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2011 National 4-H Congress A Tribute to Our Sponsoring Donors and A Salute to Our Aspiring 4-H Members

The 4-H Foundation works proudly to raise supporting funds for each National 4-H Congress participant.

For more than 85 years, 4-H youth have aspired to attend the prestigious National 4-H Congress. In 2011, our Arkansas teens traveled to Atlanta, Georgia. They particpated in a range of educational sessions, met outstanding youth from other states, celebrated their 4-H accomplishments, learned from adult leaders in technical and social sciences, expanded their personal horizons and, of course, went to dances. Congress is a life-changing experience, and you have made it possible for these deserving students.

The Arkansas 4-H Foundation thanks each of the following 2011 donors who contributed to National 4-H Congress scholarships. Their generosity is deeply appreciated. Arkansas Adult Leaders Association Arkansas 4-H Alumni Association Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation Arkansas Livestock Show Association Dairy Farmers of America Epsilon Sigma Phi Riceland Foods Foundation Southern Ginners Association Sue Marshall Endowment Sam and Helen Walton Endowment Arkansas County Agriculture Agent Association Arkansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents Arkansas Association of Extension Specialists Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Amy Patterson Anne Sortor Beverly McNew Bill Hester Bill Russell Bob Blake Bob Roten Brian Helms Claude Clement

Dale Killian Donna Graham Doyne Potts Elizabeth Childs Ella Geisler Frank Jones Frank Plafcan Gail Clark Joel and Kim Harrison LaVerne Feaster Mark Bryles Martha and Mike May Mary Dunn Michael Wright Nan Snider Priscella Thomas Randel Price Rich Maples Ruben Johnson Ted Jones Tony Baker Tony Windham William Woodall Woody Miley

Because of our generous donors, these Arkansas 4-H Youth had the opportunity to take part in National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia. The Arkansas 4-H Foundation would like to share the experiences the youth gained. Who better to tell the 2011 National 4-H Congress stories and thank the donors than the 4-H youth themselves!

Mikaela C. Benton County

After attending the 2011 National 4-H Congress, Mikaela plans to bring International Service Projects and more 4-H visibility to her community. Her favorite part of the trip was meeting new people and the workshops. She also said she was able to learn more about how 4-H works in other states. “Thank you a thousand time over. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Nathan C. Benton County

Nathan says the most profound thing he learned at National 4-H Congress was, “No matter how extreme, you should set goals.” His favorite experiences of the trip were the workshops and community service.

Kaylin C.

Benton County

“[National 4-H Congress] is so different from any club, county, or state event you will ever attend. It opens your eyes to people all over the country.” “Always put others before yourself – not above yourself,” is the most profound thing she said she learned. To the donors she said, “Thank you so very much! I would have never had an opportunity like this without your help.”

Seth D.

Garland County

Seth thinks that it is important for the future youth of Arkansas to attend National Congress because “You get so much out of it and take so much back to your state.” He wants the donors to know, “We couldn’t do it without you. You have no idea how much we get out of this conference.”

Miranda H. Sevier County

After National 4-H Congress, Miranda was determined to “at least [make] a difference in one person’s life. . .” Her favorite part of the trip was learning etiquette at the Ritz. “Thanks for giving me this great opportunity because not many kids my age get to experience what we did.”

Haley H.

Benton County

Haley said of her time at the National 4-H Congress, “On a scale of 1-10, 10! It is an amazing experience!” She said she learned to “Put others before yourself and no matter how big your goals may be, you can achieve them!” “Thank you, thank you, thank you! We wouldn’t [have been there] if it wasn’t for you!”

Aaron J.

Benton County

Aaron learned at National 4-H Congress that; “There really are no limits to what a person can accomplish.” He also said, “This conference has given me more confidence in myself. I don’t have to change the world. I just have to change myself.” “Thank you so much. This trip has changed my life. The friends I have made and the things I’ve learned will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Rebekah L. Crawford County

Rebekah said the most profound thing she learned at National 4-H Congress was “No matter how big your goals are, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.” She thanks the donors by saying, “Thank you so very much! Without you all, many of us wouldn’t be able to attend!”

Sarah M. Benton County

Sarah said National 4-H Congress gives youth a “chance to decide where [they] are in their lives and could change them forever.” To the donor she said, “This is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was a life changing experience and I would do it all over again if I could.”

Laura M.

Conway County

At National 4-H Congress, Laura learned “To be humble, you do not have to put yourself down -- just think of others more and yourself less.” She added that she wants to share the new 4-H campaign, Join the Revolution of Responsibility, with her community. “This trip was incredibly fun and the knowledge I obtained will in turn impact my community. Thank you so much!!!”

Gabrielle P. Ashley County

Gabrielle hopes to share the importance of community service with her own community. She feels the most important thing she learned at National 4-H Congress was “to set goals and reach for those goals no matter how difficult.” To the donors who made it possible for her to attend she says, “I had a lot of fun and it was a great experience. I met so many people, and the tour I went on (CNN) helped me to see in depth of what I would like to do in life.”

Harlee R.

Franklin County

At National 4-H Congress, Harlee says “I learned to set my goals higher, because no goal is ever too large.” Her favorite Congress experience was the night of culture. She wants the donors to know how much she enjoyed the trip and that she will always remember it.

Brianne R.

Independence County

Brianne said it is too difficult to pick just one favorite experience from National 4-H Congress. She said it is important for the youth of Arkansas to continue to attend National 4-H Congress because they “learn about 4-H in other states and meet new people.”

