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By: Alayna

The Triceratops name means three horned face. They are 30 feet long. This dinosaur is a plant eater. They walk on two feet.

By: Ava

I picked the Velociraptor because I like their orange color. Their name means quick thief. They are six feet tall and eat meat.

By: Brianna

I learned about stegosaurus. He is covered in bony plates. They moved on four feet. He is a plant eater.

By: Brycen

The Stegosaurus ate plants and grass. He walked on four feet. Their name means roofed reptile.

By: Carmen

The name of my dinosaur is triceratops. The name means three horned face. Their 6 foot bony head took up almost 1/3 of their body!

By: Colby

The Apatosaurus is a dinosaur. Its name means deceptive lizard. They are plant eaters. They lived in 200 mya. They are 90 feet long.

By: Cooper

Stegosaurus is a dinosaur. It moved with its four legs. It is a plant eater. Its name means roofed reptile.

By: Dev

The stegosaurus is a dinosaur. It eats plants. Their name means roofed reptile. They are1.5 meters long. They lived during the Jurassic period. Their fossils have been found in India, Africa, U.S.A, and China.

By: Edward

T- rex walked on four feet. T-rex ate meat. Their name means tyrant lizard king. They were 40 feet long.

By: Franklin

The Apatosaurus' name means deceptive reptile. It eats plants. They have little heads, long necks, and tails.

By: Jada

The velociraptor can lay 30 eggs. His name means quick feet. He is a meat eater. He is fast and feathered. It walks on two feet.


The stegosaurus uses their tail to fight. They ate grass. The piece on their backs is called bony plates. They walked on four feet.

By: Jesse

The name of my dinosaur is Pteranodon. The name means winged and toothless. The diet is fish. They had two wings, two legs, and two claws. They have been found in Tanzania, France, Germany, and England.

By: Kamar

I learned about the pteranodon. They ate fish. They fly up in the sky. It had two feet.

By: Landen

The T-Rex ate meat. Babies came out of eggs. The adults have sharp teeth and a big jaw. They had big legs.

By: Layla

A T-rex is a dinosaur. His name means tyrant lizard king. They eat meat. They walked on 2 legs. They are big.

By: Lena

I picked the Triceratops because they fight really hard. Its name means three horned face. They eat grass and are really fast.


The velociraptor can run fast. They watch for movement and if you move they will get you. They eat fish and are 12 feet long. It walks on two feet.

By: Olivia

The T-rex is a meat eater and he is 40 feet toll. Girls lay 40 eggs. There name means tyrant lizard king. They have a big head.

By: Triston

The Stegosaurus had bony plates. Their name means roofed reptile. He eats plants. It walked on four feet.

Dinosaurs - Mrs. Griffin's Class 2010-2011  

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