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Recess at 80 F

By:  Nick and Cody Banks Elementary School Kinston, NC 2nd and 3rd grade collaborative writing project

It is hot enough we need to wear shorts,  short sleeve shirts, and flip flops! Isn't it hot? We  go to recess after lunch. 

When  we go  outside  we bring  a  kickball,  football,  and  jump rope. We play tag,  kickball, and football. We also  play jump rope, swing on the swings, and climb 

on the 

monkey bars. 

When we line up we stomp the dirt off of our  feet. When we go inside we want to get some  cold water. We do AR (reading) after we come  in.

Recess at 80 F  

Collaborative writing with 2nd and 3rd grade students based on the book, Recess at 20 Below, by Cindy Lou Aillaud.

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