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Dear Parents, I am thrilled that you are considering Liberty Education Academy as your choice of secondary educator. We are a close-knit, modern and friendly community, where everybody is encouraged to participate in lessons and social activities and to absorb as much knowledge as possible for the future. Our students are confident and happy individuals, and they leave our school fully prepared to play their part in saving our planet for many generations to come. Our exam results are the best in the area, and we have received glowing reviews from school inspectors, year after year. Although exam results aren’t the most important thing about school life, we believe they can help to educate students in the skills they will need in later life (for example, how to study hard and how to present a document using modern technology). Our school is equipped with the latest up-to-the-minute technology, including tablets in every classroom, teleport stations for rapid lesson changes and carbon-dioxide powered jet packs to get the students used to using backpack transportation. We also offer many school trips, including a Space expedition to the planet Mars and Practical Living journeys into the centre of Earth. We also offer daytrips to the Hologram Museum and the Time Travel Experience, tracking the invention of holograms and time travel throughout the years. With so much fantastic technology at our fingertips, our generation is crucial in preserving this one-of-a-kind planet for our children’s children. This decade is the make-or-break point that will decide whether we survive on this planet or not – let us make your child one of Earth’s saviours. Yours truly,

Mr. W. Shaw

“The school has a friendly atmosphere and you can see all the students desire to learn.� Ofsted

Educate and Inspire Here at L.E.A. , we offer what may be the widest range of subjects in the country. Lessons we offer include: 

Global Science

Modern Games

Practical Living - Theory and Application

Aerial Gymnastics

Shelter building

Modern Language

Campfire singing

History of Language







Music recording



Animal Science


Water Sports





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As a result of the changing climate, LEA students do not attend school in July, August, December and January.

e offer different yles of learning, such as ual, interactive, auditory, al and tablet work. It is possible for students to end lessons in hologram orm if they are absent.

We offer multiple language classes such as: Mandarin Chinese, Swahili, French, Japanese and German, Latvian.

“The school truly inspires all of its students to work to the best of their ability as well as pushing them to discover and learn new skills.� Parent

Up To Date And On-Trend L.E.A. has a wide variety of state of the art technology to aid our students in their learning. A learning simulator has recently been introduced enabling a variety of new lessons to be introduced. Some of these include: 

History from holographic historic figures


Practical Living - Application (in mock dangerous environments)


Music lessons from holographic stars of the past and present

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We have a unique way of registering pupils that is fast, effective and ensures the safety and well-being of your child. It requires a simple thumb scan at the beginning of the school year and allows your child to register and use their lockers.

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“The school truly inspires all of its students to work to the best of their ability as well as pushing them to discover and learn new skills.� Parent

Assisting and Achieving Our students are a close-knit group who are prepared to help each other in all situations. Despite our large class sizes (ranging from forty to fifty students per form) our pupils are friendly, polite and capable of tackling a wide range of difficult situations they may face in the future.

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ve a relaxation suite which s students to relax in their k and their lunch times or chool as an extra-curricular ity. We have found from a vey our students did that xation improves speed of ning which increases their grades.

“The L.E.A. has the best resources around, the students are well provided for here.� Mr Sairns, Teacher

Preserving and Prospering L.E.A. makes use of a wide variety of sustainable resources that are available to use, including: wind power, hydroelectricity, nuclear power and solar power. All buildings on the site a fully insulated and powered by renewable sources. We also educate our students in how they, too, can invent new and exciting ways of powering the world when the last reserves of coal and other fossil fuels are used up.

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is one of our six form mon rooms. It is ely self-dependent runs on solar energy , modern , well pped and a good t place for our ents to study and ove.

This is the area that we use for our wildlife clubs and lessons it teaches our pupils to engage with the planet we live in and get to know the world, animals and nature around us.

“I love coming to the L.E.A, everyone is friendly and helpful and the lessons are interesting and exciting.� Student, Year 9

L.E.A Prospectus Final  
L.E.A Prospectus Final  

This is our prospectus for L.E.A