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“Tell me a story, we will be friends”

Tepegöz Turkish short story Author of the story is Dedem Korkut

Tepegöz is a famous Turkish tale. We summarized the tale from the origin, and illustrated with some of our drawings.

Coordinator: Ahmet OVA

Karapınar İlköğretim Okulu, Karasu, Turkey

January 2013 1


Once upon a time enemy forces attack Oghuz lands (Azerbaijan and Turkish lands).

When local Oghuz villagers retreat, the son of Aruz is left behind. A lion finds him and takes care of him. Aruz’s son becomes a wild man, attacks horses and sucks their blood. He is half man and half lion. One day hunters catch him and give him to Aruz (the father) in order to let him raise his son. After some time, his son comes to understand that he is human. Dede Korkut (a famous Turkish story teller, also the writer of this story) gives him an honourable name - Basat (Bas means to devour, to crush. At means horse).



Years later a herdsman of the Oghuz saw a nymph who gave birth days later. The herdsman finds the monstrous infant, a fleshly thing. He is scared and runs away. Bayandur khan (one of the Oghuz Khans) finds the infant, and while gazing on it, a crack appears in the pile of flesh. Inside of it appears a one eyed boy.

Aruz says to Bayandur khan, "Let me raise up this strange boy." Bayandur takes him in. Later it turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

When the one eyed boy grows up he bites off a neighbourhood child’s nose and ear. His father scorns him, driving him away from the village. 3


Tepegรถz kills one more man and the khans of the Oghuz people decide to banish him forever. Years later Tepegรถz grows stronger and destroys everything in his path. Nobody is able to kill him. The sword cannot cut him. The arrow cannot kill him. Tepegรถz's skin is very hard. Half of all Oghuz heroes die trying to kill Tepegรถz.



Dede Korkut comes to the rescue of the Oghuz people who were not able to kill Tepegöz. Dede Korkut goes to Tepegöz's cave and says, "Please don't hurt my people." Tepegöz answers, "I will let your people live on one condition - give me 60 people every day." Dede Korkut doesn't agree and offers another idea, "We can give you 2 men and 500 sheep." Tepegöz agrees, but soon the Oghuz run out of sheep, so Tepegöz declares war again on the Oghuz people.



Just one man is able to kill him, his half blood brother Basat. He uses his brain more than his power. He killed horrible Tepegöz by striking his eye. Then he cut off Tepegöz’s head with a magical sword and thus he saved not only himself but also his nation from the terror of Tepegöz.



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“Tell me a story, we will be friends” registered on 4.10.212

Partners: 1. Pinelopi Vasiliou, 1o Dimotiko sholeio Obrias, Patra, Greece 2. Elisabeta-Luise Mihălăchioiu, Școala gimnazială „Matei Basarab”, Târgoviște, Romania 3. Agnès Roux, École Primaire Saint André les Alpes, St. André les Alpes, France 4. Ahmet Ova, Karapinar İlköğretim Okulu, Karasu, Turkey 5. Libuše Kolínková, Základní škola Emila Zátopka, Zlín, Czech Republic



a famous turkish mhyt


a famous turkish mhyt