Chris R.

Pulaski County

Chris would like to share the knowledge he gained at National 4-H Congress about becoming a better global citizen with his community. His favorite experiences while at Congress were the dances and the aquarium. “Thank you for all of your support. This is a completely amazing experience.”

Jessica R. Benton County

Jessica feels the most profound thing she learned at National 4-H Congress was “how we can make a difference by little things.” Her favorite part of Congress was the State Brunch at the Ritz. She wants to tell the donors, “Thank you so much!”

Ace R.

Howard County

Ace learned at National 4-H Congress “that even the little things that we do can make a big difference in my club, community, and world.” Ace says he also learned new leadership styles. He would like the donors to know that he had an amazing time, and he is so thankful for their donations.

Jennifer S. Boone County

Jennifer says she learned at National 4-H Congress, “If you set outrageous goals for yourself, you can achieve things you would never have expected of yourself before.” “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was such a special experience; I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

Dakota S. Searcy County

At National 4-H Congress, Dakota learned that, “Someone, anyone, can make the simplest move and create the greatest change.” Dakota said he plans to teach camps based on what he learned at Congress. His favorite experiences were the ballroom dancing and food. “Thank you for changing me into a better person and a better leader than I ever was before. Thank you for giving me so many wonderful first time experiences.”

Sayer S.

Benton County

From National 4-H Congress, Sayer learned that “4-H is full of different kinds of people and cultures.” Sayer’s favorite experience from Congress were the two dances. He feels that National 4-H Congress gives youth the opportunity to experience what 4-H is like in other states.

Raeonia T.

Jefferson County

The most profound thing Raeonia learned from National 4-H Congress was to “Challenge yourself beyond what you think you can do.” Her favorite experience of the trip was the tour of the Coca Cola factory. She says Congress is important because “it brings you out of your shell and you meet many people.” She wants to thank the donors because without them, she would have never been able to attend National 4-H Congress.

Paige T.

Pope County

Paige’s favorite parts of the National 4-H Congress were the speakers and the State Brunch at the Ritz. She wanted the donors to know, “without the financial support it is highly possible that some of us could not attend. This is an absolutely amazing trip and I feel extremely lucky to have been on this trip.”

Lensey W. Benton County

Lensey learned “how to think of others before yourself” at National 4-H Congress and she wants to share that knowledge with her community. Her favorite experiences of Congress was meeting new people and the dances. “Thank you so much for supporting the National 4-H Congress. I truly had an amazing experience and have memories that will stick with me for a lifetime.”

Trae W.

Benton County

Learning “to set my goals higher than my expectations and to put my peers first and me last” is the most important things he learned at National 4-H Congress. His favorite experience of the trip was touring Turner Field. He says it is important for future youth to attend National 4-H Congress “so they can learn very important skills and just experience the atmosphere of meeting new people.” “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience this outstanding trip. Without the donors none of these great memories would be possible.”

Meredith W. White County

Meredith enjoyed gaining knowledge about healthy cooking and community service projects at National 4-H Congress and plans to share both with her county. Her favorite experience was the international dinner. She says it is important for future youth to attend Congress “to get out of [their] shell, spread [their] wings, meet new people and have new experiences.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t put into words how much I have grown and learned in this short time and I can’t wait to tell people!”

Heath Y.

Searcy County

Heath’s favorite part of National 4-H Congress was going to the Zoo. He said it is important for the future youth of Arkansas to attend National 4-H Congress so they can meet new people. Heath says it best! “Thank you!”

Priscella Thomas-Scott

4-H Youth Development Specialist State organizer for the Arkansas National Congress Event

The Arkansas 4-H Foundation gives a special thanks to Priscella Thomas-Scott for helping make the trip to National 4-H Congress possible. Arkansas 4-H is the youth development program conducted by the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service. Members of 4-H can select from many activities and project areas ranging from automotive to clothing to space camp.

It is amazing to think that the Arkansas 4-H Foundation started 60 years ago. Our leaders had sharp foresight to create an organization that solely supports our 4-H youth development endeavors. They knew it would take broad-based, state-wide support to create, sustain and grow programs for the diverse, ever-evolving needs of our young people. The decades of Foundation achievement are impressive. Look what we’ve done in just the last 10 years:  $8,770,000 raised and donated to the 4-H youth development endeavors in Arkansas  $433,000 given in college scholarships to 481 Arkansas youth  Continued expansion and operation of the C. A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center in Central Arkansas where more than 235,000 youth and adults have worked, played and learned  Construction and operation of the Donald W. Reynolds Continuing Education Center with state-of-the-art conference, meeting and in-door education facilities that are now used by 150 to 200 groups each year  Enthusiastic support for 4-H Youth Development program which is conducted in every county in Arkansas, successfully reaching more than 130,000 young people this past year These achievements are shared by every 4-H alumnus, volunteer, parent and participant who has ever given back to 4-H through the Foundation. Together, we have done a lot. Now, let’s do even more. Consider contributing to the Arkansas 4-H Foundation. Whether it is National 4-H Congress, college scholarships or summer camp, you can support — with 4-H pride — the youth of today, the leaders of tomorrow.

Contact: Dr. Brad Davis, Executive Director Ms. Eileen Oldag, Development Officer Mrs. Amanda Hodge, Development Associate 501-492-3309 Like us on Facebook!

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National 4-H Congress 2011  

Words of thanks expressed by Arkansas 4-H youth who attended the National 4-H Congress trip in 2011. Thank you to the donors who go above an...

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