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The Problems We’ve Created  

TABLE OF CONTENTS   Discrimination in the World-Harry  The discrimination needs to stop because WE ARE HUMAN! 

Our Image-Meha  The images that we have created of each other are important to destroy. 

Help the Veterans-Leo  As people of our society we should support our troops. 

Equality is Important - Nour   If you want people to care about show you care and help everyone. 

Race Equality- Reem  Everyone should be treated fairly, and should not be judged by their race. 

Discrimination in The World BY: Harry Ferguson 

We Have a Problem   A survey of 811 women, 99 percent experienced discrimination by men, 1  in 4 African Americans get racist comments a night. 8 out of 10 people with  disabilities get bullied a day. People need to stop being  discriminated no matter if they are a girl or a boy, black or  white or have a disability. We need to put a stop to this  because of everyone matters.  

Civil Rights   I believe skin colour is one of the most discriminated  topics. According to Newsela, a black baseball player went  up to bat and got racist remarks towards him from the  crowd he felt embarrassed and then afterwards his coach  told the public that it was not right so after at his next game  everyone was screaming sorry, your amazing and things like  that. Later Adam told the public and press that all Adam  wanted was to be normal, what Adam meant was to look at  his inside, not his skin colour. This shows that black people  are getting racism and it needs to stop because it is not right  ever. This matters because the world could be a better and  more peaceful world if people looked inside and not out.    

Disadvantages   A famous scientist/mathematician said this  when trying to find an assistant to help him  with his experiments when one of the  candidates told him not to choose one of the  other candidates due to a disability this is  when he said “Everybody is a Genius. But If  You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree,  It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is  Stupid”-Albert Einstein. Bob Woodward 

Proved this when he interviewed his father who tried out for Alberts assistant and heard about it. Bob’s interview shows how people need to  consider that just because people have a disability does not mean they  are not human they are just having to work harder in their daily lives            

Women Rights Women and young ladies are  constantly discrimination and it is not  right. A review of 811 ladies showed  that 99 percent experienced  segregation by men. The survey of 811  women explains how men think they  are superior to women but really they  are not. The fact that in 1918 men over  21 were allowed to vote and then took  the Congress of America another 10  years for women to vote is wrong. The  reason this is wrong is that women  matter just as much as men do so the fact that it took the Congress of America  a whole 10 years to finally get women to vote is not needed and wrong      

What we Need to do Individuals need to quit being segregated regardless of in the event that they  are a young lady or a kid, dark or white or have a disadvantage. We have to put  a stop to this in the light of the fact that everybody matters. People have to be  able to walk and talk without being segregated and if you see this thing  happening, stop being a bystander and do something about it because this  needs to end NOW!    

Our Image  by: Meha Raina    Looks play a critical role in how every individual distinguishes themselves and  others. Often we are discouraged based on our skin tone, gender, race and what others  think of ourselves. We lose our self-esteem and get pressured by our surroundings  because we don’t want to be ‘different’. We are all human. We were made to be different.  We are beautiful. And we need to start realizing that we are never going to be the perfect  people that we are pressured into being. We are diversely beautiful in ways we don’t  even think of. And we, as a team, a community, a whole, should freely be able to be who  we truly are, and who we want to be; race, ethnicity and gender shouldn’t stop us from  doing this. We shouldn’t be raindrops; each the same, dull and gray- but snowflakes;  elegant and diverse in our own way.   

