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Recessat 90 Above

By: Adrianna and Kaitlyn Banks Elementary School Kinston, NC 2nd and 5th grade collaborative writing project

The way our recessis that after our morning lessonswe go out for recess.When Mrs. Eubanks' class goesoutside, we play football or kickball. I hang out and talk with my friends or walk around. In the summer we wear shorts and short sleeves.I sometimes spin Tityana on the swing. On most days our teacher let's us stay outside a little while longer. When we stay inside we play Everybody's It and The Blob. What are some activities y'all do inside? What was your recesslike when you were little? One time at recessa 5th grader hit me in the head! When it's time to go in Mrs. Willis raises her hand and says "5th grade!"

Recess at 90 Above  

Students in Mrs. E. Eubanks’ second grade class and Mrs. Willis’ fifth grade class wrote collaboratively on their iPods, basing their writin...

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