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Recessin the Summer

By: Shi’Quon and Kaitlyn

Banks Elementary School Kinston, NC 2nd and 5th grade collaborative writing project

In the summer we wear shorts and short sleeve shirts and flip- flops. We play all different games like football, tag, and kickball. We do a lot of different things. Kickball is very fun I can kick it very far. Tag is very fun but you can get very hot while you play and run. We go in when they say "Fifth grade let's go!" During snack we talk to our friends. We use the bathroom and get water before we eat we are very hungry. After lunch we go to specials. We either go to Music, Art, or PE.At the end of the day we pack up and get ready to go home when we are done packing we do AR or AM and we get water. At end of the day we get water because we just come in from recess.Do you like recessin Alaska? I love recess!

Recess in the Summer  
Recess in the Summer  

Students in Mrs. E. Eubanks’ second grade class and Mrs. Willis’ fifth grade class wrote collaboratively on their iPods, basing their writin...