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Table of contents -​Sports: Swimming​,Aliya Al Jamal, Swimming classes for disabled people and blind people should be all over the world.

-Muslims Around the World- Danial Pirwani Muslims People are being mistreated everyday globally. This should give you a hint of how they are treated.

-Muslim Women Shouldn’t have to Give Up: By Dania Qamar  How Muslim women are mistreated in America, and how they are forced to give up.   

-​“Don’t judge a disability by its visibility!”: Maryam Jawad Disabled people face difficulties everywhere, but no one realizes them for who they are inside.

- Racism In Sports  Racism towards sports fans and players and how you can help remove racism from  sports. 

Sports​:​Swimming ​

​ ​ By: Alia al jamal

“My weapon is my body, my element is water, my world is swimming”, Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps is a famous swimmer who is from Baltimore,  Maryland. He is a big medalist in swimming and I think he  inspired many disabled people and blind people. He inspired  blind people by showing that people can reach their goal, he  wrote your body is your weapon which explains that you  should use your body. Swimming classes for disabled +  blind people should be provided all over the world.    Swimming is good for blind people. There was a college  student that was blind and competed in a competition, it  was the high school student’s best personal score. Brint (the college student) treats  swimming how he treats people. Sometimes Brint barley beats someone in a race or  someone barley beats him. Brint said, ​“I like that I had good competition in every race”. ​I like  how Brint thinks of himself because some people lie to their teachers or parents and say  that I am brave and I believe in myself and that I  am going to win, but what ends up happening is  when the competition happens people think in their  head they can't do it and think of bad memories or  times that have happened. All disabled people  should believe in themselves more and blind people  should too so they can reach their goal.   Brint also likes swimming a lot, which is very  good. Some people that are disabled or blind want  to try swimming because they see normal people  that are non disabled having fun while swimming, so  they want to try it, even if they don't like it they’re  going to try to have fun because they want to seem “normal”. Brint tried and he knew he  was going to like it and have fun and he always wanted to reach his best score. Brint is  blind, so it's a good sign that he’s thinking of himself like that, because some people that are  disabled think bad things about themselves.    

The fact that people decided to make swimming lessons for disabled people is amazing and for kids it’s even more amazing. If a disabled kid wins a competition, how would  you think they would feel? They would be very happy about themselves that they  accomplished something they like and practiced half of their lives. When kids drown they  would know what to do because of these swimming lessons, so not only because if they  drown also they would know some skills from swimming lessons. Since there are swimming  lessons in Bosnia for disabled people, there should be swimming lesson all over the world for  disabled people. Bosnia, In my opinion I think are being very nice not a lot of people think like  Bosnia. People usually care about their life and some people show off their skills to people  and show the people they have money, that person that there showing of to is probably  thinking why isn’t that person giving money to poor people or helping others, since they have a  lot of money,why don't they also help ,disabled people and people that are blind or deaf.  People should think better. People should now that there are people in the world that need  help.     In conclusion people should care about people with disabilities. Some countries I think they  should do these swimming classes all over the world. People should work their best until they  reach their best score like Brint. Disabilities can’t stop anyone people should still try their  best. 

Muslims Around The World By:Danial Pirwani 

Once upon a time, all religions lived in peace no discrimination. Everyone was  treated equally. But as the years went by people started forming hate for each  other's religions. People started making frauds of the Muslim community. Showing  people like on the news how a terrorist group is Muslim. Muslims not knowing why  they were being accused of terrorism, And they were confused and wondering why  barely anyone wanted to accept them into their society. Non-Muslims were afraid  of Muslims and saying “Oh no terrorist!”. Muslims were being mistreated or  discriminated against for their jobs, their education, and many other things. I  think that this is unfair how Muslim people are being treated unfairly just because  someone says something bad about them, and that’s not how the world should work.  Muslim people are just people with a different religion with different beliefs, so  people are being discriminated by that for a job they apply to. Muslims are being  mistreated every day with jobs, homes, money and many other things that are  needed to live in life.  Muslims need to be treated fairly, have the same amount of things as other people,  food, water, shelter, and jobs.    

