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Standing Committee On Public Health "SCOPH"

Plan of Action Local Public Health Officer (LPO)

By : Ahmed Tawhid Mowafi Benha Students’Scientific Society


Curriculum Vitae


A. Personal Information


: Ahmed

Date of Birth

: 13

Place of Birth

: Tanta

Home Adresse

: Tanta,


Tawhid Mowafi

August 1990

28 El Toukhy st.


I) B. Education Secondary Education 

Al Geel Al Muslim School, Tanta

Educational Qualifacation:  

Faculty of Medicine Tanta University 2007 – 2009 Faculty of Medicine Benha University 2009 – till now

II) National Events Participation in 

SCOPH National Meeting

Ismaelia Winter Camp

Al Azhar GA

National Training of HIV

III) Trainings 

Communication Secrets

Presentation Skills

How to make a campaign


Project management


IV) Projects 

Local Coordinator of HY 5 Project

Local Coordinator of IWD Project

V) Hobbies 

The best swimmer in Egypt Cup 2008



Plan of Action Local Public Health Officer (LPO) Vision: 

I want all members of the committee to be SCOPH as we’ll see later

Mission: 

By being SCOPH we will form a very wonderful team can achieve our goals easily

Goal: 

Learn public health through actions in the community to improve health and Putting science into practice to improve health in our community.

My plan of action will depend on SCOPH      

Smart members Cooperation with others Optimistic Presentable work Healthy society


Smart Members : 

I hope to continue the great efforts done by Mr. Amr Gamal and Mr. Mohamed Ashraf in increasing the number of SCOPH members also I hope to give the chance and the experience to the young members to have the lead later

Motivation of all members to attend GAs and national events

Motivation of all members by choosing SCOPH Star monthly and he/she will have the priority to attend a board meeting in that month after board’s approval

Forming a Committee of 3 members “LPO, Old SCOPH member, plus Assistant” responsible for choosing SCOPH Star, evaluating importance of each project , provide help for local coordinators and putting the first steps for SCOPH exchange

Choosing assistant by an interview and a plan of action, one assistant for each semester to have more than one qualified member “better to be from the 1st 4 grades”

By the end of my term I hope to have at least 2 qualified members for being national coordinators

We must have a new system for being a local coordinator, first by being assistant for any local coordinator then local coordinator for local project “If it is Possible” then for a national one plus having project management training

Spread the culture of respecting deadlines between all members

Delivers certificates by E-mail in all projects to save time and money



Cooperation 

Cooperation with the Public health department in our projects,

trainings and campaigns 

Participating with the faculty or charities in medical convoys

Dealing with sponsors to print our materials with putting their logos

on them “at least” 

BSSS SCOPH cooperation by helping our local coordinators to get

the most benefit from their projects and having a team of 3 members for each project not only the local coordinator 

BSSS cooperation between all committees by pushing our

members in SCOPH to be local coordinators in other committees and with TSD in providing trainings for our members as “Proposal writing, Advocacy , Project management and online meetings” 

IFMSA-SCOPH Egypt cooperation I’ll try to attend all GAs and

national meetings and BSSS will be represented in all sessions of SCOPH by me or my assistants


Optimistic: 

Planning for hosting big events and I promise that we will be able

to apply for hosting the next SCOPH Congress 

Take the first steps in activating SCOPH exchange in Benha

Keep our place in IFMSA-SCOPH Egypt as a respectable LC

Sharing in most of the international projects as much as possible

After the great success achieved in the Renal Failure marathon

we will organize that marathon again this year with a greater numbers and with participation of other LCs with BSSS 

I’’l try to attend the EMR meeting with IFMSA-Egypt



Presentable work: 

Publication about our SCOPH inside Faculty to have more

members 

We will work hard to organize the internal part of the conference

of our faculty and we will try to share in the external part either by presentation or organization , that will be perfect publication for BSSS 

Electronic Newsletter for SCOPH activities for each semester on

behalf of our PSD and printing it only if it’s available or at least electronic publications 

Sharing photos , SCOPH news and any updates on our site ,the

official page on facebook 

Having more contact with News Networks ,Channels and other



Healthy Society: 

Limitation of some projects and stress on others which can serve

our faculty ,hospitals and society 

Creation of new local project in addition to Renal failure

marathon egs. Drug's Misuse “not abuse” 

Participating with the faculty or charities in medical convoys to

reach the people who really needs the advise without carry the responsibility of organization 

Cooperation with the public health department in our faculty by

devoting marks for participating in our projects related to 4th grade curriculum 

We will try as much as possible to make our campaigns at the

world’s day of that project

Timeline The Promise


Assistant The new committee

1st October 2012 2nd April 2013 November 2012

New system for local coordinators

November 2012


February 2013

Cooperation with public health department Electronic Newsletter Medical Convoys Trainings Preparing for Congress First steps of Exchange

March 2013 April 2013 June 2013 All over the year All over the year All over the year

So, You can ask me in December about 

Choosing an assistant

Forming the new committee to evaluate the projects and choosing SCOPH Star

Putting a new system to be a local coordinator

Electronic Certificates

You can ask me in May about 

Dealing with the sponsor

Electronic Newsletter or electronic publications

Steps for the medical convoys

Cooperation with the Public health department in our projects

You can ask me at the end of my term about 

Applying to host a national event

Putting a plan for SCOPH exchange

Medical convoys

Respecting Deadlines

Qualified members to take the lead

Two Qualified members for being national coordinators

A new generation of new thinking…!