Sexism and your TV  Stereotypes of women are one of the creators of the raindrops that we are coming  to be. According to an article called “Hair and Makeup of Female News Anchors ,” by  Allure, “The expectations for male anchors are not as exacting as those for their female  counterparts.” The beauty experts in the dressing room of the anchors also say that they  work on women right up  close to their face for over  40 minutes every single  day. Is this really  necessary? Were tv shows  destined to have women  with a layer of makeup and  skirts? Allure also states  that in the perspective of a  female anchor, “The minute  you do one thing wrong,  they blast you. Women are  held to such a high, high  standard. And you need to  look good, be beautiful  because if you don’t, you  get turned off.” These  gender roles are harmful to women. They put a fit stereotype of how women should look  and act, just because of their gender. Women should be accepted to wear what they wish 

to wear,‘boy clothes or not. Katie Couric, an anchor of CBS, NBC, ABC, and Yahoo!, dislikes this too. In an article by Allure, Couric flatly states,“I just don’t think turning  everyone into a Barbie doll is a good thing. It’s very objectifying to women. I want to  look more like the people watching me.” She later adds, “I didn’t want to wear a hugely  expensive couture Dolce & Gabbana suit because a) I’m frugal and b) I don’t like the  message it sends — it wasn’t me.” Women weren’t always made to be pretty and fit for  fancy clothes, and they don’t necessarily want to wear horrendous amounts of makeup  everyday just to fit the standards and look ‘normal’ while presenting to the audience.  And it's not always true that we want to see those shiny layers of lip gloss while watching  women talk on tv. Let women wear what they want to be, and more importantly, be who  they want to be. 

Basketball is for All  Religion is also one of the areas where citizens should be able to do this.Many  countries such as Belgium and Austria have banned hijab wearing in public. This is  cruel, and discrimination towards muslim women, saying that they have the right to  follow their religion. But it has gotten further than this. In an article called “Slam dunk  for Muslim women!” , by Newsela, Bilqis Abdul Qadir, a Muslim woman living in the  U.S, wasn’t able to move on with her basketball dream due to her hijab and the rule of  no hijabs in FIBA. Hijabs are headwear that muslim women are recommended to wear  due to religious reasons.“Wearing  a hijab can be a very personal  choice. But a hijab is not the only  thing that a Muslim woman  stands for,”Bilqis said."It's hard  being a young Muslim woman in  America. It takes strength to walk  outside and look different than  anyone else." We should be proud  of our religions, not have to find  courage in ourselves to face the  society just because of our  religions. Muslim women are also  falsely seen to be ‘quiet’ and to do  what they are told. After FIBA  eventually raised the ban, Bilqis  said that ‘there are no words for  the feelings she's having.’ Bilquis,  as a role model, shows the world that they can break down the barriers that we have 

created,by fighting for what we love. We all seek freedom and opportunities, and religious followings should never be the barrier stopping us from pursuing our dreams.   

The Colors of Racism  We need to be able to be who we are, not let others make us be who we aren’t.  Racist stereotypes continue with the thought that they are a lightly taken joke. In an  article by Newsela called “One Way for Actors to Fight Racism is to Create Their Own  Content ,” Justin Chon fights through money and what’s right in the film industry. Chon  had been asked to try out for an acting part that he felt might have been racist. He said,  “I thought that I would be unemployed if I said no to every single part that might be  racist.” This was crucial to this actor because, in the past, he had done fake Chinese  accents for T-Mobile commercials, because ‘if he didn’t do it, someone else would’.  Justin added, “A few actors had gathered together and were talking very seriously….I  asked them how the tryout went. One told me disgustedly, ‘They want an Asian accent.’ I  was disturbed.” Even acting in a fake Asian accent portrays Asians in a racist and  offensive way. Accents shouldn’t be mean or mocking towards the audience. And they  shouldn’t ever be used just for the splash of comedic effect;accents are a part of ethnicity  and not a topic of ridicule. Justin Chon is currently working on creating a new movie  about 2 Korean brothers. He said that he wanted a true Asians voice to be heard in the  right way. Justin has the right,which no one can take away from him,to show the world  the real Asian side to life;not the superficial accents that we have been falsely seeing.    In the words of Christina Aguilera, “We're beautiful, no matter what they say.”  We should be able to be who we want, and who we are; nobody should be able to stop us  from doing that. Keep in mind that there’s no point of going out of your way to be  accepted. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror, you should see yourself as  diverse and beautiful. You are a snowflake, an individual,a craft of importance. Because  there is no ugly, there is no way to be ‘good enough’. Don’t let others pollute your  self-esteem with the words of ‘popularity’ and materialistic idiocy, but embrace yourself  and acknowledge the colors and diversity of this world. Because we are snowflakes;  diverse and beautiful in our own ways. So be yourself, with no shame, because that’s the  best person you can be. And that can fix just one of the problems that we’ve created.               

