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Message from BSSS



Organizer Qualifications



Benha in Brief






Preliminary Program



Registration & Lodging


VII Social Program & Dinner


VIII Transportation




Preliminary Budget



Message from BSSS Dear IFMSA-EGYPT Great Family; It is our full proud and happiness to introduce to you our proposal for hosting the 4th IFMSA-EGYPT GA for this term as one of the most important unique national events in our great association. Here in this proposal you will find all the facilities and requirements of having a great successful GA full of hard work and funny moments. It may be the 1st time to host IFMSA-EGYPT GA but we are sure of having the enough experience to host this great national event as you all tried before in many other national events hosted by BSSS. Actually an important point should be clear for all at the beginning of the proposal that Benha as all of you know is totally away from any circumstances or trouble issues among Egypt, hoping to get our safe Egypt soon..... So don't be worry during being in your 2nd city of course.

It is our honor to host this GA and we will do our best raising our great IFMSA-EGYPT image and aiming to have a memorable GA.

Waiting for you all Regards, BSSS- Benha Board


Benha actually has a nice place in-between the other cities of Egypt being in the middle of Egypt, making it easier for all of you to come here.

Organization Qualification

BSSS is a non-political, non-religious association run by medical students of Benha Faculty of Medicine aiming to serve medical students & whole people.

BSSS has its own operational office located at the 2nd floor above Students’ Affairs beside the door of the upper lectures hall – Benha Faculty of medicine – Farid Nada St., Benha, Al-Qalubiya, Egypt. Over 30 years of professional exchange & elective “research exchange” Benha students’ scientific society have been working in collaboration with the international federation of medical students’ association under Supervision of the world health organization.


Benha Students’ Scientific Society” BSSS was established in 1982 and joined in 1988 as a Full member in The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations-Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt) which is a full member in which itself is a full member of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA).

Benha in Brief Benha is located 48 km north of Cairo. It has a population of approximately 115,701 residents and is the capital of the Qalyubiyah Governate. A rail junction and trade center, Benha has cotton-ginning, rug-weaving, and foodprocessing industries. It is known for its oranges and grapes and especially for its honey, which it has produced since the middle Ages. The city was established prior to the Greeks arrived in Egypt.


Nearby are the remains of Athribis which was once the capital of the 10th Nome. Athribis was associated with the worship of the black bull. During the Roman period the city was at its greatest importance. There are little remains of the ancient town except for traces of temples that date from the 18th to the 26th Dynasties. There is also an extensive Graeco-Roman cemetery. Some 26th to 30th Dynasty silver ingots and jewelry that were found at the Athribis site that are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Benha is not typically frequented by foreign tourists.

Venue Benha University Compound – Faculty of English Commerce


The Faculty building is Equipped with various facilities that will ensure the best delivery of the Meeting’s goal including:  Main Conference Hall accommodating up to 350 people  More than 7 equipped Halls with movable chairs  Open Space for Coffee break & Conference Catering  Equipped Workshop rooms  Exhibition Space  Huge parking space in front of the complex

Main Conference Hall:


“Plenary Hall� accommodating more than 350 person

Sessions Halls: 3rd, 4th & 5th floor of Faculty of English Commerce – Benha University Compound

5 halls with data show and all other facilities for the SC accommodating more than 60 people per each.




 1 Big hall for President Session full equipped with Microphones & Movable chairs accommodating about 65 person


Free chaired Space with 2 desks available for any use

Preliminary Program 1: Friday, 27th of September 2013 Time 08:30 09:30 12:00 13:00 14:30 15:30 18:00 20:00


– – – – – – – –

09:30 12:00 13:00 14:30 15:30 17:30 20:00 00:00

Title Arrivals & Registration Standing Committees, Presidents' & LC Management Sessions 1 Prayer & Coffee Break Standing Committees, Presidents' & LC Management Sessions 2 Lunch Trainings Plenary Social Program

2: Saturday, 28th of September 2013 Time

09:30 12:00 13:00 14:30 15:30 18:00

– – – – – –

12:00 13:00 14:30 15:30 17:30 20:00

Title Standing Committees, Presidents' & LC Management Sessions 1 Coffee Break Standing Committees, Presidents' & LC Management Sessions 2 Lunch Trainings Plenary



Registration Registration fees will include the following:


Registration Package (Pen, Notebook and Folder). Nametag. Coffee Break for 2 days. Lunch Break for 2 days. All requested materials & printings by the Team of Officials.

Fees:   


80 EGP 95 EGP 110 EGP

Deadlines:    


Early Registration Late Registration On-spot Registration

Early Registration Late Registration On-spot Registration Cancellation

17th of September 2013 midnight CLT 22nd of September 2013 midnight CLT 27th of September 2013 midnight CLT 22nd of September 2013 midnight CLT

Accommodation & Lodging: Accommodation will be in the Women's Integrated Services Complex in triple rooms equipped with comfortable beds, in-room toilets, Televisions and refrigerators.


    

Accommodation Fees for a single night will be 75 EGP. Deadline for reserving accommodation is 20th of September 2013 with the priority for the early registration.


Some extra charges might be required in accordance to the vacancies and accommodation is not assured for on-spot registration.

Social Program Our Social Program & dinner will be on the open Air in ESES Boat.


Registration fees for Social program including dinner: 25 EGP

Transportation Getting to Benha: Train, Microbus & Buses Getting around: SUZUKI cars all around Benha by only 1 EGP Benha University Compound (Mogama3) is about 5 minutes from the entrance of Benha city from the Cairo Alexandria Agriculture High way.  From (Maw2af Benha) take SUZUKI by only 1 pound to (mogama3 el koliat)  From Benha Train station: take SUZUKI to (Al-Ahram) & reach (mogama3 el koliat) at Al-Ahram

Preliminary Budget Item Meeting halls & logistical support Registration package Coffee break for 2 days Lunch Break for 2 days Dinner for 1 day Equipment & utilities Printings Subtotal Unexpected Expenses Total Minimal expected income from registration Fundraising target

Allocated fund 3,000 EGP 2,500 EGP 2,000 EGP 8,000 EGP 3,000 EGP 600 EGP 550 EGP 19,650 EGP 1,965 EGP 21,300 EGP 17,200 EGP 4,100 EGP


Expected attendance: 200 – 250 delegates

This is just the


Benha Students’ Scientific Society

Bsss 4th ifmsa egypt hosting proposal  
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