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Recess at Banks

By: Nicholas and Damon

Banks Elementary School Kinston, NC 2nd and 5th grade collaborative writing project

Recess at Banks By: Damon and Nick In the morning, we do math and reading. Nick and I go to lunch and recess. We swing, slide, and play football. We wear short pants and flip flops. But if it rains or if it gets too cold, we have to stay inside. We play Heads Up Seven Up, and Good Morning Mr. Judge. My friend said that, "It is very fun to stay inside!" Have you ever had to stay inside because of rain? Recess goes by fast if you have fun.

You have to be careful at recess. You need to be careful on the monkey bars because you might fall off because it's really slippery. You have to be careful on the slide because you might burn your arm on the hot slide. Then we go to special classes. Afterwards, we do science and social studies. Finally, we go home!

Recess at Banks  
Recess at Banks  

Students in Mrs. E. Eubanks’ second grade class and Mrs. Willis’ fifth grade class wrote collaboratively on their iPods, basing their writin...