Help The Veterans  By: Leonidas Pacheco  “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”John F. Kennedy  said this before the united nations on september 25, 1961. I believe that this is completely true.  Slowly war is killing mankind and the soldiers who deal with it are not getting the treatment that  they deserve. In World War 2 about 80 million soldiers were killed alone and thousands more  were injured and about 8,572,054 died in world war one with millions more injured. Soldiers are  the ones that have to deal with the wars so they should be treated with the proper care.   

Veteran Possible Mental Issues  Over the years war has caused multiple deaths. To soldiers who have seen death, this  can cause trauma. Soldiers should be helped with things such as trauma. Trauma is bad  because it can lead to a person losing their sense of security and responding in multiple bad  emotions. This can also  cause them to have  flashbacks which would  mean that they see, hear,  and smell the place that  caused the trauma.  These are called triggers.  Trauma can also cause  other things such as: lose  of self­efficacy, as well as  to lose the ability to  regulate emotions and  navigate relationships.  People who experience trauma might turn to Psychoactive substances such as Alcohol. They  turn to these things to escape or dampen the feelings they get from trauma. After a while,  emotional exhaustion might set in. This could lead to distraction and the difficulty or even  impossibility of thinking clearly. Instead of letting the soldiers fight trauma alone, people should  help the soldiers deal with trauma.   

What is being done to help  In some countries such as brittain they have  taken action to help wounded soldiers. This  is not enough. According to the  Independent, a British newspaper, soldiers  will receive the resources that they need  And that if the soldiers are wounded in  battle, that they will receive the best care  they can receive which includes long term 

care. Even though this is a good thing, The british government closed all dedicated military  hospitals. This is bad because In the war in iraq, many soldiers that were injured have to go to  NHS units that were unprepared for them. In some cases, Mixing military and the public caused  “friction”. countries need to have places for soldiers recuperate from any possible injuries.     

What Can I do to Help?  Whether it is a war dog or a soldier wounded or traumatized, we should help them.  Whether you are a child or a parent you could help the soldiers. You can donate money to  organizations such as  the VOC(Veterans Outreach Center) or you can spread the word that  Soldiers need support. Remember that even as sixth graders that we are still aware of what is  happening in the world. We need to act now to support the soldiers. Some people are  supporting soldiers but that is not enough. We must all participate in the support of soldiers. 

Pictures­judge­patricia­marks­head­veterans­outreach­center­interim­bas is­about­her­pregnancy­british­soldier­gives­birth­on­t he­frontline/british­army­field­hospital­at­camp­bastion/     



Equality is Important By: Nour Kamel  “ ‘In early 2015, we began to see some signs that we were getting close.’ Google  engineer Nathaniel Fairfield said he is when the cars were able to drive on their own  longer without a human taking over.” From the article, Google allows a man who is  blind to test its new driverless car, by Newsela staff. This idea is important because this  makes the blind or disabled person think that people around him want to help and they  care about the other people around  the world. This idea shows that we  are all humans and all of the  humans should be treated equally.  Everyone wants to be represented  this shows that everyone is equal in  life and that everyone's voice  matters, so it is important to  represent everyone if you can,  people want to feel the same as in  happy.  It is great to be represented, for example, in Newsela there was an article that  said that the smartphone production companies should also add the emojis for the  Muslim people, as in add hijab to the ladies on the emoji board. Another way is that if  someone is blind and there is a funny video you could at  least describe what happens and they might feel thankful. I  had this idea after watching a video that shows the  reactions of the people in America, the producer, the  youtube channel FBE, that was helping make the video  ending up explaining what happened in the video in front  of the screen, since the elderly had a difficulty seeing what  was going on in the video. The elderly was happy to hear  and he started to laugh after imagining what happened in  the video.  Many people around the world are always holding back on doing what they like,  this is because there are people out there that are not helping to stop racism and  sexism in their everyday life. This makes them think that people do not care about them,  and they would go by being non-noticed. Even myself, my sister, she is 4 years old, was  in the park playing with the random kids that will play with her. When this boy came, 

