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Getting Started with Eviews This half day course gives delegates a gentle introduction to the absolute basics of using the Eviews package. Delegates may wish to take this course before taking our AHM Eviews courses.


Familiarity with Windows is assumed – saving, opening files; creating folders.


TBA, subject to there being at least 4 delegates attending. Morning session or afternoon session (3 hour session)


Central London venue (UK)


The course is based on the course text provided on the day.


The number of delegates is capped at 10, and there is at least one trainer. This is enough for each delegate to receive individual help throughout the day.


Delegates bring their own laptops with Eviews version 6 or 7 loaded


200 GBP 100 GBP for full-time students

Course content Fundamentals  Opening and closing workfiles  A tour of the workfile  Getting data into Eviews (cross-sectional, time series, and panel data)  Eviews objects

Charting and creating variables  Creating charts  Exporting charts to presentation packages  Constructing new variables

FAQ How is the training delivered? For each topic, we cover the concepts in a non-algebraic way; a demonstration which delegates mimic; exercises to practise the technique using the package.

What version of Eviews should I have installed. Have one of versions 6 or 7 installed. We shall use version 6.

What does the fee cover? The fee covers:   

instruction room hire course manual, which includes solutions for the exercises

Do you provide training on weekends? We can run courses on a Saturday if there is demand Do you provide in-house training? We can bring the course to your organisation. All you have to do is provide the PCs, delegates, and a data projector.


Getting Started with Eviews  

A half day course