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Musician Biographies

Researched and created by th Mrs. Layton’s 5 grade students in Mrs. White’s Music Class 2009-2010

Demi Lovato By: Danneka I’m learning about musicians in music. I tried to do some body I didn’t know so Demi Lovato came to mind. Demi Lovato is a stage name and her real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato. She was born in August 20, 1992 in Dallas, Texas. She sings Disney pop. The two songs I admire are “Believe in Me” and “Don’t Forget”. Her record is recorded with Hollywood Records. Since she lives in Dallas, Texas, she sang at a Dallas Cowboys football game. Her best friends are Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. She plays in “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with a Chance.” Her favorite album is “Don’t Forget”. That is Demi Lovato.

Elvis Presley By Steven Elvis Presley is a great singer to me and he is a great guy to me. He writes great music. He died in 1977 on August 16. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. He performed in Las Vegas live. Elvis can sing awesome songs. He sang “Burning Love” and “Suspicious Minds”. His fate was sad.

The Best Country Girl Ever By Jazlyn

Taylor Swift’s full name is Taylor Alison Swift. Taylor was born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989. Taylor Swift is still alive. I think she is the best country singer ever! Two of Taylor’s songs that I admire are (Mary’s Song) and (Teardrops on My Guiter). One of her special performances is (You Belong With Me). At 14 Taylor Swift sighned her first record deal, that’s before she could even drive! If she was dead I would be so up set I could cry for ever. I also wish that she was my sister. Today in 2009 October,27 Taylor is only 18!

Taylor Swift By Tristan Taylor Alison Swift was born in December 13, 1989.Taylor Swift was born in Wyomissing, Pa. Two of Taylor Swift’s songs are “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me”. Her record is Big Machine.

Taylor Alison Swift By, Austin Taylor Alison Swift was born in Wymossing, Ra.She was born on December ,13 1989.Two of Taylor Swifts song are love story and Parody. Her record label is big machine records.

By: Brianna My bands name is Sugarland! The people in the band are Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush, Kristen Hall. When the band got as a group it was 2003.They are still singing. They are a country band. I think there 2 Best songs are “All I Want to Do” and “Something More”. They use Mercury Records for songs. At first Sugarland had 3 people Jennifer, Kristian, and Kristen. In 2006 Kristen quit the band and started to work alone.

Elvis Presley By Nyshiem Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January, 8 1935. He died August, 16, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee. His style of music is rock. Two songs I liked are “Love and Tender” and “The Wonder of You.” His record label is RCA Victor. Some special performances were that he had his first television appearance on CBS-TV. He played in is “Love Me Tender.” “Elvis recorded 250 commercials. Elvis was the single most important figure in America 20th century popular music. Presley was first white man to sing rhythm and blues.

The Best TV Star Miranda Cosgrove By: Tealen Miranda’s song “Leave It All to Me” is the theme song of the show ICarly. She was born in Los Angeles, California and the date was May 14, 1993. She played as Megan Parker in the show Drake & Josh and as Carly Shay in the show ICarly. Her record label is Culubia Records. Her new song is called “Raining Sunshine” She is a teenage actress.

Jonas Brothers By: Alexis P.

The Jonas Brothers are Kevin, Nicholas (Nick), and Joseph (Joe).They was born in Wyckoff New Jersey; there style of music is pop. Two songs they wrote are Love sick, and burning up also there Record Label is Columbia Records one special performances is a 3D concert in 2008.By the age of seven Nicholas already begun a modest career as a Broadway performer. The Jonas brothers was on camp rock in 2008 (Disney channel) And the same year they did the 3D concert they also released their fourth studio album.

The Best Singer Ever By. Brandon Marvin Sapp was born in Grand Rapids and started to sing when he was seven at his daddy’s church. “The Diary of a Psalmist” was first performed in 2002. Later in 2003, he had made “I Believe” and “Never Would Have Made It.” In 1996 he released “I Believe” on World Records. Fred Hammond, Mitchell Jones, Kari Reid, visited him for a concert. His style of music was gospel.

The best Singer Ever! By: Courtney Kellie Pickler was born on on June 28, 1986 in Louisiana. Her full name is Kellie Dawn Pickler. She sings country music. 2 of my favorite songs are (Best Days of Your Life) and (Red High Heels). Her record label is BNA Records. She sang on American idol. She landed a spot in the fifth fifth season of American idol.

Alan Jackson By:Jajuan H. He was born in 1958. The place he was born was Newnan, Ga. He is still alive. He is a country star. Two of his song are “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” and “Someday.” Arista’s Record is his record .He already is one is of the country those respect songwriter. All terrorist attack in New York.

Jonas Brothers By Malik The Jonas Brothers are Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas. They began in August 8th 2006.Their style of music is pop. They sang “S.O.S” and “Hold On.” Their record label is Hollywood Records. They sang for the movie “Meet the Robinsons”. The Jonas Brothers also made video clips for cartoon “America Dragon.”

Mariah Carey By: Tatiana Mariah Carey is a wonderful hip-hop singer. She is the best singer. She has won a Grammy for perfect singing. She is the best singer. She sang “Obsessed’’ and “Vision of Love” and her recording label is Columbia Records. She sung with Boys 2 Men. She moved to New York when she graduated from high school. She was a wonderful singer. She is an overnight success. She was born on March 27, 1970 in Long Island. She is still alive today. She is an awesome singer. She sings a lot of songs and she knows how to sing a lot of different songs. She is married to Nick Cannon. The lyrics to one of her songs is why you so obsessed with me baby come with me. Her favorite song is Obsessed.

Facts about Selena Gomez By: Abeer Selena Gomez was born July 22, 1992 in New York City. She sings pop music. Selena is 17. She sings and acts. Her special performances are acting and singing. Selena’s record label is in Hollywood. She lived in Texas until the age of 13. Selena ful name is Selena Kayleigh Gomez. Selena has a Cruella Devill video.☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻♥☺☻☺☻ ♥☺☻♥

Taylor Swift By: Bobby Rose J. Taylor Alison Swift was born in Wyomming, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989. Taylor Swift sings contemporary country. Two of my favorite songs of hers are “You Belong With Me” and “Our Song.” One of her record labels name is “Taylor Swift.” When she was 11 she sang the Star Spangled Banner her first song was called “Lucky You.” When she was 10 she was a big star in her home town. On May 15, 2007 she performed her Golden Single “Tim McGraw. Taylor has about 4,000,000 fans.


Chris Daughter By: Channing My musicians name is Christopher Adam Daughter He has written a lot of songs. He was born on December 26, 1979. He singes counter rock .He singes it Files lick tough night Hovering. His songs are on American Idol. He was borne in the rapids.

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove By: Madison Miranda Cosgrove was born on May 14 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Miranda sings pop and here are some of her songs: “Raining Sunshine”, “Leave It All To Me”, “Stay my Baby”. She has been a guest star on Zoey 101 as Page , Drake and Josh as Megan, and now she has her own T.V. show called iCarly Shay.

The Eagles By Miguel The Eagles country rock band was formed in 1971 in Los Angeles. The members of the country rock band include Bernie Leaden, Randy Miser, Glenn Frey, and Don Henley. The Eagle’s style of music is country rock. Two songs are “Lyn Eyes”, and “Take it to the Limit”. The Eagles made special performance in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The eagles were introduce into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Musician Biographies - Layton  

Mrs. Layton's 5th grade students researched musicians and created biographies in Mrs. White’s Music Class.