Why Disrespect To One Religion This is a story of Prophet Muhammed from  the Quran, of how he was mistreated  because he was preaching about the  religion of Islam. Once upon a time, there  is a city called Mecca it was a place where  a lot of people used to come to pray. You  see the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) before 

he was a prophet, people called him an honest one, and the caring one. Once he became a prophet, he started preaching in secret and only the weak and the poor  followed him. The leaders of Mecca started hearing rumors about how Prophet  Muhammed (PBUH) was preaching about a different religion. Once he went public,  the leaders got mad and they shut the Muslims down from any food or water. They  were kicked out of their own city. Stuck in one place with barely any food or water  for 3 long years. They finally escaped to a place called Abyssinia where they could  stay safe with a Christian king. When one of the leaders of Mecca came to bribe  the king with gold and many other valuables, but the king denied and let the  Muslims stay in peace and said: “I wouldn’t even take one gold coin for the  Muslims.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) movie. You see Muslim people were outcasted  and separated even back in the days. This proves my thesis statement by how  people mistreat each other just because of their religious beliefs. Sometimes  Muslims don’t get accepted for believing in what they believe in. The reason for  this is because of fighting. Each religion is accusing each other of different things,  one is trying to defend their belief the other is trying to say bad things about the  other religion and says that they are wrong and we are right. Then they get  physical sometimes but very rarely. One way is to rip or destroy the other  religion’s book. Just because someone doesn’t believe in what you do, does not mean  that you or they are wrong. Everyone has their own religions and everyone should  respect it. It’s not about your religion it’s really about who you really are, not what  people think who you are. Don’t judge someone by their beliefs judge them till you  get to know who they are from the inside.   

Muslim women should be allowed to wear their religious clothes. 

The boxing federation USA Boxing has asked AIBA,(International Boxing  Association) the international boxing group if that is OK. "We have 30,000 amateur  boxers in the United States," - Michael Martino. He also said  that "So if you make allowances for one religious group, what if  another comes in and says we have a different type of uniform  we have to wear? You have to draw a line someplace." But they  won’t allow it, but still, she wears it no matter what to  represent her religion. This all matters because Muslims are  also human beings, just because one group of “Muslims” are  going around being bad, but it doesn’t mean all of them are bad.  Muslims are discriminated all over the world because of the 

news, and people don’t understand that the religion Islam is also supposed to respected like all other religions. Also, it’s unfair to not allow certain religious  dresses during what someone is doing. Muslim Americans are also hated on for  doing basically nothing. Since Amaiya Zafar is not the only person to fight for her  religious rights. Like in FIFA which is a worldwide sport, and they still have allowed  people to wear their religious dresses during the games. So she is also trying to  bring it to the boxing community. This supports my thesis statement because it  shows how one can be so passionate about their religion that they insist on wearing  their religious scarf/hijab. This is showing how    


In conclusion, Muslims should have dignity in their lives and be treated rightfully during their daily lives. Muslims are being outcasted from many places just because  of their religion. Religion is just a belief, not a thing that should be used against  people for the things they need to stay mortally alive. Muslims should be able to do  what any normal person is able to do.    Muslims are normal people with different beliefs. I know that some people  disagree with Muslims and their religion. But why would people even judge them for  what they believe? Even before they get to know them? I am not Muslim, you are  not Christian, we are all one. We must respect one another every day, care for  each other no matter what religion. Keep in mind that we have to this now for each  other. Always for each other. And do it today go up to a Muslim person or a  Christian or any other religion someone follows and say, may peace be upon you.       


