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Bats by Mrs. Arthur’s First Grade Class 2013

Bats are the only flying mammal. They are nocturnal. They can fly at night. Bats can eat 1,200 mosquitos per hour. They can’t see in the dark. Bats eat insects. They live over 20 years.


Bats Bats eat fruit. Bats hang upside down Bats. Bats sleep during the day and fly at night. That means they are nocturnal. Bats smell well.


Bats Have sharp teeth. Bats have two fingers. Bats have wings bats have fur and some bats eat fruit Bats fly at night . Bats hang upside down in caves.


Bats Bats fly at night. They can’t see well in the dark. They can hear using echolocation. Bats have big ears. Bats can live 20 years. Bats are nocturnal. That means they fly at night.


Bats Bats hang up side down. Bats eat insects. Same Bat like drinking nectar from flowers. Bat has fur Bats do not have a beak. Bats fly.


Bats Bats eat good fruit. Vampire bats fly at night. A ghost bat is white. Bats are nocturnal. Bats hang up side down on branches.


Bats Bats can fly at night. Bats can live for over 20 years. They have fur. Small bats fly at night too. Bats eat fish, fruit, insects and frogs.


Bats fly at night. Some bats live in cave. Bats eat fish, flowers, fruit, and insects. Some bats are different. Bats can’t see well.

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Bats Bats eat fruit. Bats do no have a beak. Bats have little baby bats called pups. Bats can hang upside down . Bats fly at night. Bats have big ears.


Bats fly at night. A Bat has fur. Bats are nocturnal creatures that roost during the day in caves, trees or man made boxes. The largest bat is the Flying Fox with a wing span of up to 6 feet. The smallest is the Kitts Hog Nosed bat with a wing span of less than 6 inches.


Bats have fur. Bats eat fruit. Bats eat flowers. Bats eat fish. Bats Bite animals. Vampire Bats have sharp teeth.


Bats Bats can eat bees. Bats can fly. Bats can hang upside down. Bats have baby pups. Bats have sharp teeth.


Bats Bats do not have a beak. Bats do not have feathers. They have fur. Bats have big ears. They have small thumbs. Bats have sharp claws. There is a bat in the world that is 6 feet long. There is one small bat. It is the Itty-Bitty Bat and it is 2 inches long. The Fruit Bat is 6 feet long.


Bats New born bats rely on the milk from their mothers. A bat can live over20 years. Bats can hang up side down. All bats are mammals.


Bats are the only mammal that fly. Bats use echolocation to know what is in front of them. Bats catch their food at night.


Bats Bats hang upside down. Bats are nocturnal. Bats have a thumb and four fingers. Bats have the best hearing of all land mammals.


Bats Bats are nocturnal. They fly at night. bats eat fruit. Bats eat 1,200 insects in a hour. Bats can be as big as a cat. Bats live over 20 years. Bats do not have a beak.


Bats Bats fly at night. Bats fly very fast. They eat mosquitoes, flowers, fish, and fruit. They can be tiny and big. Bats can be two inches long and up to 6 feet long.


Bats do not sleep during day time. They sleep at night time. Bats smell great and bats don’t see good. Bats have dark fur and the little white bat has white fur. Bats eat insects, fruit, flowers, and frogs.


Bats Bats eat insects. A bat is a mammal that flies. Bats hang upside down. Bats are nocturnal. Some bats eat fruit. They can’t see in the dark. They use echolocation to find insects.


Bats A bat’s mouth has lots of teeth. Bats can live forever 20 years. Bats hang up side down. Bats are warm blooded. Fruit bats are 6 feet long.


Bats Bats have two wings. Bats have big ears. Bats have two legs and claws on the ends. The claws help them hang upside down on branches or in caves. Bats can live for 20 years.


Arthur bat slide show 2013  

Mrs. Arthur's first grade students studied bats and wrote and illustrated what they learned.

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