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Interactive pavilion AENG 352 PROJECT 2

Concept Now a days in our Arab community there is not as much concern with Art’s value as the Western community. People think that there are a lot of more important things that they should be concerned with rather than Art. However, Art is one of the practices that people do to express all issues, problems, and emotions that faces people nowadays. Therefore, this pavilion is designed according to the new Art approach “Interactive Art”. This approach is done to help people value Art though interacting with the piece of Art itself. Therefore, the purpose of the pavilion is to catch people’s attention to go and see what is inside. As they go through the pavilion the light will come through and enlighten the place where one is standing. Therefore, when one is standing in front of a painting all-around the painting will be enlighten and by this the audience will give the art its value, because audience’s existence will make art exist.

Concept Board



Final Product





Fountain Chair

Interactive Pavilion  

project 2- AENG 352

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