Muslim Women Shouldn’t have to Give Up By Dania Qamar  “We condemn any kind of abuse of Muslim women or  women anywhere in the world,” says Ibrahim Hooper, a  Muslim rights activist. But what about the ones who  don’t condemn this type of behavior? Muslim women  are normal women going about their normal lives.  Many women are neglecting to wear their hijab because  of their fear of being harassed. However, this should  not be the case. Muslim women are also being turned  down for jobs because of their hijab. You can imagine  how you would feel if you were also targeted because  of your differences. While sometimes the woman isn’t  actually qualified for the job, it’s not hard to imagine  getting turned down because of a religious headdress.  Hijabs are the number one way to recognize a Muslim  woman, since that’s what distinguishes them. Muslim  women are constantly facing harassment because of  something they wear. It’s really terrible to live in such  fear. Muslim women should not have to hide in fear  because of their appearance. They should not have to give up something because of someone’s  petty attempts to make them feel bad about themselves.   

The Things Muslim Women Face   Muslim women face horrible things because of a religious headdress. According to  Newsela, a news site, one young Muslim woman, Leilah Abdennabi, was shocked to find her  friend Sirat Al-Nahi crying in a cafe after she was taunted by a non-Muslim man. Al-Nahi told  Abdennabi that the man had said that “she should go back to Saudi Arabia” and told her she  didn’t know how to drive. He then proceeded to ask her, after Al-Nahi asked in shock to repeat  himself, that “Do you have a gun? You should just shoot me.” The restaurant staff acted like  nothing had happened, and seated the man and his friend. Abdennabi tried to get the managers to  help, but they said that she couldn't do anything about it. She later told the Los Angeles Times  that “No one was doing or saying anything. I was like, ‘Just so you guys know, we were told 

some very racist things at this restaurant and no one did anything because who cares about us?’ And someone shouted ‘Nobody.’” Just think about how Abdennabi must have felt. To be told  right to one’s face that nobody cares is just unfair. There are many other attacks on Muslim  women, too. The same article from Newsela reports a few incidents that a driver tried to run over  a Muslim woman, another Muslim woman called a terrorist and told to “get out of his country”  by a customer of hers, a pregnant Muslim woman had had her stroller pushed against her  stomach, and a young Muslim student who was yelled at and her headscarf was pulled by a man  in a parking lot. Another article states that a Muslim woman’s hijab was lit on fire. There are so  many attacks on these innocent women daily, that it is unethical that this is considered a norm in  some places.       

Why They Give Up   Many Muslim women immigrants are being pressured into neglecting to wear their  headscarf, thinking they don’t have the right to wear hijab, when in reality, they do. Usually, it is  the Muslim immigrants that feel this way. Occasionally these women are pressured into not  wearing their hijab anymore. However, this is understandable. The reason for this is, as the same  article in Newsela suggests, because immigrants are nervous and don’t have a strong belief in  their rights. Muslim women that have been living in America for their whole life are deeply  rooted in the belief that their rights are important, and they are confident because they know that  they have a right to wear this headscarf. Immigrant Muslims, however, are constantly losing  confidence and stop wearing their hijab, which contrasts with the countries that pressures young  women to wear a hijab. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the women, but they shouldn’t  be harassed for the choice they make. Muslim women in America are used to having some  people make fun of them. Unfortunately, immigrants are not used to this at all, and are obviously  surprised - and not in a good way - when they are confronted by someone who believes Muslim  women should not be allowed to come into America. Because they do not want to be harrased  again, they stop wearing hijab. As you can see, this is not okay, for multiple reasons. One of  them is that Muslim women make this choice, but then they are struck down for it. Another  reason is that Muslim women are being stripped of their right to express, and their right to  practice religion freely. People need to realize that not all Muslims are the same, that the  majority of Muslims are completely against the terrorist attacks.   

