner-Wassmund Sandy Waterman Marilyn K. Watson Walt and Sandi Wayne Stuart and Mary Weitzman Gerald* and Peg Wellik Erica Whittlinger

Dick and Winnie* Wickworth Mary Lou Wilkinson Laurel and Frank Winsor Neil Winston Lon and Patricia Wojtowicz Sue Woodrich and David Knoblauch Joseph and Patricia Yenkosky Joyce Zank Brad Zierke Alice M. Ziittel

Bequests received in 2009 Anonymous Stanley P. Andersch Inga E. Anderson Marilyn J. Broz Genevieve L. Buchl LaVerne O. Burns Miriam B. Carr Helen E. Consoliver Eleanor S. Fenton Lucian F. Fitzer Elizabeth A. Garden Mary C. Gregg Karen M. Henslin Donald D. Hickman M. Camille Hughes Maxine H. Jansen Elaine E. Kennedy Lorraine Kissling Lorraine M. Kosslak Juanita M. Kuhn Audrey Larson Barrie A. Linden Florence V. Lueders Iver Robert MacFarlane William H. Masanz Patricia A. Maxwell Merlyn E. Mollner Anne M. Nelson Marie L. Nelson Yvonne Pollard Oaks Hazel and Roger Perkins Ernestine Rathbun Pittelkow Gretchen Marple Pracht Elizabeth J. Souba Donna Mae Spooner Ruby M. Swanson Fredrick Thorson John W. Twiggs Susan Walz Susan H. Werschay Shirley Ann White

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our donor listings. Please accept our apologies and contact us with any corrections at (763)432-4525 or giving@animalhumane Thank you.

* deceased


2009 Financials

Program (76%)

Fundraising (20%)

Administrative (4%)

Animal Humane Society Statement of Activities Support & Revenues Adoption fees and program revenue




Wills & estates


In-kind contributions


Special events and promotions


Investment gains


Dividend and interest income


Other Total Support and Revenues

32,114 12,003,926

Expenses Program services: Rescue Adoption & Surrender

497,825 7,644,414

Pet Services




Supporting services: Management & general Fundraising Total Expenses Change in Net Assets


407,435 2,231,405 11,414,374 589,552

The Minnesota Charities Review

Population served

Council’s Standards of Accountability state that at least 70% of an

The Animal Humane Society serves

organization’s annual expenses should

animals and people from its facilities

be for program activity with not more

in Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey,

than 30% for management, general

Washington and Wright Counties. The

and fundraising expenses combined.

Humane Investigations Unit provides

In 2009, the Animal Humane Society

services throughout Minnesota and

exceeded this standard by directing

western Wisconsin.

76% of our expenses back into programming for the animals and our community.


Board of Directors, Leadership and Partnerships 2009 Board of Directors

Animal Humane Society Leadership

Nic Pifer, Chair

Janelle Dixon

Teresa Morrow, Vice Chair


Jeff Ament, Treasurer Debra Paterson, Secretary

Ray Aboyan Chief Operating Officer

Scott Aebischer (2010) Dr. Ed Clausman, DVM

Laurie Brickley

Barb Colombo

Vice President of Marketing

Kerry D'Amato

and Communications

Janelle Dixon Lisa Goodman

Eileen Lay

Dean Hedstrom

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Hoch Don Jacobsen

Katie Nelsen, CFRE

Sheila Kennedy

Vice President of Development

Linda Lee James Lane

Debi Thompson

Cyndi Lesher

Vice President of Human Resources

Walt McCarthy Murphy McKee Lia Melrose Dr. Ned Patterson, DVM Wayne Popham Boyd Ratchye Damon Schramm Kristi Skordahl Carolyn Smith Dr. Robert Washabau, VMD


Partnerships The Animal Humane Society is a founding member of Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPAW), a coalition of animal welfare organizations in Minnesota and the Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition. AHS is also a member of the National Federation of Humane Societies and Pet Shelters Across America. AHS collaborates with nearly seventy animal welfare organizations in Minnesota, the University of Minnesota Veterinary School, animal rescues in Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia and Iowa and municipal animal control authorities throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Imagine a world where fewer animals seek shelter with us. Imagine a world where every neglected animal has a home to call his own. Imagine a world where every companion animal has a companion to love him. How can we settle for less?

help create a more humane world for animals donate now

Buffalo 4375 Highway 55 SE Buffalo, MN 55313

Coon Rapids 1411 Main St NW Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Golden Valley 845 Meadow Lane N Golden Valley, MN 55422 (763) 522-4325

St. Paul 1115 Beulah Ln St Paul, MN 55108

Woodbury 9785 Hudson Rd Woodbury, MN 55125

AHS Annual Report 2009  

AHS Annual Report 2009

AHS Annual Report 2009  

AHS Annual Report 2009