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ASSA-Assiut proposal for

IFMSA-Egypt winter camp, feb. 2013


 Welcome Note  About Assiut  Assiut University  ASSA-Assiut  Overview o Halls & Facilities o Registration Fees o Accommodation o Theme Event  Social Program  Deadlines  Contacts

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Welcome Note


It’s our great pleasure as ASSA-Assiut Team to apply as hosts for the IFMSA-Egypt Winter Camp February 2013. We would like to welcome the respected members of IFMSA-Egypt TO and our dear friends from every LC to Assiut, the Bride of Upper Egypt, promising you an exceptional and a fruitful WC aiming towards the glory of our federation. On behalf of ASSA-Assiut,

ASSA-Assiut Board

About Assiut

The governorate of Assiut is about 130 km long and its valley is about 10 – 20 km wide. Its total area is about 25926 km2 and the occupied area is about 1558 km2. It is limited by El Minyia governorate to the north, Souhag governorate to the south, The Red Sea governorate east and The New Valley one western south. It is located about 375km from Cairo.


Assiut University Assiut University in brief       

Established in 1957. 3rd oldest university in Egypt. 18 Faculties & 2 institutes. 20 special units. 3103 stuff member. 68679 undergraduate students. 5362 postgraduates.



Medical School Assiut University Faculty of Medicine (AUFOM) was established in 1960. It’s the oldest medical school in Upper Egypt. Both AUFOM and the hospital complex are located in the University Campus, and both are recognized in many areas of medical research and clinical care. They play very important role in improving the health status of Egyptian citizens in Upper Egypt.

5 Assiut University Hospital is considered one of the biggest university hospitals in Egypt and it is the core medical center in Upper Egypt. It serves about 20 millions of population. The total number of beds is 1900. The number of ICU beds is 84.The number of patients visiting the outpatient clinics daily is about 3000 and about 1000 come to the emergency departments. Also the hospital comprises 36 theatres in which 190 operations are done daily, 80 major and 110 minor. The number of medical staff working in this big hospital is 1312, and the number of paramedical staff is 4880.



Assiut Students’ Scientific Association is an Independent, NonGovernmental and Non-Political association for Medical Students in Assiut University.

ASSA was founded in the year 1986 Simply…We Are Different! to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. We are considered to be the biggest students’ group in our University. ASSA is a full member of IFMSA – EGYPT.

Application for IFMSA-EGYPT Winter Camp 2013

Proposed by Assiut Students’ Scientific Association (ASSA-Assiut)

Date st


21 till 23 February 2012


Time 09:00 AM till 06:00 PM (Flexible closing time)

Venue Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University

How to reach From Assiut Railway Station, a taxi to Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University for 3 L.E Our OC will be waiting for you in the station . *For more info about trains’ timetable:


 For LC Management and SCs sessions: 6 Halls suitable to accommodate 50 persons.  For Opening, Closing and Theme event : Large Hall suitable for 600 persons.  For Training sessions: The same halls for SCs sessions. N.B Any printings can be done immediately upon the National Officer’s request

Halls are equipped with 1234-

Air-Condition Wireless Microphones Data Show Logistics

Halls & Facilities AMEDC

(Assiut Medical Education & Development Center)



Registration Fees

Early: 225 Late: 240 On Desk: 260


Fees Include:  Halls and Facilities.  Accommodation.  Package (Folder – Pen – Notebook - Agenda of WC).  Name Tag.  Coffee Breaks.  Breakfast for 3 days.  Lunch for 3 days.  Transportation during the WC.  Social program.


Accommodation Delegates will be accommodated in Amoun & Akhenaton Hotels. With Free WiFi access.



Pre-Winter Camp  Upon the request of National Officers, we are ready to provide pre-WC sessions in the same venue of the WC with accommodation.  Registration fees will be determined after the requests of National Officers.


Theme Event 1. Effect of media on False Medical Beliefs. 2. Mental Health in Upper Egypt. 3. Medical Students and Human Rights after revolution. Note: Confirmation of the theme event topic will be announced soon, after confirmation with the speakers.


Social Program

 Sports’ Day.  Football tournament (more details about teams & registration will be sent later)  Nile Cruise.  Evening on the Nile.


Transportation 2. From Cairo, You can take Trains No. 1902 or 934 (934 leaves Alexandria at 10 PM and Pass by Tanta at 11:30 PM); they leave Cairo at 12:05 AM and 01:00 AM respectively, and reach Assiut at 04:45 AM and 05:50 AM respectively. a. First Class Ticket: 61 L.E./Second Class Ticket: 35 L.E. b. Both are Air-conditioned trains. More info on tickets & online reservation:

1.We can provide a Bus or more for interested LCs from Cairo to Assiut with an extra cost around 40 L.E. and bring them back to Cairo from Assiut with extra cost around 40 L.E. Meeting Point and Number of Busses will be determined after checking with LCs to know the exact numbers.


Deadlines Early Registration: 15/2/2013 Late Registration: 18/2/2013

Buses: 15/2/2013


Contacts All LC Presidents should send their delegates lists, accommodation and bus requests to: For more Info, Contact: Mostafa M. Abd El-Nasser ASSA – Assiut President +201007041565

Ahmed G. Thabet ASSA – Assiut Vice President for External Affairs +201002467869


Winter Camp Proposal  

Contact your LC president

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