The Simple Thing You Can Do  

Muslim women are having to hide in fear because facing discrimination and microaggressions is obviously a frightening thing, and because of it, are losing faith in their  rights and are giving up on the hijab. Everyday, they have to face people who taunt, all the way  to people who resort to physical violence. Then, to top it all off, they give up and stop wearing a  headscarf. This, as you can see, is totally unjust and just not right. Muslim women are being  targeted because of something they wear, and that shouldn’t be true. Then, immigrant Muslim  women lose faith because of all of the hate they recieve. They stop wearing hijab to escape being  recognized as a Muslim. This stereotype of being a “terrorist” should not be in place anymore.  You can stop Muslim women from giving up by just treating them normally. It really is a simple  thing to do. The time to act is now. Would you really like it if you were made fun of because of a  tradition you had? Well, Muslim women go through this everyday, so just imagine yourself in  their position, and you’ll be finding yourself a hero in no time.             

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“Don’t judge a disability by its visibility!” By: Maryam Jawad Having a disability is a strength rather than a weakness. Everyone could work on being proud of their disabilities, as it only makes us stronger, and we are capable of learning how to focus on our abilities instead. “The worst part about a disability is that people look at 'it' before they look at you.” This famous quote was by Easter Seals, an organization of people that work with the disabled of all ages to encourage them, so they could reach their full potential. Easter Seals are attempting to change the way the world defines and views disabilities. This quote deciphers how people view disabilities before abilities. When somebody looks at a disabled person for the first time, they’ll presumably observe their disability before their ability. Disabled people are normal like we are, so they should be talked to and treated the right way. Disabled people should be known for their abilities and strengths, rather than their presence or disabilities. They wish to be managed the same way you wish to be managed. If they set their minds to something, they can do it. Disabilities aren’t who you are. Nobody has the right to criticize someone else established on their disabilities, which they were born with. “A swimming club for Bosnian children who are disabled”, written by Los Angeles Times, is one exemplification from Newsela. It’s about a disabled kid who’s showing off his abilities, and he’s trying his best. This article talks about a swimming club for young children. They allowed a disabled kid with no arms in their group. This boy's name is Ismail Zulfic. Ismail was born with no arms, but that doesn't keep him out of the pool, as he will never give up hope! Zulfic joined a swimming club with other young children, all around his age. Ismail is 6, and his coach, who fights Bosnia’s (a place in Europe), taught him how to swim. This warms my heart, for the reason as these young kids, in Ismail’s group, can change the way he thinks, the rest of us can do the same. Disabled kids are as capable of doing everything as we are. This community of people should be treated the same way you would want to be treated. If they set their minds to it, they can do anything they want! ​ The disabled have a greater amount of capabilities than disabilities​. This next article from Newsela, “Football fan lost his sight, but kept his dream, worked, and eventually made the team,” is about a football player, Jake Olson, who lost his sight but didn't give up his dream. He lost his left eye due to cancer at 10 months, but he was 12 when the doctors decided to remove his right eye too. Completely blind, the kid loves football, and he manages to balance those together to play his favorite sport. The football team accepted him, as he tried his best, and his perseverance and

ability to never stop helped him reach his goal. He is also an excellent long snapper, which is a very difficult skill to learn, which shows that he is a special player, and shows how perseverance helps you learn. Disabled people should not be treated differently. In conclusion, you should remember that having a disability isn't a choice, so you shouldn't judge someone for having a disability. They have strengths, too, so why not focus on what they can do rather than what they can't do? Having a disability strengthens your thoughts, and you will learn about your abilities too! People with disabilities should be treated just as you would treat your best friend. Nobody likes being treated differently. They call for only your respect and kindness. These little details can affect their thoughts and lives! Think about how the little details affect their lives, like walking away from them, staring, or looking away, telling them they can't do something when they haven’t even tried, whispering about them behind their back, etc... All these examples, and further, can influence and affect someone's life. Some phrases never leave someone's head and can change how someone thinks about themselves. The next time you see a disabled person, treat them like a normal person. When they realize that how they are being handled and talked to isn’t ‘normal’, they won't feel any better. Most people call them ‘cute’, but the truth is, they're as sophisticated and valuable as you are, and are more than that. If you catch someone talking about someone's disabilities, stop them, and tell them to focus on their abilities. You need to learn to see beyond a person’s disability.

