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Recessat 90 above

By: Auston and Dylan Banks Elementary School Kinston, NC 2nd and 5th grade collaborative writing project

We wear shorts, a T- shirt, socks and tennis shoes before we go to school. We get to school around 7:55-8:00. We start off the day with A.R. and A.M. Then Math, next we get to Reading and last we have written Expression. After that we go to RECESS!!!!!! When we go to recesswe play on the big blue slides, zip line, yellow monkey bars. We even play tag, hide and go seek, kickball, soccer, swing and you tell me, there's so much more! Then at the end of recessmy teacher raises her hand and says "5th grade time to go!"(What do you do at recess?)We come back inside for CNNStudent (learning website.) Then we have lunchtime, YUM!!!! After that we do Science and Social Studies, Boo! Then we have specials (Art, P.E.,Music, technology and so on.) Then we have dismissal then we have to go!

Recess At 90 Above 3  

Students in Mrs. E. Eubanks’ second grade class and Mrs. Willis’ fifth grade class wrote collaboratively on their iPods, basing their writin...