was about her age, when she saw him she said, “I do not want to play with him,” That is when I asked her why, and she replied by saying, “I don’t want to play with him  because he is black!”. I was very surprised that at this age she would think in that way.  Also, it was offending to hear a 4-year-old say that, this is because there are people  around the world that are important to the life of everyone and all of them have a  different way of looking at things, I am not saying what you think is wrong, yet it is not  always right either. People around the world are different and will never be the same.  In the end, we all share the same world. Even though most of us have different  beliefs, all beliefs share the same thought of being kind to people and help people in  need. Think about YOUR belief, you will see that you have a place of improvement, to  change the way you look at the world and find out the things you can do to make the  world equal again. All I’m saying is you can represent someone in your own way, then  do it and make you and the people around you feel better. Keep in mind that you are a  human in this society and you can make a great change, by adding a smile on  someone’s face to representing people around you in all the different ways possible.    Here is a question you have to answer: What  would you do if you were compared to a person  with a higher rank? Also, nothing or I don’t care is  not an answer. You should not be “happy” and  “cheerful” when there is someone out there that  thinks that you are nothing and you do not matter  to the world, just like anyone worldwide. You should  not be “okay” when there is someone is bullying  someone out there, making someone out there feel  that they do not matter. I am not saying that you should not be happy, I’m saying that  you should care about what people think about the world around you, this is because  you do, making someone out there think they are worthless, you should not be okay  with any of this, and only you know how you can stop it in your own way. So, all I’m  asking is this if you feel that there is someone out there feels worthless, help them  make it stop.         

Race Equality 

  By: Reem Murad   

"It’s easier to empathize when we have similar experiences with someone  who looks the same as us," says Lauren Owen, a teacher with light skin and a  Harvard graduate. People are treated differently by their race and this isn’t right.  Everyone should be able to feel comfortable with where they are from or how  they look, and nobody should not be judged by their race.      According to the article, "Do teachers treat children  differently based on their color? Study says yes," dark­skinned  students are four times more likely to get suspended from  school than lighter skinned students and are two times more  likely to get expelled. This is because teachers tend to treat  black children harsher than white children. Researchers at Yale  University say this harshness towards black students is caused  by implicit bias which is treating or thinking that some people  can be better than others. Impact bias is unfair to everyone  because we all deserve to feel equal. It can make someone feel  like they can’t  do something that anyone can  do because of their race, which  isn’t right because everyone  has a chance for everything.    Another example for this is  from the article, Opinion:  Minority students can thrive if stress and bias are reduced, which says that  Abigail Fisher, a student with lighter skin tried to get into the University of Texas.  She failed, but she found out that someone who has dark skin but got a worse  grade had been accepted, which proves that they were judging Abigail Fisher by  her race instead of her grades. This is unfair because everyone should have an  equal chance of everything, and should not feel like they aren’t allowed to do  something because of their race.    In conclusion, people should not be judged by their race or skin color.  Everyone is the same even if they may not look like it, so everyone deserves to  be treated fairly. We should not assume something about a person because of 

their race. We need to make sure that everyone is feeling welcome and treated  fairly. Everyone should feel comfortable with their race, and should not feel like  people will judge them.           

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The Problems We've Created, by Leo, Meha, Nour, Reem, and Harry  
The Problems We've Created, by Leo, Meha, Nour, Reem, and Harry  

A mini magazine written by grade 6 students. All articles center around the concept of empathy.