Racism In Sports By Juan Prados “Any time there's racism somewhere in sports, we should get it out of there because sports is a place where everything's supposed to be fair”. This was said by Ice Cube, an american anti-racism, actor and rapper. I agree that racism should not have anything to do with sports because sports is an activity that people from anywhere and any culture can come and do the thing they love without having to be labeled. Racism is a big problem and should not be tolerated in sports. An example of racism is with the MLB, Cleveland Indians. According to Newsela, ​The Cleveland Indians is a baseball team with a very controversial, racist name and logo. Chief Wahoo is the logo/mascot of the Cleveland Indians baseball team and is a cartoon caricature of a stereotypical Native-American face. Chief Wahoo has been part of the Cleveland Indians baseball team since 1947, and is a very recognized symbol towards the team. Many people find the logo racist and also the team name. Especially Native-Americans themselves have said, “Stop caricaturing us.” The distaste towards the logo has become more and more recognized and in 2013, Wahoo was replaced from the team’s baseball caps with a block letter C. This is a good step towards removing the logo, even though the logo will still appear on the jerseys, it shows that the team listens to its fans and knows how to respond. The logo will also be completely removed from the teams uniform in 2019. Another example of racism with major teams is the Washington Redskins. The Washington Redskins are an NFL team and have a racist name towards Native-Americans. The racism has to do with the stereotype of Native-Americans having redskin. The name has caused a lot of controversy and hate because of the way it makes Native-Americans feel. In 1997, the Washington Post conducted a poll and figured out that 9/10 Native-Americans did not have a problem with the team name; Redskins. It was then figured out that the people claiming to be Native-Americans on the poll, were in fact not. Over the past 20 years the controversy has been going on and on with people claiming to be Native - Americans, just to weigh in their own opinions. Although the real opinion of Native-Americans towards the name is not confirmed, the

name is nonetheless racist, and should not have anything to do with sports and sports fans who should not be labeled. Racism in sports does not only come in team names and logos, but actual sports fans have yelled racist things at the players. An example of this is Adam Jones. Adam Jones is an AfricanAmerican baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles. According to Newsela, while Jones was in the outfield, he could hear racist remarks being shouted at him from the other teams fans, which were the Red Soxs. I think this is a problem that has lasted way too long. Sports players from any race and religion, should be able to play the game they love without having to be judged. Red Sox officials almost immediately apologized for their fans behaviour. Even the mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, regarded the situation and responded by saying, “We are better than this.” The following day, during the first inning, Jones went up to bat. As he walked to the plate the entire stadium gave the player a standing ovation as a way to show their support no matter his race. He responded by saying that he appreciates all the support and stated, “ I don’t need all that stuff. Just be normal.” Adam Jones is right. The right away to appreciate this player is by cheering on when he plays, the reason that they are cheering is because of the racist remarks. The racist remarks should not have happened whatsoever, and the crowd should just act ‘normal’. In conclusion, racism should not be anywhere near sports because sports are where people from all cultures and races can come and play the game they love. Honestly, racism should not be tolerated anywhere, but a good place to start would be getting rid of it in sports. Something you can do to help is call someone out. It doesn’t have to be rude, but if you hear someone making racist comments towards players or fans, call them out and have your friends back you up, try to make that person feel ashamed for being racist and really support the person that is being yelled racist comments at, so that they can feel good and keep doing what they’re doing.

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Decency, by Alia, Juan, Dania, Maryam, Danial  

A mini magazine written by grade 6 students. All articles are centered around the concept of empathy.

Decency, by Alia, Juan, Dania, Maryam, Danial  

A mini magazine written by grade 6 students. All articles are centered around the concept of empathy.