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26 YEARS OF LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS November-December 2012

AHPLA Office Staff Dance Gangnam Style!

After more than fourteen years of working in her AHPLA office in D.F., Karen had worn a deep groove into the floor under her desk and desperately needed some new flooring! Mike (having fun!) and Peter (checking out his nifty footwork) happily helped her flatten down the new protective flooring by dancing Gangnam style!! Karen is also dancing to celebrate being almost at the end of the first round of the monumental AAA testing at Aon. Karen promises that the can on the desk behind her is not a beer but refreshing iced tea!!!

Western Union - Diplomas and Carrot Cake!

An Intermediate lunchtime class at Western Union recently graduated and proudly received their diplomas. In celebration, their teacher Isabella, baked a huge carrot cake which they all tucked into!! Above we have Isabella tasting her own creation watched by (from left to right), Gerry, Lolita, Raquel and (hiding shyly from the camera) Claudia, Esperanza and Mariana!!

Dynamic, High Tech New English Programs

Exciting, Resourceful Teacher in Monterrey A warm welcome to Sifriegd Chong, an experienced, dynamic and resourceful teacher in Monterrey. Siefriegd is currently teaching English to Yolanda, the wife of an Aon Director. In his classes he likes to use the latest technology – his Ipad, the internet, laptop – as well as text books, conversational practice and additional activities. In his free time he loves to play basketball and watch movies.

Moving into 2013 AHPLA is proud to announce a range of new, innovative, exciting, dynamic courses - highly relevant for the world of business in 2013 and beyond. Among this range of new products is “Intelligent Business” – available for all levels from Basic through to Advanced. To tell you more….it is an exciting, new and unique General Business English program which is in partnership with “The Economist.” The layout mirrors that of a magazine and links real life business with the course. It includes “Skill-Pills” whereby students receive short business videos to their cell phones or lap-tops, “Dilemma & Decision” which are real life case studies with solutions and “Cultural Box” where students learn about doing business in different worlds. Every month an article from “The Economist” is provided together with accompanying Worksheets.

RICH’s Interpretation with AHPLA

Yeni coordinated successfully the interpreta tion services provided by AHPLA at the Rich’s Business Workshop held in October. The AHPLA team was composed of Romy and José Luis as interpreters and Juan as our highly experienced technician. After many years of hard work and professional services, AHPLA has become Rich’s Language Service Provider.

Rich’s executives using AHPLA’s interpretation services during their Business Workshop at The Holiday Inn Hotel in Naucalpan.

IIE Asset Management Seminar in Monterrey With Rodrigo’s support representing AHPLA and Xiuling of the Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas’ coordination, a large number of engineers, directors and managers of several corporations and institutions from all over the country in the Utilities Sector made use of AHPLA’s interpretation services during one week in late October near Monterrey. At the end of this monumental event, attendees congratulated AHPLA on the high-quality services they received. The seminar was led by presenters from the US, The Czech Republic and Mexico.

Navidad CertificAhpla!

Las fiestas de fin de año ya llegaron a AHPLA con la Navidad CertificAHPLA. Aproveche los descuentos especiales en traducciones Certificadas Inglés-Español. Para mayor información sobre ésta y otras promociones contáctenos en en la Ciudad de México y en en Monterrey.

2013 AHPLA Desk Calendars – USA & Mexico Have you already received your 2013 AHPLA desk calendar? Would you like to receive additional calendars for your colleagues? Contact us to get complimentary copies: ¿Ya recibió su calendario de escritorio AHPLA 2013? ¿Le gustaría recibir calendarios adicionales para sus compañeros de trabajo? Contáctenos para recibir más calendarios sin costo:


Ahpla Newsletter Nov - Dec 2012  
Ahpla Newsletter Nov - Dec 2012  

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