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MAY / JUNE 2011

25TH Anniversary Edition coming soon!

Toks Marketing Manager explains why Ahpla is the best choice!

It all started way back in 1986…..

We are all very delighted at Ahpla as we approach our SILVER ANNIVERSARY on June 6th. Over 15,000 executives and suppliers in Mexico, the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, and more recently in India and China have benefited from Ahpla’s expertise in the language communications world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been part of our mission throughout our history. To be continued…………… next edition!!

Kudos to STERIS students for completing their English courses

Warm congratulations to Uvaldo, Tony, Luis, Carlos, Ángel and Deila from Steris, Monterrey on completing their Intermediate level – happy faces and diplomas pictured above with the teacher, Gary (right).

Juan Carlos Hinojosa started taking classes with AHPLA, Monterrey around 2004. At that time he was working for YUM. After finding another job in the fast food industry he was unable to continue with his Ahpla English course. Nowadays he is in Mexico City working as Marketing Manager for TOKS, the restaurant chain. In early April, 2011 he was put under pressure as he had to give presentations to and accompany a team from the US showing them and talking to them about TOKS in Mexico. This is where AHPLA happily stepped in and provided JC with the add-on value he needed. Scott Collinson, an AHPLA teacher from the US with significant hands-on experience in many aspects of the food industry was able to coach and guide JC. The visit was a great success and JC was very appreciative and will shortly resume his classes with us!

A Message from Epicor, Monterrey

Pictured above Azucena, Karla and Gerardo wishing th AHPLA a very Happy 25 Anniversary – the recording and synchronizing of the video took a few tries and we all had a lot of fun and laughter!! Check out the video on Facebook via the AHPLA web-site

Rarest language on verge of extinction

ACI Ahpla client since 2008… We would like to thank Alberto Menindez of ACI for his th valuable participation in the 25 Anniversary Videos campaign published on our Ahpla Facebook blog. Visit us at: Alberto’s comments about Ahpla Translation services are as follows: “The service provided is excellent. Ahpla shows seriousness, formality and quality.”

Linguists from the University of Oxford are striving to preserve the Dusner, an endangered Indonesian tribal language, as its only three speakers were reportedly injured in natural disasters. Two of them narrowly escaped death during a flood and the other was living next to a volcano that erupted. The only three Dusner speakers are now in their 60s and 70s. The average life expectancy of the country is only 71. The report said there are roughly 130 languages that are spoken by less than 10 people. There are about 6,000 different languages spoken all over the world for now, with half of them likely to disappear by the end of the century. Adapted from article in

Promoción Equipo de Interpretación Simultánea AHPLA Tenemos el gran orgullo de informar a toda la comunidad Ahpla sobre nuestra promoción anual de equipo de interpretación para eventos internacionales la cual ya está disponible también en el área metropolitana de Monterrey. Como preámbulo a nuestro gran festejo de 25 aniversario anunciamos nuestros descuentos especiales durante los meses de mayo y junio en la renta de 1 a 100 receptores. Recordamos a nuestra apreciable clientela que contamos con tecnología de punta para garantizar la calidad de sonido de sus interpretaciones.

Bad Translations that can crash a plane In 2009, French-speaking passengers aboard an Aer Lingus flight panicked when a faulty translation which was recorded told them the plane was going to crash. After the crew realized the error and issued an apology, the Paris-bound passengers presumably recovered and went on with their lives. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said after a 2008 helicopter crash in France, which was suspected to be the result of an aircraft manual mistranslation. As Adam Wooten put it several years ago, when a coworker approached him with an opportunity to translate a manual for an airplane manufacturer for a price that was too low: “A translation for extremely low rates would crash the airplane.“


Ahpla Newsletter May - June 2011  

Ahpla Institute Newsletter May June 2011

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