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PLASMA CUTTER PROS AND CONS Using the fourth state of matter, plasma, plasma cutters use this electrically conductive gas to transfer energy onto a conductive material. The resulting plasma arcs are cleaner and the whole process takes a considerably short time. Just like any other welding appliances, plasma cutters present the following pros and cons:


Versatility A plasma cutter can cut through metals with a 6” thickness. Besides cutting, plasma cutters can be used in beveling, piercing, and other forms of complicated cutting.

Highest quality cuts Plasma arcs have fewer dross and the edges are precisely cut. This high superiority in cutting is a result of the tight integration between software used and the cutting torch. The best plasma cutters have high accuracy components leading to precise cuts. ďƒ˜

Ease of use The plasma cutters are fitted with a computer numerically controlled software that facilitates most of the cutting. This stateof-the art technological adaptation results in ease of use for even a first-time welder.


Safe to use The computer system integrations and the excellent draft down system or exhaust system is located away from an operator keeping a user safe at all times.



Hardened arc edges These arc welders create a warm region and there is always hardening seen on the cut edges. Therefore the materials cut using plasma welders will be hardened.


Expensive A higher price has to be paid for the high level of precision and speed at which materials are cut using plasma welders. The replacement torches and the amount of power consumed using the cutters result in considerably high costs.


Remnant dross You will have to clean out the dross after cutting the material. The dross is minimal but, it must be cleaned out. 

In conclusion, besides the efficiency presented by the plasma cutter welding machine, it has cons but, it still is the best welding equipment in the market.

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Plasma cutter pros and cons  

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