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Lines of my soul

My world

Life is Love Love is you You are we The sky The earth The planets The see The light The Colors The animals The Trees The silence The music I am she World is mom you is me

Good Trip

I was enjoying the trip Searching for an answer A fall comes Is it an experience ! Is it the truth ! Are we one ! Where is the ego ! Who i am ! Is it tantra ! Is it the union ! Am i a god ! Who is she ! Where we are ! Is it a reborn ! May be creativity ! any way It rains colors Go on painting Enjoy the play

A glimpse

I get a glimpse for my birthday Thanks souls You are one I trust my eyes Now i am trust Keep connexion Chair love Every moment Sens Touch Love Play Eat Watch Match Clean your mind Make a circle Drop Your ego The vision will change You create the reality

a secret

I hid a secret Now I confess Tantra is a deep Connection with the soul Watch keep connection You can read through eyes Trust your instinct Your soul will born Love is life An energy An alchemy like a joke Everything collide I am not I was connected I still connected I am connection I reach to a child world !

Wa k e

Are we aware of what we do Through thoughts People brings others into A vicious circles The child create his inner circle I am a child I trust my self I create a circle i get a truth My soul is born Trust Yourself Wake up your own child The cycle closes We are one The vision is wide


We are energy Light is energy Love is the union Spread some Love Positive Thought Watching one moment Trust all people They are one Life is connexion Energy is colors Colors is here Go on painting now Sing Dance Live Love Chair Sens You create the chance